Week 5: Recap


Overslept breakfast…and I was surprised Young didn’t wake me, Justin, or Eric up to help pack up the worship equipment! Oh well, at least everything was put away quickly, and we left Toah Nipi¬†around 11 in the morning, and arrived back at BC at 1. On the bus ride back, Hayeon and I talked about how nostalgic ACF retreat has been, as this is (hopefully!) our last one, haha. Wow… so quick. Oh, and I somehow managed to sit in the bus that was mostly with girls… there must’ve been some sort of sexist segregation :P Back on campus, Steph and I first ate lunch, and then headed to her place to unpack and nap… Then, my dad came to BC later in the night to drop off Karen, and he picked us up so we could go grocery shopping! This was pretty fun, as we discussed about what meals we could cook (or at least we plan to…), and then we were able to finish our individual burritos at Chipotle! It was a fun day, though it didn’t feel like a Sunday at all, especially since I didn’t go to service. It did feel good to unpack and clean the kitchen and just get ready for a full week of school…


Shaw seminars were started up again, and I realized I hadn’t seen the freshmen for almost 2 months! It sure was fun seeing them again, though the house was a bit chilly because the heat wasn’t working… probably due to the unbelievably freezing conditions outside.


Went to a meeting about organizing a leadership get together with all the leadership groups including Shaw. I’m excited to see how it’ll all play out! Got to cook a new dish for Steph and me, and later the roommates also tried some since I cooked too much… good thing it was delicious :P At ACF, Shinyoung led praise! This is so awesome that new people are stepping up, though it’s kinda bittersweet that my time is up :P Anyways, tonight was time for the donations for Global Poverty Impact, and while I didn’t save up money (fail…), I decided to donate $100 to International Justice Mission because I had read the book over the summer, and now I feel like I’m finally acting upon my ideas because I am amazed at how the organization handles issues such as sex trafficking, mainly in that they will deal with the entire process from rescuing a person, to rehabilitation, to advocating laws that prevent further occurrences. Then, to end the night, I spent it at the library… I think I like it there :D


I guess just a typical day of school… perhaps the most exciting thing was helping Liz insulate her room haha. Oh, and I didn’t get to the library till midnight to accompany Dan, but I basically just watched youtube videos… oops. Ah, and I did not sleep at a reasonable time because my roommate found this new addicting game for us to play, and we started at 2AM, so obviously, we weren’t going to sleep that early. And, then we ended the night with some pillow talk :D Man, I keep owning myself in terms of sleep…


Got to meet with the director of Reslife, George Arey, to talk about the Shaw meeting next week, and he seemed like a great guy! I was able to also finish my essay for feminisms like 30 minutes before it was due because I procrastinated a bit this week, but it was pretty easy to just reflect on issues that previously, I rarely thought about… The discussion started off a bit slow, but eventually, things got going, and I was surprised how most people focused on companionship marriage. For the most part, I think it was arguing the point that it’s not a “cop out” from feminism for a woman to want to be married and have children, as long as she is equal and holds everything that entails being married and parenting to the same standard as having a job and such… I think it’d be a total waste for people who go to college and then make it their goal to just marry rich and in a sense, give up on life… (and that applies to both guys and girls :P) After discussion, I hung out at gate to see Don off before he left for his MCATs (which were the next day but since his test center was so far, it was better for him to sleep over somewhere near there). Had dinner with Eugene, Eric, & Andrew, and then I got to meet my gajok for the first time this semester along with my new wife Michelle! It was a quick but fun time, as most of the children had to go practice for the KSA/CSA Culture Show, but I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen this semester! And… wife #2 is not jealous of wife #1 or the girlfriend… whew! :P I think all three of them feel the same, but man that just feels awkward to type out… Finally, the night ended with Steph and me watching Toy Story 3 at her place. Sadly, it wasn’t as emotional the second time watching it, as in, I didn’t shed a tear :( but I guess that’s good because it’d be weird if I cried in front of the girlfriend… haha.


English was hilarious because we had a quiz to spite those who missed class. The three questions were:

  1. What did I (the professor) just say?
  2. What is this student eating?
  3. What don’t I have on my face?

And he talked about glitter and love, and it was both very entertaining and philosophical… sometimes, I just don’t know which level he’s on, but I’m loving every minute of it :) Got lunch with Justin, and he convinced me to go with him to the Senior Dance practice on Saturday… Then, I went home for ROFL, and I was so proud of the youth because since last Friday got cancelled due to snow, I was able to see what they would’ve done if I weren’t there. And, they did a pretty good job! I’m impressed because it’s always a bit nerve wracking never knowing how things actually go, but my heart is definitely at ease :)


Cleaned the bathroom, which felt very relieving… then headed to Higgins with Dan to check on his lab stuff. We got lunch at Lower with Justin, Eugene, Brian, and some 010 guys! Then, I headed over to practice at O’Connell House with Justin for Senior Dance, and man, did I feel so out of place! The moves seemed to go by so fast, and I was definitely at least a step behind… if not more. Now, I’m not sure if I can/want to do it… haha. I know it’d definitely be memorable and fun if I could get it all down, but I’m worried I’d have other things that would prevent me from really giving it my all. Personally, the worst thing would be to dance half-heartedly because then I’d most likely mess up and just regret it… I have to be wise in this decision!¬†

Later, Steph & I went to the Natick mall since she needed to go shopping for boots. Hers had a hole in them, so they weren’t very useful anymore :P We did quite a bit of walking, as we soon realized the stores didn’t have many good boots. I mean, there were a lot, but not many designed for rain/snow… I’m pretty sure there were tons more for guys… but, we eventually found one, and then we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We felt stuffed after that, especially with a Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake to end the dinner :) Wow, I guess this was the first date of the semester, haha…