ummmm… why is this music so beautiful??

The City of Boston from YaoLi on Vimeo.

The City of Boston.

simple and beautiful.

After All (Holy) acoustic - David Crowder

beautiful and moving…the power of music.

[Music] gives me the feeling of love. Romance! I figure the world needs to come in to music.

so good…..


And then you realize how much of the music today is a big gimmick.

<3 Jeremy Passion

Just bought Gungor’s album, and I’m kicking myself for knowing about them but never checking them out until now! SO MUCH EARGASM :P Such a relief to know that worship doesn’t have to be just four chords haha.

Poor Chell… such a sad yet beautiful ending :) good thing portal 2 resolved it!

And check out the behind the scenes!