Week 8: Recap


Steve Chua spoke on worship and a place called Naioth. This refers to 1 Samuel 19, where Saul goes to find David and instead becomes filled with the Spirit and starts prophesying. This was definitely something new that I hadn’t heard about, and I was quite intrigued to learn that Naioth means God’s dwelling place (or something like that).

Michelle Choi’s Birthday! Wow, almost forgot about that, but the gajok managed to round up a few of the children to surprise her, and we had a white mountain birthday cake :)


Valentine’s Day Shopping began in the morning, and I hit up four stores to complete the to-do list. First off, Starmarket for steak, then CVS for body wash… (ok that was just for me, haha), Olympia Flowers for a half dozen of roses, and then Chipotle for lunch :P

So, for Valentine’s Day, Steph & I began with a steak dinner. I was a bit hesitant since I never cooked steak before, but my mom said it was easy… and I just seasoned two fat pieces of steak and then let it cook for like 20 minutes. I’m surprised it turned out well! But, there’s still room for improvement… I think I cooked it well-done, which is a bit too much for me, since I’m more of a medium guy, but I was more afraid I was going to undercook it, haha. With the sauce leftover, I added red onions & mushrooms, and then cooked some veggies as well for a well-balanced dinner :) 

Next, we had plans to go to Northeastern (first time visiting!) to see Dave & Rich open for Tim Be Told! Most of the 90 boys went to the concert to support as well as Justin, Esther, Young Park, Ryan, Young Hahm, and Jin. Dave & Rich definitely blew out the other openers :P and I was quite surprised that Dave did a shout out for Steph and me… oh boy. And then, they sang hunters & cougars! They had such good stage presence, although they made it a bit awkward for the two people they asked up, one of which was Dave’s cousin! Then, Tim Be Told came up to play, and they were amazing :) Though, I was a bit bummed to hear that half the band quit… I’m so surprised that they’ve been able to continue and find new members, and I can’t wait for the new album!


The Leadership Exchange was a meeting where we gathered various leadership groups on campus, including Shaw, to mingle and to listen to a speaker, Michael Durkin, CEO of United Way of the Merrimack Valley. It was great that most people were able to come, and the Heights Room was packed! I think there was probably about 200 people, and the food was good too :) especially since it was free. Personally, I didn’t meet many new people even though I saw with other leadership groups… because Justin Feng was from ELP and I think Arthur was from Freshman Academy… and another girl was from Shaw and ALA. Win for me :)

KRUP Auction was very hilarious, although when I arrived, Justin and my service was already sold to Dan Kim… He wants good guitar lessons :) I was hoping to win something this year, and I had a couple serious bets going, but for some reason, someone else always seemed to win out. So, at the end, I didn’t get to buy anything :(


Thea Bowman Reception was amazing for the free food! That, and I went with the guys from Gate 404 and Young Jae. We just kept eating… and that was probably the most exciting thing about it :P The actual reception took so long because they called people up too slowly, but Don & Andrew made it amusing by switching names… haha.

Ended the night with Applebees with the Gajok! We had quite the scare since Rachel didn’t have her phone, so we couldn’t contact her. We kept waiting for her since she had told us she was definitely coming and we even confirmed when she left her place through friends… but she was not at the bus stop! Eventually, we left without her, and to our surprise, Rachel was waiting at the Reservoir bus stop… phew :P She told us her story/thought process, and basically she thought there was another stop after main gate, but once she arrived at Cleveland Circle, she unsuccessfully tried asking people for a phone… yet that probably wouldn’t have worked either since she didn’t know any our of numbers! Gosh… at least half-priced apps were delicious, and we were able to finish it all, especially with dessert!


Lunch with Dr. Bob was so great, as we hadn’t really talked for a couple months! I really enjoyed our  conversation, and I hope the next time we meet up won’t be so long in between…

I skipped Feminisms discussion for BC IDOL preparation, and while we couldn’t sound check individually, it was good to know how the guitar would be mic’d. Neither Liz nor I could eat dinner, so we just spent most of our time just waiting around with Ryan & Shinyoung until BC IDOL started. We were up 4th, and while I didn’t feel too nervous before the performance, I think that all changed when I realized we were going up on stage! I was so glad the song went without hitch, so at least, we couldn’t regret how we did :) Then, we headed into the audience to see everyone else perform, and I cannot believe how talented people are! The acts were amazing, and there were even children from St. Columbkille performing - CRAZY GOOD :) Finally, at the end of the competition, we were waiting for the results, and when I heard who placed in 3rd and 2nd, I was a bit bummed because I hoped we were gonna place… but, it was quite stunning when it was announced that Liz Peter had won first place! I was a bit confused, especially when I walked on stage, but what a great feeling to be able to help a friend win! :) And, even cooler, she won a check for $350! And she is now the BC IDOL, yay! What an unforgettable night… I loved it! Especially with all the support from our friends :)


The ROFL Winter Retreat began with just youth from Connecticut and Boston, as NY people were in traffic and still on their way. I was taken aback at how amazing the flyers, booklets, and schedule were done because they definitely surpassed my expectations! The NY people didn’t make it until the message was over, but it was a fun night just getting to know the California team, which included Pr. James Wang along with his wife, his brother John, and two other co-workers, Brian & Grace. I mainly worked on audio and visual stuff, which was a bit new for me, but I liked the experience :P


What a tiring but fun day… the messages were great, the small group time was meaningful, and the small group competitions were awesome! While we didn’t get to really interact with either the Connecticut or NY people, it was a good time to strengthen the leadership within our youth group. But, at the same time, we realized that we had to be more missional, and we saw that being more welcoming to our brothers and sisters in Christ from other states would be good practice :D


Church was packed! Usually, service is full with the adults and kids, but with an additional 50-60 youth, there were lots of people standing! And, it was great to see the place filled because hopefully, this will happen soon with our youth :) Haha, I’m praying for it! Anyways, leading worship after/during the retreat for Sunday was really rewarding because I didn’t feel like I had to “switch” mindsets. I mean that usually I spent Saturdays at BC, so to wake up the next morning for church and all takes some time to adjust, but being at a retreat, it wasn’t needed and it just felt easier to pour out my heart during worship. After service, I decided that it would be prime time to show the other churches the circle hug :D And, while they felt awkward in the beginning, I think they liked it :P 

Lunch time was fun, as there were little kids running around everywhere! Even the youth from the other churches were playing with them, haha. But, then we had to leave early, as my dad had to prepare a lobster lunch for the California team. I rested a bit, and then for dinner, we went out for Minado! Despite a long wait, it was worth it, and although I missed KRUP training, I’m glad I got to talk with the California team since I didn’t really have time during the retreat to do so. Wow, what a great weekend, although I’m definitely more tired than usual, haha.

day 339

wow, am i GLAD that tumblr is back… but perhaps it was for the best because the downtime allowed me to focus when i needed to!

church service is always interesting when my mom, the pastor, isn’t there… because she left for China last monday. she should be back tuesday! personally, i realize how judgmental i can get when i start nitpicking at my mom’s english speaking or in today’s case, mr. chang’s… i know i really should overlook it and understand the message they are sharing, but for some reason, when i catch mistakes that could possibly confuse theology or something… i get sidetracked. and then, i think that an english pastor would fix that…. but who am i kidding? pride seems to be most evident in myself at church yet quite well hidden to others…. i still need to learn how to love and to be humble. to accept people for who they are, and not who i want them to be… so perhaps i did learn a good lesson at church!

after church, we returned home, quickly packed, and my dad sent us back to BC! i originally planned to buy some cables for shinyoung for the atc concert, but in the end, he found a way around it. but, i still arrived early on campus in hopes of doing some studying. also, my sister let me borrow her ugly sweater =) 

so, that did not work out at all according to plan, but it was totally worth it! it slipped my mind that shinyoung still needed to borrow some of my cables that i had in my room, so i hurried over when i got on campus because i knew he was setting up. it was very fun to assist shinyoung in setting stuff for the concert because i know i’ll probably have to do this for the church move, and it’s good to have practice! that and i love connecting stuff. and having it all work. sort of the same feeling when building a computer… having stuff work! i think that’s probably why i’ll enjoy dentistry, when patients (hopefully!) tell me that they can eat again, that they don’t experience any more pain… plus, it was an added bonus to hear ATC practice =) and, i got to work with david in sound checking for both BU’s mustard seed & ATC. well, i originally planned to probably help for just an hour or so and study afterward, but as i helped, i realized that there was just so much to be done! and, i’m so glad shinyoung actually trusted me with some of the stuff…since i wasn’t too sure about trusting my own judgments, haha. so, we basically set up along with the help of ATC people too, until the show started!

then, people started coming in, and it was a great night! my sister came, steph & all her friends/roommates took up an entire row :P i acted as dave’s second ears for sound (though i did ask justin for help too… so he’s dave’s third ears? :P) anyways, i really enjoyed it because the sound was amazing, as shinyoung went the extra mile in procuring certain things, and it was totally worth it! the sound quality was noticeably different than the coffeehouse from the night before. i really enjoyed ATC’s performance because i didn’t know half the people on it yet they blew me away! like, arielle. WOW. haha… i knew she was good during sound check, but she had some tricks up her sleeves that she unleashed during the performance! i wished i took videos of the performances, but after the intro with all the singers, i just wanted to listen and enjoy =) and, i liked the harmonies of dan & shinyoung. and ray kim’s testimony! wow, i never knew that about him… and i would’ve never guessed that about his childhood… and i do feel bad that shinyoung blanked out during yearn :( because i’m pretty sure he had the lyrics during practice but something about performance totally throws me off, and that’s why i SUCK at remembering lyrics. thus, i use song sheets when i lead worship :P but, i was able to help him recover by mentioning the next lyrics :D i’m pretty sure i could only do that because i wasn’t in the spotlight… i remember playing that song for fun in my room and even then, i kept forgetting the words! haha, i had to do some humming before i found the right words to shout out :P ah and last but not least, liz was stupendous as ever! though it was funny how they kind of listed the encore song… i’m pretty sure that wasn’t necessary because judging by the night went…, OH YES, there would have to be an encore. =) 

did some packing up after the concert, but dave and i had to leave early because we had work to do… i stayed at the library for a bit before heading to my gajok son arthur’s birthday! although they sang for him after atc, the family wanted to do something special for him, and as we gathered in fitz, a huge crowd appeared. but, the family went first to surprise him… some of his older brothers/sisters caked him :P and then he had to wash his face… when he came back, he was then BOMBARDED with people flooding his room, and sadly, caked again :( haha. but i’m pretty sure he felt loved, and well… HE BETTER. =P

whew, now that was all over… it was finally time to study at 12:30. GREAT. haha, my plan to start at 4:30 kind of got extended 7 hours later though i anticipated the concert & the birthday. and so, i studied until i got kicked out of the library, then i went to the study lounge until 5:30… what a long night :P at least eric & pete were there. by 5:30 i realized i couldn’t retain any more info, so i headed back to nap for 3 hours… but i actually felt pretty productive because it was a great night, and i just kept reminding myself that the relationships are going to matter much more than how i do on the test… especially since i already got into dental school! but, i feel like i still want to prove to myself that i can do well… senioritis got NOTHING on me…. i hope. haha. 

day 334

finally went to my philosophy class in 2 weeks! :P and it was sort of worth going… probably should’ve read the book :/ at mac, i got to eat a chocolate chip muffin! i almost got tricked by the sign again, but realized it was blueberry and eugene helped me find the REAL one. as i ate, i found out that jamie, who’s a freshman, was in the same psych class, so we went to class and… passed out. haha, i remember waking her up so she could answer the iclicker question, and i really tried to stay awake by reading the book, but that didn’t work :/ 

after class, i napped :) then i did some work and went to the christmas tree lighting to meet up with matt. i got some hot cocoa and cookies, and was bummed that ATC was not singing :/ i didn’t stay long enough to see the actual christmas tree lit because i had to meet up with one of my gajok daughters for dinner at lower! vi was coming from newton, and when we entered lower, it was PACKED. thankfully, once we got our food, we were able to find a spot, and we talked about her freshman year and how she liked BC. i realized that most of my family is/was premed… ridiculous. and it seems that the teachers for bio are not great at all… 

after that, i went to ACF, and we discussed more about GPI. then justin & i headed to lower to get our CMAP done for physio, and then we studied at the library for the rest of the night… man, what a bummer… i spent the entire night on math, but i feel like there’s something i still don’t get! this is what i get for missing class :/ doh!

anyways, i checked my AADSAS once midnight struck… and nothing happened. haha. actually, i was busy talking with hanyin at the library so i didn’t really check it till a little after midnight. but, soon after, i got an email from BU telling me that i got in! =) WOOT. that was exciting. haha. and then i returned to my work… i think i need the physical mail in my hands to be really excited because… nothing seems different :P gosh, i hope when i call home tomorrow, it’ll be good news! AND, it’s my dad’s birthday :) though he says he doesn’t want to do anything special… oh well :/

day 327

well, i missed my first class :P and the second one was incredibly boring… but the thought of just finishing and being on break got me through it! heading back to my room, steph came over and we had dumplings for lunch. then, i worked on my kairos leader application. we then left my place because steph was going to get ready for dinner tonight while i headed over to the 90 guys suite. 

at 90, i was talking with jae lee about what to do for thanksgiving because he’s gonna come eat with my family =) clarified a couple details and also talked with dong & hanyin who were leaving tomorrow. sadly, i think only jae is staying at the suite the entire break… but i guess that’s his choice! anyways, i’m STILL surprised at the fact that people ask me for dating advice! seriously?? this is my first experience and i’m very much in the learning phase… i’m really hoping i’m doing things right, but i know i’m bound to mistakes (hopefully nothing too disastrous!) because dating is entirely new for the both of us. but, i did try to offer what help i could give, and it was encouraging to realize that my friends value my advice. :)

returned back to my room and met up with steph because tonight was going to be exciting or scary… steph is going to meet my parents! and my grandma! haha. tonight my family was going to go celebrate my grandma’s birthday at minado, and my parents were wondering whether steph wanted to come. she initially was busy, but was able to come, and despite feeling very nervous about doing so, i think the actual experience was much better than expected! if anything, we did a lot of laughing & eating :P and you really can’t go wrong with that. i asked sean d and my roommate nick about advice in such areas before this happened, but they had opposite spectrum ideas about it, so i realized that this decision depended on where we were relationally. and i think we were ready! (gosh, in just two weeks of dating!) i think i was most afraid of my family acting strange… :P but that didn’t seem to be the case, haha. it was either that case or perhaps they would grill her with questions, but i avoided that by making sure i didn’t leave her alone randomly to get food :P i think the dining experience was just to get everyone accustomed to one another because if it all works out, they’ll be seeing a lot more of her and conversations will be natural and all ;)

returning to bc, i packed a couple things for my parents to first bring back home, and then steph & i headed to her place to watch enchanted! (wow we’ve watched a lot of movies this past week!) also, jeannette & mary jo were sleeping over because they were leaving early in the morning with liz, and it was fun watching the movie with all of them. it was a good movie, but part of me was expecting more… i’m not sure exactly what though. i did like the soundtrack, and i’m glad nick gave it to me :P i especially love the jon mclaughlin one! =) we ended the night by watching disney channel as always, haha.

anyways, i’m looking forward to cleaning up the suite after my roommate leaves, because i procrastinated today and was just hoping everything would pile up tomorrow so i could finish it all in one go! haha, i don’t know why i’m so excited about this…

day 314

its pi day! haha sorta. um, it’s freaking 5… shoot. classes were fine today. met both priya and dan at the rat. i ate a very sad looking muffin. had EC interviews today, and they were MUCH better than yesterday’s bunch. it was so fun interviewing them… or like, interviewing them with the other members, and the candidates this time were much more well spoken and confident. and there were some jokes :P

took a nap afterwards, and then watched glee with justin! wow, the songs were great in that i actually knew some of them, and of course, i finally got to see how the katy perry song fit into the plot. STILL stuck in my head! a lot of identity issues, and homosexuality. and “cooling off” haha. lots of awkward moments…. oh and today was my roommate marco’s birthday, but i wasn’t able to go out to minado and eat with him because i made prior dinner plans, and hoped to study afterwards :/ darn it! the sad thing was, i suggested minado, and then realized i couldn’t go… double fail. that was definitely frustrating because i guess i should’ve gone, and part of me is still wondering whether i made a wise decision… crud. gotta learn from that :/

well, steph came over for dinner, but my place was a mess so we decided to head over to her place so i could cook there. to our surprise, there were lots of people already there, as esther cooked for shawnee & gina! and i got to meet priya & jules. anyways, i decided to make scallion pancakes & ja jung myun (chinese style! :P). i am relieved that the noodles came out well because it was my first time doing so. after dinner, steph & i decided to watch the disney channel while drinking green tea for…. 3 hours. um, i still prefer old school disney. but at least i saw the episode where hannah montana reveals herself as miley cyrus to the world! sadly, that’s probably the most memorable part of all those tv shows. hahaha. but it was a memorable night, to say the least, and then i headed back to see justin & the 90 guys who were still awake at… 2AM. lol. then finally returned back to my place to START homework. geez. it looks like i’ve underestimated my procrastination skills.

and i guess the quote above sums up how i feel now =)

day 311

that extra hour of sleep today felt so good =) and, that’s probably why more people came to church on time :P and this morning, it was so uplifting to sing the lyrics: “your love is strong,” and the day was pretty exciting. since it was the first sunday of the month, we had communion and during sunday school, we had our journal prayer. and i guess what was really on our minds was the fact that the welcome night was just 5 days away! gosh, i think we’re ready though, and we again prayed for the event =) oh and josh was interested in seeing my pokemon powerpoint from bc splash, so that was fun sharing with him :P

after church, my sisters and i went shopping at target to buy some supplies. i saw that sims 3 was going for just $20! so we snatched that up, and also got a lot of showering supplies… geez, i’m so glad i controlled myself or else i would’ve bought more shampoo and body wash, despite having more than enough! and, my sisters convinced me not to buy toy story 3 body wash… because i think it was for kids… even though it didn’t explicitly say so! it just smelled like berries…

returning home, i did some work, took a nap, did laundry, and ate dinner with the chens! my parents brought back lao sichuan, so it was a nice meal shared between two families. then, my dad brought me and karen back to bc, and after i situated myself and reorganized some stuff, i headed over to justin’s place to record this. first, a huge fail with facebook video, as it either messed up as we recorded our actual video or it just would display an error when we posted it. and even stranger, some of the videos that it said had an error, got posted on john’s wall… LOL. so that is why he has two videos of me and justin randomly frowning. and then we recorded with imovie, and things worked much better! after a couple tries, we finally got our cover of officially missing you down, and then we had to hurry over to lower for liz’s birthday! yeah… we were a bit late, but she was still there, and we got to eat cake =) 

and, then back at the room… i’ve become lazy :P i do want to sleep… but i just drank tea. and started eating snacks… so i guess i’ll have to do more work :/

day 294

i did not sleep too well the night before… but when 630 came around, i was up! i took a long shower, and got myself psyched up for the day. actually, it was more like reflection and rehearsing answers to interview questions. when i got out of the shower, my breakfast came! except, it was weird because i had to accept it with just a towel since i had JUST come out of the shower… good thing it was a guy? uh. i had bacon, eggs, & potatoes with apple juice :) totally hit the spot. and despite feeling a cough coming on and lots of congestion, i felt like i could make it through the day. i got ready by 7:30, so i relaxed, looked over a couple more questions, and listened to brooke fraser to calm the nerves. i LOVE her new album! i’ve had to have played “Who Are We Fooling?” at least 50 times this past week… it’s so chillingly beautiful. but i think it’s about breaking up… doh. anyways, i posted the song recently, so i would definitely take a listen if you haven’t already… and buy her ALBUM! =)

i left the hotel at 8 and had plenty of time to spare when i arrived at the upenn dental school. i think in the meeting room, there was in total 14 interviewees including myself, and as always, the beginning was intimidating because everyone’s in suits (well the guys are… i’m not sure if suits are correct for girls… but the equivalent.) and i guess i have the habit of “sizing” people up. you know, to make myself feel more confident. a lot of people were from california and florida. two of notre dame… and one girl from northeastern! so, definitely an interesting mix. we went through introductions and info sessions in the morning, and one point made by the director admissions really struck me: “we care about people, not statistics.” i feel like that’s hard for upenn to say when their fact sheets show high mean gpas/dat scores, etc… but after looking over their information and talking with the students, i really believed it. and, it really resonated with me, because i’m hoping that i will continue to develop as a person in dental school!

we then took a tour around upenn, and the facilities were nice for the most part… the lecture rooms don’t have windows though… strange. and finally, it was time for my interviews! my first one was at 11, and this was with the assistant dean of admissions. it felt intimidating at first, but she was really nice, and i felt like i could just open up. i talked a lot about kairos, and developing as a person, and at the end of our short conversation, i felt that i had an opportunity to share parts of myself that weren’t on the application :) as soon as i got out of that interview, i was met with another faculty member, and we went to her office for the second interview! i kinda went over the same things because she had specific questions, but since it was more like an interview, i made sure to highlight examples that would answer the questions… and not just bs or something :P like, she wanted to know about my best and worst experience at bc, and i said kairos was my best experience, while the worst experience had to be the drinking culture because there doesn’t seem to be a compelling alternative. and, i also shared about my core group of friends in shaw, and how that’s allowed me to branch out and meet new people, especially people who i hope to stay friends after graduation :) and i think we ended with sharing about an example of feeling overwhelmed, so i told her about junior year and balancing everything, like physics, school work, studying, extracurriculars, relationships, church, sleep, etc. and i was able to maintain this by destressing through like guitar, journaling, and having conversations with people. so again, i felt very happy at the end of the interviews because i could share my story! =)

after the interviews, i really unwound…. we had lunch with a couple students, who were very helpful in describing the ups and downs of upenn, and i’m really impressed about how one guy came to upenn knowing that he wanted to be the best clinician possible. i think that’s my goal too… i’m pretty sure research isn’t for me. and he’s a family guy, and i think that’s something i resonate with too! after that, i took a self-guided tour of upenn, and the campus is BEAUTIFUL. i’d still say BC is more beautiful, but it’s under construction… :/ anyways, it’s a different kind of beauty because it’s so interesting how insulated it feels while being situated in the middle of a bustling city! that was pretty cool. and for the longest time, i thought this row of buildings belonged to a museum, but i figured out that they were housing! craaaaazy. 

seriously though, that does NOT look like housing… but another view of it actually reminds me of the new stokes hall that’s being built at BC… hmm.

upenn quad


bc stokes hall

haha maybe not.. i duno. after the tour, i went to go visit the bookstore, and it’s HUGE. i guess because it’s sponsored by barnes & noble, but it basically was a B&N store… with two floors and i was overwhelmed by everything they sold! bc bookstore could not compare. but, i realized that it was just as expensive :P so i just bought some thank you cards that i would use later, a card for my gajok daughter, rachel’s birthday, and a gift for my sister because i found some cool pencils! i didn’t want to buy a tshirt or something that said upenn… because what if i don’t get in? that’d be gg… haha.

anyways, being done with visiting upenn, i met up with nick & stella, and we hung out at their place, playing halo reach :P then we headed to koreana, and it had some amazing korean food! i couldn’t believe it: kalbi for $9! i think hmart costs $15… and it was pretty good :) that, and they paid for my dinner :D so i was very grateful. and full afterward, even though we ate a very early dinner at 4. the reason was because i had to catch the train back to the airport at 5… so they accommodated my schedule. we said our goodbyes as i took the bus to the train station, and i made it there a couple minutes late for the train at 5, but thankfully, i could catch the one at 5:30 and still make it an hour early before my plane left at 7:15. 

checking in and security was very quick, and there was like no line for security compared to the ones in logan! i waited at the terminal, and did some homework/reviewing. knocked out on the plane even though i planned on doing work :P after arriving at boston, i got on the silver line bus, went to south station, took it to park street, then took the B line to the star market at babcock… just to buy a birthday cake for rachel! i hope you realize that my gajok family is going to be the best ever!! anyways, i knew that the T would take forever getting back to campus, and i was already running late for a group meeting at 10… so i took a cab, and i was just $15 to get back to BC, including tip. i managed to get to BC around 10:30, changed/unpacked, and got ready to meet people at lower. thankfully, the project was mostly done, and i could just edit the rest later… so i headed off for rachel’s birthday. we met up at upper, and i’m so impressed that our entire family made it! it was kind of a fail at the beginning because we actually went into her room BEFORE 12… some freshmen were too antsy. haha. but, we sang happy birthday to her, justin oh used a lighter as a candle (so ghetto!), and then justin also caked her… haha. i guess since she’s now a ksa fresh rep, he gets to do that… that and he’s the grandpa of all gajoks. fine fine, i guess i must respect my elders :P oh the only bummer was that we never got to eat the cake! rachel is wayyyyy too popular, and there were so many of her friends there once we said happy birthday, so we just left and let her share the cake with her friends… bummer :/

a good night though, as the rest of us headed back down to lower. and now it’s time to study… i’m glad i did put some time into this exam already… but i hope i don’t stay up too late! i am also glad that i’m writing this entry now so i won’t leave it for the last minute and sleep even later! i think i’m gonna have to study more tomorrow and skip my 12pm class just to be safe. whew, i didn’t think i’d be THIS busy as soon as i got onto campus… but what an exciting day!

day 286

despite being deprived of much needed sleep, i think the excitement of suiting up gave me the energy to get out of bed! and so, i was very excited to go to class with my suit :) of course, some people gave me strange looks, and when people asked me if i had an interview, or what the occasion was, all i could really say was that it’s just for fun. haha… i guess i just like suiting up! sadly, only justin suited up with me, and other people who were in suits actually had interviews :/

classes went fine… the exam in physiology went over well, i think… though i regret overstudying. i started memorizing little details the night before, and we were mainly just tested on the main concepts… doh. i also got my test back from developmental, and i’m thankful for doing well on that test :) gosh, it was definitely stressful to finish taking a test and getting a test back in another class. the exam took all the energy out of me, so i zoned out during class, and after that, justin and i unstressed by watching glee on his new tv! glee… was very interesting to say the least. many sad parts… but also a lot of disturbing things, like brittany! i’m never sure whether to laugh at her or feel pity…

i headed back to my room to drop off my stuff and headed over to professors & pastries for free pastries! :P i met young on the way there, and he seemed a bit down because he didn’t have much sleep last night, as a result of tons of work. well, i think this cheered him up, as we picked up TONS of pastries to bring :D chocolate strawberries are amazing! so are cannolis! well, i picked some up for my roommates, and headed back to my room to relax.

later, steph & jeanette stopped by. i brought over kevin’s tv to steph’s house because their old tv broke, and as i set up the tv, steph & jeanette cooked dinner! let’s see, pasta with chicken & mandoo? it was satisfying :D oh, and esther joined us too, and it was a laid back meal. (i’m pretty lame at giving description…there’s a better word that i can’t think of at the moment) after dinner, esther & i worked on building the futon frame! this was pretty fun, especially with the help of liz & steph… errrr. um. yeah. but, we were able to get it done pretty quickly, and it was a job well done! honestly, esther seemed to do most of the work because i just sat there holding the screw in place as she tightened the bolt. or is it nut? but, i did manage to get a blister on my hand from using the screwdriver because the screws were being… disobedient. :D but yeah, washing my hands with soap is a shocking experience of pain… hopefully it heals quick.

by the time we finished building the futon, most of the house was back, so i liked seeing how everyone gathered at the common room, and there was actually enough space :P oh and, liz, esther & i moved the freaking huge tv out on to the curb… that was a lot of teamwork! haha, i guess i got a lot more exercise today than i thought. and i was exhausted, so sitting on the futon was much needed relief… as we watched vampire boy or something. 

then, i headed back to my room, did some work, and then met up with people at lower, as we got ready for esther’s birthday! it was kinda sketchy hanging outside the house, and hiding behind the cars… but once we started singing, even the neighbors upstairs saw us and was waving their vanessa hudgens cut out at us… weeeeird. it was fun seeing everyone, though i must admit, i like smaller settings… too many people scare me. haha. 

then i began to study… at midnight. oops. but i was pretty efficient with my time, i’m surprised i barely got distracted! and i managed to finish my psych studying by 2ish.

well, today was pretty fun, i got to try milkis, which is carbonated yogurt drink, so it was very good! but i think the carbonation tricks me into thinking that it’s not that sugary… uh ohs. and, it’s definitely fun building stuff. well, as long as i don’t break it…

day 266

classes went by quickly, but today was packed! after class, i had office hours for elections committee, and i got a lot of “other” work done, i.e. shaw stuff. i didn’t realize i would need those two hours to get things straightened out for next week! oh and i called my mom to wish her happy birthday! :D i thought that possibly we would go out to eat dinner, but my sister was busy… so it wouldn’t have worked out… i guess we’ll celebrate it later.

after office hours, i had to complete the second week of my psych research, and it was pretty interesting. she had me read a list of colors, like red green blue green red red, and then she gave me colors and had me read the names of the colors. then, she made it VERy tricky… by having the word red colored blue or green… and i had to say the color of the word. that played so many tricks  on my mind! the rest of the experiment dealt with memories again, but this time i was told to recall positive memories to influence how i interpreted the memory… and for the most part, i did feel more positive about memories as i described them…. interesting

at 7, i headed down to the psbc first gen meeting for dinner :p i stayed long enough for the food and i signed up for the family before heading to the MFA (college night!) bus stop with steph and jeanette. i also met john yee there! and he invited his friend hermander. (yeah i’m pretty sure that’s not how you spell it)… and finally liz & maryjo arrived. and so we went to the MFA. honestly, even though i’ve lived in boston all my life… i don’t think i’ve ever been there! nothing seemed familiar… i thought i had gone to this place when i was in middle school or something, but i guess not… oh and today was the first time i saw the campuses of MCPHS, Northeastern, and Wentworth… wow and i’m a senior? big fail :P

the museum was interesting, although i think we got there a tad late as the events, like free chipotle snacks (!), were closed… such a bummer! and, it was um, interesting, to say the least about how we went around looking at stuff… there HAD to have been some reason to why we went to all the random rooms… but i couldn’t figure it out! i would’ve been happy just visiting each room one by one, but then there was a random DJ, and it was an uneventful “dance party” in one of the art rooms. haha. the coffee room was pretty cool, as the singer there was good! but, it definitely felt like we were going around randomly… but i guess the good thing was i got to talk with maryjo and jeanette and this helped me get to know them better. i wish i brought my camera… but i also realize that things got boring pretty quick. i think the most exciting part had to be when people outside the museum handed us red glow sticks! yeah… but i didn’t want to wear it. well, at least i can say i actually went to the MFA and remember what it looks like, haha. 

after getting back to campus, we visited gate and then got late night. wow we stayed there a LOT longer than i thought we would… i started zoning out after eating my food. i think those chicken wings made me tired :P but, different people came and left so that made things entertaining. oh and ryan liu came and shared with us about how crazy i was when i was young. and how i was very mean. :D haha, i’m being honest. i think i’ll write about it sometime… i’ve been meaning to, but i’ve never set aside time to do so. and yes, everyone else at the table was astonished. hahaha. because it’s as if people would have never expected it from me… i guess that’s the power of christ in me. that my life can and has been changed significantly that i cannot attribute it to my own will or ability. and i think that was a good reminder for me.

oh and i forgot to study… but at least i don’t have anything immediately due tomorrow… oh and my sister got onto rowing :P woot. i think… i hope she doesn’t die from the intense workouts :/

day 243

i’m so glad that i decided to wake early for payer meeting. even though i felt pretty tired the rest of the day, the prayer put me in a more worshipful posture for the day. however, i constantly struggled with staying awake in both manuscript study and campus time.

anyways, time went by pretty quickly, but i wish i gained more from manuscript study. it seemed as though the insights, which were refreshing and new, didn’t seem to make much an impact on me. sure, i could bring it up as points to make in bible study, but in talking about jesus’ death, shouldn’t it move me? bummer. after that, free time mainly consisted of games like old maid + mafia. i’ve realized that i hate mafia and will most likely not play again because i got bored too quickly and the payoff of guessing the mafia before dying is not worth the time spent. i could just watch along…plus, i dont really do anything because manipulation is such an annoyance and distasteful, and the game can ruin relationships. but, i don’t hate anyone after this game or anything even when i’m incriminated, sometimes rightfully, as mafia, because i just feel indifferent.

prayer track was SO humid but fun as we went on a prayer walk to pray for Evangelism 1. i just love the relaxed atmosphere of the track, and the people are great too! also, today i apologized to kaitlyn for not showing up for audio, and she still let me help with it! so, i got to see how they practiced, but after the worship set, i had to keep reminding myself not to be so critical and prideful because of just a few musical mishaps. that and the key was set for girls…because kaitlyn led. oh well, i just wish she chose keys that were more suitable for both vocals.

during campus time, we went over making life schedules & goals for school in order to find balance and prevent burnout. i just want to make sure to eat and sleep better! oh, and it was fun sharing with nick and liz. haha, and we talked about an iron chef cook off between liz and jae maeng. Yum… if this happens, i’m definitely a judge :)

oh! and today was tiffany’s birthday and i made sure to call home to wish her a happy birthday!