My dad used to tell me this all the time… haha.

My dad used to tell me this all the time… haha.

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stop motion books!

day 274

blah. i think i had too much caffeine in my body when i tried to sleep… so there was some tossing and turning :/ but at least i woke up on time, and got ready for the exam. it was kind of a bummer though coming out of the exam, because i always feel like math should be easily aced because like, you manipulate a number here or there and you get the answer! or something like that… but i think i overcomplicated things on the exam. owned….

whatever. its times like these when i realize even when given many talents and such, i can still forget to be thankful and feel inadequate instead. it’s fairly frustrating because many times those voices are lies. and it’s a battle to confront them and reveal them as they truly are. man, why does a math test cause all these problems??

oh and today was such a rainy day. i didn’t feel depressed or anything… but it definitely felt slooooow. haha, even one of my teachers ended class 20 minutes early…

went back home, and it was very relaxing on the ride back. i managed to finish this book that i started just a couple weeks ago, and i guess it’s very revealing… or something.

what women wish you knew about dating

well, i bought this at the recommendation of don miller, and i liked it! there were definitely some things i thought, shoot! i gotta get my life in order… and other parts, i thought, so that’s how you approach it… haha. i’ve read a couple christian books on dating, sex, and such and i think this is one of the better ones. i mean, it’s hard to give advice to the youth group about such topics if i’ve never dated…yeah. so its very practical and helpful. and i think just in general, i do want to be a man. not a guy. (which is defined in the book)

we had guests over this week, and since they’re from taiwan, we had a lobster dinner! ah yes, they were doing some recording for Good TV… a christian show that’s broadcasted on the west coast and primarily in taiwan. i think this is the first time they did a feature on boston, so we got to host them! :D

youth group went fine. i showed the skit guys clip from youtube, and each time i watch it, my heart gets convicted. it’s crazy…. just how much i can identify with it. and i hope they got just as much out of it…

back at BC, i spent my time with the 90 boys. saw kisuk! and just hung out there until i realized that i had to go sleep because of praise practice tomorrow… whew, i really need to get work done tomorrow!

day 241

man, i leave so many things for the last minute, whether it’s printing photos at Walmart yesterday night right before 9 or sending out the setlist the night before. how frustrating because i know it burdens others, but i hate the fact that when i leave it for the last minute, i rush & forget key details. anyways, i stayed up until 3 am last night, trying to get stuff done and finally, writing in karen and matt’s books… why do i do this to myself?

anyways, i managed to wake without feeling horrible despite the lack of sleep. i got dressed and did some final packing but again, because i didn’t prepare, i forgot stuff. good thing i was able to come back home after church to pick up my cell phone charger.

church was fun and it would be the last sunday for matt. we finally gave them their senior gift books, and they seemed to love them! i can’t wait to see matt for christmas break.

after church, we had some time to go back home, so i did some packing and even though i was in a time crunch, i decided to go to guitar center to buy some stuff on sale. what a BAD decision. because of that, i missed the south acton train at 4:25, and i had to get my parents to drive me all the way to fitchburg. what a hassle, and this is all because i decided to leave things for the last minute! lesson learned… i hope. thankfully, i got to the station before the train arrived, and i was able to see everyone! i’m so glad my parents and sisters were so patient with me. i think its times like these when i truly realize how love can be patient.

it was fun seeing everyone and chilling at toah nipi. gosh, it’s so crowded! this is the largest summit ever, and bc probably brought the most kids. i played some ping pong and basketball and we listened to a message and LOTS of announcements. then, we had some campus time and that was pretty interesting but it was LONG. 

i finally went back to the room to shower, take out my contacts, but after spending 20 minutes on my right eye with no success, i went to my left eye and took it out on the first try. what?! so i gave it a couple more shots, but i think i lost my contact in my right eye. it must’ve fallen out when i ran into grace during basketball… haha so i guess THAT’S what knockout means. :D good thing my eye didn’t get knocked out… anyways, i’d much rather lost the contact than wake up tomorrow with an eye disease. most people told me that the couldn’t find it and hopefully it’s not behind my eye or something. i don’t feel any pain aside from all that prodding around with my finger.

Oh, and i met john at toah nipi! i hope he likes it too especially with the tufts group. it’s gonna be a great week at summit, and i totally forgot, but i finished donald miller’s father fiction on friday!

it was good, but it didn’t seem to carry the same impact as the other two i had read. possibly because i really can’t relate to being fatherless…

and i’m envious that my sister has NO trouble with contacts. seriously?! she got them out of her eyes on the first try and for me, it’s been a week and i’m slowly getting the hang of it… spending just 10 minutes.

haha whatever. i’ll put my contacts worries aside and look forward to tomorrow!

day 236

went to BC with my sister today. but, before that, we went to mcdonalds for lunch, and it was a pleasant surprise that they gave us an extra bag of food :) well, there was 2 snack wraps and small fries, and i thought to return it as soon as i realized that we already had everything we ordered. but, my mom had already driven past the window, and more importantly, we figured that even if we gave it back, they’d have to throw it away… at least that’s what i keep rationalizing…

anyways, today was a strangely cool and rainy day like yesterday, but luckily i had an umbrella on the car. at BC, we first went to student services so i could use my sister’s meal plan :D haha, honestly, my parents are afraid i’m going to burn my room down from poor cooking skills. what a bummer because i didn’t really take the initiative to make cooking a goal this summer! looks like it’s going to be a lot of ramen and finding free food :) and the dining hall here and there. hmm, i could subsist on snacks… i’m so lazy.

after that, we went to the bookstore, and i was so surprised at how NICE it looked! they did a great job remodeling, and we went to look up our books. for the most part, amazon should be cheaper, but i bought some of the books that were actually written by my professor… that’s going to be an interesting class. professor kreeft…. i really hope he doesn’t live up to his peps. haha. then, we headed to health services to make sure my sister’s forms were in, and then headed back home. we left around 3, but i was shocked to find that we were in traffic at one part of the highway… how can that be, who could get out of work that early?! oh well, got back home, and just played starcraft 2…my goodness, what a time suck. SUCH a time suck. yuck. blah.

at least, i play with kavin and nick… and well, kavin has a job, so he doesn’t play too much, and nick’s at school. looks like i’m the only one who seems very unproductive :P

oh and i got my backpack in the mail, because the strap was broken. and my dad decided to help me wash it because it was really dirty. we used like multiple cleaning agents, and i hope it dries quickly… and, i need to replace my laptop HD soon before school starts, because i got mine in the mail last week, but havent had time to do so because i know it’ll take like 3 hours to reformat and everything… 

and i put my contacts in… but i’ve put off taking them out because of the frustration yesterday. putting them in is MUCH easier… though it still took multiple tries. gah, i think i’ve left them in my eyes too long. and i know i can’t go to sleep with them in. ok, i must be patient…

still so much to do! gotta get working.

day 229

today went MUCH smoother for vbs. i’m so glad because the kids seemed more into the new songs we were introducing, and they loved our skit for the prodigal son :) i think the youth did a pretty good job, especially joseph! oh and elliot was the pig for josh, the farmer. ahahaha. after that, i spent much of the time trying to be more deliberate in my picture taking because i realized that if i just took pictures whenever/wherever i wanted… i got bored pretty quickly of going around the stations, and would just hang out with the preschoolers :P soooo, i made sure to take pictures of each group at each station, and that divided up the time much better. and, i spent a lot more time outdoors since there were games! i think the kids seemed to like them a lot more this year (because we don’t have a HORRENDOUS adult leader, thank goodness!) and the youth seem to work well with the adult teachers too! :) but, i think closer to the end of the day, which is near noon, it became too hot for the kids to play outside… which was a bummer. but, no worries, tomorrow is water day!!!

oh and, the preschoolers/kindergarteners (group A) loved to cry today. now, there are some who perpetually cry. i.e. jennifer, because she just cries when she can’t see her mom… but today, during duck duck goose, one kid touched another on the head, and he cried… then, another didn’t get chosen and he cried too… but then someone DID get picked, and that kid cried too… it was ridiculous! i think the only way for them to play was to sit them down and have them not move… because any motion seemed to upset these time bombs :P. oh, but they were hilarious to watch because when they DID start playing… they would cheat. or more likely, they just wouldn’t know how to play the game. like, the chaser would run the opposite way of the person being chased… which meant that the chaser would have to run into the chased…. owned! or, they would randomly switch roles, or they would sit down at random spots in the circle! or run around multiple times until they decide the round is over… the teachers in charge were just so confused, but it was amusing nonetheless :D

after vbs, we rehearsed our skit, and spent much of our time filling water balloons! oh and, matt, joseph and i did some exploring and finally found a water faucet at the field, which we never bothered to find the past two years, and it’ll make water games a LOT more fun. and after some brainstorming, we decided it’d be important to bring some buckets & water guns…. and so later i went to walmart to buy an IRON MAN 2 water gun! YESSSS. oh my goodness, i tried it out in the kitchen, and it has this BEASTLY flash flood shot, which basically unleashes all the pumping at once. i shot the sink, but the force shot all the water back at me… i was soaked! hahaha. i doubt i could use this one the kids…. i fear that “with great power, comes great responsibility”… i mean, i could even make the oldest kids cry. :o that’s how intimidating this water gun is. but it was on sale, so i HAD to get it. oh, and i got a sprinkler thing and a hose head for spraying the kids, and letting them get themselves wet… i know that if i try to get the little kids wet, they’ll cry. so they have to get themselves wet somehow… and i think they’ll keep their waterballoons as “pets” :D

lastly, i went to the paper store and found my favoritest book! all my friends are dead. if you have time, ask me about it, and i’ll let you read it. it’s HILARIOUS.

and i just spent the night playing starcraft 2… why do i think these achievements mean something?!

oh, and i managed to finish Good News About Injustice, and it really makes me want to intern at the International Justice Mission because to read their stories about how they can help the oppressed, poor, and isolated achieve justice in their conditions really is stunning, especially with all the legal and political hurdles that need to be overcome. it’s just amazing to understand how to intertwine the spiritual and the practical for helping the hopeless… but i know i gotta read it again. because i’m afraid i’ve already forgotten some of the stuff i’ve read :/

i am SO getting this. or more than one. more than possibly.




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i am SO getting this. or more than one. more than possibly.





joshrochelle:danapleasee:824:shinn7755(via prettyheartattacks)

day 209

strange. i get 7 hours of sleep, and i still feel tired… 

went to the mall for lunch (again…), and played around in the apple store before heading back home. got some work done… i managed to confirm fr. leahy and the retreat site for shaw, so that totally made my day! did some more work, looking over all the stuff about shaw that had piled up from the past few weeks and trying to compile it all… 

went to my high school to send out a transcript to UCLA. (i can’t believe they actually want to see my high school one…). went to borders to use a 40% coupon, so i decided to get a CS Lewis book, a Ravi Zacharias one, and a boardgame for the youth group… but then when i tried to use it, i realized it was EXPIRED… and so it didn’t work… and the guy already rang everything up… so i decided to buy it all… oops. but no matter, i went back later in the night and returned both the CS lewis book and the boardgame because i wanted to wait for the coupon :P that, and because my sister wanted to go shop at express, which was in the mall and is close to borders. yeah so that worked out, and i managed to get a shirt and tie in the 40% bin :P. i tried to fit into XS shirts, but it made me look weird. like i had to hunch my back to make it look sort of natural… haha. oh and i decided to buy starcraft 2! because i had a coupon… oh i hope this doesn’t ruin my plans…

i’m trying to be more productive, and i’m happy with my progress but i get SO easily distracted on my laptop and i REALLY need to limit my tumblring to like just one session at night. or else i keep clicking on it “by accident.” anyways, i have like 5-6 weeks before school starts, and i’d like to clarify my goals for the summer:

  • read a book a week = 5~6 books! (i have SO many piled up in my room)
  • revert to a normal and healthy sleep schedule (i.e. 11 or 12)
  • finish dental application stuff
  • manage and sort through photos & make slideshow for Taiwan
  • finish shaw stuff

let’s see, what am i looking forward to before school starts…

  • VBS
  • church picnic
  • Summit
  • senior sendoff / 7th grade initiation :P
  • hanging out with BC people :)

day 167

i feel stressed. ugh. tonight, instead of getting stuff done…i was distracted. bah.

anyways, this afternoon, went to borders because i had a 40% coupon. hopefully, i can read through two books on my way to cali, but if not, i can save it for the trip to taiwan too! i decided to buy sex god by rob bell and the irresistible revolution by shane claiborne. both sound intriguing, and i hope they live up to the reviews i’ve read.

went to radio shack in the mall to buy some parts for a theremin project! based on the parts that i bought, it came out to roughly $40… kind of an expensive hobby i guess :/ but hopefully, i’ll get a new instrument! sadly, they only carried half of what i wanted, but one of the guys i met there goes to BC too! he’s 013 and he also graduated from my high school…interesting. i think his name was mina. or minna. err. maybe i’ll see him on campus. 

put up those curtains after my mom bought the metal pieces i broke. but then, i guess the original height was too short or the curtains were too long so that they sagged… looks like i’ll have to make new holes in the wall or something.

went to my dad’s office to get my impression taken because i broke my lower retainer. i think i grind my teeth too hard when i sleep… that’s how they cracked. and eventually split. went to the radioshack near my house, and got all the rest of the supplies. success! and i met one of my high school friends there too! weeeeird. gus goes to emerson and he said he was majoring in animation… kinda cool how i got to meet all these people. 

stopped by the supermarket to pick up some food, and i decided to try the new old spice odor blocker because GOSH, those man’s pecs are mesmerising. BUILDING KICK. ahaha. then i went to practice at church.

after that, got home to set up the new dvd/vcr and start converting the vhs into dvds. took some time to configure everything, but eventually it all worked. but it takes a long time… at least the quality is decent. it just requires “watching” the entire vhs tape because it plays as it records. so far, i’ve done just two… my dad has a lot of them collected… oh boy.

meanwhile, my sister starts pointing out that her computer is loud. and i find that her graphics card fan is the problem. i take it out to clean, and vacuum the entire computer. and ask my sisters to clean the computer room because they are SO messy. or maybe i’m just neurotic about organizing stuff. my side is all stacked… haha. well, now it looks good. i can actually see the ground on their side. that’s how bad it was. so i cleaned the computer out, but the noise remained. i resolved to just buy a new gfx card, but eventually the noise just died down. hopefully, it doesn’t come back…

spent the rest of the time trying to put together my theremin. but i realized that my hookup wire is made up of many wires… instead of being solid (i think i bought the wrong one… doh!) so that frustrated me so much. oh, and i got my directions from this david crowder magazine that i received with my church music preorder. i saw the guide, and i decided to do it :P. i will show pictures of it once i’m done… i think i’ll just purchase a new hookup wire, and i should be able to finish it in an hour or so. but, the confusing thing about the circuit is how it’s set up, unlike circuits in physics lab…. so i have to convert the diagram in my mind and its tricky. i’ll explain more once i have pictures up…though i doubt it’ll be interesting. luckily, i found an informative site and i’ve been able to connect the resistors, capacitors and such without much trouble.

and now… i’m stressed. because i realize that i have so many other things that i need to get done! i.e. haircut, BC tomorrow to drop off my sister’s project and to get my transcript, theremin, shaw, taiwan, toy story 3, dental apps. gaaaah. ok ok. i’m gonna calm down now.