A CFO bullies a Chik-Fil-A worker… but he gets fired! That girl handled that situation unbelievably well! I doubt I could do that…

day 165

i was productive today! but… not in the way i thought i’d be. let me explain.

woke up and went to the mall because my mom needed to buy supplies for the new church. but first, we stopped at the food court to get chik fil a! yummmm. oh my goodness, they updated the menu and added spicy chicken. that was the only thing wendy’s had to attract me… and well, chik fil a has stolen the competition. a chicken sandwich never tasted so picante :)

went to home depot to get some new paint for the church walls (since we messed up yesterday…), and some other items. then we headed over to costco to buy some fruit. i bought flash drives. and gum. and mentos. hurried back home in time to pick up my sister from middle school, and decided to play some tf2 with kavin :) 

after an hour or so, i realized that it was 5, so i headed out to the courts to meet with tang for basketball. but then it started raining, so we played in the gym. we played with really big white guys… well, i think they all were from my high school but a year or two younger than me… but they were definitely a head taller than me. and bigger. haha, i felt like rondo. except i didn’t do much because it’s like trying to shoot over a tree. not gonna happen… i’m gonna have to move faster and dribble better :/ but hey, i did some physical exercise!

returned home and soon my dad asked me to go to the new church with him to help him move soil. i guess he bought 50 bags of soil for the new plants, and so we spent a good 2 hours just lifting these 40lb bags of soil onto the car, then off the car. then into the church. luckily, we had a dolly to move the bags into the church, or else we would’ve been worn out really quickly. so, in total i lifted 2000lbs. um… fine. in actuality, i lifted 40lbs and did 50 reps?? (i don’t know workout terms). but in terms of physics, i expended lots of energy… let’s say, i lifted a bag up a meter, and moved it a meter as well (i wrote down feet but then quickly realized it wasn’t in SI! phew caught that…) i believe this is the proper equation to determine the work i had done: 

W = F x d = (9.8m/s2)(40lbs = 18.15kg)(6m) = 1067Joules. yessss what a workout. and then we did some “gardening” which involved moving dirt around…from one container to another. 

when i got back home finally, i had one more task to do… to change the window curtains. i guess we had never changed them for 15 years or so, and they were getting pretty dusty. and it was SO FRUSTRATING because the cloth kept slipping and i had to thread it through the holder in a specific way and it wouldn’t do that… and then to make matters worse, i broke one of the metal holders. actually i broke two. one for each curtain…. i guess they were kind of brittle because i didn’t exert too much force. great… so i didn’t have the satisfaction of putting either curtain up. they’re just 3/4 done and lying on the table, and that was annoying…

ok so it looks like i’ll work on all that taiwan and shaw stuff tomorrow!…i hope.

day 107

today was a fun day! though i didn’t get much work done… man, i gotta stop complaining. i know what i got myself into today, and this just means i need to put more time into my essay tomorrow. at least, there’s no school monday, and i’ll need all the time i can get.

went to the burlington mall again with nick, steph, and diane. since steph and diane had never gone to chik fil a, i thought i’d bring them there. haha, i think nick’s getting tired of it because he’s already gone twice, but he was persuaded to go because he’d be able to play with the ipads at the apple store after. :P despite the rain and colder weather, the trip went pretty well. lots of high school musical, glee, and disney singing on the way there and back…you can tell a lot about a person through his or her playlists. and i guess on mine, you’d find a LOT of christian artists, some popular and some unknown, and my most favorite people: dave barnes, matt wertz, tim be told… 

anyways, during the ride there, steph was trying to think of a cool name, but she ended up with NSTD. as in, new std. or maybe an std. i’m not sure how accurately that reflects the four of us…i think this conversation was brought up by the rumor that diane has an std…which was a bit awkward too. ok, pretty awkward. owned! but anyways,  she doesn’t. i don’t think… errrrrr. i guess that would be confidential if it were true. hmm. so, obviously, NSTD pales in comparison to liz’s SLAM acronym, or nick’s MEN. i still prefer the justice league because it’s just so much more inclusive than either option. i just wish there was an asian on the justice league… 

chik-fil-a was amazing and freaking PACKED as usual. i had to get the sweet tea, but i decided to switch it up for my side and get a fruit cup. it was alright…the mandarin oranges were a bit iffy. had some good conversations, and near the end, the girls decided to play ultimate ninja. good thing me and nick intervened before they got carried away, or else they would’ve brought it to the middle of the food court. 

went to the apple store and played with the ipad. i really liked the fact that there was multiplayer on it, and we played some 4-player games that involved shooting marbles and landing them on certain areas…honestly, that’d probably be my only motivation in getting one because i think that’s why i usually buy games and toys nowadays. i evaluate how this can engage a group more than it can engage myself. now, there are some exceptions like pokemon or plants vs zombies. but for the most part, i buy wii games so there can be hilarious or intense common room time :) or board games that can engage the entire youth group. i guess in that sense, i like to be around people. as much satisfaction as i get from accomplishing something in a game, it’s kinda useless and i’d rather use it as a “medium” to build relationships. wow, i guess this goes back to even my high school days, when i would host LAN parties with like 10-20 people, because it just brought so many people together. i’d get bored of the game pretty soon, but it was just fun hanging out. and, it can even be used to share the gospel!! ahaha, i would convince people to come to my house after school to play games, and after that, we would go to ROFL, and for the most part, people didn’t mind. but i think they caught on to the fact that i did that…haha i must be so tricky… (not.)

oh, and i guess i would buy an ipad as some sort of presentation thing, but i’m not completely sold on that aspect. i don’t really watch movies on the go, and i really enjoy buying and reading physical books. i get so distracted with audio books, and i’m afraid i’ll get eye strain from reading on an ipad, though it claims not to do so. the ipad is definitely a “want” and not a need, and i’d really just consider it a fun toy to show off…

ok, enough with the product review. though on a side note, i bought a new umbrella recently to replace the one that i lost because it bugged me so much. and, i finaly got to use it today! it works. and i’m happy. it doesn’t seem to flimsy, so i’m content.

so after spending a lot of time at the apple store, it was time to head back. diane bought a manatee from a stand for her brother, and nick and i got some free tea from teavana. gosh those teas were so unique. i don’t think i’ve ever had those flavors before…but i think i still prefer traditional honey green tea. perhaps that’s not traditional…

after getting back to BC, i took a nap. i think driving makes me tired…but i’m not sure. did some work after waking up, and then it was off to meet the worship team at the B line. i was kinda bummed not to be able to go to break it down boston, but this was the last meeting for praise team, so i didn’t want to miss out. and we went to victorias! yum yum. i was afraid that we’d order too much or that i’d feel heavy and lethargic after the meal, but i think 6 dishes was just right, because it sat well in my stomach. the only bummer during this trip was the fact that michael (aka michelle choi) didn’t come. we refer to her as michael so she doesn’t feel as left out, being the only girl on the team, but i guess it doesn’t help if she’s never come out to any of our get togethers…but she’s a busy girl. especially with ksa and such. darn. so it was just the 6 guys: young, jake, justin, dave, rich, and me. the best part of the dinner was definitely the question: “what was your favorite memory of michael?” it was so good :P you see, we’re trying to be as inclusive as we can, so even though she couldn’t physically be with us, she was there in spirit…i think. after dinner, we took a walk down some street past super 88 so rich could buy some kimchi, and as we walked further, i realized that we were at Le’s! and then i knew where i was. and we stopped by pc café for some dessert. our talk was pretty interesting…jake was telling us who the seniors dated amongst their own grade when they were freshmen, and that was kinda revealing. jake and jess lim?? susie and sung?? never imagined that…haha.

and well, we finally returned back to BC on the T, with some drunk people singing very loudly. they almost were kicked off because of their ruckus. but they were amusing. whew, what a long day, but it sure was fun and memorable :)

day 11

I finally uploaded the photos of One Thing ‘09 on facebook. Whew. And I had Chik Fil A. Still amazing. Especially the sweet tea. I have to get started on my pre-dental essays. Tomorrow. Gah. I mean today. Oh, and I think I should make some music. Hmm. So much to do, but I have no idea if I’ll follow up on it.