my relationship with God in 23 seconds =P

enjoy :)

enjoy :)

funny and hopeful :)

they seem better than me…

day 156

started the morning off with dunks. and headed to the church to clean! actually, we first went to the acton chinese cultural festival because our church had set up a booth there. so that was cool to see it starting up. but i didn’t actually get a chance to participate in any of the activities, but i heard there was like 3000 people that went to nara park?! i think it was estimated that only 1000 people would go… but it was crazy! and it wasn’t just chinese people that went, so that made it more diverse :P the location definitely needs to change next year if such numbers happen again because there were cars lined up everywhere and traffic was a bit congested. but that was really cool to hear that it went so well!

so cleaning at the church started with lots of de-cobwebbing and spider killing…fun. haha. and then we moved onto windexing windows and 409ing cabinets. people strolled in and out either from home or the culture festival. so, it was great to have the extra help in cleaning such a HUGE building! so after 2 hours, my sisters and I managed to clean the front entrance… which doesn’t sound too impressive, but there was just so much that needed to be done. i think other people were washing windows outside or cleaning bathrooms or mopping floors, so everyone was really busy…. but then, as we decided to move onto another project, somehow, all our stuff got swiped! as in, someone took our 409 to clean the bathroom… and then another person used the windex for more window cleaning. so that left us with nothing….and so i just sat around and eventually i was relegated the job of takign care of the kids. or more like, keeping them from bothering their parents. which consisted of getting water for emily. and getting water spilled on me. and getting pulled around for an hour or so until lunch… 

then, for pretty much the rest of the time since i again had no work… (i felt a bit useless, haha) i just kept the kids busy. and we decided to use this office room to play hide and seek, and all the youth and kids joined in. it was hilarious. especially since some of the kids can’t exactly count to 10 correctly… oh and i loved hiding behind a door and whispering their name as they walked by. they got SO freaked out. ahahaahahha. and then they got confused when they couldn’t find the source. WIN.

went back home, picked up my dad from work. studied a bit until my parents got home, and then we went to karen’s graduation! i thought it was gonna get rescheduled since it rained pretty hard for 10 minutes, but there wasn’t any notifications, so we went! as we listened to speakers (most were pretty boring… except the guest speaker and i guess the valedictorian speech), it started to POUR for 15 minutes. but it was fun, sort of like a shower. and it was SO hot before the rain, and it made it all better, especially when the rainbow appeared after it stopped. i think people were more interested in that than the principal talking. makes sense :P. when it finally came to the diplomas, there was a long wait, as the girls were called first by house. and karen was the last house to be called. but, it was well worth the wait. we were able to get to the center behind the students and i managed to snipe her shaking the hand of the superintendent (i think). and the family was pretty loud :D. thank goodness for common sense name calling. unlike AB… i’m still irked by that haha. hmm i guess the only thing i remember from the speeches was “yearn” as in dreaming big dreams! and such. and jon stewart and springsteen… something along those lines. 

then we had to wait until all the boys were called, and that was a long wait. one family even made a banner that said STEVE C. WE LOVE YOU. Ingenious! i wish i had thought of that…also saw thomas (whose sister was graduating) and christina and jessica feng. 

after graduation, it was SUCH a bottleneck to leave the place…but eventually we got through after 20 minutes. honestly, they lined the fences into a chokepoint… which is SO dumb. and horribly unsafe for dire situations i.e. fire. and some people just stood by near that area to take pictures with friends… oh well. it was a lot better once we got out, and karen got to take pictures with friends as we went to go get the car.

finished celebrating by eating at pho88! i decided to get a bun (vermicelli) instead of the usual noodles because i saw saeyoung eat it once… and it intrigued me. i liked it, enough to finish it, and it didn’t feel too heavy. :) 

sooo tomorrow will be destressing and super focusing for the DATs on monday! and i need to buy the right snack foods for the test too. and… do some light studying. and possibly watch the finals. though that might get me too riled up to sleep… haha. we’ll see.

so it plays, and i don’t mind the cosmetic blemish, so YES! ITS ALIVE AGAIN!

whew. i treat my guitars like children, so it was devastating for me to go through that break. it was as if it broke its arm…i wouldn’t say neck because even though the neck did break, i’m prettttttty sure if a child broke his/her neck, it would be game over. so, a broken arm it is. and, i don’t even know how that FEELS…i’ve never broken anything, so for my child to go through something i’ve never experienced. makes it hurt so much more.

but it’s all better! only a scar remains, and that’s good because it serves as a reminder. and hopefully we all learn from that mistake. 

on a side note: i can’t really decide whether to treat my guitars as guys or girls. and i have had trouble in the past naming my guitars. is it a wrestling match or an intimate dance? i’m going to have to sort this out but i need help…

breedlove = britney? ew. breedy. ew. 

taylor = taylor swift? hmmmmm :) or taylor lautner. errrr. :/ or tex, tammy, TOPANGA. 

tele = telebear (get it? i’m so uncreative…), telemarketer. tele-evangelist. television. Tbone!

epi LP = little paul, epiphany.

so obviously, i’m horrible at naming. i should not be given the privilege of naming a child. darn.