Pronunciation fail… I’m not sure if this is about a drink, drugs, or sex… haha

where would you find yourself? :)

where would you find yourself? :)

life as it as for me…. :D

Week 5: Recap


Overslept breakfast…and I was surprised Young didn’t wake me, Justin, or Eric up to help pack up the worship equipment! Oh well, at least everything was put away quickly, and we left Toah Nipi around 11 in the morning, and arrived back at BC at 1. On the bus ride back, Hayeon and I talked about how nostalgic ACF retreat has been, as this is (hopefully!) our last one, haha. Wow… so quick. Oh, and I somehow managed to sit in the bus that was mostly with girls… there must’ve been some sort of sexist segregation :P Back on campus, Steph and I first ate lunch, and then headed to her place to unpack and nap… Then, my dad came to BC later in the night to drop off Karen, and he picked us up so we could go grocery shopping! This was pretty fun, as we discussed about what meals we could cook (or at least we plan to…), and then we were able to finish our individual burritos at Chipotle! It was a fun day, though it didn’t feel like a Sunday at all, especially since I didn’t go to service. It did feel good to unpack and clean the kitchen and just get ready for a full week of school…


Shaw seminars were started up again, and I realized I hadn’t seen the freshmen for almost 2 months! It sure was fun seeing them again, though the house was a bit chilly because the heat wasn’t working… probably due to the unbelievably freezing conditions outside.


Went to a meeting about organizing a leadership get together with all the leadership groups including Shaw. I’m excited to see how it’ll all play out! Got to cook a new dish for Steph and me, and later the roommates also tried some since I cooked too much… good thing it was delicious :P At ACF, Shinyoung led praise! This is so awesome that new people are stepping up, though it’s kinda bittersweet that my time is up :P Anyways, tonight was time for the donations for Global Poverty Impact, and while I didn’t save up money (fail…), I decided to donate $100 to International Justice Mission because I had read the book over the summer, and now I feel like I’m finally acting upon my ideas because I am amazed at how the organization handles issues such as sex trafficking, mainly in that they will deal with the entire process from rescuing a person, to rehabilitation, to advocating laws that prevent further occurrences. Then, to end the night, I spent it at the library… I think I like it there :D


I guess just a typical day of school… perhaps the most exciting thing was helping Liz insulate her room haha. Oh, and I didn’t get to the library till midnight to accompany Dan, but I basically just watched youtube videos… oops. Ah, and I did not sleep at a reasonable time because my roommate found this new addicting game for us to play, and we started at 2AM, so obviously, we weren’t going to sleep that early. And, then we ended the night with some pillow talk :D Man, I keep owning myself in terms of sleep…


Got to meet with the director of Reslife, George Arey, to talk about the Shaw meeting next week, and he seemed like a great guy! I was able to also finish my essay for feminisms like 30 minutes before it was due because I procrastinated a bit this week, but it was pretty easy to just reflect on issues that previously, I rarely thought about… The discussion started off a bit slow, but eventually, things got going, and I was surprised how most people focused on companionship marriage. For the most part, I think it was arguing the point that it’s not a “cop out” from feminism for a woman to want to be married and have children, as long as she is equal and holds everything that entails being married and parenting to the same standard as having a job and such… I think it’d be a total waste for people who go to college and then make it their goal to just marry rich and in a sense, give up on life… (and that applies to both guys and girls :P) After discussion, I hung out at gate to see Don off before he left for his MCATs (which were the next day but since his test center was so far, it was better for him to sleep over somewhere near there). Had dinner with Eugene, Eric, & Andrew, and then I got to meet my gajok for the first time this semester along with my new wife Michelle! It was a quick but fun time, as most of the children had to go practice for the KSA/CSA Culture Show, but I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen this semester! And… wife #2 is not jealous of wife #1 or the girlfriend… whew! :P I think all three of them feel the same, but man that just feels awkward to type out… Finally, the night ended with Steph and me watching Toy Story 3 at her place. Sadly, it wasn’t as emotional the second time watching it, as in, I didn’t shed a tear :( but I guess that’s good because it’d be weird if I cried in front of the girlfriend… haha.


English was hilarious because we had a quiz to spite those who missed class. The three questions were:

  1. What did I (the professor) just say?
  2. What is this student eating?
  3. What don’t I have on my face?

And he talked about glitter and love, and it was both very entertaining and philosophical… sometimes, I just don’t know which level he’s on, but I’m loving every minute of it :) Got lunch with Justin, and he convinced me to go with him to the Senior Dance practice on Saturday… Then, I went home for ROFL, and I was so proud of the youth because since last Friday got cancelled due to snow, I was able to see what they would’ve done if I weren’t there. And, they did a pretty good job! I’m impressed because it’s always a bit nerve wracking never knowing how things actually go, but my heart is definitely at ease :)


Cleaned the bathroom, which felt very relieving… then headed to Higgins with Dan to check on his lab stuff. We got lunch at Lower with Justin, Eugene, Brian, and some 010 guys! Then, I headed over to practice at O’Connell House with Justin for Senior Dance, and man, did I feel so out of place! The moves seemed to go by so fast, and I was definitely at least a step behind… if not more. Now, I’m not sure if I can/want to do it… haha. I know it’d definitely be memorable and fun if I could get it all down, but I’m worried I’d have other things that would prevent me from really giving it my all. Personally, the worst thing would be to dance half-heartedly because then I’d most likely mess up and just regret it… I have to be wise in this decision! 

Later, Steph & I went to the Natick mall since she needed to go shopping for boots. Hers had a hole in them, so they weren’t very useful anymore :P We did quite a bit of walking, as we soon realized the stores didn’t have many good boots. I mean, there were a lot, but not many designed for rain/snow… I’m pretty sure there were tons more for guys… but, we eventually found one, and then we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We felt stuffed after that, especially with a Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake to end the dinner :) Wow, I guess this was the first date of the semester, haha…

Week 4: Recap


The 5th year anniversary at ROLCCIB was great! But, it was also a great reminder that we can’t take this celebration for granted because if we get too comfortable as a church by looking at our past accomplishments, we will never see what God has in store for us! So, we prayed for challenges :P because challenges cause us to grow, and I think that’s what I look forward to in relationships…which is possibly not the “best” thing… but I know that’s what will lead to healthier, stronger, and deeper relationships. Haha, well I can’t wait for Donna to come back to speak on relationships because she has an uncanny way of really speaking to people’s hearts, and I love it! And, I’m also very excited to hear that possibly youth from other churches will be coming to our retreat :) The only possible bummer is that when I went to my followup for my TB shot, I was slightly positive! O_O But, they told me not to worry as it may have been just previous exposure and such since I was born in the US… oh well. I still had to take a chest x-ray, which was interesting. Made me think about radiation a lot after I read all about it on dentists misusing x-ray machines… Ok, well I’m moving into BC tomorrow, and I can’t believe I have so much stuff!


Quite the adventure in the morning. Got 4 hours of sleep and woke up at 5:30AM to send my mom to the airport. The shower did wonders in waking me up, and thankfully, I had loaded basically all my stuff on the car the night before, so there was no rushing and such. :) The ride to the airport was smooth with no traffic in sight, and after dropping my mom off to her second trip to Cali (haha ridiculous!), my dad helped me unload my stuff in my room and then we headed to star market for some groceries. As we bought ingredients, my dad helped talk me through what dishes I could make, and this helped tremendously… I think I need to start writing down recipes so when I go shopping, I know exactly what I need… Ugh, but I realize that I don’t really work like that…. looks like I have to change a bit! Took a two hour nap after heading back to school, did some unpacking, and then met Steph & her parents to help her move-in :) We ate at El Pelon, and then thankfully, they gave me a ride to Newton so I could drop off Karen’s stuff at her dorm instead of having her come to Main Campus and then going back… Then, I spent basically the rest of the day with Steph…haha, time seems to go by pretty quickly :P Good thing I didn’t have much else to do because I didn’t realize what a month long separation would do to a relationship… actually, strangely enough, I saw her just a week ago at her place, but the week long wait was more difficult than the three weeks prior to that… weird. Gosh school’s tomorrow, but I’m SO glad to have class start at noon! :D


First day of classes was tiring! I think I have to readjust to sitting in class even though I only had two… and I was really hoping there would’ve been a snow day :( In my noon class, the students stayed for 15 minutes before leaving, as stated (somewhere…), but then the professor came in right then, so she caught most of us before we left… Oh well. At least it was interesting, and she’s very passionate about this subject so I think it’ll be an alright class. Intro to Feminisms was quite intriguing, and so far, I’m surprised to say that I’m enjoying the class. It’s definitely the latest class I’ve taken at 5PM… but it kept my attention so I didn’t fall asleep :P Oh, it’s definitely going to be … entertaining having Steph there as well. I really hope I don’t make stupid comments and get owned by all the girls in the class…Thankfully, there are like 5 other guys in the class. After class, Steph and I cooked dinner and then went to ACF! Despite the snow, rain, and icy paths, I’m surprised SO many people turned out :) It was a fun night seeing so many new (abroad people!) and old faces :D 


Literary Forms IS AMAZING. Wow, that shocks me how I have been so impressed by just the first day. I think I’ll get a better understanding of the class later on… but it’s made me think about what have been the best classes/professors I’ve taken, so I hope to post that up sometime. I just love how approachable my professor is, and it’s definitely enjoyable being able to take the class with so many friends :D justin, my roommate nick, andrew, and amir! I’m so looking forward to this class, especially since it’s focused on love… gotta keep learning :) Ah, and research class was relaxed, as Young and I just pipetted… I hope we get paired up because I don’t really know anyone else in the class :/ The rest of the night was spent in meetings at the Elections Committee and for Shaw… which I felt like I was just listening. Then, the night ended with Dan and I playing basketball! I hope that I’ll go more often than just the beginning of the semester and somehow keep an exercise schedule… 


Classes were fun today. Lots of rhythmic hand clapping during music class, and some discussion in feminisms. Thankfully, nothing much was required of me since it’s still syllabus week :) Steph and I cooked dinner at her place, and I got to figure out how to use oyster sauce… or at least I think I know how to use it :/ And, I regret not being able to make it to prayer meeting for retreat… but it’s no use to dwell on regrets. Retreat is tomorrow! But, it looks like there’s a huge snowstorm coming in and I fear the bus ride could be somewhat treacherous… gotta pray! 


English class was great today though I’m starting to realize and dislike the gap between seniors and freshmen… The comments made and questions asked are on such different levels, but I know I have to be more accepting and patient. I can’t believe the professor does it so well…After class, I prepared for retreat, whether it was making encouragement bags (not a good idea for an artistically challenged person…), packing up worship equipment, or packing my own stuff. The bus ride was enjoyable despite sitting on the wheel and radiator. Diane kept watching Steph and me, haha. As we arrived, I quickly began practicing with the group and while we didn’t feel completely ready, prayer really prepared our hearts, and the night of worship went great! I liked Young’s quote: “When we practice, we practice, but when it’s time to worship, we worship!” I think that took care of everything else… The message focused on race, and I think the discussion group went really well. Everyone was willing to share, and I’m surprised at how engaging it is! I can’t wait for tomorrow, and I’m so blessed to have such a good group :) Let’s see, the leaders are Grace Lee and Eugene Choi. And the group consists of Dora, Ji, Esther (Dan’s sister!), Justin Feng, and Jae Maeng. I think the other thing on my heart is reaching out to new people and breaking out of the comforts of friendships at this retreat… It’s already become apparent, as certain groups of friendships are in place… :/ Thankfully, I’ve been able to have a great conversation with Jacob!


The morning worship set went smoothly, and the message was engaging in that we filled out a chart that focused on intentional vs. unintentional as well as relational vs. systemic oppression/racism. The end results were surprising, as relational and intentional racism is obvious and has been kept to a minimum in society, though the unintentional and systemic problems of racism were intimidating and complex! This sense of hopelessness that individuals could solve such problems in society was connected with the hope in Christ, and this helped renew a deeper understanding of how Jesus is desiring to change the world through us. Also, I liked Mako’s talk about Zaccheus because it gave a new perspective about social justice and a transformed heart, though I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that… Zaccheus was naked when he climbed the tree because they didn’t wear pants back then… hahaha.

Anyways, practice in the afternoon was a bit difficult since our energy was wearing down though singing Disney songs did help later on :P Nick and Ji seem to know most of the songs, if not all! However, the afternoon workshop and games were so difficult to sit through because I felt drained, and I realized how my mood is dictated by my energy level… and I wish it weren’t so much :( I get more irritable than I care to admit, and I didn’t really get to take a nap. Oh well, dinner did help, and Saturday night worship was our last set as ACF praise team! I can’t believe it’s over already…and I’ve enjoyed the moments of setting up/tearing down, saturday morning practices, tuesday large groups, and of course, the energy-draining yet so worth the time and effort acf retreats!

The night concluded with prayer and worship, though I decided to do my own thing and read a bit because something just bothered my heart… Honestly, I’m not sure what, but I was hoping that this year would be different. Yet, in my four years at ACF retreat, this time has always been a struggle to pay attention because it feels uncomfortable… Weirdly enough, I want to say it’s not as spiritual as I hope it would be, instead with it just being emotions and all… because I’m used to more intense things at church and conferences. So, I think my mind keeps telling me, “What gives?”

Anyways, because I did my own thing, and then found Justin Oh and went to do encouragement cards… I didn’t realize that I was needed to play later. Oops! I guess some people worried because I just seemed to have left… but I think I like praying alone. I know people aren’t looking at me when I pray, but it’s so much more relieving to have nobody else there. The rest of the night went pretty well, as I finally got to finishing the encouragement letters, and Dave and I played some guitar and sang :)

One last thing, it definitely was interesting being at the retreat for the first time as a couple… Oh boy, Steph and I got a lot of “attention” for that… and it sure was funny. I can’t wait for the commotion to die down :P because I doubt we’re all that interesting. I think it’s more because we’re one of the new couples this semester. I think we played off the awkwardness of being called cute by not responding. We’re pretty good at that… :)

day 348

it is 430AM, and i feel frazzled for my two finals tomorrow… how did it get like this? i definitely underestimated the course load of this semester, especially with interviews… for some reason, i could not be “satisfied” with taking just 4 courses, and this has come back to bite me in the butt. poor decision…because part of me regrets not being able to take in as much as i could out of each class since i was genuinely interested in them! well, i’ve minimally studied for my 9AM exam, and i’ve done as much as i could for my physio exam right after…

anyways, my morning began at 10AM, but i awoke feeling exhausted… i ate breakfast and continued studying for my psych exam. the final was fine, though i did not feel the best, because i realized i was sick, despite just feeling very tired and congested :/ after the exam, i waited 20 minutes in line to mail a letter because there were so many people! i took a 2 hour nap, and felt VERY refreshed! then, i got dinner with hanyin, nick, and jv at el pelon, and then it was time for studying. i went to higgins with dan, and we basically studied from 9PM until 4AM… and i’m still not satisfied probably because i crammed :( oh well… i guess this is the best i can do, so i’ll take tomorrow as it is! 

day 343

wow, i’m pretty sure i can time travel in the blink of the eye….

i set up two alarms so i wouldn’t oversleep, and i felt awake when i had to turn off my first alarm. the second one went off two minutes later at 8:25, and i was fine! but somehow, i managed to close my eyes, and it was freaking 9:10! NOO. but i resolved to go to my philosophy class late rather than skip because it was the last day! and i took this class because i wanted to… i actually regret not going to the last few ones since they were about c.s. lewis… oh well. he was basically answering questions as god :P, and some were great responses while others were kind of like, oh that’s it? and there were some dumb questions asked too, haha. 

after class and showering, i went to math, and i’ve made the strangest conclusion… the less confident i feel about studying for a test, the better i’ll do… i thought it was a fluke that i did well on my psych test when i studied from 2AM-6AM the day before the test… but i pretty much did the same for my calc test from 1AM - 5AM… with 3 hours of sleep. what the freak? perhaps it’s because i stop trusting that i can do all of it, and put my trust in someone else’s hands. haha, i’m not sure how else to explain it! especially since i put in more hours for the assignments and studying for the past two exams, yet i did better on this one. and, on the flip side, i remember overstudying for physio, and i got OWNED. interesting… i’m not sure whether i should do this for finals though :P

for psych, it was a totally different story… he started talking about sleep, and as a result, i just fell asleep. i’m pretty sure young jae did as well… and so it was not a very memorable class. or perhaps, it was :P my neck did feel sore though, and it didn’t help that i was in the 3rd row of the lecture room… but this was not a good class… ugh. and i only took this to apply to cali schools, and i’m withdrawing from them! i have such good hindsight :P oh well, i’ve always enjoyed psychology as a topic since it was interesting in high school as well, but seriously, my high school class was more in depth and interesting than this one… well except for the actual readings & articles. it’s sad when the articles are more interesting than the professor… :/ well, that was an interesting last day of classes of my fall semester as a senior. (eh, i made it seem special :P but i wish there was more fanfare, haha)

after class, i got lunch at lower and ate with andrew paik & dan kim. i just liked the fact that we randomly met up at lower, and sat down together to eat =) then, i headed to my philosophy professor to talk about possible essay topics, and that put me to ease. also, he gave me the list of books by c.s. lewis that he usually goes over for his class since i won’t be able to take it… good thing i have most of them! then i headed back to my room to prepare and pack for new york! my parents came by around 3:30 to send me to south station since my dad didn’t have to work, and they were in the area after shopping in chinatown :P they dropped me off, and i managed to catch the 4:00PM fung wah bus just in time!

the trip went very smoothly, with very few passengers… and i managed not to pass out! i slept for an hour, then worked on a couple things (making my secret santa wishlist, prepping for columbia, etc.), and realized i was getting a bit queasy from all the movement on the bus, so i slept the last hour as well. we got there in less than four hours! haha, chinese bus drivers are crazy! and i was immediately picked up by pastor xiao & pastor pan. they brought me to pastor pan’s house where i stayed last time, and we had a delicious beef noodle soup meal =) i was starving after not eating since lunch, and it hit the spot, especially with the hot peppers! i spent the rest of the night just getting ready, and i may be sleeping the earliest i’ve ever done in some time… 11?! YAY. i hope the interview goes well tomorrow!

day 342

whew, what an easy going day… mainly because my 9am got cancelled! and today was the end for some of my classes =/ i guess we still learned stuff, but honestly, i didn’t really pay attention… despite 7 hours of sleep, i felt more tired than i have been usually… strange. anyways, i did feel stressed, not because i had much work to do, but because i knew steph had papers due today and she had to pull an all nighter to finish them… funny how that’s probably the most stressful thing today… well, it was good to hear that she finished all of it and that she would nap right after…

well, as for me, i got to meet people at the rat and chat… i think i went there three times, haha. before physio, after physio, and after dev… :P well, then justin came over to watch glee, and i liked it! despite the fact that we didn’t know most of the christmas songs…wow, i obviously need to expand my collection! then, i practiced some guitar before meeting my gajok daughter rachel at hillside for dinner! gosh, it took a good three weeks or so to meet with all the family… but i’m so glad we were all able to meet before the semester was over. anyways, we had a good talk about balancing life/time/commitments, and it was interesting to be receiving advice from a freshman about going to a school outside of boston… :P hmm, she does have a point, but we’ll have to see whether i like columbia on friday!

after dinner, i did some more work before steph stopped by, then she helped me cut oranges for my gajok meeting for late night! all the girls were able to make it, but just kevin was able to stay… it was a great break for everyone as we decorated gingerbread men & women, santas, & snowmen! there’s definitely some creative and artistic children in the family… not my genes. lol…. we also ate some dumplings & oreos… and we finally finished at midnight!

whew, i guess i could’ve gotten more work done, but i haven’t done too well in terms of preparing for finals :P i know i should… but i’ve been lazy, haha. gosh, and i’m leaving for NY tomorrow, so studying will be pushed back till like… saturday. but more like sunday, because saturday will be packed =)

day 341

what a bummer… i did the reading for my 9AM class, and i overslept! i’m definitely not missing my last class of the semester, so i better sleep well soon :/ psych was boring as usual, and it didn’t help that i sat in the last row with young jae. we basically fell asleep until there were iclicker questions and soon after that, we returned to our naps :P

after class, i finally sat down to play some NBA hangtime! i brought it from home this past weekend, but i haven’t had time to sit down and play until now… and all i’ve been hearing is how fun it is. and, oh how it is! i can’t believe 3 hours passed by so quickly…

well, after that, i met one of my gajok daughters, claudia, for dinner at lower… and the place was packed! we had a nice chat, though i think she was kinda busy because she came from a group project and she also needed to work on it after… but, i guess we both felt rushed because in the back of my mind, i was thinking about whether i’d be late for acf…and i was. haha. it was not most conducive atmosphere for conversation because it felt hurried and it was really loud and difficult to hear, but we made the best of it! 

then, i met up with eugene along the way to upper, and i decided to go to the kairos reunion with him. it was also in macelroy, but i originally planned to go after acf… that was fine because there were some good snacks and i got to meet with my group again! we were the only group that had all its members show up because obviously, we’re the best group ever :P anyways, i had to leave early, and i was given some group photos of the retreat =). afterwards, i was hoping to stay and listen to the testimonies at acf, but i wanted to get some work done for tonight.

at our physio group meeting, we worked at lower and were efficient in getting it done… and thankfully it’s our last assignment! this one was definitely a pain, but at least its over :)

even though i haven’t gotten much work done… and i don’t really have much work TO do… i know i should. and so i’m studying with dan and jenny at voute. man, i really hope it doesn’t turn into last night, where all i did was watch youtube videos and facebook and tumblr… i could probably sleep early. hmm.

day 337

i didn’t feel too tired after just sleeping 3 hours, but i definitely needed the multiple alarms to make sure i could wake up and stay awake long enough to make it to the shower :P after math, i went to the rat and waited to meet with my gajok daughter claudia….except she overslept her alarm, and couldn’t make it :( so we had to reschedule, but that was fine because this gave me time to talk with priya and to study! then, more people came to the table, and it progressively got funner :P let’s see, there was dan until he had class at 11… maryjo, becca, emily; susan & sarah, mako, and when i was leaving the rat, i bumped into diane! 

classes were fine, and i felt prepared for the quiz in dev. it wasn’t too bad, and after class, justin & i went to the rat. met TONS of more people because acf was doing proxe stations, and saw steph & jeannette before they headed off to class. i thought i was gonna eat lunch with justin… but instead, when i saw chris kirby, we ended up talking for the entire hour! we caught up on this past semester… and we updated each other on some pretty important things in our lives. i cannot believe i knew so little about his life! i MUST sit down with him and listen… haha i love his politician voice, mannerisms, & handshake :P

then, chris & i caught the comm ave bus, and i met dan at reservoir, as we would be taking the T =) it was a quiet ride… and i got to eat my sandwich :P i chilled at north station until my train arrived, and read my Time magazine about the current state of marriage… then i passed out on the train, haha. i got picked up by my dad, and at home, i checked my mail for dental school letters! surprisingly, i got my harvard letter! only to realize that i got rejected…but it honestly did not mess with me because i think i already came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to be a suitable school for me. all i could justify going to harvard was the name… i disliked research, and i’m not sure how well i’d do in a very small class of 35 with courses being pass/fail. as cool as pass/fail sounds, i think i’d be frustrated to not know my grade on tests and such… anyways, i swiftly proceeded to open my NYU letter to realize that i got accepted! and then opened up my tufts & upitt acceptance letters as well :) funny, none of that really affected me as i hoped… but i think i’m glad that i don’t base my emotions on school decisions. i do want to clarify that i am VERY happy that i got in, and i think just realizing that since wednesday has made me impervious to other acceptances or rejections… i think i got wait listed at USC, but i’m not exactly sure… and well, i’d loved to hear from upenn by now, but if that doesn’t work out either, i guess that actually makes choosing MUCH easier =) well, i think i had already made my decision prior to the school decisions, and the rejection from harvard confirmed it…and i think that this entire experience has again let me recognize how God has worked through my life. i am SO thankful for the whole process going so smoothly, and i know that wherever i go, God will guide and use me according to His plans =)

then, i had an amazing dinner: beef noodle soup, cooked by my grandma! and then we went to rofl :D it was SO fun, whether it was games or bible study… and everyone seemed to be engaged about the topic of leadership… because i’m really hoping to raise up new leaders for the group and let them be in charge! i’m so excited that they want to do this because this relieves a lot of pressure from myself in having to do everything, and we focused on the passage of exodus 18, in which moses is given advice by his father-in-law about how to mediate problems and eventually divide up the nation into more manageable groups and having them be overseen by other leaders of good character. i’m really glad the youth participated so much, and it was a very encouraging night :)

finally, after returning home, i made my way back to BC. i stopped by cumbys because the peppermint hot chocolate seemed so enticing! but, sadly… it wasn’t working right and tasted watery =( i got regular hot chocolate but REALLY wished there was peppermint…haha. back at BC, i met up with justin and we practiced for the KSA coffeehouse. i’m so glad eric in helped us by criticizing/advising us on how to make our performance better! and i’m SO excited about how it’s gonna turn out… i hope i remember to take a video :D  and, steph dropped by to see how we were doing, and after practice, eric jammed with us, and i LOVED it! haven’t done that in SUCH a long time, and we laughed a LOT :P what a great night of just making music…

lastly, i dropped steph back at her place, and as i drove her back, we saw firetrucks at her neighbor’s house! what in the world?? we saw a mattress being taken out… and a fire hose being assembled despite there being no visible fire… the firefighters didn’t seem to be in a rush either… strange. well, i left before anything else happened, but overall, it was an amazing day! whew, gotta get some rest for practice tomorrow…