gotta get better at cooking…. LOL.

Week 6: Recap


Got to share a bit in the morning about ACF retreat during service since my mom was in Cali again, and more importantly, we focused on prayer in order to see revival and to rediscover passion. The rest of the day after church was very hurried, and it was kind of annoying how we couldn’t really spend quality time eating dinner… what a bummer :( At the end of the night, Steph & I recorded a song for her best friend Karyn’s birthday! That sure was fun, though I had never seen Anastasia or heard any songs from that movie…


Classes were fine though a bit tiring… I think probably because I actually had to stay the entire 3 hours during lab, though we didn’t really do much… I spent most of the time on facebook haha. The Shaw seminar went really well despite some administration having to cancel… both the students and the administration seemed to love it, and that really put me at ease :)


During Feminisms, we watched a video on how music videos have denigrated women, and it’s crazy how obvious it is… I guess it wasn’t that shocking because it’s right there in front of you, but when the video is slowed down and the lyrics are also shown, it definitely made it more alarming. Well, that’ll give me a lot to talk about in my paper.

During ACF, Mako talked about Biblical Slavery, and I am really glad that he went through various passages describing what kind of slavery that was listed in OT, and it’s very different than what we would label slavery as nowadays. I think that has always been an issue for apologetics that I could not wrap my mind around since I didn’t understand the topic well enough, so I really enjoyed Mako’s talk :)

Lastly, Steph & I went to the BC vs. UNC basketball game because I wanted to go to a game at least once before I graduated! And, I wanted to see how Coach D had done with the team… Sadly, we didn’t beat UNC, as we got crushed, haha. But, it was still fun watching, and I guess that’s another thing checked off of my imaginary list of things to do :P


Really…? Huge snowstorm, and no cancellations :( TONS of ice… but at least I put my new snow boots to good use! I felt like I mastered the winter conditions with my new boots and umbrella :D

The Chinese New Year festival held by CSA was…meh. I went late, so I missed out on all the food, but at least I got to see my sister at the front table. I know I probably should be more excited about such an event, but I think all people talk about now is how much money they get in those red envelopes haha. Though, I don’t really care much for those either. I do like the food :) I really want mooncakes…

Finally, Liz & I did some practicing for her Kollaboration audition. Ooh I’m excited to see how it’s gonna go!


Feminisms discussion was more interesting as I actually participated this time haha. It does get boring at times because it feels like just a few people talk…

Right after discussion, I headed up to Kangry’s place to get my haircut! I bought his haircut services last year at the KRUP service auction, and never “cashed” it in till now. It was a fun time, as this was probably the most I’ve ever talked with a barber/hair stylist/cutter person. And, I learned that Kangry will be going on KRUP too! The haircut took about an hour long, which is the longest I’ve ever had a haircut, but it was a job well done, and I’ve gotten compliments on it :) Kangry wants me to be his “model” since he’s offering his services again for this year’s auction! 

Lastly, for dinner, I experimented with cooking chicken. Somehow, this was the first time I ever had to cook raw chicken, and the only sauce I had was this Korean red pepper chili paste (gochujang?), and I’m surprised at how well it turned out. I guess I assumed there needed to be more ingredients when preparing meats and such, but I enjoyed the simplicity :D 


Steph accompanied me on the T to North Station…possibly because she got jealous of my talks with Dan last semester :P Dan had to go to his service placement on the Orange Line so we would ride together. Sadly, this semester he changed his times, but since Steph didn’t have work yet, she could come with me :) Travel buddies are awesome. I know that if I don’t talk to people, I sleep… and then I sleep until the conductor has to wake me up and tell me to get off the T since it only goes until Government Center…Thankfully, that hasn’t happened this year. :P

I got another blood test, and made it just in time before it closed. I actually watched the needle go in, and I was intrigued… looks like I’m over my fears!

At church, the adults celebrated Chinese New Year’s, and there was some good food :) Then we had ROFL, and again, I’m so proud that the youth were able to lead everything again because it takes a lot of burden off of me and perhaps I’m learning how to release my role and empower others! 


I sent Steph & Ryan to their small group this morning, but ended up getting lost because I what I thought was a bridge…wasn’t a bridge. And, that totally confused me as to when I should be making the next turn. So, I returned to Newton by the Mass Turnpike by accidentally turning onto it (I thought it was another street… until I had to pay a toll lol), and then I picked up Liz. The second time around I found my way there successfully with the help of Ryan’s GPS, and then Liz and I quickly headed to BU for her Kollab audition! Despite taking a wrong turn… we actually got where we wanted much quicker than expected (strange!), and we were able to get there early and practice a bit. Even though Liz was very nervous, she knew all her words, and I think we gave it our best! I didn’t notice any mess-ups, so I have no regrets about our performance :) Then again, I already knew Liz sang amazing, so it was quite amusing to see how the Kollab panel would respond. Ah, thankfully, most of them (if not all) were from BC (Eric Nam, Alex Kim, Qian, Shannon and someone else…) After the audition, we headed back, and all that stress was now over! And then I took a nap to recuperate :P 

Later in the day, I went to go pick up Steph & Ryan, but there was so much traffic at BC from the basketball game (which we won against VT!) I also got to meet their friend Van.

At 8, I met up with Justin, and we headed to Eagles Nest for Senior Dance Practice, and I guess I’m committing to it! I definitely felt a lot more confident going through the moves this time because they were a bit simplified, and surprisingly, I’m not the worst there anymore :P Some people were there for the first time, but at least they were still willing to do it! I do admire Eric Lee’s teaching and dancing skills, definitely motivates me to try harder… I wonder what Synergy’s performance for Showdown is going to be like… I’m pretty sure it’ll be amazing. 

Lastly, I arrived a bit late because of practice, but I made it to the SASA Culture Show! This was the first culture show I ever went to, and it was great seeing so many people I know (mostly Steph’s roommates) in the show. The girls definitely outdanced the guys :P but it was very fun to watch. It also made me realize that I’d have to go up there next week… oh great :/ Looks like I gotta practice! And, I got to sit with Steph, Jeannette, and Susan, but to my surprise, a couple of the Shaw freshmen were to my side as well, so it was a fun night indeed :) After the show, there was lots of photos, as the dancers did an amazing job, and Steph and Jules prepared flowers for all their friends! And, I finally got to eat dinner at late night, haha. What a packed day!

Week 3: Recap


Worship this morning went really well! I’m just really glad that despite being in a new place with the set up a bit different, as the piano and drums are on opposite sides, which makes signaling a bit difficult…the set was great! Also, Matt played bass, and I like his style of playing though I can’t seem to put it into words…I definitely enjoyed how the music felt and mixed together, and I hope we can jam sometime :) It was a fun yet tiring day, and I’m glad I could just spend the rest of the day at home relaxing.


It’s the last week of break, but I feel as though I’ve finally caught onto what it means to be productive, haha. I finally sent emails out for Shaw, which I’ve been putting off… for like a month or so. Things just always felt so far off, but with school starting in just a week (no way!), pressure pushes me. Also, I went to the doctor’s today for a physical, found out that I’m 5’5” and 127 lbs, and got one shot. Surprisingly, it did not hurt nearly as much as I anticipated…though that’s probably because I can’t remember the last time I got one. I kept asking about immunizations because I needed a form to be filled out for Tufts, but neither of us had an idea about when I had this or that shot… Thankfully, I got a sheet of the shots I’ve taken, and hopefully, I won’t need any more, though the Tufts form may indicate otherwise :/ There was definitely a lot of waiting, but that gave me some downtime to actually read! And, dinner was great as my dad, Tiffany, and I went to H-Mart, and then we did some shopping there as well as at the supermarket. Finally, to end the night, my dad really wanted to watch Robin Hood, and giving redbox a try for just $1, I’m surprised that I really enjoyed the movie :) Yay, talk about being productive!


Well, talk about a complete turnaround… I got nothing done today! Haha. Since I got some chores done early in the morning, I spent practically the rest of the day playing video games, with a little eating and napping slipped in between that. I also got to see my sister play basketball, which was quite amusing and somewhat frustrating… but it was an enjoyable hour :) And, after slaving away at this game, Glory of Heracles, for 34 hours, I am done! At first, it was an interesting plot, but that was soon lost as things got repetitive. I will admit that I liked the story and the quirks, but it was definitely a hassle to go through all of that. And, sadly, the last epic battle was not epic at all. I think somehow I managed to be too strong, and there was no struggle to overcome, haha. At least now, I can say I’m done with a game and feel somewhat accomplished. I think I got my money’s worth as this was on sale for $12… but I realize that I fell into the trap of having to play and finish a game because I bought it.  And I know I REALLY shouldn’t start another game… but I sure do love puzzles! Sadly, I know that I should avoid video games, or at least those that are single player, because I really don’t need the time suck at BC. I’ve got one last semester, and I don’t want to waste it like that… Now, all night gaming sessions with the roomies is a different matter ;) 


Being snowed in felt great :) though I guess I’m used to it considering I don’t do much outside anyways… I think most people had plans and such so they were bummed… It was fun since both my dad and Tiffany stayed home too! This is the first time I’ve shoveled this year, and I actually enjoy it because the snowplow does most of the work :P It’s not as time-consuming, chilling, and strength-draining. Sadly, the snow was not very packable, so I couldn’t make a snowman. I also got to cook a bit today and learn a couple new dishes from my dad :) let’s see, an egg & tomato dish and tofu, pork, and some sort of greens…. and finally, I practiced some piano and guitar! I like it when I actually get stuff done, though I realize that only happens once I get enough sleep… I definitely need to sleep earlier/more.


Found out from the doctor’s that I need to take a couple more tests/shots tomorrow… yay… Haha. Then, I hurried over to the Burlington Mall to meet Young Park! We decided to meet basically halfway, and it was a good couple hours of strolling through the place for our man date. :) And no, we were not holding hands… And no, Steph is not jealous…. Haha. Anyways, this was the first time Young tried Chik-Fil-A and he loved it! Of course, who can resist the tenderness and goodness, especially someone like Young! :) And then, we just went into almost every store to look at what was fun. We played some Playstation Move at the Sony Store, sat in the massage chairs at Brookstone, and smelled lots of lotions at Bath & Body Works… Oh, and we got ice cream too! It was a lot of browsing and talking and just realizing, “School is almost over…” This was really fun just catching up and reflecting since break is now basically over, and we want to make this last semester count! Lastly, I got to cook again with my dad, and we made corn soup, bulgogi (pre-marinated from Hmart :P), and tofu, celery, and pork dish. I feel like I’m keeping a log so I’ll remember what I’ve learned! Now I just have to actually incorporate them into my cooking routine…wow, I just realized what a pain buying ingredients can be…


Wow, the shots were quite fun and quick today… I decided to look at the needles as they went into my skin and it was so interesting because I realized it didn’t hurt much! Haha, what a weird feeling to see the needle go into my vein and then see blood fill the container…. After the shots, I headed home to clean up the place because we were having a speaker come this weekend for our church’s 5th year anniversary! And so, I went to Logan with my mom to pick up the speaker, then waited 2 hours in traffic before we got home…. Lots of patience. I’m surprised I wasn’t upset at all! It was enjoyable for some reason, and then church at night was great because I just felt very happy despite also feeling tired. It was just a good night seeing everyone at ROFL…


Spent the day at church listening to the speaker, Donna Parachin, from Unstoppable Ministries. She used to work at Singing Waters in Canada, which is a place for that I guess many pastors go to “recharge” Haha. I guess perhaps a retreat center for pastors? :D Anyways, she has a very contagious spirit, in the sense that I know I’m not very positive all the time, but every time I have talked with her, I just feel incredibly enlivened! It’s incredible… part of me wants to just be like, I’m not as happy as you and try to dampen her spirit (funny how it seems like that’s always the case… bringing people DOWN to your level… not good.) but then, I guess I catch the disease and am happier as I talk with her :) So, I think that made listening to her talk much easier because just from my several interactions with her, I really enjoy her presence and how she is able to encourage and love and embody the love of Christ. Well, tomorrow is the 5th anniversary for the church, and it’s incredible how in just five years, we’ve gone from renting a building to buying one! (and a large one indeed…7.3 acres?! O_O)


day 314

its pi day! haha sorta. um, it’s freaking 5… shoot. classes were fine today. met both priya and dan at the rat. i ate a very sad looking muffin. had EC interviews today, and they were MUCH better than yesterday’s bunch. it was so fun interviewing them… or like, interviewing them with the other members, and the candidates this time were much more well spoken and confident. and there were some jokes :P

took a nap afterwards, and then watched glee with justin! wow, the songs were great in that i actually knew some of them, and of course, i finally got to see how the katy perry song fit into the plot. STILL stuck in my head! a lot of identity issues, and homosexuality. and “cooling off” haha. lots of awkward moments…. oh and today was my roommate marco’s birthday, but i wasn’t able to go out to minado and eat with him because i made prior dinner plans, and hoped to study afterwards :/ darn it! the sad thing was, i suggested minado, and then realized i couldn’t go… double fail. that was definitely frustrating because i guess i should’ve gone, and part of me is still wondering whether i made a wise decision… crud. gotta learn from that :/

well, steph came over for dinner, but my place was a mess so we decided to head over to her place so i could cook there. to our surprise, there were lots of people already there, as esther cooked for shawnee & gina! and i got to meet priya & jules. anyways, i decided to make scallion pancakes & ja jung myun (chinese style! :P). i am relieved that the noodles came out well because it was my first time doing so. after dinner, steph & i decided to watch the disney channel while drinking green tea for…. 3 hours. um, i still prefer old school disney. but at least i saw the episode where hannah montana reveals herself as miley cyrus to the world! sadly, that’s probably the most memorable part of all those tv shows. hahaha. but it was a memorable night, to say the least, and then i headed back to see justin & the 90 guys who were still awake at… 2AM. lol. then finally returned back to my place to START homework. geez. it looks like i’ve underestimated my procrastination skills.

and i guess the quote above sums up how i feel now =)

day 312

for some reason, i always talk about how i slept. or how i feel waking up. and i don’t think i’m gonna change that, haha. i woke up feeling horrible. well, not like feeling sick or anything, but as if i ran into a wall… i did NOT want to wake up. perhaps it’s because i drank tea right before i slept so my body was out of whack. but i eventually made it to the shower and woke up.

classes were fine, and i cooked some noodles for lunch before heading to physio. i realized i did a lot of walking during the morning/afternoon, as i had to mail some stuff at the post office, and i had to go pick up my test at higgins, etc. i went with justin to the rat to get a second lunch :P and found a peanut butter, jelly, and fluff sandwich! SO good! and, we met marci there, so she decided to join us =) she is one of my recently adopted (or born??) ksa daughters. went back to the room and napped. the day was so gloomy, especially with the cold, wind, and rain… and i guess my body needed a longer nap than i anticipated… so i woke up after an hour and a half, instead of just 30 minutes. :/ but! i felt MUCH better, and i proceeded to get some work done, i.e. respond to emails and plan for the day. i withdrew my UCSF application because i realized i didn’t want to study in cali as much as i originally thought i would. (and the plane ticket is expensive :/) and i got a columbia interview email! so that was a big surprise =) then, i proceeded to clean the kitchen (what a strange response to happiness), and then cooked dinner for my roommates =). a nice family dinner: we had bulgogi, chinese spinach, and kimchi for dinner… so it was a mix of the asian cultures :P too bad we didn’t have like sushi, haha. but i guess there’s be some conflict… i’ve managed to cut my preparation and cooking time down a LOT, and finished cooking the rice, vegetables, and meat in less than an hour! and seriously, while i’m so glad that my roommates compliment me and thank me for what i do, i realize that it’s truly a thankless chore when parents have to cook. i think i’m coming to understand how much time is required to cook such good meals, especially when they get back from work… that is love. =) and while i’d love to thank and repay my parents by cooking for them… my skills haven’t gotten there yet :P

headed off to the shaw seminar, and it took SO much longer than expected. it was about a 2.5 hour seminar because while it began pretty fun with the freshmen looking up different societal issues and finding possible solutions to them, the presentations took WAYYYY too long. i know after the seminar, i was told that i should’ve capped their times, but i wish i had more wisdom in realizing that sooner and did not have to put everyone in that situation… i think the most difficult part was having to interject because they were so passionate! but, i think that’s my job as a coordinator, so a good lesson learned… hopefully. and, i missed indian dance, but i think nobody was really up for it. haha oh well.

finally, i headed back to the room, and then went over to see steph & liz, as it was still liz’s birthday and steph was sick, and met esther & priya as well! haha, priya told me that she saw me this morning at the rat but i didn’t respond… which was truly sad because i honestly went into the rat this morning to look for either priya or dan, who i happened to find RIGHT before i left. and i couldn’t blame my vision because i had my glasses.. what a fail! 

headed back to the room, and knew that i didn’t want to go to the library… again. wow. while i feel more relaxed, i don’t know if i actually get work done. i seem to just eat a lot of snacks, like these wasabi & soy sauce almonds, i bought at camp co. gotta be productive!

day 303

gosh, i loved sleeping in for 10 hours :) and originally, i had planned to isolate myself from the world… but that didn’t work too well. haha but it turned out for the better! i decided to cook lunch: dumplings & scallion pancakes. this time, the pancakes turned out much better. well except for one… because it got stuck together so i ate it by myself (i’m embarrassed of failed dishes :P) but i gave the other one to my roommates and they liked it too! this means i managed to get the cooking down… whew. haha, and best of all, i didn’t feel sick after eating it… 

i guess lsat scores came out this morning, and my friends who took it were a bit bummed… so, while i tried to just listen and support. because it’s hard to identify fully with someone’s pain when you don’t go through it yourself :/ but i guess in the grand picture, they’re still going to get into law school! just… not that top choice :/ and well, schools and their prestige don’t necessarily make good lawyers. i think the same goes for med/dent schools, and i need to keep that perspective in mind… as appealing as a name does seem. bummer…expectations don’t always work out :/

i planned on going to the library after lunch, but i got distracted playing a dark, yet fun game, based on hansel & gretel, so nick and i spent a good hour or two on this. the best part was playing through the game together and talking over how to solve the puzzles and creepiness of the story. =)

i actually got some work done in the room, and caught up on math. also, nick’s sister liz stopped by, but she had to hurry back to mass art. so i helped her with directions to get there :)

finally, i left for the library and got a good amount of work done! the library was pretty empty :P then i headed back to pack and shared pizzas with nick :D

ah yes, i bought a couple albums this week:

hillsong chapel is amazing because it’s a lot of their popular songs, re-done acoustically. i can actually hear the acoustic in these songs :P and they’ve made them more feasible for small churches :) and in general, now there’s a lot of motivation to see how i can arrange songs so they are more acoustic or simplified yet full. i’m digging: came to my rescue, from the inside out, & mighty to save

i have fallen in love with a new voice! i heard her first on chris tomlin’s christmas album in the song winter snow. and truthfully, that was probably the best song on the album, haha! anyways, i never looked into her music until i heard her cd on pastor jack’s car, and i was blown away! her voice and the music are so refreshing, like the first time i found shane & shane :P and it’s uniquely different from my other favorite girl: brooke fraser :) i would check out her song: restless.

i saw this on sale at amazon mp3 for $5, and well, after watching zooey on 500 days of summer i figured i should check out whether she’s a double threat: is she theatrically AND musically talented? YEP. though, her style of music is different than what i’m used to, but she exudes a different but very warm personality than summer in the movie :P i would listen to: thieves & in the sun!

so today felt very productive in terms of work and spending time with my roommates. and i’m so surprised that BC beat Clemson! but, i’m glad i didn’t go because today i just felt relaxed and didn’t want to be “forced” to go because i had a ticket… gosh, how relaxing!

day 295

wow, i feel exhausted! but the weekend is here… and i can rest a bit, before another round of interviews & midterms… :/

so i’m not sure if i saw a mouse when i returned back to my room… but i definitely heard something jump from the table and scurry under the couch… great. ryan cleaned the place later in the day, and didn’t find anything… hmm.

even with just 4 hours of sleep, i felt fine when i woke up for my first class at 9. after that, i went to the rat for breakfast. i decided to get something warm because i don’t want the sickness to worsen, so i got oatmeal! but, it seemed like the only thing that would compliment the sweet brown sugar was milk… that was a problem. because usually, my stomach feels strange after drinking milk. but occasionally it doesn’t… not a good choice, hahahaha. and i realized that it wasn’t the smartest choice to choose to study in the rat. but, at the same time, i’m glad i could talk to so many people i usually don’t sit down with during the week. so, i sat down to talk with priya, then she left for SAP, and then shaw freshmen & sophomores came over to talk :) i also saw some other people, and then justin and i grabbed lunch before the dev exam. i think i was just flipping through the slides, hoping to remember stuff that would be on the test…. this was not the best way to study and i did not feel as calm as i usually do on tests because i usually have most of the material down the night before…

but, i had to make do with the time i had, so i made the best of it! oh right, i also had coffee milk for lunch, so that was a double ownage… because as i took the dev bio exam, i realized that my stomach was feeling funky. lol. amazing! it’s like i never learn… even though i’m pretty sure i’m lactose intolerant to a certain degree. well, i finished the exam, went to the bathroom, and let it out. ok i probably didn’t need to write that. and it was very wet. (or that either…) and the worst feeling was that i thought i cleaned up… but i slide up my boxers and there was a slight moist feeling. (definitely did not need to include that!) gg. but it was a very small mark. hahahaha. conclusion: me and milk don’t get along.

after the test, justin, tiffany and i worked on cmap stuff, then i packed and headed home. i think after the test, i just felt incredibly tired. from the lack of sleep, the energy poured into the exam, and stress. and it was kind of a numbing tired… because i felt like in a daze, as i went on the T and got on the train. good thing i napped! getting home, i finally had some of my mom’s food, and as i ate it, all i could wonder was how i could cook like this! i need to extract more flavor from my dishes… or something like that. then, i went to church for youth group. i shared a bit about kairos… at least to the extent i could without disclosing any vital info :P and i challenged them practically to be more courageous in meeting people… because we’re getting ready for a welcome night, and it would suck if they couldn’t actually welcome them :P and so, it was hilarious yet extremely awkward as i demonstrated what to do in a hug circle. (something i learned from kairos!) SOOOOO awkward as guys and girls try not to hug. and more like… tap each other’s shoulders. hahahahahahahahah. I LOVE IT. i mean, i know that’d totally be me….but, it’s fun doing stuff like this :) 

and well, now i just want to sleep… which i should’ve done already, but i’ve been up watching youtube videos and catching up on all the blogs that i neglected this week. reaaaaly unnecessary :/

day 287

wow it’s already 430am… and i’m not tired. CRUD.

the day began well off… though i didn’t want to budge from my bed till 845… and then i still took a shower and made it to class only a couple minutes late. oh boy…

the exam in psych went fine, and i’m glad i didn’t overstudy, though i guess i could’ve benefited from more than just skimming all the material… 

after class, i played guitar to unstress from taking two exams this week, and then i took a well-needed 2 hour nap…gosh that felt SO good. but that’s exactly why i can’t fall asleep now… it’s horrible because i knew that napping more than one hour would affect my sleep schedule. i awoke and found jv and marco in the common room…and i was wondering whether i should cook with them because i had wanted to get dinner with london…but she never got back to me :/ oh well, it was a good thing i didn’t wait on her call, since it took about an hour to prepare everything, and in the meantime, i also cleaned the kitchen. i decided to prepare steak & green peppers, spinach, and spicy beef. well, the beef was already cooked because it came from lao sichuan, so i just had to heat that up. but, i spent a good deal of time cutting the steak and peppers, marinating the meat, and washing/sorting the spinach. gosh, vegetables expire so quickly! but, i managed to cook it all pretty quickly, and i was impressed with the taste of the steak & peppers. actually, what took me aback was the fact that my roommates loved it too, even marco! shoooooot! =) 

it was a very nice dinner, as ryan decided to join us too, so we had justin, marco, ryan and me. and they let me pray for the meal before we ate. :P i cherish times like this because it’s simple stuff that makes a boring day something so much more! after dinner, i cleaned up and got to rack up two “cleaning” points… haha, so far this has been the only system that has motivated the room in cleaning and taking out the garbage… we’ll see if this works long-term.

i went to the csa/vsa mooncake festival, and it was a great turnout! i went though to see my sister because she just found out last night that she got into csa freshman reps! soooo, i wanted to see how she meshed with csa, and i think she likes it :)! i didn’t really know what to do… didn’t actually eat a mooncake, or color lanterns, but it was fun talking to people. there was actually lots of people i didn’t know…where did they come from?! haha. 

then, i headed over to the library with dan, and met justin there. we were pretty productive from 11-2, and then we headed back…. in the rain. but, it was fun walking with justin back in the rain, as he didn’t have an umbrella. then i headed back to my place. and, i learned that steph was still on campus… at like 3. err. but, she just stopped by for a minute, and then i decided to walk her back despite her protests because i know that if my sister had to walk back that late… no questions asked. plus, it’s not like this happens all the time, so very late night or early morning walk!…oh, you know, i guess this means i’m like eagle escort. or more like, the tim shu escort. :D so, just hit me up for a walk i guess? but i definitely enjoy walks in the rain, but not in the wind… :/ and it is fun sharing them with others, but my favorite times was like tonight, when i got to walk back to campus by myself in the rain at 4am… i like to think. and think. and reflect a bit. it lets me refocus, and help me sort out the different “voices” that i can choose to listen to or disregard. it’s times like these and when i journal, that i can face my stresses and discover hope for the day and week to come.

i can’t wait for kairos tomorrow!!!! :)