day 335

math was fine this morning despite lack of sleep… and right after, i met up with cristina, one of my gajok daughters, and we talked at the rat! i really enjoyed our conversation because it’s times like these that i get to learn things about other people’s lives that i would otherwise never know! and we chatted about work, CSOM, languages, and family. then it was off to class again, and during dev, justin & i worked on our coffeehouse songs :P then we ate lunch at the rat with justin oh =) 

i got some work done in the room before heading down for dinner with marci, another gajok daughter, at hillside! we talked about our semesters so far, balance with studying, sleep, clubs & social life, and dating. then, justin & eugene joined us, and since justin had class, eugene and i talked on our way back about how we thought of our past 3 years… gosh something only seniors could talk about :P then, i met up with sean d and a couple of the 90 boys for a vandy 213 reunion! sadly, phil, chris, & colin were not able to make it… colin’s abroad, haha. and we went to el pelon for my second dinner :P man, it was amazing just to be in the company of all these guys because it was truly a fun and crazy year! the meeting was definitely not as long as i wished it could be, but we soon headed out as we had stuff to do… and i headed over to the csa/ksa culture show signups. while i didn’t sign up for myself, i bought a csa shirt, and got to talk with a lot of people… most of my gajok was there too! so, it was good to see them all involved :) then, i left once the place seemed a bit empty… and i headed over to justin’s place to practice for coffeehouse! we figured out our transitions and such, and then took a quiz for physio… wow google and skimming is so efficient… who needs to read the book :P finally, i headed over to the ctrc to study with steph, but that resulted in much procrastination… :P when i returned to my room, i got some math done, but my mind is tired…

ah yes, and today i found out from the AADSAS website that i got accepted into Tufts & UPitt! i also got waitlisted at UConn, but i was so excited to discover that i got into one of my top choice schools :) wow i guess i can rest a bit easier, though i’m afraid senioritis would kick in… so i have to watch myself! hopefully, i’ll be getting big mail soon, and perhaps an interview to harvard… yay!