World’s Greatest Dad of the Day: Lake Tahoe dad sees your lame-o snowman, raises you a massive snowman slide he built for his kids with 80 hours worth of shoveled snow.


I am going to make this from now on….and forever

day 359

well, last night was a bit interesting… i stayed up until 5AM wrapping gifts and uploading that youtube video, and while doing so, my dad woke up! so that was kinda strange seeing him up… and he was like, really… haha. so i went to sleep soon after.

woke up around 10am and began the gift exchange by getting my sisters together and giving the first gift to our parents! the first thing they always wonder is what could we possibly get that we would want? and well, we decided to prepare for them a movie night! with all the food/snacks they love along with karate kid =) actually, that’s what my dad wanted to see, so it was pretty easy finding him a gift. we also put in some stuffed disney dolls for added cuteness :P 

next, we went downstairs to surprise our grandma with her gift as well! she wondered the same thing, but once she saw the leopard print snuggie, she was surprised… to say the least :P haha, she had no idea what it was at first, and thought she was supposed to wear it like a jacket. but, i THINK she liked it, based on her positive reaction, and it came with a booklight as well :P 

finally, my sisters exchanged gifts with one another, and i gave karen the despicable me movie & poster, along with mr. prickle pants! tiffany got her a sing-a-ma-jig. that got annoying VERY fast. haha. for tiffany, i got her some oil pastels? (i have no idea…) from the MFA, along with some origami and a cute pencil case :) and karen got her a moose hat! kinda jealous… and for me, karen got me some speakers and tiffany made me some pokemon/mario artwork from clay and gave me a toy story 3 poster! hehe, it was a pretty fun exchange =)

then, i spent a couple hours playing video games… got bored. took a nap. then showered at like 3pm. and then ate lunch at 4pm. and then did more wood work with my dad! we finished another dolley for tomorrow, and we were pretty efficient =) i really like the times when we just work together on projects, though sometimes, i have to get over my pride :/ it’s funny, i definitely know the lessons on humility, but learning them is another thing… man, i gotta work on that.

oh right, i checked my grades yesterday and the professor realizing that he had switched my grade with my sister’s… and looking back, i feel conflicted. because i got a higher grade than her… yet my gpa doesn’t really matter now and her’s does… doh. but then again, i’m pretty sure nobody wants that kind of pity when it comes to grading… so, ugh, i guess it happens :/

after finishing the dolly, we got ready for the karate kid movie night! well, my grandma and mom were busy… so it ended up just being my dad, my sisters, and me. but it was fun! and, obviously, when it came to the parts of training, all i could think about was how my dad would mentor me because it’d be like the same thing: he’d tell something that i would think is irrelevant to the task at hand, and the hardest thing for me to do is to just obey without asking tons of questions. ah yes, and my dad also enjoyed telling us about what’s going to happen in the movie, even though he had never seen it and the three of us had :P probably because these are the lessons he likes to teach us…so of course, he loved the movie :)

whew, it was a good and relaxing christmas day, though probably a bit unique with that wood working… kinda made me feel like a carpenter. hmmmmm…. jesus? :P well, the church move is tomorrow! and i’m gonna start reviewing this past year starting tomorrow hopefully. and i want to clean up my room… and just get things in order for the start of the new year! wow, so much to do…and i gotta catch up on people’s tumblrs :P

day 358

well, this was a unique christmas eve… slept in a bit, and was awoken because i thought we were gonna go shopping at natick… but then we all decided not to, haha. kinda just bummed around, because it was relaxing not to have to do anything!

however, my dad then called both me and karen to start on a new project… making dollys. these carts would be used for church moving, since we had lots of heavy cabinets, so we were gonna begin today…. except, when he showed me that we were building them with these strange metal frames… i was VERY skeptical. and so we argued. because i didn’t think he knew what he was doing and we talked all about leadership and such, and then he didn’t want our help because our attitude wasn’t right… because we didn’t want to learn. and in the back of my mind, i was wondering why i was so stubborn! practically, i didn’t see how it work out, but i definitely did not want to admit that i just didn’t want it to succeed either…. but, as i saw my dad working, i wanted to help, and so we eventually did…. (haha that’s how we begin to reconcile…) and soon i realized, my dad’s NOT crazy! his vision is reasonable, and in the end, we came out with 2 very strong dollys. and with it, i got more experience with drilling holes and working with tools…. and it was pretty fun. MAN, that was definitely a learning experience for me… first, i always see myself as a leader in that i need to have vision, but i realize i’m not much of a follower and how necessary it is for a leader to communicate the vision to the followers and to understand the followers…and perhaps more importantly, i learned that i still need to be humbled. its these kinds of instances where my pride acts up for the silliest things, and even DURING the conversation (not just in retrospect), i knew i was acting stupid but i just couldn’t admit it! wowwwwww. thank goodness a father’s love is patient :)

after making 2, we finished because we ran out of supplies… but we’re planning to make 2 more tomorrow! i took a shower since i felt a bit cold, and then i tried to do some recording… but kept getting interrupted :/ haha. and i finally came to terms with the fact that i FORGOT my cables for my firebox at school. DOH. i brought all my recording gear home and i can’t even use it! gg. then i ate a quick dinner and headed off to church!

we had worship practice there, and then we began our candlelight service. this was our first one and it was pretty fun :) we got plastic candles for everyone, even the kids, and i kiiiiiiiinda instigated the poking of other people with candles. but it may be hearsay… haha. wow i should NOT be getting distracted by candles… but it was good for the most part i think… i should’ve paid more attention because though i knew the scriptures and the story, i feel like my heart could’ve been more in an expectant mood. and i was a bit distracted that it was obvious to me how the worship team didn’t practice where to go next… so that was a bummer :/ but, then again, i don’t think that’s what really bothered me. it was an intimate setting and i enjoyed it… i hope after this initial run, we’ll know how to prepare better next year =)

after the service, we headed home, ate a late snack… then my sisters and i played tetris till my parents went to sleep, and then we started wrapping their gifts! that was fun, though i’ve come to understand that only karen and my dad can wrap… the rest of the family sucks LOL. we got the wrapping down pretty quick with karen’s skills, and then i decided to call steph to wish her merry christmas =) and then, i did some late night recording in the basement without distraction… so you should see that soon too! oh right, i gotta wrap my sisters’ gifts… this MAY be a fail :/ but it’s TECHNICALLY christmas!! =) YAY.

day 334

finally went to my philosophy class in 2 weeks! :P and it was sort of worth going… probably should’ve read the book :/ at mac, i got to eat a chocolate chip muffin! i almost got tricked by the sign again, but realized it was blueberry and eugene helped me find the REAL one. as i ate, i found out that jamie, who’s a freshman, was in the same psych class, so we went to class and… passed out. haha, i remember waking her up so she could answer the iclicker question, and i really tried to stay awake by reading the book, but that didn’t work :/ 

after class, i napped :) then i did some work and went to the christmas tree lighting to meet up with matt. i got some hot cocoa and cookies, and was bummed that ATC was not singing :/ i didn’t stay long enough to see the actual christmas tree lit because i had to meet up with one of my gajok daughters for dinner at lower! vi was coming from newton, and when we entered lower, it was PACKED. thankfully, once we got our food, we were able to find a spot, and we talked about her freshman year and how she liked BC. i realized that most of my family is/was premed… ridiculous. and it seems that the teachers for bio are not great at all… 

after that, i went to ACF, and we discussed more about GPI. then justin & i headed to lower to get our CMAP done for physio, and then we studied at the library for the rest of the night… man, what a bummer… i spent the entire night on math, but i feel like there’s something i still don’t get! this is what i get for missing class :/ doh!

anyways, i checked my AADSAS once midnight struck… and nothing happened. haha. actually, i was busy talking with hanyin at the library so i didn’t really check it till a little after midnight. but, soon after, i got an email from BU telling me that i got in! =) WOOT. that was exciting. haha. and then i returned to my work… i think i need the physical mail in my hands to be really excited because… nothing seems different :P gosh, i hope when i call home tomorrow, it’ll be good news! AND, it’s my dad’s birthday :) though he says he doesn’t want to do anything special… oh well :/

makes sense…

makes sense…

day 301

whew. my dad picked me up after going through lots of traffic to get to the airport… and he sent me back to BC. that was really nice of him :) and i was able to give him my suit to clean because of that oil accident :/ and some pork buns from ding tai fung! :D

i then slept for an hour or so, and then got ready for calc at 11. went to my class at 12 as well, and then headed back to my room to chill. justin came over so we watched glee as we ate ramen :) then i proceeded to decrease the entropy in my room… by washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, and the scariest of them all, cleaning the bathroom! wow that was exhausting, but i felt… on top of things :P

i managed to get some minor stuff done, then i headed off to hillside to grab dinner with steph. gosh, this week felt so strange because i really didn’t spend much time on campus… so it seemed as if i hadn’t seen people for a week! what a weird feeling. well, ryan joined us, and we talked a lot about highrock retreat. then, i decided to go study with steph at the ERC! i like finding new study places… and this was definitely very low key. the chairs/desks were nice and welcoming, and i think the best part of finding new places to study is that… nobody else knows where it is! so, nobody fights for your seat :P but the sad thing is that it can’t accommodate my study schedule… as it closes at 10. so we headed to oneill, and i thought since the first floor would prohibit cell phone service… i’d be able to get lots of work done. that sort of happened. haha. we had a study party with jeannette and sam lee :) i managed to get my studying done at a reasonable time… and left before 2. 

whew, i need to rest this weekend. i want to recover from my sickness asap, and i want to be able to get a lot of things in order… gosh i hope i am ready for this midterm!

horrible. just horrible. wowwwwwwww. :P


Optimistic father

horrible. just horrible. wowwwwwwww. :P




Optimistic father

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day 254

yessss, today felt like i was on top of things. well sort of.

woke up at 11, feeling very rested after not sleeping too well at school. i sent another copy of my UCSF supplement, this time with a tracking number… so hopefully they get it. i went to costco to buy some groceries :) then, i headed to church for worship practice. it went really smoothly, especially with kaleb playing piano. this guy is really good, and i was glad because it allowed me to play less and pay attention more to how the group was playing together. :)

after that, i went to my dad’s office to set up his new printer, and that took longer than expected because i had to install the same software 4 times… meh. at least it all works. then i got a haircut with my dad, and had dinner with the family. then, my dad and i went shopping for a rice cooker and some other stuff at macy’s. we ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, a pillow, and a tie… haha. but, i realized that i don’t spend as much time as i do with my mom, and it’s not very often that i do shop with my dad. so that was really cool. my dad made such a strange analogy though… i was choosing between two pairs of sneakers, and he was like, think of this as choosing between girlfriends. which i had no idea how to interpret… but i guess if you read into it, i chose the one i liked because the other one was suggested by my dad… hmmmmm. but then he was like, good choice. that’ll look good in the fall/winter, while the other one is more for the spring. um.. oh and i chose the brown one over the white one because the material looked strange… ok, i better not read into this too much. :P

man, i still feel like i’m typing up loose ends from summer. i have so much stuff left over, like photos to upload, and i just need to time to get them done! and on top of that, homework… but i can’t complain, i just need to prioritize.

day 210

woke up early to get ready to head to BC. i also had to send my dad to work, so that was convenient. however, i made the mistake in trying one of my dad’s “creations” for breakfast. usually, i’d just get cereal, or he’ll cook something normal, like fried rice, dumplings, chicken noodle soup, or red/green bean soup (ok, i realize that’s not normal breakfast food… but that’s what i’ve gotten used to, ha!). so, my dad decided to mix sesame powder/oatmeal (kind of hard to describe…) with milk and soy protein. and it was SO strange… i mean, i’ve had sesame powder/oatmeal by itself, and it’s delicious! but… what the freak?! so instead of having a somewhat solid texture, the milk turned it into a soup. and originally, i thought the pink dots in it were strawberries, but they tasted funky. and i later learned they were clumped up balls of soy protein powder… delightful…. thankfully, it tasted alright and i didn’t have stomach problems. my dad makes the strangest things for breakfast  because he tries to be healthy… the last scare was definitely his vegetable smoothie. sure, it tasted alright (SURPRISINGLY), but it looked puke green and seeing my dad blend lettuce and apples and other stuff together…. chugging is a must. blech.

anyways, on the way to BC i met a little traffic… didn’t realize that there’d still be congestion at 9AM… whatever. got to BC around 10 to work on some Shaw stuff, mainly reading over the applications again and looking at the applications of the 20 freshmen. and i talked with helen about the logistics for the seminars. still lots to do, but at least progress has been made!

finished around 12:30, went to the library to check my email, then picked up justin, youngjae, and eugene for lunch :) and we headed to bartleby’s at harvard square! they have these famous burgers, and i’d heard about them but this was my first time, so i was pretty excited :D. but it’s SO cramped inside… and noisy with the waitresses yelling your orders back to the chef. and kind of expensive… but delicious :) i decided to get the tom brady burger (guac, cheddar, bacon, onions) … a good choice indeed, hehe. and in addition, some sweet potato fries! and on the walls, we kept reading like different reviews about the place: best burgers in america! or best onion rings! or best frappes! i mean, those things were pretty good… but best? ok, most of those reviews were by boston magazines/globe… haha, probably biased. anyways, a good lunch and then i proceeded to drop them back at BC since young had a doctor’s appointment! oh and i guess this has to be one of the few times i’ve driven to harvard… the other time is when i went to young park’s dad’s restaurant… but, it was interesting to find my way there with the help of google maps/eugene… i should know boston better :/

oh and, i guess there was a downer moment for this trip, sadly. picking up eugene, he was very excited (or so i presume…) that he dropped his iphone 3gs. and that did not bode well…. there seems to be problems with it now :/ daaaaarn.

after that, i headed back home around 4, but i still managed to hit traffic. i didn’t get back till 5:15, and i felt exhausted. i always feel tired after driving in traffic… ugh. aside from that, i went shopping at banana republic for like 15 minutes because my mom saw a 30% sale. and she realized that last time she bought me clothes, it was 25% off. so she wanted to buy the same clothes, and return it using the old receipt… all for the return of $3! wow. what a fail. haha. my mom likes doing this though. not sure why. i guess if you buy more stuff, it’d make more sense… i think my favorite part of sales is calculating the discount in my head. and then if it’s still too expensive, i question who would buy it… and if it’s mad cheap, YESSSSSS!

a fun day though. =)