i’m not sure my patients would appreciate this approach…

these are hilarious!

hahahaha i LOVE this :P

hahahaha i LOVE this :P

What do people mean when they say, ‘I am not afraid of God because I know He is good’? Have they never even been to a dentist?

C.S. Lewis - A Grief Observed

Funny… because I’m working at my dad’s office right now….

Haha this is kind of why I don’t want to use general anesthesia in dentistry… but then again, I guess I’d be missing out :P

day 208

went to my dad’s office to get my teeth cleaned with my sisters… oh and i guess yesterday i had something installed so now i don’t have to wear retainers all the time… whew, because i’ve already gone through two of them! i think i clench my teeth when i sleep, which shreds the plastic :P

didn’t do much else for the rest of the day… i just spent a lot of time working on supplemental stuff, and i’m gonna send one out tomorrow. and i was supposed to go into BC tomorrow, but i guess that’ll wait till thursday… there’s so much stuff STILL to be done.. gaaaaaah.

but, i guess SC2 came out, though i’m not entirely sold on it, especially with a $60 price tag… and i’ve got enough distractions :(… oh, but the final episode for funemployed came out today, and i loved it! if you haven’t seen it, i’d recommend it because it’s by wongfu! and kev jumba! and nigahiga! and david choi! and kina grannis! kina is very nice. ahahahaa. actually, i’d rather be chas. one can only dream, lol. actually, his music is really good.

oh, and speaking of good music:

david crowder*band’s oh happiness LIVE = YAY

LIVE performance of the Inception music = chillingly beautiful (see cello)