It was our one year anniversary on 11/11/11! =) But, we didn’t go to Rockport, haha… this was on her 21st birthday :P 
Instead, on Thursday, we went to the Boston Ballet to see Romeo & Juliet, which was surprisingly entertaining because I forgot that people don’t talk during ballets, haha… And, I didn’t know ballet people acted! I just thought they danced like in Black Swan. We also had dinner at a small restaurant called Teatro, and I ordered my first drink there :P The food was delicious, and the vibe was great!
Finally, after the ballet, we went to Wonderbar to see Liz for her 21st! This was also my first time at a bar lol… shoot, come to think of it, I guess I had a lot of firsts! And, it’s my first in having a relationship :) and I’m looking forward to another year! 
P.S. Gosh I haven’t updated tumblr about my life in such a long time… perhaps I’ve moved on because that one year journal has shown me how to live life better. Now that I think of it, soon after I started this blog, I had the idea of pursuing the girl (probably because I needed to take risks!), and by the end of the year, I had a girlfriend! Weeeeirrdddd, but in a good way =)

It was our one year anniversary on 11/11/11! =) But, we didn’t go to Rockport, haha… this was on her 21st birthday :P 

Instead, on Thursday, we went to the Boston Ballet to see Romeo & Juliet, which was surprisingly entertaining because I forgot that people don’t talk during ballets, haha… And, I didn’t know ballet people acted! I just thought they danced like in Black Swan. We also had dinner at a small restaurant called Teatro, and I ordered my first drink there :P The food was delicious, and the vibe was great!

Finally, after the ballet, we went to Wonderbar to see Liz for her 21st! This was also my first time at a bar lol… shoot, come to think of it, I guess I had a lot of firsts! And, it’s my first in having a relationship :) and I’m looking forward to another year! 

P.S. Gosh I haven’t updated tumblr about my life in such a long time… perhaps I’ve moved on because that one year journal has shown me how to live life better. Now that I think of it, soon after I started this blog, I had the idea of pursuing the girl (probably because I needed to take risks!), and by the end of the year, I had a girlfriend! Weeeeirrdddd, but in a good way =)

A Week to Remember

*which is much better than A Walk To Remember. (which I’ve never seen…)

Anyways, I know I haven’t been updating this blog much… but I figure this will be a preview of hopefully what I post up soon in much more detail.


Cooked for my freshmen Shaw roomies (Ryan, Justin, and Nick) Technically, Nick was in the ballroom, but we’ll let that go :P Hmart food, and it was SUCH a nostalgic time… because I hadn’t seen JV much this semester. This was also part of a larger ploy to bring Justin to the final Shaw Seminar of the year! As a group, along with the guys in the other room as well as Laura (surprise surprise!), we walked up comm ave to the Shaw House, and the night was SO good! It lasted just an hour, but the memories we talked about definitely brought up some good times… I can’t believe it’s almost over! But, I think the best thing, which Andrew mentioned, is that even if I don’t talk to them for 6 months, I can call them up and we’d still be friends and talk and catch up. That’s such a comfort especially in our hectic lives, and I’m so grateful for these friendships :)


Went shopping with Justin and Steph at Garment District for some questionable clothing for KSA JJang… LOL. We bought gold leggings and white suspenders :P And surprisingly, Steph approved :D


First round of Shaw interviews, then got ready for KSA Jjang with Justin, and I guess with just a month of school left, we went ALL OUT. As in, ribbon dance with those leggings and suspenders. We borrowed the ribbons from Kaisi since she was in charge of Chinese Ribbon Dance during the culture show. It was quite the success, though I’m pretty sure it scarred many in the process :P I’m debating whether to upload the video because it is just TOO outrageous to believe, haha. I fear for my dignity…


Finished my portion of Shaw interviews, and I’m very happy with how it’s turning out. :)

Fillipiknow was so fun, as Liz and I performed 3 covers for our set: Who Knew by Pink, Price Tag/Where Is the Love by Jessie J/Black Eyed Peas, and Someone Like You by Adele. It was quite fun though there were a couple mistakes here and there, and I was BLOWN away by Chris Cendana, who ended the night. I know he’s amazing, since I subscribe to him on youtube, but he just took it to another level! I am so envious of his guitar skills… I have been reminded about where I need to improve for guitar! :)


Finally, a day of rest. Basically, the calm before the storm, aka Kollaboration. It was good to spend time with ROFL, and we are all looking forward to 30 Hour Famine!


Kollaboration was AMAZING. I had SO much fun, despite feeling tired both before and after our performance. Surprisingly, both Liz and I did not feel nervous, even though we did the day before… I think we just became more anxious about getting it over with… since we were there pretty much the entire day from 10AM until it ended around 10:30PM… I am SO glad we gave it our best and that we couldn’t regret anything because we hit all the notes and didn’t make any obvious mistakes! So, even though we didn’t win, it was totally worth the memories and experience. Even more so, to hear everyone cheer for us, as we were the first BC group to perform… priceless! I can’t believe how great that was, though I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t see any of the acts from the audience… especially the youtube artists like AHMIR! Oh well, getting to know the other finalists was fun too, and since only dance groups won the competition (Blackout - 1st, Synergy - 2nd), there was a solidarity in losing amongst the vocalist groups :P I really didn’t mind winning or losing, though that I didn’t really realize that until it was over. It was too fun to dwell on such a minor aspect… I’m glad that I could even get the audience to clap with me on the off beat, that was a fear for me! All in all, this will be a great memory for me because of all the support I felt before, during, and after the show :) It’s hard to beat! 


By Bill Watterson
Published on 20th June 1990


By Bill Watterson

Published on 20th June 1990

day 356

the morning began with my parents leaving early for the mall to buy chocolate for my orthodontist since i was going to visit him at 9:20 for my appointment. all this for a 25% off coupon… haha. well, i got there a bit late, but they made time for me, and honestly, it was more of a time just to catch up with everyone there since i had shadowed there for some time and been a patient for four years! and, it was great to be able to share some good news that i got into dental schools! i also had to admit that i didn’t wear my retainer, but thankfully, my teeth haven’t shifted, so they just made me a new one to take home. it was a great way to start the morning =)

at the office, there was some light work, and then my mom and sister soon came. i finally filled out all the forms necessary to hold my spot at tufts dental, and then my mom sent in the $1500 deposit! whew, now i can stop worrying about that :) i also got to eat chik-fil-a for lunch, so that was amazing, as always :P the rest of the afternoon was spent talking with patients and also working with my sister as i taught her some of the stuff i’ve learned so far. we worked pretty well as a team :) and then we finally headed home when my mom returned from her errands around 5. oh right, i also got to meet someone from my old church, who i didn’t know too well, but i heard of him. i knew he went to brown when we were in youth group, but it was pretty cool to hear that he was a 4th year med student now at brown! that, and he’s getting married…. crazy. so many things change in like, oh shoot 8 years. haha, that’s a LONG time…

back at home, i rested a bit and snacked before heading out to meet my high school friends at pho88. we decided to meet there at 7, and the snow wasn’t too bad outside. when i got there, i was surprised to see more of my high school friends, since i thought it was just gonna be harrison and daimeng, but the more the merrier! lucas and chris were there as well, and it was a good time for conversation. after dinner, we realized that it was WAY too early to head to the 9:30 showing at the movies, so we wanted to play pool. but i guess since none of us had been there before, we didn’t realized it closed down! wowwww. so we went to walmart to stock up on snacks for the movie :P and i did some random shopping around for special k :) sadly, i couldn’t find a santa hat, despite looking throughout the entire store, asking a sales person, and searching through the christmas aisles… oh well. 

we headed to the theaters and met up with alex and then brian joined us once we got seated. wow, i hadn’t seen alex probably since college started, even though we were pretty good friends in middle school and somewhat in high school… bummer. it was definitely awesome to hear how he’s interning right now at ernst and young! hopefully he gets an offer =) anyways, we watched the movie “true grits” and at the start, i was SO confused as to what i got myself into… this isn’t something i would normally go watch, but i did so on the recommendation of harrison. i was falling asleep at parts because the theater was warm and the old western style wasn’t my thing… but soon enough, once the action started and the random humor commenced, i was HOOKED! at the end, i LOVED it because despite the random parts that were either funny or racist, there was actually a good story! jeff bridges definitely carried it, but i liked matt damon as well. the girl in the story… who’s the main character, was annoying. i wish they killed her off in the beginning :P but then i guess there wouldn’t be a narrator! LOL. 

it was a good night, and i’m glad i got to meet up with a lot of friends that i hadn’t seen in a while… though it was a bummer to realize that this would be the last time i’d see harrison for winter break because he’d be on a family vacation and then off to france for a couple weeks! of all things, to do farming… lol. gg. but, i hope to meet up with other people during break =)

day 349

well, today will be a day worth remembering! it began with me feeling like… a badass. or more objectively, pretttty stupid, in retrospect. haha. i went into my philosophy final, sat down next to eugene, and told him, jae maeng, and dong that i studied an hour for this test. and, consequently, i reaped what i sowed :P i honestly failed that exam, by getting approximately half of the questions correct, and i am sure of this judgement because he told us to keep the booklet of questions when we left and gave us the answer key as well. gg! i got some wrong that i should’ve known and guessed to get some right… but, that didn’t make up the fact that i didn’t read 3 of the texts that were being asked about…

and, this was the first and hopefully the last time, i’ll ever do that. i hate the feeling of being unprepared because i always want to go into tests knowing that at least i’ve gone over everything and have a fighting chance in doing well… not in this case :/ though, i came to the realization that i just could not finish reading 3 texts in three hours and be able to take two finals back to back without sleep. and being somewhat sick. so i had to let go, which was very difficult for me, though i played it off cooly. i think that’s probably because i’ve drilled the hard work ethic into myself and pride myself in outworking others in terms of studying. that’s also why i’m very much introverted and tend to work by myself. for instance, i have a tendency to not trust my lab partners just because i think i can do a better job by myself, and have done so to put my mind at ease… and sadly, i recognize this as being unhealthy when done in excess…

so, i can’t really say i regret what happened, although i wish i had taken steps to prevent such an occurrence. after the exam, which only took me an hour :P… actually, i finished in like 20 minutes, took a short nap, filled in the ones i had NO idea randomly, and then passed it in… anyways, i napped in the library to recover a bit, then got lunch at lower with justin. met with eugene to talk over the test… and “bragging” about how bad i did. man, i don’t know why i kept doing that… i think i needed to vent because it felt so uncharacteristic of myself to “slack off” like that, although i have many good, but perhaps not sufficient, reason for doing so. and, i DON’T like to justify my slacking off as a result of getting into dental school… because i doubt senioritis has kicked in. it didn’t happen during senior year of high school, when i actually had the MOST work out of all my years, and as i write this, i realize that i don’t want to repeat that again… i want to do well in my classes to prove to myself that i can. that i can be proud of the time and effort i’ve put into my studies, and i want to do this despite getting into dental school and being “set”. because that’s what i’m all about. i know my character and habits will carry me through where my skills and talents have brought me. without character, i will falter as i try to progress.

as soon as we finished lunch, dan, justin and i headed over to our physiology final, and i think it went fine. because i put in the time for studying and i’m happy that i had a fighting chance in answering the problems… though, after feeling exhausted from the first final, i’m not sure how well my mind was functioning :P

after the finals, i basically returned to my place and chilled. definitely needed to do that… i ordered the boston market catering for the shaw party later that night with the help of mark, and then napped until it was time for shawlidays! i dressed up in my ugly sweater =P and walked over with ryan to amber’s place. we went through conte, which was exciting because i never knew it was so complicated! and i saw the ice rink too :P then, we ended up on beacon street, and reservoir ave was right in front of us, so it was just a short walk from there…

as people strolled in, and the food finally arrived (i was a bit worried!), we all ate to our heart’s content :) and had some unbelievable delicious desserts baked by amber, and then it was time for the yankee swap! amir officiated the number drawing process (with a slight hiccup in a couple numbers, haha), and then we took group photos before the actual process started. for the most part, there was no stealing… we were just too curious to see what other people had! but, it wasn’t until the last one, when they realized what i had brought… a pooh bear! =) and… there was some tension, haha and it was stolen… but in the end, it worked out! or sort of… you just had to deal with it :P well, that was a fun night, and i got to bring home the leftovers from boston market =) i’m really glad the dinner worked out because i was nervous in “taking charge” of saying that we had to do boston market, but everyone differing opinions which seemed to get us nowhere, and i was able to foot the bill, and just let other people pay me back. =) tonight was a success!

finally, i went back to my place with the food, and then studied at eagle’s nest with steph. ok, i didn’t really study too much… i went to oconnell house to visit my son, kevin, and get some free hot chocolate! and then, i kinda just distracted steph from her studying… oops :P when i returned home, i thought i was gonna get some work done, but instead, i watched the ending of groundhog day with my roommates, and then washed dishes… as i cooked some rice, and ate some korean food =P that brought me to like 4AM… and then i had some great conversation with ryan through the night, and i’m so happy that he got a job!

oh right… i forgot to do work! i better not procrastinate these next two days… especially since i have a couple essays to do as well :/ here we go!

CORRECTION: after returning to my exam and checking which questions i got right, i somehow managed to get a 76! wow! i cannot believe it…i guessed on a lot of those questions :P

day 345

what an exhausting day… i pretty much was outside the entire time…woke up at 9 and headed to BC. showered, then with the help of jinah, woke up our entire gajok family :P i had to call john byun to wake up dan kim, haha. then, i picked up the freshmen both at upper and newton, while jinah got dan & the sophomore girls. we started at 10:30 and managed to get everyone ready and in the car by 11:00 and headed off to hmart!

when we got there, we first began with lunch, and while everyone got their own food, i’m not sure if anyone finished it! haha, we really should’ve shared, or in hindsight, we could’ve first got samples and THEN eaten :P darn… oh well, leftovers for finals studying! next, we went shopping, and my goodness, some of my “children” eat TONS of snacks… i guess they get that from me :P i buy wayyyy too many snacks, but i’m pretty sure rachel rivaled me. we were pretty efficient in shopping, so we headed off to the mall!

the mall was pretty fun, though we split off at the beginning since jinah had to find parking. since i took the freshmen, arthur & kevin came with me to the disney store while rachel & vi went to look for secret santa gifts. we eventually met up at brookstone, and tried to find rachel & vi… who told us that they were at victoria’s secret… great. dan & i took a few steps in with the rest of the group who were going in… and walked right out. haha, it just felt weird walking into there…. and kevin quickly came out as well. somehow, arthur made it through the entire store with the girls… :P we then saw rachel and vi come from a different location because i guess they were shopping at gap… haha. owned. maybe this was all just an excuse for us to go into victoria’s secret… but, i think they did go but left to go find other places to buy their gifts… next, we headed to the foodcourt to explore, but we were running out of time so we headed back to BC.

i dropped off the freshmen, but arthur & kevin helped me with my groceries, and while they were there, they decided to play some nba jam with me and my roommates :) it was pretty hilarious, and then i sent them back to upper since they were getting owned :P well, i had to get ready for tonight!

i got dressed and all for tonight’s dinner, and quickly made it to steph’s place. as we tried to catch the bus, we met hayeon and linda at the stop! then, when we got onto the bus which was FREAKING crowded, we realized that most people were heading to applebees for the psbc family dinner. however, when we got off at the reservoir stop, too many people recognized us *ahem* sam lee… and made a big deal that we were going on a date :P ah yes, did i forget to mention that? we were going to the north end for our one month :) so, as we left the bus in a rush to escape the “comments” made by our BC friends, we headed to the T stop and made our way to haymarket. we got out practically in front of the north end, and it was pretty easy to find our restaurant, the famiglia giorgio.

we were situated quickly, though we were a bit early for our reservation, and we were deciding on ordering two entrees. despite my friend’s comment on large portions at the restaurant, and the “warning” to light eaters, we thought we could handle it… but who were we kidding?! we definitely should not have ordered an appetizer as well! when we got our entrees, we were STUNNED with how much food there was, and even after eating several bites, it seemed as though we had made no progress… i’m pretty sure it was 2 or 3 times the regular portion given at other restaurants, and there was NO way either of us was going to finish it. i doubt we could’ve even split one… doh! at least they’re very generous :) anyways, i may have pictures of the food to show… but sadly, i will not be able to display a picture of us, as a certain someone did not allow me to take a picture of her… :P bummer. haha. and, the only regret i have is the fact that i did not realize students could get a 20% discount until AFTER i had my card swiped. i had read it online and in the menu, but it totally slipped my mind when i was looking at the receipt because i was actually worried that the place only took mastercard… that’s what was written on the little booklet thing given with the bill… thankfully, that wasn’t an actual issue! 

finally, we took our leftovers and headed to mike’s pastry. we bought a chocolate chip cannoli and i ordered a chocolate mousse cannoli for my roommate =) we then sat and talked a bit outside before heading back. at steph’s place, we saw esther preparing dinner! and then we shared our cannoli as we watched disney channel. by now… and pretty much the entire ride back, i was pretty tired… so i realized i had to go back soon, and now, i know my body needs sleep. and despite not having done any work for the past 3 days… i’m really glad about the experiences i have made instead! psh who cares about studying, haha… even though, that was constantly in the back of my mind… i guess i’ll start tomorrow!

day 343

wow, i’m pretty sure i can time travel in the blink of the eye….

i set up two alarms so i wouldn’t oversleep, and i felt awake when i had to turn off my first alarm. the second one went off two minutes later at 8:25, and i was fine! but somehow, i managed to close my eyes, and it was freaking 9:10! NOO. but i resolved to go to my philosophy class late rather than skip because it was the last day! and i took this class because i wanted to… i actually regret not going to the last few ones since they were about c.s. lewis… oh well. he was basically answering questions as god :P, and some were great responses while others were kind of like, oh that’s it? and there were some dumb questions asked too, haha. 

after class and showering, i went to math, and i’ve made the strangest conclusion… the less confident i feel about studying for a test, the better i’ll do… i thought it was a fluke that i did well on my psych test when i studied from 2AM-6AM the day before the test… but i pretty much did the same for my calc test from 1AM - 5AM… with 3 hours of sleep. what the freak? perhaps it’s because i stop trusting that i can do all of it, and put my trust in someone else’s hands. haha, i’m not sure how else to explain it! especially since i put in more hours for the assignments and studying for the past two exams, yet i did better on this one. and, on the flip side, i remember overstudying for physio, and i got OWNED. interesting… i’m not sure whether i should do this for finals though :P

for psych, it was a totally different story… he started talking about sleep, and as a result, i just fell asleep. i’m pretty sure young jae did as well… and so it was not a very memorable class. or perhaps, it was :P my neck did feel sore though, and it didn’t help that i was in the 3rd row of the lecture room… but this was not a good class… ugh. and i only took this to apply to cali schools, and i’m withdrawing from them! i have such good hindsight :P oh well, i’ve always enjoyed psychology as a topic since it was interesting in high school as well, but seriously, my high school class was more in depth and interesting than this one… well except for the actual readings & articles. it’s sad when the articles are more interesting than the professor… :/ well, that was an interesting last day of classes of my fall semester as a senior. (eh, i made it seem special :P but i wish there was more fanfare, haha)

after class, i got lunch at lower and ate with andrew paik & dan kim. i just liked the fact that we randomly met up at lower, and sat down together to eat =) then, i headed to my philosophy professor to talk about possible essay topics, and that put me to ease. also, he gave me the list of books by c.s. lewis that he usually goes over for his class since i won’t be able to take it… good thing i have most of them! then i headed back to my room to prepare and pack for new york! my parents came by around 3:30 to send me to south station since my dad didn’t have to work, and they were in the area after shopping in chinatown :P they dropped me off, and i managed to catch the 4:00PM fung wah bus just in time!

the trip went very smoothly, with very few passengers… and i managed not to pass out! i slept for an hour, then worked on a couple things (making my secret santa wishlist, prepping for columbia, etc.), and realized i was getting a bit queasy from all the movement on the bus, so i slept the last hour as well. we got there in less than four hours! haha, chinese bus drivers are crazy! and i was immediately picked up by pastor xiao & pastor pan. they brought me to pastor pan’s house where i stayed last time, and we had a delicious beef noodle soup meal =) i was starving after not eating since lunch, and it hit the spot, especially with the hot peppers! i spent the rest of the night just getting ready, and i may be sleeping the earliest i’ve ever done in some time… 11?! YAY. i hope the interview goes well tomorrow!

day 342

whew, what an easy going day… mainly because my 9am got cancelled! and today was the end for some of my classes =/ i guess we still learned stuff, but honestly, i didn’t really pay attention… despite 7 hours of sleep, i felt more tired than i have been usually… strange. anyways, i did feel stressed, not because i had much work to do, but because i knew steph had papers due today and she had to pull an all nighter to finish them… funny how that’s probably the most stressful thing today… well, it was good to hear that she finished all of it and that she would nap right after…

well, as for me, i got to meet people at the rat and chat… i think i went there three times, haha. before physio, after physio, and after dev… :P well, then justin came over to watch glee, and i liked it! despite the fact that we didn’t know most of the christmas songs…wow, i obviously need to expand my collection! then, i practiced some guitar before meeting my gajok daughter rachel at hillside for dinner! gosh, it took a good three weeks or so to meet with all the family… but i’m so glad we were all able to meet before the semester was over. anyways, we had a good talk about balancing life/time/commitments, and it was interesting to be receiving advice from a freshman about going to a school outside of boston… :P hmm, she does have a point, but we’ll have to see whether i like columbia on friday!

after dinner, i did some more work before steph stopped by, then she helped me cut oranges for my gajok meeting for late night! all the girls were able to make it, but just kevin was able to stay… it was a great break for everyone as we decorated gingerbread men & women, santas, & snowmen! there’s definitely some creative and artistic children in the family… not my genes. lol…. we also ate some dumplings & oreos… and we finally finished at midnight!

whew, i guess i could’ve gotten more work done, but i haven’t done too well in terms of preparing for finals :P i know i should… but i’ve been lazy, haha. gosh, and i’m leaving for NY tomorrow, so studying will be pushed back till like… saturday. but more like sunday, because saturday will be packed =)

day 341

what a bummer… i did the reading for my 9AM class, and i overslept! i’m definitely not missing my last class of the semester, so i better sleep well soon :/ psych was boring as usual, and it didn’t help that i sat in the last row with young jae. we basically fell asleep until there were iclicker questions and soon after that, we returned to our naps :P

after class, i finally sat down to play some NBA hangtime! i brought it from home this past weekend, but i haven’t had time to sit down and play until now… and all i’ve been hearing is how fun it is. and, oh how it is! i can’t believe 3 hours passed by so quickly…

well, after that, i met one of my gajok daughters, claudia, for dinner at lower… and the place was packed! we had a nice chat, though i think she was kinda busy because she came from a group project and she also needed to work on it after… but, i guess we both felt rushed because in the back of my mind, i was thinking about whether i’d be late for acf…and i was. haha. it was not most conducive atmosphere for conversation because it felt hurried and it was really loud and difficult to hear, but we made the best of it! 

then, i met up with eugene along the way to upper, and i decided to go to the kairos reunion with him. it was also in macelroy, but i originally planned to go after acf… that was fine because there were some good snacks and i got to meet with my group again! we were the only group that had all its members show up because obviously, we’re the best group ever :P anyways, i had to leave early, and i was given some group photos of the retreat =). afterwards, i was hoping to stay and listen to the testimonies at acf, but i wanted to get some work done for tonight.

at our physio group meeting, we worked at lower and were efficient in getting it done… and thankfully it’s our last assignment! this one was definitely a pain, but at least its over :)

even though i haven’t gotten much work done… and i don’t really have much work TO do… i know i should. and so i’m studying with dan and jenny at voute. man, i really hope it doesn’t turn into last night, where all i did was watch youtube videos and facebook and tumblr… i could probably sleep early. hmm.

day 340

i set 3 alarms this morning, and it took all 3 to wake me up….i am SO glad i didn’t oversleep. waking up on time and getting to class was definitely half the battle. oh, and it was so funny that when i got back to my room at 5:30AM, i was somewhat not surprised that nick was STILL up! seriously? haha, he asked me the same thing though :P and well, he had to pull an all nighter to finish an assignment, so i took a nap while he worked in the common room.

the test itself seemed fine. part of me is not convinced that it was that simple because i’m afraid i just didn’t really understand the problem and just put in what i thought was the answer… but at least i didn’t feel tired! adrenaline definitely kicked in and pull me through the entire test. well that, and i prayed that entire morning, haha. as in, while i showered - god help me stay awake. god, help me stay focused. i know i’m not in tip top shape physically and mentally, but just get me through this!

and, even after the test, i felt fine until i returned to my room, and crashed on my bed! i mean i napped :P and i couldn’t wake up for my physio class…but, i really had to give my body a break. but i did make it to dev bio. after class, justin & i ate lunch at the rat with esther & susan. there was some funny conversation about the iphone 4 =) though it then shifted to me. it was not as funny. :P one month of dating is coming up… you really can’t call it an anniversary. wait, let me find the definition:

anniversary - the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event

ah, see? it’s a yearly occurrence! i’d be much happier when that date rolls around, hopefully =) then again, another definition says it’s just a celebration or commemoration of a certain date…. but, i think if you celebrate something too much, it loses its meaning. though, that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything this saturday, haha. but, imagine if we commemorated 1 month & 1 day as well… haha. wow that’d seriously get annoying. but, then again, while i would easily lose interest if that happened, i’m not sure god would. perhaps this is hypothetical thinking, but i wonder if god constantly rejoices over us in a way that doesn’t lose its appeal after the first few dozen times. interesting…

then i re-napped. :P for a bit longer, before meeting up with dan at el pelon. i can’t believe this is his first time eating there, and i do feel a bit bad for not getting dinner there with him until now… because we talked about it since the beginning of the semester! we had a good chat about life, school, and such…but then, i had to get ready for the shawlidays party!

i got all dressed up with my ugly sweater, and my roommates loved it :P i hid the sweater under a new overcoat since i needed a jacket for interviews in case things got cold… as it HAS this week! i’m so glad i have it for my columbia interview =) the party was great, though it seems only chrissy seemed to have gotten the memo that it was an ugly sweater party =/ lots of photos were taken, amazing food/snacks, gingerbread house decorating (the guys won!), and of course, SANTA! i really do have to work on organizing and uploading photos… i take SO long. also, i was surprised at how many upperclassmen came, but it was a great turnout especially since there was that pats v jets game… pats DEMOLISHED them =) i also brought my guitar, but ended up not playing which was totally fine with me since i didn’t really practice any christmas songs.

lastly, i met up with steph & jeannette at the ERC library, and figured out how to get to the highrock christmas concert! i’m SO glad i’m going, and i hope i won’t be late on my way back from new york… plus, i’ll be in a suit :P then i walked steph back to her place so i could see how she and her roomies decorated the place. not gonna lie, it’s pretty impressive. i’d say the same with the shaw house… i have no idea how people are able to transform a place into christmas cheer :) i’m guessing that’s not going to happen for my room… oh well, i’m over it :P

well, now i feel relieved of work… though i do have some to do. there isn’t anything urgent, like a test, though i know finals are in just a week! i hope i don’t get distracted…but it feels great to have journaled =)