day 238

spent the morning and afternoon reformatting my new hard drive and getting it all to work. everything went pretty smoothly although the restore itself would take 3 hours. so, i decided to go get lunch at panera with my sisters. when we got back, it was done, and everything seemed fine! well…i still had to update it, so as soon as i did that, i realized that none of my applications could start up. not sure what to do about that, so i left it because i had to go to BC!

first, i went to the bookstore to pick up some more books that i realized weren’t cheaper on amazon. then i went to star market to pick up a cake for tonight’s dinner! well, my mom insisted that i do so even though i was told not to because it was the polite thing to do…

i was invited by dr. bob to get dinner with him and andrew at his place next to reservoir. man, i thought the 2000 apartments were nice, but the 2400 apartments on beacon street were FREAKING sweet! gosh, and he took me on a tour of his place, and it’s so nice! with decorations from all the places he’s been, like turkey and china, and anywhere else…. everything just seemed so collective. i guess he likes to buy stuff to display. oh, and he had lots of wine and cigars too :P

anyways, andrew and i got to dr bob’s around 6:30, and we just chatted until 7:30 when he began cooking the dinner. we had steak, mushrooms, salad, squash, zucchini… it was great! i really enjoyed the conversations, although dr bob likes to go off on random tangents all the time. one moment, we’d be talking about shaw stuff, and the next it’d be about a trip to turkey, or fenway, or chinatown food. haha, but it was so relaxed, and the stories were very interesting. we had the cake that i brought, and we stayed until 9:30 before heading out.

then, i sent andrew back to 2000, and i was going to leave, but andrew convinced me to go up and say hi to amir and kathie. so i went, and i ended up talking with them all until midnight! yousef was there as well along with someone else called kate. and kathie brought an international student who will be studying here in the fall, named Evo. or is it Ivo? he’s from the netherlands! anyways, i hadn’t talked to them for some time, and it was great catching up with everyone and just realizing how people are getting set for life after BC… like kathie & eric already have jobs after school, andrew is going to law school… man, i can’t believe we’re talking about stuff like this! but there were a lot of laughs, and it was great learning about how the US was portrayed in the netherlands :P

finally, i made my way back home after dropping off kathie & evo at kathie’s place. i had a lot of gas the entire night but couldn’t let it out till i was on the road by myself :P ok, tmi? anyways, driving late at night is so very calming. and serene. especially when there’s no “deadline” or stresses to be dealt with the next day. 

anyways, i got back home, and i’m STILL trying to figure out how to get my laptop to work… i thought it’d be so simple, but the same problem keeps reappearing… i’m going to seee what i can do to fix this…. i always fear this would happen…

oh and i just realized that i left my driver’s license at the bc bookstore… i probably forgot to get it back when they asked for it during the text rental registration… GREAT. well, i actually need a new one anyways because i have to get an over 21 license!