hahaha oh boy…

Week 2: Recap


Slept well & ate well :). Chauffeured my grandma, mom & sister to the mall, haha. Computer parts came in! But, I ran into a problem with compatibility, doh. Got to ask my grandma for cooking tips! =)


Spent practically the entire day setting up the computers. Got tires changed for the car because I’ll be driving to NJ! This is the farthest I ever have driven, and I’m doing this by myself… oh boy, but I’m excited :) Ooh, and more good news: Tufts finally got my deposit! Whew…


The four hour drive was exciting! Aside from a couple GPS problems, getting to NJ was easy, and I got to chill (i.e videogames…) with David, Dan, Stephen & Dong. We went to Rutgers for the greasetrucks, got lost for a bit, and experienced what “dirty” jersey means :P When we got there, I ordered a Fat Cat! Delicious…. haha. Then, we went to the bowling alley, but there were just too many people, so instead, we watched Van Wilder & Coraline. Coraline is SO creepy… yet enticing to watch.


Had an AMAZING brunch prepared by Dave & his mother :) Then, I headed over to Parsippany to visit Steph, and we just hung out at her house for the day instead of exploring her town… Met Steph’s parents for a couple minutes before we headed out for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then I made the trip back in 4 hours! Wow, I drove 610 miles for these past two days…


ROFL in the new building was fun though we decided just to hangout next to a random sofa, haha. We’re going through a period of rediscovering passion. Perhaps this is because I feel as though I’ve lost some of it… and I fear indifference has taken ahold in my heart. I really do wish I prepared more for the talk. I find that I always manage to put things off till the last second, and I regret it. I think that’s the passion I need: giving my best in everything I endeavor to do. 


Wow, everybody’s gone… Let’s see, I left on Wednesday for NJ and came back Thursday. My grandma left for NorCal to visit my aunt’s family on Thursday and will be heading to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. My mom left for SoCal on Friday for a conference and won’t be back till Thursday, and Karen left today for Florida for rowing training. Gosh, so it’s just the three of us at home. Interesting… Worship practice was fun and went very smooth with Matt, who’s another bass player and filled in for Karen. Wow, this will be the first time leading worship in the new church tomorrow :)


  1. Sleep better
  2. Eat 3 meals a day
  3. Ask my grandma how to cook
  4. Read Bible daily
  5. Upload photos
  6. Read books
  7. Read magazines
  8. Go to NY/NJ
  9. Shaw Stuff
  10. Tufts Dental School
  11. FAFSA
  12. ROFL
  13. Worship Practice
  14. Practice guitar & piano
  15. Passion 2011
  16. Upgrade computers

So, I managed to finish about half… I’d say I’ve been pretty good at sleeping by 2, though I don’t usually wake up till 11. I want to adjust that. And, I was good at eating breakfast until I started waking up too late… I’m not doing too well on reading, too much video gaming! :P And, instead of Passion 2011, I listened to the messages from Passion 2010. :/ Looks like, I know what I need to work on during my last week of break… OH NO… wow that was quick and long. Strangely enough.

Week 2: Road Trip

These past two days have been so fun! Since this is my first time driving so far (4 hours), I really enjoyed it because I had a lot of time to myself to think and sing and such :D I spent a lot of my time listening to the messages from Passion 2010 because I never really had time to listen to them until now, and they’re amazing! I can’t wait to get this year’s because I really wanted to go and couldn’t… Actually, that’s probably for the better because I didn’t want to miss out on the first service at the new church :)

Sleeping over Dave’s place was so fun! Dan, Dong & Stephen came over as well, and for the most part, we just chilled… We didn’t really have plans (a bit indecisive :P), so we just played videogames until it was time for the Greasetrucks @ Rutgers. And, even after getting those, we wanted to bowl but couldn’t because of the ridiculous amount of wait time. So, we watched two movies. Yet, what I realized was that it was just really enjoyable to be able to spend time with good friends :) I didn’t really mind that we didn’t have an agenda because I think it’s more important to be able to have time to share together.

Similarly, when I went to Steph’s place, we originally planned to visit a lot of places, but since I guess I did a lot of driving the day before… we didn’t. But, I wasn’t going to argue, haha, because again, I was reminded about how fun it is to relax and not have to do this or that and just enjoy each other’s company. 

So, I’m really glad I got to see friends for these past two days because otherwise, I would’ve just bummed around at home :P And, now I’m also more confident about my driving because 4 hours seemed to go by so fast! I do wish I had more time to spend at NJ, but school’s starting soon and I still have work to do… Oh well, it was a memorable trip :)

day 360

i am SO physically tired…but what a great day for the big move!

woke up a bit early this morning because my dad had to go pick up the u-haul truck, and realized it was snowing! oh boy… 

church this morning felt a bit sparse since we started our service an hour earlier than usual and there was some snow falling…which i bet prevented some people from coming, unless they were on vacation :P but, it was great too because we got to see some old faces! namely, matt from college and julia from arizona :) and well, as announcements were being made about the big move today, i’m pretty sure everyone was getting excited! 

i really liked the message this morning as my mom spoke about vision:

where there is no vision, the people perish (Prov. 29:18, KJV)

as we went over examples of how God gave visions to his people, i was reminded how as a leader as the youth group, we need to have a vision! because, this vision turns into our mission and guides our direction….and well, without vision, we have nothing to strive for. i think as of now, ROFL’s vision is pretty general: “love god, love others,” and we need to work on what our mission entails…hmm. anyways, as my mom related this to our church and how it came to be and how it has progressed till now, we realized that all of this has been done, not by our own wisdom, but by God’s leading because there have been countless events and stories that were at first glance, impossible to accomplish, but it happened by what seemed to be miracles! sometimes, it’s difficult to see what’s gonna happen next, but looking back, i cannot believe we have come so far, and well, we have a new story beginning for us! 

so, things ended pretty early around noon, but by then, there was a good amount of people too since we had a LOT of things to do! immediately after the message was over, everyone kicked it into high gear, taking apart stuff, packing up boxes, taping boxes, and moving them onto dollys. it was SUCH a good idea that my dad decided to make more because we had unbelievably heavy tables and other stuff, and it just made moving things out of the church THAT much easier. also, we had a quick secret santa exchange with the last few people (matt & julia) who couldn’t do so last week, and so we wrapped it up =) some people still need to pick up their gifts…. haha.

anyways, i cannot believe how much stuff we had accumulated in these past four (almost five!) years… it took three trips of a loaded u-haul truck to finish all our moving… and that’s not including the countless vans that also brought over the more delicate stuff, like the audio visual equipment. it was stunning to see just piles of chairs, desks, drawers, and like EVERYTHING ELSE, lined up at the door despite a truck being filled…. and we had like 30 or 40 adults helping constantly, whether it was moving the heavy furniture, packing up various boxes, or cleaning up the church… and yet it still took at least 3 or 4 hours! and that’s not counting how long it took us to unload and set up again… but we worked very efficiently, so i’m VERY thankful at everyone’s efforts =) even the kids were very well behaved!

well, the blizzard set in around 3:30 or 4… so people who lived far away started heading back to avoid bad driving conditions. i stayed to work on setting up the new sanctuary with all the sound stuff, but it was getting late around 5:30, and we had to head back as well… there’s just STILL so much work to do, but i guess we’ll come back another day. 

however, my dad and i weren’t done… because we had to go help julia’s family finish moving. so we took the empty uhaul truck to their house in the blizzard. it was a fun ride because i got to drive in the snow :P there were a couple times that the car was slipping, but nothing felt like it was really out of control because there were no cars to be seen! but i still drove slow… and so the trip took a long time. better safe than sorry! when we got their house, my dad and i worked with mr. ni and his son timmy in moving out bookcases, desks, and other furniture… we had to go outside a lot because some things were just too big to carry down the basement stairs! this was really tiring, and required a lot of heavy lifting… i guess i didn’t do much at the church since i was more focused on taking apart and setting up the sound stuff. gosh, i can’t imagine how tired my dad must’ve been… but eventually, we finished at 7, and drove back home exhausted.

after a well-needed dinner (i can’t believe i forgot to eat the entire day! lol…), we both felt much better, and it was so good to just relax =) i guess i won’t look over my tumblr entries tonight since i just don’t have the energy to do so… but i’ll start tomorrow! also, work may possibly be cancelled because of this blizzard… oh boy.

day 357

work today went pretty smoothly, and i think i got the hang of it though i would still forget a thing or two. i talked to more people and got a bit more comfortable with conversation and such… it still bugs me though that i have to make the extra effort to tell myself to wish other people a happy holidays or a merry christmas. or else, i just nod, or say you too. or something. and it kind of leaves me with regret… i guess that’s interesting because it reminds me that i have a lot to learn about how to interact with people :/

ah, and i managed to finally clean up my gmail account! wow i had emails ALL the way back from the beginning of the year… so that was kind of a stroll through memory lane… anyways, i’m probably gonna do that with my entries, but i’m going to skim them for the most important events that happened this year :) hopefully, that won’t take too long! oh, i thought it was pretty funny that i recently got an email saying i got waitlisted for KRUP, and when i went back through my emails, i found last year’s email about being waitlisted for KRUP again… haha owned! hopefully, i get to go again :)

also, after the day ended, i realized i was pretty tired, even though i sat around most of the day. and i think this week was the first time i actually worked a full day. sad, i know. i’ve never technically “worked” unless you count working for my dad, which i don’t, because it seems a lot easier than working for a boss i don’t know… i’ve never held entry jobs because i usually do volunteer stuff, and prior to this experience, i’ve always worked for just a couple hours at the office before heading back home. so this week was fun, though i did have some reservations because i know my dad is always tired when he comes back from work and i feared i would feel the same. and, well i guess i do feel tired, but it’s different than what i feel at school… i’m not sure how to differentiate between them, but it’s like productive exhaustion… like physically tired instead of mentally or emotionally tired… not sure if that’s right. (or is it labor vs. work?) anyways, i actually didn’t mind working too much, so that’s another fear overcome :)

returning home, we had dinner, and then i set out for a final christmas gift run! thankfully, i managed to complete everything i set out to do for gifts and such, mostly for my family, and it was fun going from guitar center, to borders, to the supermarket, and finally to the mall. lots of walking… but rewarding! i hope everyone likes their gifts :) hmm… now i gotta wrap them, but i pretty much suck at that :/ i follow the calvin & hobbes model: “do it bad enough and they won’t ask you to do it again” so now, my sisters don’t ask me to wrap gifts… so i watch. =) and when i need to make gifts look nice, bags & boxes with tissue paper do the trick :P

anyways, on my way home, it was kinda ironic to see that while i was driving 65 mph in a 55mph zone, the police car ahead of me was moving further and further away… i sped up to 75 and i still wasn’t matching his speed! i’m not sure how that makes me feel… haha.

getting home, my parents and sisters were wrapping gifts for the children at church tomorrow since it’s become a tradition for all the kids to get gifts for christmas! so i watched :P and did some of my own organizing for my sisters and parents and grandma’s gifts :) i then proceeded to play starcraft 2 with kavin, and lost every. single. game. whew, well that game won’t keep me addicted long… then, i cleaned my desk. it made me SO antsy because i like order… but there was so much stuff. i REALLY need to unpack and reorganize my room because it’s a mess too :( ENTROPY. AHHHH.

so, cleaning is a big thing on my mind right now, but at least i got some of it done. the other thing that’s bothering me is the fact that i got a ridiculous grade for psych, because all the test scores have been posted, but it doesn’t add up to the grade i received… it’s like a letter too low. and THIS is why i think my psych professor shouldn’t be teaching… ugh. i know this’ll get resolved, but it’s mistakes like these that bug me because after a couple mistakes, now the only thing that comes to mind when i think of him is incompetence… lol. ok no more complaining. it’s christmas eve tomorrow!

day 354

my goodness, i’ve reached exhaustion again… whew.

man, i didn’t sleep till 5:30 last night because both my roommates had a chem final the next day, and nick decided to pull an all-nighter… i guess that didn’t bother me too much but we did talk about black swan since he was the one who recommended me to watch it. i did enjoy talking it over with him, though i’m pretty sure half my brain was functioning with little sleep… haha. 

woke up at 8am, and got ready to send esther to south station. i offered her a ride because i could not fathom how she could bring her freaking ENORMOUS suitcase with her all the way to south station… and i figured driving there would teach me how to get to china town and navigate around… and it did =) well sorta… i basically just learned more about mass pike :P anyways, steph, esther, and i left around 9am, got breakfast and dunkin donuts, and got to south station with enough time for esther to catch the 10am fungwah bus. then, we headed back to BC, and i took a nap until noon…

when i awoke, it was almost time to meet steph’s family! let’s see… i met her mom and dad, her oldest brother tim, and her best friend karyn. initially, i was definitely afraid. or more unsure as to what to do… so i just walked around, haha. steph was busy showing the family around the house, and that gave me time to recollect myself :P things got rolling as we helped steph move out of her place, and then we decided to go to cleveland circle for lunch. when we stepped outside, it was snowing! amazing… the first time it snows is always entrancing and magical… anyways, we decided to go to bangkok bistro, and i brought steph and her brother in my van. while steph was talking to her parents, tim and i (wow that sounds like i’m talking to myself…) talked about his role in being the protective brother… and i realized that i would be in his shoes if either of my sisters started dating… haha. thankfully, he seemed fine with the whole thing and im guessing you’re supposed to be mean as the older brother but i didn’t get that from him. whew. :P anyways, that whole thing started making me think about my sisters… haha. oh boy. well, when we got to bangkok, we realized that it was closed! so we headed to chipotle and got lunch. steph & i split a burrito because after eating a couple times, we had to admit we couldn’t finish one by ourselves… haha. 

during lunch, i enjoyed listening to the conversations because i’m pretty sure this is what happened when steph came to dinner with my family… it gave me a feel of what goes on back at home and how each person relates to one another =) i always find that fascinating just because you’re never sure how things are until you actually talk and listen.  like, i knew pastor lim mainly spoke in english, but it didn’t really occur to me until i was watching (wow now i sound like a stalker…) them :P and i guess that’s different from my family because i would not trust my dad’s english, haha. half of the time, my dad has corny jokes…ah and, i got to talk with steph’s mom in mandarin since she’s fluent in taiwanese, mandarin, and english, and i got to share about how my parents too. i guess my dad’s side is also from the same place in china as her family. interesting… well, after lunch, we parted ways, and sadly, i got a parking ticket! doh… though i’m pretty sure i was only late like 5-10 minutes, but i realized that if this was the worst thing that happened today so far, then i’m totally happy :)

after steph’s family left, i returned to my room to do some errands and took a nap. then, i did some packing and then offered to send my roommates and jv to coolidge corner since they were going to see black swan! the buses were not running too efficiently in the snow, and i thought it’d be better if i just sent them. it was a fun trip there, though there was definitely a lot of traffic! i’m glad i was able to spend time with them on the car one last time before next year, and then after a lot of waiting on the road, i made it to newton to pick up karen. since i didn’t finish packing, karen came back with me to my room to help clean up, pack, and make dinner. i really could not have done it without her help! while i packed, she helped wash dishes/make dinner, and we switched off in making dumplings and chicken nuggets, and we were able to eat and finish packing by 9… we loaded the minivan, and i headed over to 90 to say bye to the guys before heading back home. despite the snowfall, driving went safely, slowly, and smoothly. i think one time when i was driving my roommates to black swan, the van was acting up and not accelerating… with lights flashing and stuff… but i was able to pull over and restart the car. (i don’t think restart is the right word :P) but, thankfully, nothing bad happened! especially since i heard there were a couple accidents on comm ave that day. karen and i finally got back home around 10:30, and i felt SO relieved… i can’t wait to rest :) but at the same time, i gotta start working for my dad tomorrow! man, i guess at least i won’t be bored? i crave sleep…

day 298

woke up at 7, and did my ritual for getting ready and suiting up! it’s pretty fun, and i’ve seemed to have gotten the process down by heart, and i can gauge how long I do this and that. checked out of the hotel, and headed to the UConn health center. Gosh! it’s so intimidating because it looks like a fortress on top of a hill. the best part of the place is how i had to take this long winding path up to the main entrance, so it felt like…a boss battle! haha.

getting to the office, i realized that there were only 7 other interviewees… and that there were only 2 guys including myself. interesting… and there never fails to be people from cali! one was from norcal and the other from socal… anyways, i guess the girl/guy ratio made sense because last year’s stats showed a 2:1 ratio for girls to guys. well, we began with an info session hosted by the associate dean, and he’s hilarious! he was also really straight forward about the pros & cons of the school, and i really appreciated it because it took off a lot of stress about how they handled decisions and stuff. plus, this is one of the classes i’ve ever seen: 40! so that means you really get to know your class and professors, and you take classes with med students…not sure how i feel about that. oh, but it’s all pass/fail! except that i heard from one student that it felt harder to pass than to get 100 in an undergrad test…what?! so, i think UConn has been most helpful in being upfront about its strengths & weaknesses… and that’s something i’m going to judge other schools and make a decision. that is, if i get in… i have a 50% shot!

after the info session, we took a tour around the campus and while some parts looked new & clean, other places reminded me of the fortress… and i had a really random awkward conversation with one of the girls from cali. well, not really awkward… but definitely random. turned awkward. basically, she asked me if i knew someone named jeff, who i was related to, that went to dental school… and i was like, my dad?! my dad’s name is jeff… he went to dental school… but then she was like, no i mean someone who went to dental school 2 years ago… ooooooooooh. no. i don’t. yeah that’d be weird if my dad was two years older than me. or even weirder that she would know my dad randomly. haha. other people there that were interviewing was asking me like, do you know this person or that… and i didn’t. haha. oh well.. i guess i’d do that too if i knew someone from the UCs… i guess one girl from the boston area is coming to the clemson game next week… it may be disappointing :/

then, we had lunch with some 4th year students, and we were given $7 meal tickets… at first, i was skeptical about what i could buy because BC prices are jacked up! but, meals here looked good (i couldn’t decide…) and cost only $3-5. drinks were cheap too! and the cashier was really nice too by telling me that i could get chips so it would total to $7. well, after eating and chatting, we took another tour around other parts of the school, like different facilities, and then it was finally time for interviews.

i thought it was the gentleman thing to do to let the girls go first… but that meant i had to wait in the lobby for like 2 hours. yeaaaah. at least i got to know the other interviewers better who were waiting with me as well. haha. when it was finally my turn at 3, i got to talk with two interviewers… but it wasn’t intimidating! it was a pretty good conversation though there were a couple directed interview questions, and i think i answered them well. i think i came out of the interview feeling fine, but throughout the day, i really weighed on my mind whether i would want to come… cheaper tuition, but very rigorous schedule with med classes… and it’s in the middle of nowhere :/ i’m not sure… i guess i’ll have to make a pro/con list.

after the interview, i headed back home. the interviewer told me that there was going to be traffic at hartford… but surprisingly, there wasn’t! even at 4! wowww. so that was awesome. haha, on the way to uconn i listened to dave barnes the entire way… and on the way back, i decided to listen to david crowder :P anyways, it was really smooth driving the entire way back, as i was able to cruise at like 70 the entire way… and there was one point where i saw reallllly nice foliage, because the trees were all different colors and set on a hill. and as soon as i saw that, my ipod played “Oh happiness!” haha. right on cue! :) it was a very relaxing drive back, but i did have to eat some snacks to keep myself awake. i managed to get back home in 1 hour and 40 minutes… instead of the estimated 2+ hours! :D i stopped by the office to pick up my dad, and then had dinner with the family. packed up some stuff, and got ready to go back to BC.

back at BC, i did a lot of unpacking and repacking… with laundry and stuff… and making sure i wasn’t packing any large containers of liquids onto the plane tomorrow. :P i’m glad that i made it back in time to see the shaw freshmen at my room because of the progressive dinner! it turned out SO well, i’m so glad that everyone was having a great time. after unpacking and the place settled down, i headed off to the library… and while i managed to get lots of work done….i still have more! seriously?! this never ends… haha. oh well, i’m flying off to USC tomorrow, and this totally makes me feel like a businessman :)

day 297

now i really wonder whether it was worth it to watch 500 days and stay out so late last night… oh, but i think my favorite part was definitely the actual vs. expectations clips that were shown side by side… that was pretty interesting, and of course, it was kind of sad to see the differences :P 

blah. i woke up feeling tired… and felt rushed to pack everything since i was going to leave for BC right after church. i got everything ready though, and for worship, it was difficult to sing because i was sick. well, it didn’t help that i drank hot and sour soup for breakfast… because i don’t think that helps the vocal cords at all. :/ anyways, i think after just the first song, i couldn’t intonate as well and hit certain notes… and in general, my voice just sounded muddy. but, you see, the day before, it was fine despite being sick, and i think lack of sleep probably contributed to the problem. oh well, i think this was a good reminder that presence of god does not depend on vocal ability. or band performance. :) but, for the most part, i am glad that the songs did go pretty much according to how we practiced because i’m usually at fault for doing random things at last second because i totally forget what happens next! :P

sunday school was fine, but strangely, i always feel like we never have enough time to do everything i had in mind… because i wanted to go over some stuff about our welcome night… but we ran out of time, so we did a circle hug! still awkward. but they’re getting it… haha.

i headed off to BC after lunch and playing some piano… and this was mainly to attend an alpha sigma nu meeting… which i realized isn’t that active… haha. i mean, we met in vandy cabaret room, but there was like 15 people there… and it was dimly lit because no one was able to find the right light switch… but at least i got to talk with andrew paik and catch up with him! i think the last time i saw him was like a month ago.. and he had to hurry off to class, so it was great to be able to share our experiences, and we mostly talked about interview stuff… though company and school interviews are drastically different. anyways, still feeling tired, i decided to get some starbucks coffee drink from camp co along with snapple! oh geez, i got these jalapeno cheese tortilla flavored combos, and they SUCKED. i ate one, and it tasted pasty. and undercooked… wow, that aftertaste was horrible. the worst thing is that i’m a sucker for things that have jalapenos. that’s the only reason i bought it… what a fail.

well, the drive to farmington was estimated to be 2 hours, but there was a lot of traffic on the mass pike… so the first stretch took like twice as long. i couldn’t believe it because it was a sunday afternoon… and it’s ridiculous how exits can be placed 10 miles apart. BC was at exit 17, and i was heading to exit 9… so i was so confused as to how it could take 50 minutes to get there… until i realized that starting at exit 12… each one took at least 10 minutes to reach. actually it took longer because the traffic only let me travel at 30mph. i eventually made it to farmington, and i made my way to the health center & the hotel pretty easily, but i tried to be adventurous and find a restaurant to eat at… so i followed signs that said food, but they were either closed… or kinda shady. where was the mcdonalds?! so i asked the hotel front desk for help, and there were a couple places a little farther down the highway, like red robin!… but i didn’t really want to wait for anything, so i DID find a mcdonalds :P and i maximized my monopoly chances: nuggets, large fries, medium drink. (source: justin - LOL). so that was definitely the longest drive i ever did, because it took nearly 3 hours… i really hope that’s not the case when i return tomorrow, i definitely gotta avoid the traffic coming up. and the scenery on the way there was kinda interesting, with the foliage and stuff…. but it’d be more interesting if i could speed through it! because trees got boring quick. at least passing through hartford was a good change of scenery, with buildings and lights and billboards :D 

well i spent the rest of the night doing work… eh. i got some of it done.. but there’s always more! :/ and the hotel’s pretty nice. it’s roomier than all the rest i’ve been in, with a kitchen, stove and fridge! and it’s cheaper than all the other ones… haha. plus they gave me a uconn discount! gosh, i think it only came out to $80 a night :)

day 238

spent the morning and afternoon reformatting my new hard drive and getting it all to work. everything went pretty smoothly although the restore itself would take 3 hours. so, i decided to go get lunch at panera with my sisters. when we got back, it was done, and everything seemed fine! well…i still had to update it, so as soon as i did that, i realized that none of my applications could start up. not sure what to do about that, so i left it because i had to go to BC!

first, i went to the bookstore to pick up some more books that i realized weren’t cheaper on amazon. then i went to star market to pick up a cake for tonight’s dinner! well, my mom insisted that i do so even though i was told not to because it was the polite thing to do…

i was invited by dr. bob to get dinner with him and andrew at his place next to reservoir. man, i thought the 2000 apartments were nice, but the 2400 apartments on beacon street were FREAKING sweet! gosh, and he took me on a tour of his place, and it’s so nice! with decorations from all the places he’s been, like turkey and china, and anywhere else…. everything just seemed so collective. i guess he likes to buy stuff to display. oh, and he had lots of wine and cigars too :P

anyways, andrew and i got to dr bob’s around 6:30, and we just chatted until 7:30 when he began cooking the dinner. we had steak, mushrooms, salad, squash, zucchini… it was great! i really enjoyed the conversations, although dr bob likes to go off on random tangents all the time. one moment, we’d be talking about shaw stuff, and the next it’d be about a trip to turkey, or fenway, or chinatown food. haha, but it was so relaxed, and the stories were very interesting. we had the cake that i brought, and we stayed until 9:30 before heading out.

then, i sent andrew back to 2000, and i was going to leave, but andrew convinced me to go up and say hi to amir and kathie. so i went, and i ended up talking with them all until midnight! yousef was there as well along with someone else called kate. and kathie brought an international student who will be studying here in the fall, named Evo. or is it Ivo? he’s from the netherlands! anyways, i hadn’t talked to them for some time, and it was great catching up with everyone and just realizing how people are getting set for life after BC… like kathie & eric already have jobs after school, andrew is going to law school… man, i can’t believe we’re talking about stuff like this! but there were a lot of laughs, and it was great learning about how the US was portrayed in the netherlands :P

finally, i made my way back home after dropping off kathie & evo at kathie’s place. i had a lot of gas the entire night but couldn’t let it out till i was on the road by myself :P ok, tmi? anyways, driving late at night is so very calming. and serene. especially when there’s no “deadline” or stresses to be dealt with the next day. 

anyways, i got back home, and i’m STILL trying to figure out how to get my laptop to work… i thought it’d be so simple, but the same problem keeps reappearing… i’m going to seee what i can do to fix this…. i always fear this would happen…

oh and i just realized that i left my driver’s license at the bc bookstore… i probably forgot to get it back when they asked for it during the text rental registration… GREAT. well, i actually need a new one anyways because i have to get an over 21 license!

day 211

wow. i am not playing picross before i go to bed… i think that made my mind extra tired haha. i spent a good portion of my day helping my mom. basically, i went to the airport to pick up a pastor who would be speaking tonight, and then we went to go eat lunch, and then i sent them to her hotel room and then i brought them to the hair salon… so i was a chauffeur for the day… oh well. went to the paper store and walmart to do some shopping for cards, like the ones for going away and graduation and thankyous. i met eric hsu’s dad there but he totally forgot who i was… haha. oh well…

went to church to practice for the songs, and this time, there was no disaster like last sunday :P. we basically spent the night playing buzzword and thinking of what to do for the next month for ROFL. i’m still debating whether to talk about sex/dating/marriage because it’s fun making everyone feel awkward! actually, it’s saddening that such topics are rarely brought up in church and you’re left to figure stuff out on your own… at least that’s been the case for me. plus, i think a lot of people would be interested, especially non-church goers? and it would definitely help break the stereotype that church thinks sex=bad. or maybe it’s more like asian parents think sex=bad. ahahaha. ok, but i think i’m also afraid that people won’t really be mature about the whole thing (myself included :P) or… more realistically, i’m unsure whether i’ll be able to talk about it in a clear and concise way. 

it’s times like these when my mind hits a roadblock. because what i find interesting may not appeal to the youth… and the end result would be just me talking to myself, haha. and for other topics, i just don’t know enough about it… so i’d be walking around aimlessly. strange, i think the more i lead youth group, the less certain i’m confident about my ability to lead. i’m not sure whether its inadequacy or uncertainty, but i really don’t want to just have an “intellectual” conversation. i want to be able to motivate the youth. for them to be passionate. for the talks to engage the heart, the soul, the mind, and for it to overflow into their lives. but what to do now?