day 357

work today went pretty smoothly, and i think i got the hang of it though i would still forget a thing or two. i talked to more people and got a bit more comfortable with conversation and such… it still bugs me though that i have to make the extra effort to tell myself to wish other people a happy holidays or a merry christmas. or else, i just nod, or say you too. or something. and it kind of leaves me with regret… i guess that’s interesting because it reminds me that i have a lot to learn about how to interact with people :/

ah, and i managed to finally clean up my gmail account! wow i had emails ALL the way back from the beginning of the year… so that was kind of a stroll through memory lane… anyways, i’m probably gonna do that with my entries, but i’m going to skim them for the most important events that happened this year :) hopefully, that won’t take too long! oh, i thought it was pretty funny that i recently got an email saying i got waitlisted for KRUP, and when i went back through my emails, i found last year’s email about being waitlisted for KRUP again… haha owned! hopefully, i get to go again :)

also, after the day ended, i realized i was pretty tired, even though i sat around most of the day. and i think this week was the first time i actually worked a full day. sad, i know. i’ve never technically “worked” unless you count working for my dad, which i don’t, because it seems a lot easier than working for a boss i don’t know… i’ve never held entry jobs because i usually do volunteer stuff, and prior to this experience, i’ve always worked for just a couple hours at the office before heading back home. so this week was fun, though i did have some reservations because i know my dad is always tired when he comes back from work and i feared i would feel the same. and, well i guess i do feel tired, but it’s different than what i feel at school… i’m not sure how to differentiate between them, but it’s like productive exhaustion… like physically tired instead of mentally or emotionally tired… not sure if that’s right. (or is it labor vs. work?) anyways, i actually didn’t mind working too much, so that’s another fear overcome :)

returning home, we had dinner, and then i set out for a final christmas gift run! thankfully, i managed to complete everything i set out to do for gifts and such, mostly for my family, and it was fun going from guitar center, to borders, to the supermarket, and finally to the mall. lots of walking… but rewarding! i hope everyone likes their gifts :) hmm… now i gotta wrap them, but i pretty much suck at that :/ i follow the calvin & hobbes model: “do it bad enough and they won’t ask you to do it again” so now, my sisters don’t ask me to wrap gifts… so i watch. =) and when i need to make gifts look nice, bags & boxes with tissue paper do the trick :P

anyways, on my way home, it was kinda ironic to see that while i was driving 65 mph in a 55mph zone, the police car ahead of me was moving further and further away… i sped up to 75 and i still wasn’t matching his speed! i’m not sure how that makes me feel… haha.

getting home, my parents and sisters were wrapping gifts for the children at church tomorrow since it’s become a tradition for all the kids to get gifts for christmas! so i watched :P and did some of my own organizing for my sisters and parents and grandma’s gifts :) i then proceeded to play starcraft 2 with kavin, and lost every. single. game. whew, well that game won’t keep me addicted long… then, i cleaned my desk. it made me SO antsy because i like order… but there was so much stuff. i REALLY need to unpack and reorganize my room because it’s a mess too :( ENTROPY. AHHHH.

so, cleaning is a big thing on my mind right now, but at least i got some of it done. the other thing that’s bothering me is the fact that i got a ridiculous grade for psych, because all the test scores have been posted, but it doesn’t add up to the grade i received… it’s like a letter too low. and THIS is why i think my psych professor shouldn’t be teaching… ugh. i know this’ll get resolved, but it’s mistakes like these that bug me because after a couple mistakes, now the only thing that comes to mind when i think of him is incompetence… lol. ok no more complaining. it’s christmas eve tomorrow!

day 233

haha, spent the afternoon playing starcraft 2 :P but i also went to costco to schedule an eye exam… of all places. but, i may possibly get contacts! that way, i can see better when i drive… and not have to squint when i’m reading stuff. but, honestly, my eyesight isn’t that bad… but i hate the feeling of reading signs on the road and worrying about making a split decision. that kind of anxiety bothers me. oh well…. you know, maybe i could get sharingan contacts. but i’m pretty sure the coolness would wear off pretty soon and then everyone would look at me strange. ok so, i scheduled my eye test for monday, walked around the mall and then came back home. 

i decided to do some more organizing of my room in preparation for moving back to BC next saturday! gosh, this is so weird because i feel like i’m still disorganized from moving out of BC… but i managed to sort a lot of the stuff in whether to keep at home or to bring to school, and all i have left are piles of magazines and books to read… i have a LOT to go through :( this is why i hate getting magazine subscriptions. i’m really interested in the beginning, but then they pile up too quickly.

after playing some more starcraft 2 with kavin, i decided to work on the VBS slideshow, and i’m glad to have most of that done already! well, i didn’t do that much since i’m reusing much of it from friday’s slideshow, but there are definitely new pictures because of friday’s award ceremony and the whole process of decorating the church. then, i moved onto sorting photos, and i’m surprised to have finished most of that too! i realized i had photos from my sister’s graduation in june that i hadn’t uploaded, so it was good to finally finish that :) aaaand, i managed to sort through my VBS photos, and i think i’m finally done with my taiwan photos because i’m afraid of deleting photos that i might need to use later on (which i’ve never actually had to use… i think i worry too much :P). and, now i can store them onto my backup hard drive! well, i have to wait to upload my taiwan videos… so that’ll take some time :/. and then VBS videos…

oh, and i’m so glad that i finally responded to an email from a student in Taiwan! i kinda put it off because i was unsure how to translate stuff… but with the help of google translate and yellowbridge, i was able to write the letter in chinese! oh, and it was good i sorted through my taiwan photos because i was able to send her a photo of her that i took!

so here’s that letter…. if you can read it, please excuse my possible grammar fails. :D

Hi Peggy!
你好嗎? 夏天 ?  對不起我的中文 禮拜營地教會 VBS, Vacation Bible School: 放假聖經學校.我沒有反應希望 喜歡 你的英語課 和 我們可以保持聯繫!Tim老師

anyways, picnic tomorrow! although the beach is closed because of the high concentration of bacteria :( but, i’m still excited!! because hopefully, many of the kids from VBS will come!