day 350

well, because i went to sleep at 530 last night, i couldn’t really wake up though i tried… until 1PM :P but my body felt SO much better, and immediately, i got to work! i managed to finish my 7 page extra credit essay by 3:30, which i may post up, as it explains why i got pwned on my final :P did some more dish washing for fun and cooked lunch.

i stopped by the library in hopes of studying at my special spot in 4th floor… but oneill was STILL crowded… so i just printed some stuff out and headed back to gabelli lounge, where i studied for the rest of the night. i was pretty efficient with my time, i started my next essay at 5, took a break at 6:45 when steph came over, and cooked dinner for myself and the roommates (bulgogi! i was afraid it was going bad…haha), then returned at 8:30 and did WORK till 11! whew, another 7 pager done :) and it was actually enjoyable because i liked the topic. perhaps, my philosophy teacher will consider this more than my final exam…i can only hope, haha. justin came by around 9 to study dev bio, but i was still working on my essay… so he went much further ahead. there were a couple study breaks in between for cookies! and steph & susan came as well to bring us cupcakes and keep us company and prevent us from going crazy… i think after the essay, my mind was not functioning too well… and that persisted until justin left and i went to the bathroom to take a dump. somehow, the dev bio slides got interesting again… but i only went through one lecture. doh. tomorrow’s gonna be a big cramming day! :/