day 303

gosh, i loved sleeping in for 10 hours :) and originally, i had planned to isolate myself from the world… but that didn’t work too well. haha but it turned out for the better! i decided to cook lunch: dumplings & scallion pancakes. this time, the pancakes turned out much better. well except for one… because it got stuck together so i ate it by myself (i’m embarrassed of failed dishes :P) but i gave the other one to my roommates and they liked it too! this means i managed to get the cooking down… whew. haha, and best of all, i didn’t feel sick after eating it… 

i guess lsat scores came out this morning, and my friends who took it were a bit bummed… so, while i tried to just listen and support. because it’s hard to identify fully with someone’s pain when you don’t go through it yourself :/ but i guess in the grand picture, they’re still going to get into law school! just… not that top choice :/ and well, schools and their prestige don’t necessarily make good lawyers. i think the same goes for med/dent schools, and i need to keep that perspective in mind… as appealing as a name does seem. bummer…expectations don’t always work out :/

i planned on going to the library after lunch, but i got distracted playing a dark, yet fun game, based on hansel & gretel, so nick and i spent a good hour or two on this. the best part was playing through the game together and talking over how to solve the puzzles and creepiness of the story. =)

i actually got some work done in the room, and caught up on math. also, nick’s sister liz stopped by, but she had to hurry back to mass art. so i helped her with directions to get there :)

finally, i left for the library and got a good amount of work done! the library was pretty empty :P then i headed back to pack and shared pizzas with nick :D

ah yes, i bought a couple albums this week:

hillsong chapel is amazing because it’s a lot of their popular songs, re-done acoustically. i can actually hear the acoustic in these songs :P and they’ve made them more feasible for small churches :) and in general, now there’s a lot of motivation to see how i can arrange songs so they are more acoustic or simplified yet full. i’m digging: came to my rescue, from the inside out, & mighty to save

i have fallen in love with a new voice! i heard her first on chris tomlin’s christmas album in the song winter snow. and truthfully, that was probably the best song on the album, haha! anyways, i never looked into her music until i heard her cd on pastor jack’s car, and i was blown away! her voice and the music are so refreshing, like the first time i found shane & shane :P and it’s uniquely different from my other favorite girl: brooke fraser :) i would check out her song: restless.

i saw this on sale at amazon mp3 for $5, and well, after watching zooey on 500 days of summer i figured i should check out whether she’s a double threat: is she theatrically AND musically talented? YEP. though, her style of music is different than what i’m used to, but she exudes a different but very warm personality than summer in the movie :P i would listen to: thieves & in the sun!

so today felt very productive in terms of work and spending time with my roommates. and i’m so surprised that BC beat Clemson! but, i’m glad i didn’t go because today i just felt relaxed and didn’t want to be “forced” to go because i had a ticket… gosh, how relaxing!

day 297

now i really wonder whether it was worth it to watch 500 days and stay out so late last night… oh, but i think my favorite part was definitely the actual vs. expectations clips that were shown side by side… that was pretty interesting, and of course, it was kind of sad to see the differences :P 

blah. i woke up feeling tired… and felt rushed to pack everything since i was going to leave for BC right after church. i got everything ready though, and for worship, it was difficult to sing because i was sick. well, it didn’t help that i drank hot and sour soup for breakfast… because i don’t think that helps the vocal cords at all. :/ anyways, i think after just the first song, i couldn’t intonate as well and hit certain notes… and in general, my voice just sounded muddy. but, you see, the day before, it was fine despite being sick, and i think lack of sleep probably contributed to the problem. oh well, i think this was a good reminder that presence of god does not depend on vocal ability. or band performance. :) but, for the most part, i am glad that the songs did go pretty much according to how we practiced because i’m usually at fault for doing random things at last second because i totally forget what happens next! :P

sunday school was fine, but strangely, i always feel like we never have enough time to do everything i had in mind… because i wanted to go over some stuff about our welcome night… but we ran out of time, so we did a circle hug! still awkward. but they’re getting it… haha.

i headed off to BC after lunch and playing some piano… and this was mainly to attend an alpha sigma nu meeting… which i realized isn’t that active… haha. i mean, we met in vandy cabaret room, but there was like 15 people there… and it was dimly lit because no one was able to find the right light switch… but at least i got to talk with andrew paik and catch up with him! i think the last time i saw him was like a month ago.. and he had to hurry off to class, so it was great to be able to share our experiences, and we mostly talked about interview stuff… though company and school interviews are drastically different. anyways, still feeling tired, i decided to get some starbucks coffee drink from camp co along with snapple! oh geez, i got these jalapeno cheese tortilla flavored combos, and they SUCKED. i ate one, and it tasted pasty. and undercooked… wow, that aftertaste was horrible. the worst thing is that i’m a sucker for things that have jalapenos. that’s the only reason i bought it… what a fail.

well, the drive to farmington was estimated to be 2 hours, but there was a lot of traffic on the mass pike… so the first stretch took like twice as long. i couldn’t believe it because it was a sunday afternoon… and it’s ridiculous how exits can be placed 10 miles apart. BC was at exit 17, and i was heading to exit 9… so i was so confused as to how it could take 50 minutes to get there… until i realized that starting at exit 12… each one took at least 10 minutes to reach. actually it took longer because the traffic only let me travel at 30mph. i eventually made it to farmington, and i made my way to the health center & the hotel pretty easily, but i tried to be adventurous and find a restaurant to eat at… so i followed signs that said food, but they were either closed… or kinda shady. where was the mcdonalds?! so i asked the hotel front desk for help, and there were a couple places a little farther down the highway, like red robin!… but i didn’t really want to wait for anything, so i DID find a mcdonalds :P and i maximized my monopoly chances: nuggets, large fries, medium drink. (source: justin - LOL). so that was definitely the longest drive i ever did, because it took nearly 3 hours… i really hope that’s not the case when i return tomorrow, i definitely gotta avoid the traffic coming up. and the scenery on the way there was kinda interesting, with the foliage and stuff…. but it’d be more interesting if i could speed through it! because trees got boring quick. at least passing through hartford was a good change of scenery, with buildings and lights and billboards :D 

well i spent the rest of the night doing work… eh. i got some of it done.. but there’s always more! :/ and the hotel’s pretty nice. it’s roomier than all the rest i’ve been in, with a kitchen, stove and fridge! and it’s cheaper than all the other ones… haha. plus they gave me a uconn discount! gosh, i think it only came out to $80 a night :)


By Bill Watterson
Published on 13th December 1988


By Bill Watterson

Published on 13th December 1988