US Sandwiches 

Massachusetts what the fuck is wrong with you


love this!

love this!

but i love doing this… eating things unconventionally :)

but i love doing this… eating things unconventionally :)

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I want haribo now!!!



how can art be so mesmerizingly delicious?








this just blew my mind.

ARE YOU FUCKING ME? they make this look so goddamn easy

fucking asians 

damn now I can’t eat water melon with thinking ” shouldn’t this be a piece of art? ” fuck!


Holy shit I can’t even draw a flower that good on paper, let alone on a watermelon. 


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Happy Thanksgiving Tumblrfamily! 


Happy Thanksgiving Tumblrfamily! 

day 302

woke up and felt ready to take my calc midterm! it’s still the most frustrating subject to study for… because i’m never sure if i’m ready. it’s the strangest feeling because i’m neither confident nor worried about how i’ll do. so, during the test, i felt calm, even when i realized that i had no idea what to do for some of the problems. i think it was the initial panic, like “oh shoot… what is this asking??” so i just move onto what i do know. and then i come back to realize that it’s a lot less complicated than i originally thought. so, i hope i did well…

came out of the class feeling hungry so i stopped by the rat, and i met up with don & dan! i also got to talk to one of my gajok daughters, cristina :) anyways, i originally thought i bought a chocolate chip muffin… because it said chocolate chip muffin on the rack. what a lie! it was RAISIN. geez. i was initially suspicious of the muffin because it looked different from the ones around it… but i just thought that was because the chocolate chips were inside. or something. wow. haha, all i could think of was how this will build “character” because that’s what calvin’s dad says when stuff doesn’t go your way. oh well. :/ it was a learning experience or something :P but it was fun talking with don and dan before they headed to class.

i returned to the room to get some work done before heading off to class again… and it was definitely nerve wracking in physio because the professor began calling out random kids! i’m lucky he didn’t call on me… but i was on wiki the entire time! haha. i kinda zoned out of dev because a lot of stuff was on my mind… and we were going to get our tests back :/ and so we did at the end of class… and i can’t complain with my grade :) what a relief…. because i’m never sure if i’m under a false sense of confidence. gosh, but the next exam is so soon!

picked up my degree audit with justin, then we headed off to the rat to grab lunch and talk about classes next semester. blah. so unreal. i think. i’m not sure whether i should be stressed for my last semester… because part of me will just be wondering what to do with extra time… and the other part of me will regret what i’m doing with so much work. i’ve got some figuring out to do…

headed back home, ate some good food, rested, and planned out what to talk about for youth group. mainly because we’re getting ready for the welcome night! oh, and i’m relieved that harvard finally began reviewing applications… meaning they’ll read mine. at least now, i can be assured that all my schools have received my application. no guarantee i’ll get an interview though… and well, i guess i’ll keep hoping? haha. after this week, i’ll be relieved of much interview stress.

youth group was chill. it was a solid group of 10, and i think that was important for preparing for the welcome night. we’re pretty excited, and despite many distractions from logan & josh, i think everyone is on the same wavelength :) 

well, after rofl, i headed back to BC, and i guess i could’ve/should’ve gone to my friend’s place for a party… i need to rest. and recuperate. this is probably the earliest i’ve slept for some time… and i hope to sleep a good amount (without getting awoken by my roommates later in the night…) haha whatever. for some reason, i’m looking forward to just being in the library by myself as everyone else should be either partying or at the football game. i just want to catch up on work, think, and be in solitude. my antisocial tendencies are tingling =) oh wait. i mean, i just need some time off from the world… sometimes, i like to think that the library is my bat cave. except it doesn’t have a secret entrance. and it’s not hidden. and other people know about it.

tomorrow is library day! :D

day 298

woke up at 7, and did my ritual for getting ready and suiting up! it’s pretty fun, and i’ve seemed to have gotten the process down by heart, and i can gauge how long I do this and that. checked out of the hotel, and headed to the UConn health center. Gosh! it’s so intimidating because it looks like a fortress on top of a hill. the best part of the place is how i had to take this long winding path up to the main entrance, so it felt like…a boss battle! haha.

getting to the office, i realized that there were only 7 other interviewees… and that there were only 2 guys including myself. interesting… and there never fails to be people from cali! one was from norcal and the other from socal… anyways, i guess the girl/guy ratio made sense because last year’s stats showed a 2:1 ratio for girls to guys. well, we began with an info session hosted by the associate dean, and he’s hilarious! he was also really straight forward about the pros & cons of the school, and i really appreciated it because it took off a lot of stress about how they handled decisions and stuff. plus, this is one of the classes i’ve ever seen: 40! so that means you really get to know your class and professors, and you take classes with med students…not sure how i feel about that. oh, but it’s all pass/fail! except that i heard from one student that it felt harder to pass than to get 100 in an undergrad test…what?! so, i think UConn has been most helpful in being upfront about its strengths & weaknesses… and that’s something i’m going to judge other schools and make a decision. that is, if i get in… i have a 50% shot!

after the info session, we took a tour around the campus and while some parts looked new & clean, other places reminded me of the fortress… and i had a really random awkward conversation with one of the girls from cali. well, not really awkward… but definitely random. turned awkward. basically, she asked me if i knew someone named jeff, who i was related to, that went to dental school… and i was like, my dad?! my dad’s name is jeff… he went to dental school… but then she was like, no i mean someone who went to dental school 2 years ago… ooooooooooh. no. i don’t. yeah that’d be weird if my dad was two years older than me. or even weirder that she would know my dad randomly. haha. other people there that were interviewing was asking me like, do you know this person or that… and i didn’t. haha. oh well.. i guess i’d do that too if i knew someone from the UCs… i guess one girl from the boston area is coming to the clemson game next week… it may be disappointing :/

then, we had lunch with some 4th year students, and we were given $7 meal tickets… at first, i was skeptical about what i could buy because BC prices are jacked up! but, meals here looked good (i couldn’t decide…) and cost only $3-5. drinks were cheap too! and the cashier was really nice too by telling me that i could get chips so it would total to $7. well, after eating and chatting, we took another tour around other parts of the school, like different facilities, and then it was finally time for interviews.

i thought it was the gentleman thing to do to let the girls go first… but that meant i had to wait in the lobby for like 2 hours. yeaaaah. at least i got to know the other interviewers better who were waiting with me as well. haha. when it was finally my turn at 3, i got to talk with two interviewers… but it wasn’t intimidating! it was a pretty good conversation though there were a couple directed interview questions, and i think i answered them well. i think i came out of the interview feeling fine, but throughout the day, i really weighed on my mind whether i would want to come… cheaper tuition, but very rigorous schedule with med classes… and it’s in the middle of nowhere :/ i’m not sure… i guess i’ll have to make a pro/con list.

after the interview, i headed back home. the interviewer told me that there was going to be traffic at hartford… but surprisingly, there wasn’t! even at 4! wowww. so that was awesome. haha, on the way to uconn i listened to dave barnes the entire way… and on the way back, i decided to listen to david crowder :P anyways, it was really smooth driving the entire way back, as i was able to cruise at like 70 the entire way… and there was one point where i saw reallllly nice foliage, because the trees were all different colors and set on a hill. and as soon as i saw that, my ipod played “Oh happiness!” haha. right on cue! :) it was a very relaxing drive back, but i did have to eat some snacks to keep myself awake. i managed to get back home in 1 hour and 40 minutes… instead of the estimated 2+ hours! :D i stopped by the office to pick up my dad, and then had dinner with the family. packed up some stuff, and got ready to go back to BC.

back at BC, i did a lot of unpacking and repacking… with laundry and stuff… and making sure i wasn’t packing any large containers of liquids onto the plane tomorrow. :P i’m glad that i made it back in time to see the shaw freshmen at my room because of the progressive dinner! it turned out SO well, i’m so glad that everyone was having a great time. after unpacking and the place settled down, i headed off to the library… and while i managed to get lots of work done….i still have more! seriously?! this never ends… haha. oh well, i’m flying off to USC tomorrow, and this totally makes me feel like a businessman :)

day 272

yeaaaah i overslept. but luckily, my roommate woke me up at 9 at least… so i was only 10 minutes late. i think that if he didn’t come in, i wouldn’t have woken up.. whew! anyways, there were a lot of other kids that were late and that’s because of the newton bus… so perhaps i was covered by that excuse as well :P

i studied during the break, went to class and took the exam. it definitely was difficult, but i think i answered the questions to the best of my ability, and for now, i don’t have any regrets, which is a big surprise for me! coming out of exams, i usually feel that i should’ve done this or that, but after that exam, i just felt that a lot of stress was taken off of my shoulders…

office hours for ec with steve was uneventful as no freshman came in… but it was a good 2 hours to chill and “recover” from the exam. i got some work out of the way, and after office hours, i was able to enjoy the good weather by playing tennis with steph and mary jo! we originally planned to play indoors but we didn’t want to be judged by everyone exercising, so we moved outdoor (thankfully it was warm and not windy!). but then we realized that the tennis team was practicing.. oh shoooot. but as we looked at the court numbers, i saw that ours was at the farthest down away from the tennis team, so that was relieving :P. we just did a lot of rallying and for me, i was getting into the habit of playing again because i hadn’t for so long… it was just great to finally exercise, especially outdoors, and this really helped me to deal with stress. 

then we headed to addie’s for dinner, met nick there, and i wanted to continue my healthy streak by getting salad. =) but… not that filling :/ well, after that, i visited the 90 guys, showered, watched survivor (poor jimmy johnson…), and then realized i was still hungry… so i began healthy with fruit, but then ended with ramen :P then i headed to the library with dan kim, and studied there because i had to prepare for my calc exam on friday… and i think i totally negated all my healthiness by eating swedish fish, cheezitz, and drinking dr. pepper… owned.

another late night at the library… but i really hope to get some more sleep. (i wish i just got more sleep instead of hoping though) tomorrow looks like another busy day