Week 8: Recap


Steve Chua spoke on worship and a place called Naioth. This refers to 1 Samuel 19, where Saul goes to find David and instead becomes filled with the Spirit and starts prophesying. This was definitely something new that I hadn’t heard about, and I was quite intrigued to learn that Naioth means God’s dwelling place (or something like that).

Michelle Choi’s Birthday! Wow, almost forgot about that, but the gajok managed to round up a few of the children to surprise her, and we had a white mountain birthday cake :)


Valentine’s Day Shopping began in the morning, and I hit up four stores to complete the to-do list. First off, Starmarket for steak, then CVS for body wash… (ok that was just for me, haha), Olympia Flowers for a half dozen of roses, and then Chipotle for lunch :P

So, for Valentine’s Day, Steph & I began with a steak dinner. I was a bit hesitant since I never cooked steak before, but my mom said it was easy… and I just seasoned two fat pieces of steak and then let it cook for like 20 minutes. I’m surprised it turned out well! But, there’s still room for improvement… I think I cooked it well-done, which is a bit too much for me, since I’m more of a medium guy, but I was more afraid I was going to undercook it, haha. With the sauce leftover, I added red onions & mushrooms, and then cooked some veggies as well for a well-balanced dinner :) 

Next, we had plans to go to Northeastern (first time visiting!) to see Dave & Rich open for Tim Be Told! Most of the 90 boys went to the concert to support as well as Justin, Esther, Young Park, Ryan, Young Hahm, and Jin. Dave & Rich definitely blew out the other openers :P and I was quite surprised that Dave did a shout out for Steph and me… oh boy. And then, they sang hunters & cougars! They had such good stage presence, although they made it a bit awkward for the two people they asked up, one of which was Dave’s cousin! Then, Tim Be Told came up to play, and they were amazing :) Though, I was a bit bummed to hear that half the band quit… I’m so surprised that they’ve been able to continue and find new members, and I can’t wait for the new album!


The Leadership Exchange was a meeting where we gathered various leadership groups on campus, including Shaw, to mingle and to listen to a speaker, Michael Durkin, CEO of United Way of the Merrimack Valley. It was great that most people were able to come, and the Heights Room was packed! I think there was probably about 200 people, and the food was good too :) especially since it was free. Personally, I didn’t meet many new people even though I saw with other leadership groups… because Justin Feng was from ELP and I think Arthur was from Freshman Academy… and another girl was from Shaw and ALA. Win for me :)

KRUP Auction was very hilarious, although when I arrived, Justin and my service was already sold to Dan Kim… He wants good guitar lessons :) I was hoping to win something this year, and I had a couple serious bets going, but for some reason, someone else always seemed to win out. So, at the end, I didn’t get to buy anything :(


Thea Bowman Reception was amazing for the free food! That, and I went with the guys from Gate 404 and Young Jae. We just kept eating… and that was probably the most exciting thing about it :P The actual reception took so long because they called people up too slowly, but Don & Andrew made it amusing by switching names… haha.

Ended the night with Applebees with the Gajok! We had quite the scare since Rachel didn’t have her phone, so we couldn’t contact her. We kept waiting for her since she had told us she was definitely coming and we even confirmed when she left her place through friends… but she was not at the bus stop! Eventually, we left without her, and to our surprise, Rachel was waiting at the Reservoir bus stop… phew :P She told us her story/thought process, and basically she thought there was another stop after main gate, but once she arrived at Cleveland Circle, she unsuccessfully tried asking people for a phone… yet that probably wouldn’t have worked either since she didn’t know any our of numbers! Gosh… at least half-priced apps were delicious, and we were able to finish it all, especially with dessert!


Lunch with Dr. Bob was so great, as we hadn’t really talked for a couple months! I really enjoyed our  conversation, and I hope the next time we meet up won’t be so long in between…

I skipped Feminisms discussion for BC IDOL preparation, and while we couldn’t sound check individually, it was good to know how the guitar would be mic’d. Neither Liz nor I could eat dinner, so we just spent most of our time just waiting around with Ryan & Shinyoung until BC IDOL started. We were up 4th, and while I didn’t feel too nervous before the performance, I think that all changed when I realized we were going up on stage! I was so glad the song went without hitch, so at least, we couldn’t regret how we did :) Then, we headed into the audience to see everyone else perform, and I cannot believe how talented people are! The acts were amazing, and there were even children from St. Columbkille performing - CRAZY GOOD :) Finally, at the end of the competition, we were waiting for the results, and when I heard who placed in 3rd and 2nd, I was a bit bummed because I hoped we were gonna place… but, it was quite stunning when it was announced that Liz Peter had won first place! I was a bit confused, especially when I walked on stage, but what a great feeling to be able to help a friend win! :) And, even cooler, she won a check for $350! And she is now the BC IDOL, yay! What an unforgettable night… I loved it! Especially with all the support from our friends :)


The ROFL Winter Retreat began with just youth from Connecticut and Boston, as NY people were in traffic and still on their way. I was taken aback at how amazing the flyers, booklets, and schedule were done because they definitely surpassed my expectations! The NY people didn’t make it until the message was over, but it was a fun night just getting to know the California team, which included Pr. James Wang along with his wife, his brother John, and two other co-workers, Brian & Grace. I mainly worked on audio and visual stuff, which was a bit new for me, but I liked the experience :P


What a tiring but fun day… the messages were great, the small group time was meaningful, and the small group competitions were awesome! While we didn’t get to really interact with either the Connecticut or NY people, it was a good time to strengthen the leadership within our youth group. But, at the same time, we realized that we had to be more missional, and we saw that being more welcoming to our brothers and sisters in Christ from other states would be good practice :D


Church was packed! Usually, service is full with the adults and kids, but with an additional 50-60 youth, there were lots of people standing! And, it was great to see the place filled because hopefully, this will happen soon with our youth :) Haha, I’m praying for it! Anyways, leading worship after/during the retreat for Sunday was really rewarding because I didn’t feel like I had to “switch” mindsets. I mean that usually I spent Saturdays at BC, so to wake up the next morning for church and all takes some time to adjust, but being at a retreat, it wasn’t needed and it just felt easier to pour out my heart during worship. After service, I decided that it would be prime time to show the other churches the circle hug :D And, while they felt awkward in the beginning, I think they liked it :P 

Lunch time was fun, as there were little kids running around everywhere! Even the youth from the other churches were playing with them, haha. But, then we had to leave early, as my dad had to prepare a lobster lunch for the California team. I rested a bit, and then for dinner, we went out for Minado! Despite a long wait, it was worth it, and although I missed KRUP training, I’m glad I got to talk with the California team since I didn’t really have time during the retreat to do so. Wow, what a great weekend, although I’m definitely more tired than usual, haha.

Week 5: Recap


Overslept breakfast…and I was surprised Young didn’t wake me, Justin, or Eric up to help pack up the worship equipment! Oh well, at least everything was put away quickly, and we left Toah Nipi around 11 in the morning, and arrived back at BC at 1. On the bus ride back, Hayeon and I talked about how nostalgic ACF retreat has been, as this is (hopefully!) our last one, haha. Wow… so quick. Oh, and I somehow managed to sit in the bus that was mostly with girls… there must’ve been some sort of sexist segregation :P Back on campus, Steph and I first ate lunch, and then headed to her place to unpack and nap… Then, my dad came to BC later in the night to drop off Karen, and he picked us up so we could go grocery shopping! This was pretty fun, as we discussed about what meals we could cook (or at least we plan to…), and then we were able to finish our individual burritos at Chipotle! It was a fun day, though it didn’t feel like a Sunday at all, especially since I didn’t go to service. It did feel good to unpack and clean the kitchen and just get ready for a full week of school…


Shaw seminars were started up again, and I realized I hadn’t seen the freshmen for almost 2 months! It sure was fun seeing them again, though the house was a bit chilly because the heat wasn’t working… probably due to the unbelievably freezing conditions outside.


Went to a meeting about organizing a leadership get together with all the leadership groups including Shaw. I’m excited to see how it’ll all play out! Got to cook a new dish for Steph and me, and later the roommates also tried some since I cooked too much… good thing it was delicious :P At ACF, Shinyoung led praise! This is so awesome that new people are stepping up, though it’s kinda bittersweet that my time is up :P Anyways, tonight was time for the donations for Global Poverty Impact, and while I didn’t save up money (fail…), I decided to donate $100 to International Justice Mission because I had read the book over the summer, and now I feel like I’m finally acting upon my ideas because I am amazed at how the organization handles issues such as sex trafficking, mainly in that they will deal with the entire process from rescuing a person, to rehabilitation, to advocating laws that prevent further occurrences. Then, to end the night, I spent it at the library… I think I like it there :D


I guess just a typical day of school… perhaps the most exciting thing was helping Liz insulate her room haha. Oh, and I didn’t get to the library till midnight to accompany Dan, but I basically just watched youtube videos… oops. Ah, and I did not sleep at a reasonable time because my roommate found this new addicting game for us to play, and we started at 2AM, so obviously, we weren’t going to sleep that early. And, then we ended the night with some pillow talk :D Man, I keep owning myself in terms of sleep…


Got to meet with the director of Reslife, George Arey, to talk about the Shaw meeting next week, and he seemed like a great guy! I was able to also finish my essay for feminisms like 30 minutes before it was due because I procrastinated a bit this week, but it was pretty easy to just reflect on issues that previously, I rarely thought about… The discussion started off a bit slow, but eventually, things got going, and I was surprised how most people focused on companionship marriage. For the most part, I think it was arguing the point that it’s not a “cop out” from feminism for a woman to want to be married and have children, as long as she is equal and holds everything that entails being married and parenting to the same standard as having a job and such… I think it’d be a total waste for people who go to college and then make it their goal to just marry rich and in a sense, give up on life… (and that applies to both guys and girls :P) After discussion, I hung out at gate to see Don off before he left for his MCATs (which were the next day but since his test center was so far, it was better for him to sleep over somewhere near there). Had dinner with Eugene, Eric, & Andrew, and then I got to meet my gajok for the first time this semester along with my new wife Michelle! It was a quick but fun time, as most of the children had to go practice for the KSA/CSA Culture Show, but I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen this semester! And… wife #2 is not jealous of wife #1 or the girlfriend… whew! :P I think all three of them feel the same, but man that just feels awkward to type out… Finally, the night ended with Steph and me watching Toy Story 3 at her place. Sadly, it wasn’t as emotional the second time watching it, as in, I didn’t shed a tear :( but I guess that’s good because it’d be weird if I cried in front of the girlfriend… haha.


English was hilarious because we had a quiz to spite those who missed class. The three questions were:

  1. What did I (the professor) just say?
  2. What is this student eating?
  3. What don’t I have on my face?

And he talked about glitter and love, and it was both very entertaining and philosophical… sometimes, I just don’t know which level he’s on, but I’m loving every minute of it :) Got lunch with Justin, and he convinced me to go with him to the Senior Dance practice on Saturday… Then, I went home for ROFL, and I was so proud of the youth because since last Friday got cancelled due to snow, I was able to see what they would’ve done if I weren’t there. And, they did a pretty good job! I’m impressed because it’s always a bit nerve wracking never knowing how things actually go, but my heart is definitely at ease :)


Cleaned the bathroom, which felt very relieving… then headed to Higgins with Dan to check on his lab stuff. We got lunch at Lower with Justin, Eugene, Brian, and some 010 guys! Then, I headed over to practice at O’Connell House with Justin for Senior Dance, and man, did I feel so out of place! The moves seemed to go by so fast, and I was definitely at least a step behind… if not more. Now, I’m not sure if I can/want to do it… haha. I know it’d definitely be memorable and fun if I could get it all down, but I’m worried I’d have other things that would prevent me from really giving it my all. Personally, the worst thing would be to dance half-heartedly because then I’d most likely mess up and just regret it… I have to be wise in this decision! 

Later, Steph & I went to the Natick mall since she needed to go shopping for boots. Hers had a hole in them, so they weren’t very useful anymore :P We did quite a bit of walking, as we soon realized the stores didn’t have many good boots. I mean, there were a lot, but not many designed for rain/snow… I’m pretty sure there were tons more for guys… but, we eventually found one, and then we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We felt stuffed after that, especially with a Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake to end the dinner :) Wow, I guess this was the first date of the semester, haha…

day 347

today has definitely NOT been a productive study day… but entertaining nonetheless =)

began the morning by washing dishes….i like to introduce some order into my life before starting to study. then, steph came over for lunch, and we prepared and cooked the food, which was very healthy, as in lots of veggies. :P then, it was time to make care packages for the gajok, so jinah and i worked on them at her place, and then i decided to study in the 90 lounge. that was somewhat helpful, but i quickly got distracted because i’d much rather talk to people than study. :P and then it was time for dinner, so hanyin and i grabbed some food at lower. after a short period of food coma, i headed to higgins with dan, dropped off some care packages along the way, and “studied” at a special lab in higgins :)

at first, this seemed to be the ideal place to study! a secluded place where very few people knew where we were… then steph & jeannette came over for a study break to bring me their “friends,” phineas & ferb…whom i have eaten :P and justin came to study too! ok, i use study lightly as we just talked and sang, and watched youtube videos much more than study… but we had random spurts of productivity =) i’m very annoyed at my congestion… i hope i don’t get sick :/ and i’m still not worried about my exam tomorrow, though i haven’t been too diligent about studying… ugh. why can’t i focus?!

day 345

what an exhausting day… i pretty much was outside the entire time…woke up at 9 and headed to BC. showered, then with the help of jinah, woke up our entire gajok family :P i had to call john byun to wake up dan kim, haha. then, i picked up the freshmen both at upper and newton, while jinah got dan & the sophomore girls. we started at 10:30 and managed to get everyone ready and in the car by 11:00 and headed off to hmart!

when we got there, we first began with lunch, and while everyone got their own food, i’m not sure if anyone finished it! haha, we really should’ve shared, or in hindsight, we could’ve first got samples and THEN eaten :P darn… oh well, leftovers for finals studying! next, we went shopping, and my goodness, some of my “children” eat TONS of snacks… i guess they get that from me :P i buy wayyyy too many snacks, but i’m pretty sure rachel rivaled me. we were pretty efficient in shopping, so we headed off to the mall!

the mall was pretty fun, though we split off at the beginning since jinah had to find parking. since i took the freshmen, arthur & kevin came with me to the disney store while rachel & vi went to look for secret santa gifts. we eventually met up at brookstone, and tried to find rachel & vi… who told us that they were at victoria’s secret… great. dan & i took a few steps in with the rest of the group who were going in… and walked right out. haha, it just felt weird walking into there…. and kevin quickly came out as well. somehow, arthur made it through the entire store with the girls… :P we then saw rachel and vi come from a different location because i guess they were shopping at gap… haha. owned. maybe this was all just an excuse for us to go into victoria’s secret… but, i think they did go but left to go find other places to buy their gifts… next, we headed to the foodcourt to explore, but we were running out of time so we headed back to BC.

i dropped off the freshmen, but arthur & kevin helped me with my groceries, and while they were there, they decided to play some nba jam with me and my roommates :) it was pretty hilarious, and then i sent them back to upper since they were getting owned :P well, i had to get ready for tonight!

i got dressed and all for tonight’s dinner, and quickly made it to steph’s place. as we tried to catch the bus, we met hayeon and linda at the stop! then, when we got onto the bus which was FREAKING crowded, we realized that most people were heading to applebees for the psbc family dinner. however, when we got off at the reservoir stop, too many people recognized us *ahem* sam lee… and made a big deal that we were going on a date :P ah yes, did i forget to mention that? we were going to the north end for our one month :) so, as we left the bus in a rush to escape the “comments” made by our BC friends, we headed to the T stop and made our way to haymarket. we got out practically in front of the north end, and it was pretty easy to find our restaurant, the famiglia giorgio.

we were situated quickly, though we were a bit early for our reservation, and we were deciding on ordering two entrees. despite my friend’s comment on large portions at the restaurant, and the “warning” to light eaters, we thought we could handle it… but who were we kidding?! we definitely should not have ordered an appetizer as well! when we got our entrees, we were STUNNED with how much food there was, and even after eating several bites, it seemed as though we had made no progress… i’m pretty sure it was 2 or 3 times the regular portion given at other restaurants, and there was NO way either of us was going to finish it. i doubt we could’ve even split one… doh! at least they’re very generous :) anyways, i may have pictures of the food to show… but sadly, i will not be able to display a picture of us, as a certain someone did not allow me to take a picture of her… :P bummer. haha. and, the only regret i have is the fact that i did not realize students could get a 20% discount until AFTER i had my card swiped. i had read it online and in the menu, but it totally slipped my mind when i was looking at the receipt because i was actually worried that the place only took mastercard… that’s what was written on the little booklet thing given with the bill… thankfully, that wasn’t an actual issue! 

finally, we took our leftovers and headed to mike’s pastry. we bought a chocolate chip cannoli and i ordered a chocolate mousse cannoli for my roommate =) we then sat and talked a bit outside before heading back. at steph’s place, we saw esther preparing dinner! and then we shared our cannoli as we watched disney channel. by now… and pretty much the entire ride back, i was pretty tired… so i realized i had to go back soon, and now, i know my body needs sleep. and despite not having done any work for the past 3 days… i’m really glad about the experiences i have made instead! psh who cares about studying, haha… even though, that was constantly in the back of my mind… i guess i’ll start tomorrow!

day 342

whew, what an easy going day… mainly because my 9am got cancelled! and today was the end for some of my classes =/ i guess we still learned stuff, but honestly, i didn’t really pay attention… despite 7 hours of sleep, i felt more tired than i have been usually… strange. anyways, i did feel stressed, not because i had much work to do, but because i knew steph had papers due today and she had to pull an all nighter to finish them… funny how that’s probably the most stressful thing today… well, it was good to hear that she finished all of it and that she would nap right after…

well, as for me, i got to meet people at the rat and chat… i think i went there three times, haha. before physio, after physio, and after dev… :P well, then justin came over to watch glee, and i liked it! despite the fact that we didn’t know most of the christmas songs…wow, i obviously need to expand my collection! then, i practiced some guitar before meeting my gajok daughter rachel at hillside for dinner! gosh, it took a good three weeks or so to meet with all the family… but i’m so glad we were all able to meet before the semester was over. anyways, we had a good talk about balancing life/time/commitments, and it was interesting to be receiving advice from a freshman about going to a school outside of boston… :P hmm, she does have a point, but we’ll have to see whether i like columbia on friday!

after dinner, i did some more work before steph stopped by, then she helped me cut oranges for my gajok meeting for late night! all the girls were able to make it, but just kevin was able to stay… it was a great break for everyone as we decorated gingerbread men & women, santas, & snowmen! there’s definitely some creative and artistic children in the family… not my genes. lol…. we also ate some dumplings & oreos… and we finally finished at midnight!

whew, i guess i could’ve gotten more work done, but i haven’t done too well in terms of preparing for finals :P i know i should… but i’ve been lazy, haha. gosh, and i’m leaving for NY tomorrow, so studying will be pushed back till like… saturday. but more like sunday, because saturday will be packed =)

day 341

what a bummer… i did the reading for my 9AM class, and i overslept! i’m definitely not missing my last class of the semester, so i better sleep well soon :/ psych was boring as usual, and it didn’t help that i sat in the last row with young jae. we basically fell asleep until there were iclicker questions and soon after that, we returned to our naps :P

after class, i finally sat down to play some NBA hangtime! i brought it from home this past weekend, but i haven’t had time to sit down and play until now… and all i’ve been hearing is how fun it is. and, oh how it is! i can’t believe 3 hours passed by so quickly…

well, after that, i met one of my gajok daughters, claudia, for dinner at lower… and the place was packed! we had a nice chat, though i think she was kinda busy because she came from a group project and she also needed to work on it after… but, i guess we both felt rushed because in the back of my mind, i was thinking about whether i’d be late for acf…and i was. haha. it was not most conducive atmosphere for conversation because it felt hurried and it was really loud and difficult to hear, but we made the best of it! 

then, i met up with eugene along the way to upper, and i decided to go to the kairos reunion with him. it was also in macelroy, but i originally planned to go after acf… that was fine because there were some good snacks and i got to meet with my group again! we were the only group that had all its members show up because obviously, we’re the best group ever :P anyways, i had to leave early, and i was given some group photos of the retreat =). afterwards, i was hoping to stay and listen to the testimonies at acf, but i wanted to get some work done for tonight.

at our physio group meeting, we worked at lower and were efficient in getting it done… and thankfully it’s our last assignment! this one was definitely a pain, but at least its over :)

even though i haven’t gotten much work done… and i don’t really have much work TO do… i know i should. and so i’m studying with dan and jenny at voute. man, i really hope it doesn’t turn into last night, where all i did was watch youtube videos and facebook and tumblr… i could probably sleep early. hmm.

day 339

wow, am i GLAD that tumblr is back… but perhaps it was for the best because the downtime allowed me to focus when i needed to!

church service is always interesting when my mom, the pastor, isn’t there… because she left for China last monday. she should be back tuesday! personally, i realize how judgmental i can get when i start nitpicking at my mom’s english speaking or in today’s case, mr. chang’s… i know i really should overlook it and understand the message they are sharing, but for some reason, when i catch mistakes that could possibly confuse theology or something… i get sidetracked. and then, i think that an english pastor would fix that…. but who am i kidding? pride seems to be most evident in myself at church yet quite well hidden to others…. i still need to learn how to love and to be humble. to accept people for who they are, and not who i want them to be… so perhaps i did learn a good lesson at church!

after church, we returned home, quickly packed, and my dad sent us back to BC! i originally planned to buy some cables for shinyoung for the atc concert, but in the end, he found a way around it. but, i still arrived early on campus in hopes of doing some studying. also, my sister let me borrow her ugly sweater =) 

so, that did not work out at all according to plan, but it was totally worth it! it slipped my mind that shinyoung still needed to borrow some of my cables that i had in my room, so i hurried over when i got on campus because i knew he was setting up. it was very fun to assist shinyoung in setting stuff for the concert because i know i’ll probably have to do this for the church move, and it’s good to have practice! that and i love connecting stuff. and having it all work. sort of the same feeling when building a computer… having stuff work! i think that’s probably why i’ll enjoy dentistry, when patients (hopefully!) tell me that they can eat again, that they don’t experience any more pain… plus, it was an added bonus to hear ATC practice =) and, i got to work with david in sound checking for both BU’s mustard seed & ATC. well, i originally planned to probably help for just an hour or so and study afterward, but as i helped, i realized that there was just so much to be done! and, i’m so glad shinyoung actually trusted me with some of the stuff…since i wasn’t too sure about trusting my own judgments, haha. so, we basically set up along with the help of ATC people too, until the show started!

then, people started coming in, and it was a great night! my sister came, steph & all her friends/roommates took up an entire row :P i acted as dave’s second ears for sound (though i did ask justin for help too… so he’s dave’s third ears? :P) anyways, i really enjoyed it because the sound was amazing, as shinyoung went the extra mile in procuring certain things, and it was totally worth it! the sound quality was noticeably different than the coffeehouse from the night before. i really enjoyed ATC’s performance because i didn’t know half the people on it yet they blew me away! like, arielle. WOW. haha… i knew she was good during sound check, but she had some tricks up her sleeves that she unleashed during the performance! i wished i took videos of the performances, but after the intro with all the singers, i just wanted to listen and enjoy =) and, i liked the harmonies of dan & shinyoung. and ray kim’s testimony! wow, i never knew that about him… and i would’ve never guessed that about his childhood… and i do feel bad that shinyoung blanked out during yearn :( because i’m pretty sure he had the lyrics during practice but something about performance totally throws me off, and that’s why i SUCK at remembering lyrics. thus, i use song sheets when i lead worship :P but, i was able to help him recover by mentioning the next lyrics :D i’m pretty sure i could only do that because i wasn’t in the spotlight… i remember playing that song for fun in my room and even then, i kept forgetting the words! haha, i had to do some humming before i found the right words to shout out :P ah and last but not least, liz was stupendous as ever! though it was funny how they kind of listed the encore song… i’m pretty sure that wasn’t necessary because judging by the night went…, OH YES, there would have to be an encore. =) 

did some packing up after the concert, but dave and i had to leave early because we had work to do… i stayed at the library for a bit before heading to my gajok son arthur’s birthday! although they sang for him after atc, the family wanted to do something special for him, and as we gathered in fitz, a huge crowd appeared. but, the family went first to surprise him… some of his older brothers/sisters caked him :P and then he had to wash his face… when he came back, he was then BOMBARDED with people flooding his room, and sadly, caked again :( haha. but i’m pretty sure he felt loved, and well… HE BETTER. =P

whew, now that was all over… it was finally time to study at 12:30. GREAT. haha, my plan to start at 4:30 kind of got extended 7 hours later though i anticipated the concert & the birthday. and so, i studied until i got kicked out of the library, then i went to the study lounge until 5:30… what a long night :P at least eric & pete were there. by 5:30 i realized i couldn’t retain any more info, so i headed back to nap for 3 hours… but i actually felt pretty productive because it was a great night, and i just kept reminding myself that the relationships are going to matter much more than how i do on the test… especially since i already got into dental school! but, i feel like i still want to prove to myself that i can do well… senioritis got NOTHING on me…. i hope. haha. 

day 337

i didn’t feel too tired after just sleeping 3 hours, but i definitely needed the multiple alarms to make sure i could wake up and stay awake long enough to make it to the shower :P after math, i went to the rat and waited to meet with my gajok daughter claudia….except she overslept her alarm, and couldn’t make it :( so we had to reschedule, but that was fine because this gave me time to talk with priya and to study! then, more people came to the table, and it progressively got funner :P let’s see, there was dan until he had class at 11… maryjo, becca, emily; susan & sarah, mako, and when i was leaving the rat, i bumped into diane! 

classes were fine, and i felt prepared for the quiz in dev. it wasn’t too bad, and after class, justin & i went to the rat. met TONS of more people because acf was doing proxe stations, and saw steph & jeannette before they headed off to class. i thought i was gonna eat lunch with justin… but instead, when i saw chris kirby, we ended up talking for the entire hour! we caught up on this past semester… and we updated each other on some pretty important things in our lives. i cannot believe i knew so little about his life! i MUST sit down with him and listen… haha i love his politician voice, mannerisms, & handshake :P

then, chris & i caught the comm ave bus, and i met dan at reservoir, as we would be taking the T =) it was a quiet ride… and i got to eat my sandwich :P i chilled at north station until my train arrived, and read my Time magazine about the current state of marriage… then i passed out on the train, haha. i got picked up by my dad, and at home, i checked my mail for dental school letters! surprisingly, i got my harvard letter! only to realize that i got rejected…but it honestly did not mess with me because i think i already came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to be a suitable school for me. all i could justify going to harvard was the name… i disliked research, and i’m not sure how well i’d do in a very small class of 35 with courses being pass/fail. as cool as pass/fail sounds, i think i’d be frustrated to not know my grade on tests and such… anyways, i swiftly proceeded to open my NYU letter to realize that i got accepted! and then opened up my tufts & upitt acceptance letters as well :) funny, none of that really affected me as i hoped… but i think i’m glad that i don’t base my emotions on school decisions. i do want to clarify that i am VERY happy that i got in, and i think just realizing that since wednesday has made me impervious to other acceptances or rejections… i think i got wait listed at USC, but i’m not exactly sure… and well, i’d loved to hear from upenn by now, but if that doesn’t work out either, i guess that actually makes choosing MUCH easier =) well, i think i had already made my decision prior to the school decisions, and the rejection from harvard confirmed it…and i think that this entire experience has again let me recognize how God has worked through my life. i am SO thankful for the whole process going so smoothly, and i know that wherever i go, God will guide and use me according to His plans =)

then, i had an amazing dinner: beef noodle soup, cooked by my grandma! and then we went to rofl :D it was SO fun, whether it was games or bible study… and everyone seemed to be engaged about the topic of leadership… because i’m really hoping to raise up new leaders for the group and let them be in charge! i’m so excited that they want to do this because this relieves a lot of pressure from myself in having to do everything, and we focused on the passage of exodus 18, in which moses is given advice by his father-in-law about how to mediate problems and eventually divide up the nation into more manageable groups and having them be overseen by other leaders of good character. i’m really glad the youth participated so much, and it was a very encouraging night :)

finally, after returning home, i made my way back to BC. i stopped by cumbys because the peppermint hot chocolate seemed so enticing! but, sadly… it wasn’t working right and tasted watery =( i got regular hot chocolate but REALLY wished there was peppermint…haha. back at BC, i met up with justin and we practiced for the KSA coffeehouse. i’m so glad eric in helped us by criticizing/advising us on how to make our performance better! and i’m SO excited about how it’s gonna turn out… i hope i remember to take a video :D  and, steph dropped by to see how we were doing, and after practice, eric jammed with us, and i LOVED it! haven’t done that in SUCH a long time, and we laughed a LOT :P what a great night of just making music…

lastly, i dropped steph back at her place, and as i drove her back, we saw firetrucks at her neighbor’s house! what in the world?? we saw a mattress being taken out… and a fire hose being assembled despite there being no visible fire… the firefighters didn’t seem to be in a rush either… strange. well, i left before anything else happened, but overall, it was an amazing day! whew, gotta get some rest for practice tomorrow…

day 335

math was fine this morning despite lack of sleep… and right after, i met up with cristina, one of my gajok daughters, and we talked at the rat! i really enjoyed our conversation because it’s times like these that i get to learn things about other people’s lives that i would otherwise never know! and we chatted about work, CSOM, languages, and family. then it was off to class again, and during dev, justin & i worked on our coffeehouse songs :P then we ate lunch at the rat with justin oh =) 

i got some work done in the room before heading down for dinner with marci, another gajok daughter, at hillside! we talked about our semesters so far, balance with studying, sleep, clubs & social life, and dating. then, justin & eugene joined us, and since justin had class, eugene and i talked on our way back about how we thought of our past 3 years… gosh something only seniors could talk about :P then, i met up with sean d and a couple of the 90 boys for a vandy 213 reunion! sadly, phil, chris, & colin were not able to make it… colin’s abroad, haha. and we went to el pelon for my second dinner :P man, it was amazing just to be in the company of all these guys because it was truly a fun and crazy year! the meeting was definitely not as long as i wished it could be, but we soon headed out as we had stuff to do… and i headed over to the csa/ksa culture show signups. while i didn’t sign up for myself, i bought a csa shirt, and got to talk with a lot of people… most of my gajok was there too! so, it was good to see them all involved :) then, i left once the place seemed a bit empty… and i headed over to justin’s place to practice for coffeehouse! we figured out our transitions and such, and then took a quiz for physio… wow google and skimming is so efficient… who needs to read the book :P finally, i headed over to the ctrc to study with steph, but that resulted in much procrastination… :P when i returned to my room, i got some math done, but my mind is tired…

ah yes, and today i found out from the AADSAS website that i got accepted into Tufts & UPitt! i also got waitlisted at UConn, but i was so excited to discover that i got into one of my top choice schools :) wow i guess i can rest a bit easier, though i’m afraid senioritis would kick in… so i have to watch myself! hopefully, i’ll be getting big mail soon, and perhaps an interview to harvard… yay!

day 334

finally went to my philosophy class in 2 weeks! :P and it was sort of worth going… probably should’ve read the book :/ at mac, i got to eat a chocolate chip muffin! i almost got tricked by the sign again, but realized it was blueberry and eugene helped me find the REAL one. as i ate, i found out that jamie, who’s a freshman, was in the same psych class, so we went to class and… passed out. haha, i remember waking her up so she could answer the iclicker question, and i really tried to stay awake by reading the book, but that didn’t work :/ 

after class, i napped :) then i did some work and went to the christmas tree lighting to meet up with matt. i got some hot cocoa and cookies, and was bummed that ATC was not singing :/ i didn’t stay long enough to see the actual christmas tree lit because i had to meet up with one of my gajok daughters for dinner at lower! vi was coming from newton, and when we entered lower, it was PACKED. thankfully, once we got our food, we were able to find a spot, and we talked about her freshman year and how she liked BC. i realized that most of my family is/was premed… ridiculous. and it seems that the teachers for bio are not great at all… 

after that, i went to ACF, and we discussed more about GPI. then justin & i headed to lower to get our CMAP done for physio, and then we studied at the library for the rest of the night… man, what a bummer… i spent the entire night on math, but i feel like there’s something i still don’t get! this is what i get for missing class :/ doh!

anyways, i checked my AADSAS once midnight struck… and nothing happened. haha. actually, i was busy talking with hanyin at the library so i didn’t really check it till a little after midnight. but, soon after, i got an email from BU telling me that i got in! =) WOOT. that was exciting. haha. and then i returned to my work… i think i need the physical mail in my hands to be really excited because… nothing seems different :P gosh, i hope when i call home tomorrow, it’ll be good news! AND, it’s my dad’s birthday :) though he says he doesn’t want to do anything special… oh well :/