Great… now I might just have to private my goals so I can actually achieve them! Then again, I did accomplish my daily tumblr postings last year, so I don’t know… Actually, that’s probably because nobody read my tumblr when I started, and now that may possibly be a different story. 

Well, I do agree with Derek, though I still think I keep some of my personal goals to myself, or at least I try to keep it to a minimum and let the results speak for themselves. 

Week 2: Recap


Slept well & ate well :). Chauffeured my grandma, mom & sister to the mall, haha. Computer parts came in! But, I ran into a problem with compatibility, doh. Got to ask my grandma for cooking tips! =)


Spent practically the entire day setting up the computers. Got tires changed for the car because I’ll be driving to NJ! This is the farthest I ever have driven, and I’m doing this by myself… oh boy, but I’m excited :) Ooh, and more good news: Tufts finally got my deposit! Whew…


The four hour drive was exciting! Aside from a couple GPS problems, getting to NJ was easy, and I got to chill (i.e videogames…) with David, Dan, Stephen & Dong. We went to Rutgers for the greasetrucks, got lost for a bit, and experienced what “dirty” jersey means :P When we got there, I ordered a Fat Cat! Delicious…. haha. Then, we went to the bowling alley, but there were just too many people, so instead, we watched Van Wilder & Coraline. Coraline is SO creepy… yet enticing to watch.


Had an AMAZING brunch prepared by Dave & his mother :) Then, I headed over to Parsippany to visit Steph, and we just hung out at her house for the day instead of exploring her town… Met Steph’s parents for a couple minutes before we headed out for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then I made the trip back in 4 hours! Wow, I drove 610 miles for these past two days…


ROFL in the new building was fun though we decided just to hangout next to a random sofa, haha. We’re going through a period of rediscovering passion. Perhaps this is because I feel as though I’ve lost some of it… and I fear indifference has taken ahold in my heart. I really do wish I prepared more for the talk. I find that I always manage to put things off till the last second, and I regret it. I think that’s the passion I need: giving my best in everything I endeavor to do. 


Wow, everybody’s gone… Let’s see, I left on Wednesday for NJ and came back Thursday. My grandma left for NorCal to visit my aunt’s family on Thursday and will be heading to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. My mom left for SoCal on Friday for a conference and won’t be back till Thursday, and Karen left today for Florida for rowing training. Gosh, so it’s just the three of us at home. Interesting… Worship practice was fun and went very smooth with Matt, who’s another bass player and filled in for Karen. Wow, this will be the first time leading worship in the new church tomorrow :)


  1. Sleep better
  2. Eat 3 meals a day
  3. Ask my grandma how to cook
  4. Read Bible daily
  5. Upload photos
  6. Read books
  7. Read magazines
  8. Go to NY/NJ
  9. Shaw Stuff
  10. Tufts Dental School
  11. FAFSA
  12. ROFL
  13. Worship Practice
  14. Practice guitar & piano
  15. Passion 2011
  16. Upgrade computers

So, I managed to finish about half… I’d say I’ve been pretty good at sleeping by 2, though I don’t usually wake up till 11. I want to adjust that. And, I was good at eating breakfast until I started waking up too late… I’m not doing too well on reading, too much video gaming! :P And, instead of Passion 2011, I listened to the messages from Passion 2010. :/ Looks like, I know what I need to work on during my last week of break… OH NO… wow that was quick and long. Strangely enough.

Week 2: Goals

Let’s see, what do I hope to accomplish this week?

  1. Sleep better (6-8 hours, before 2AM)
  2. Eat 3 meals a day (at least); Long-term goal: gain weight (sadly, this is REALLY difficult for me.)
  3. Ask my grandma how to cook before she leaves for Taiwan this week! (possibly cook as well)
  4. Read Bible daily (5 chapters a day, start with NT)
  5. Upload all my 1st semester/summer photos/videos.
  6. Read 1-2 books.
  7. Read a couple magazines (2-3)
  8. Go to New York/New Jersey
  9. Shaw (Email Speakers)
  10. Confirm that I am going to Tufts Dental…
  11. Fill out FAFSA
  12. ROFL - Friday Night
  13. Sunday Worship Set & Saturday Practice
  14. Practice Guitar & Piano (1-2 hours)
  15. Watch Live Stream of Passion 2011 Conference
  16. Upgrade my family’s computers

day 221

a quiet day… not very productive… i managed to only upload a couple photos from taiwan because the internet is acting up. went to the mall today and had indian food for lunch! yum :) and then korean food for dinner :) gosh, my day was boring if food was the highlight… haha. blah. i really want to change my sleep schedule, and start reading… i think i failed on those two goals… bah.

day 209

strange. i get 7 hours of sleep, and i still feel tired… 

went to the mall for lunch (again…), and played around in the apple store before heading back home. got some work done… i managed to confirm fr. leahy and the retreat site for shaw, so that totally made my day! did some more work, looking over all the stuff about shaw that had piled up from the past few weeks and trying to compile it all… 

went to my high school to send out a transcript to UCLA. (i can’t believe they actually want to see my high school one…). went to borders to use a 40% coupon, so i decided to get a CS Lewis book, a Ravi Zacharias one, and a boardgame for the youth group… but then when i tried to use it, i realized it was EXPIRED… and so it didn’t work… and the guy already rang everything up… so i decided to buy it all… oops. but no matter, i went back later in the night and returned both the CS lewis book and the boardgame because i wanted to wait for the coupon :P that, and because my sister wanted to go shop at express, which was in the mall and is close to borders. yeah so that worked out, and i managed to get a shirt and tie in the 40% bin :P. i tried to fit into XS shirts, but it made me look weird. like i had to hunch my back to make it look sort of natural… haha. oh and i decided to buy starcraft 2! because i had a coupon… oh i hope this doesn’t ruin my plans…

i’m trying to be more productive, and i’m happy with my progress but i get SO easily distracted on my laptop and i REALLY need to limit my tumblring to like just one session at night. or else i keep clicking on it “by accident.” anyways, i have like 5-6 weeks before school starts, and i’d like to clarify my goals for the summer:

  • read a book a week = 5~6 books! (i have SO many piled up in my room)
  • revert to a normal and healthy sleep schedule (i.e. 11 or 12)
  • finish dental application stuff
  • manage and sort through photos & make slideshow for Taiwan
  • finish shaw stuff

let’s see, what am i looking forward to before school starts…

  • VBS
  • church picnic
  • Summit
  • senior sendoff / 7th grade initiation :P
  • hanging out with BC people :)

summer goals. and such.

so, i think this will have to be constantly updated. because i can’t seem to remember everything i want to accomplish this summer. but i also know that i need to be realistic in goal setting… or else i might start next semester all depressed because i didn’t fulfill 5 billion goals. ok. i will give it a shot!


- study daily for DAT. be on schedule.

- organize ice cream party for the 30th.


- take DATs (7th)

- apply to dental schools by end of june and everything else that entails.

- shadowing at dental schools

- go to cali conference (6/21-27) and visit friends! (justin, ryan, kevin, chris kirby, tiffany…am i missing anyone?)

- start working on shaw planning. and emailing bc people. review shaw prospies! :o

- taiwan missions prep


- taiwan missions! (7/2-7/21), souvenirs anyone?

- celebrate 21st birthday on plane (7/2)….does this mean i can buy alcohol on the plane? i think i’ll just watch lame movies on repeat :)


- vbs! (8/16-20)

- summit! (8/29-9/2)

- possible early move-in to BC

other goals

books: tbd

movies: tbd

tv shows: catch up on glee and survivor.

guitar: learn joe pass and andy mckee. (gotta be more specific). make some more covers. learn how to use mics and placement technique.

music: learn ableton. make beats! (gotta be more specific)

piano: be proficient. spend more time (gotta be more specific)

basketball/tennis: play at least once a week.

videogames: super mario galaxy 2, glory of heracles, pokemon heart gold, mario & luigi: inside bowser’s story, piccross 3D, monster tri? (WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY GAMES LINED UP. NOOOOO)

- change sleeping habit to normal, i.e. sleep around 12. or earlier! wake up at 8 or 9.

- eat healthier, i.e. eat breakfast. stop eating candy/drinking soda.

- spend less time on facebook, hah!

- visit people at BC!… i need to keep a list. here is who i have so far: justin chien, ayo, sam lee (classes), will lee (research), diane kim (research?), eugene kim (work at merkert), sean gallagher (work?), brian cho, other 011 people i’m assuming…, 

up in the air: lan party, boston project

day 146

i think one of the hardest things for me to do is to be faithful in my relationships. to be trustworthy, to be loyal, to be loving. perhaps i haven’t been “unfaithful” but more often than not, i catch myself in being indifferent. relationships are hard work! and sometimes, i just like closing myself from the world. and studying. and entertaining myself. but i think that leaves more to be desired. (i’m not sure if that’s what i really mean but the phrase popped in my mind) i realize that with a leadership position i tend to overlook relationships, and as a result, they decay. i think i just tend to let them be and hope people don’t change. but they do. of course they do! because i know i do…

did some more studying. played a little piano and guitar. moved onto super mario galaxy… spent at least 4 hours on that game… did little else besides that. watched the game and that was slightly disappointing, especially with all those injuries. 

i really need to start creating a list of goals, both short & long term. i need motivation. and perseverance. this summer is going to speed by if i’m not careful, even though right now, things seem to drag…