day 323

well, it’s been 6AM for the third time this past week, and i can confirm that the sun does not rise at that time… what a bummer. at least now i know that the T begins operating at 5AM on saturdays. and to my shocking surprise, i walk back to my room to my roommate still awake, working on an assignment due later in the day. haha, we have such strange yet similar schedules…

anyways, let’s begin with the morning…made it to my 9AM class being only a couple minutes late. saw priya & maryjo at the Rat, and said bye to priya as she was leaving for home later in the day. also met with kathie and she seemed to have had a similar rough week of sleep. :/ but, i realized that i couldn’t really function, i decided to head back and nap and did so all the way through physio :P i got ready in time for dev bio, but i’m not really sure why i went… i wasn’t very focused although the case study was very interesting! …and unethical. haha…

got lunch with justin at the rat, and we talked and then went to get mail. actually, he got mail… i’m not sure why i don’t :/ (i think my free musician’s friend/sweetwater subscriptions have forgotten me…). then i got jumped by jen li in the quad for not letting her know the details of the first date. thankfully, justin saved me, and we parted ways as he went to print his ticket and eventually get on his plane and i had to catch a bus to meet dan!

i managed to pack very quickly, and got on the same bus as dan.. though it was FREAKING packed! we talked on the way there, and i really enjoy these times and conversations because we can’t really do much else on our way to north station. :P plus, then the ride doesn’t feel lonely! anyways, we made it to north station in time for dan to actually get to his volunteer place on time. =) and i just napped on the train…wow. i almost overslept at the last stop but thankfully someone woke me up! never did that before… and that would’ve sucked because i would’ve headed back to boston haha.

when i got home, i was surprised to see my grandma! it totally slipped my mind that she would be staying with us, but i was really happy to see her =) we all had dinner together, and then i got ready for youth group.

at rofl, i did some follow up on the whole welcome night/conference, and since it was a slightly smaller group, it was much easier to talk to all of them. i’m really hoping that more leaders will rise up, and that i will know how to put them in the right positions! they seem eager, and i can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen later this year =)

then, i headed back to BC after getting gas and pumping air into the tires. since it was a football day tomorrow, i had to find parking outside of campus, and i was able to park my car at steph’s place =) that way, it’ll be easier for me to control when i can go back after the concert tomorrow! well, inside the house, i met hemali, and found out that she actually came from burlington! for some reason, i just thought she was from new jersey, but she lives really close to me. however, it got stranger! i mentioned i was from chelmsford, and she knew a friend named rishi doshi who lived there… and it was strange because rishi is my NEIGHBOR. whoaaaaaaa. i guess they dated last year, but since i don’t really hang out with anyone on my road, i wouldn’t have known that. no. freaking. way. hahahaha, a small world!

then, steph & i went to gate to visit diane & maryjo. then we headed to the harry potter viewing, and we originally planned to just drop by…and that didn’t happen. perhaps it was the magic sticks (pretzels & SUGAR) or the butter beer (liquid apple pie!), but we watched the end of the 6th harry potter movie, and then watched the entire 1st one. since i had never watched a HP movie and only read 4 of the books…maybe knowing how the 6th movie ended and being refreshed by the 1st movie plot could help me in understanding the 7th :P it was a fun night, though most people left after the 6th movie. and people were VERY tired… as there was ample snoring in the background =) but i managed to stay awake and was intrigued by the 1st movie because it felt very nostalgic. at least, the parts i remembered from the book, which wasn’t much… 

after the end of the movie, it was near 5AM, and well, perhaps that was a bad decision to watch that 2nd movie and forgo sleep, but…bad decisions make good stories? :P i forget where i saw that, haha. and, well as we cleaned up the place with dasom, sarang, & christine kim, we realized that the person responsible for storing the stuff… was no where to be found! i never saw john byun the entire time i was there, but thankfully, i was able to get a hold of justin! i was not sure if he would be awake despite the 3 hour time difference, but i got the room code, and we were able to save a LOT of hassle by putting the stuff in his place. whew!

finally, the night ended as i walked steph back to her place because it was so late! oh boy, i dont think i really want to go to the game tomorrow… oh well.