day 338

what a packed day! woke up and decided to park my car in the garage instead of in comm ave because i didn’t see any cars next to it like it left it last night… and that got me worried about getting a ticket! then, i got ready for acf practice at 10 because we were preparing for acf retreat =) despite feeling tired, i’m SO glad practice went so smoothly and i had so much fun just being able to worship god through making some good music :) and david crowder has SO much funk in make a joyful noise/i will not be silent. what a throwback :D i loved it! and though i didn’t know the new songs too much, after playing them, they really grew on me fast… that actually surprised me :) looks like i shouldn’t treat unknown songs with disdain… especially if chosen by the worship leader!

after cleaning up around 130, most of the guys wanted to get lunch, and we decided on mcdonalds! why you ask?… because today was the last day for mcribs :( so, justin, eric, dave & i hopped on my car and drove to harvard ave for lunch while listening to some relient k christmas music =) sadly, i don’t buy into the mcrib hype because while it was cheap and good… nothing to get overworked about.. i’d still get mcnuggets :D 

after dropping everyone off and actually eating lunch since we didn’t have time to eat there, i got ready to go to the mfa with steph! she wanted to buy some gifts for secret santa, and i thought it’d be fun to explore new parts of boston in my car (since i honestly don’t know it well enough despite living here all my life…) for the most part, it was a pretty smooth ride though driving and looking at a top view of google maps is still a bit disorienting so that confused me a little when i couldn’t find certain landmarks i was looking for… but we got there eventually! the gift shop that we saw at the entrance was SO expensive… and nothing really worth buying. thankfully, when we walked out, we met jeannette since she worked there! and she was able to bring us in for free :P and so we found the bigger giftshop/bookstore, and i was able to even find something for my sister’s christmas gift =) ah, and it certainly helped that jeannette was able to get us a discount since she worked there :P

returning back to BC, i was a bit crunched for time in getting to the ksa/acf coffeehouse, but since justin & i assumed things would start a bit late… i didn’t rush, and took my time suiting up (YES) and picked up justin along the way to higgins for the coffeehouse. and, when the four of us arrived… it still hadn’t started at like 6:15. yay… and since this was my first coffeehouse, i LOVED it! the beginning acts were hilarious and so very much talented =) i especially enjoyed the co-row boys with sam cho’s amazing skill of recovering from messups without losing a beat! i need to learn that from him :) despite the bad sound quality, everyone that performed gave it their best, and i think that’s what made it so enjoyable :)

and, throughout the coffeehouse, i could not get my heart to stop racing! you would think i’d be used to this… because i’ve played and sang in front of people before… but i guess since this was actually more of a comedy act, i wasn’t sure how this would go down… but it was a HUGE success! justin and i have a good synergy in feeding off one another in conversation, and we managed to pull off some awkward jokes :P and of course, justin seemed to have owned all the korean words/lyrics, and i’m pretty sure some people have now been confused about his ethnicity :D fun fun night. and i’m so glad steph was able to capture the act… so i’ll hopefully upload it soon! we also did a cover of true love by phil wickham because we wanted to contribute both a song for KSA & ACF :D 

after finishing our act, i felt drained! i think it finally caught up to me: the fact that i only slept 3 hours the night before and i forgot to eat dinner… oops. but the acts that were after us were SO hilarious and good! not a dull moment at all :) i do feel kind of bad that i forgot to buy something from the bakery… but i couldn’t really stomach anything sweet :(

the coffeehouse ended at 8 or so, and i dropped off justin & eric back at their place while jeannette, steph & i went to bangkok bistro for dinner! it was a bit late, but we were starving since none of us had eaten dinner! and this was the first time i actually went inside to eat… and i loved the drunken noodles =) it wasn’t as spicy as advertised… but delicious nonetheless. and after dinner, i felt MUCH better. 

finally, after making it back to BC, i packed a bit and left for home with my sister around midnight… gosh, no work done today :/ but i guess it’s worth it, so i’ll just have to put in time tomorrow!

day 286

despite being deprived of much needed sleep, i think the excitement of suiting up gave me the energy to get out of bed! and so, i was very excited to go to class with my suit :) of course, some people gave me strange looks, and when people asked me if i had an interview, or what the occasion was, all i could really say was that it’s just for fun. haha… i guess i just like suiting up! sadly, only justin suited up with me, and other people who were in suits actually had interviews :/

classes went fine… the exam in physiology went over well, i think… though i regret overstudying. i started memorizing little details the night before, and we were mainly just tested on the main concepts… doh. i also got my test back from developmental, and i’m thankful for doing well on that test :) gosh, it was definitely stressful to finish taking a test and getting a test back in another class. the exam took all the energy out of me, so i zoned out during class, and after that, justin and i unstressed by watching glee on his new tv! glee… was very interesting to say the least. many sad parts… but also a lot of disturbing things, like brittany! i’m never sure whether to laugh at her or feel pity…

i headed back to my room to drop off my stuff and headed over to professors & pastries for free pastries! :P i met young on the way there, and he seemed a bit down because he didn’t have much sleep last night, as a result of tons of work. well, i think this cheered him up, as we picked up TONS of pastries to bring :D chocolate strawberries are amazing! so are cannolis! well, i picked some up for my roommates, and headed back to my room to relax.

later, steph & jeanette stopped by. i brought over kevin’s tv to steph’s house because their old tv broke, and as i set up the tv, steph & jeanette cooked dinner! let’s see, pasta with chicken & mandoo? it was satisfying :D oh, and esther joined us too, and it was a laid back meal. (i’m pretty lame at giving description…there’s a better word that i can’t think of at the moment) after dinner, esther & i worked on building the futon frame! this was pretty fun, especially with the help of liz & steph… errrr. um. yeah. but, we were able to get it done pretty quickly, and it was a job well done! honestly, esther seemed to do most of the work because i just sat there holding the screw in place as she tightened the bolt. or is it nut? but, i did manage to get a blister on my hand from using the screwdriver because the screws were being… disobedient. :D but yeah, washing my hands with soap is a shocking experience of pain… hopefully it heals quick.

by the time we finished building the futon, most of the house was back, so i liked seeing how everyone gathered at the common room, and there was actually enough space :P oh and, liz, esther & i moved the freaking huge tv out on to the curb… that was a lot of teamwork! haha, i guess i got a lot more exercise today than i thought. and i was exhausted, so sitting on the futon was much needed relief… as we watched vampire boy or something. 

then, i headed back to my room, did some work, and then met up with people at lower, as we got ready for esther’s birthday! it was kinda sketchy hanging outside the house, and hiding behind the cars… but once we started singing, even the neighbors upstairs saw us and was waving their vanessa hudgens cut out at us… weeeeird. it was fun seeing everyone, though i must admit, i like smaller settings… too many people scare me. haha. 

then i began to study… at midnight. oops. but i was pretty efficient with my time, i’m surprised i barely got distracted! and i managed to finish my psych studying by 2ish.

well, today was pretty fun, i got to try milkis, which is carbonated yogurt drink, so it was very good! but i think the carbonation tricks me into thinking that it’s not that sugary… uh ohs. and, it’s definitely fun building stuff. well, as long as i don’t break it…