Week 6: Recap


Got to share a bit in the morning about ACF retreat during service since my mom was in Cali again, and more importantly, we focused on prayer in order to see revival and to rediscover passion. The rest of the day after church was very hurried, and it was kind of annoying how we couldn’t really spend quality time eating dinner… what a bummer :( At the end of the night, Steph & I recorded a song for her best friend Karyn’s birthday! That sure was fun, though I had never seen Anastasia or heard any songs from that movie…


Classes were fine though a bit tiring… I think probably because I actually had to stay the entire 3 hours during lab, though we didn’t really do much… I spent most of the time on facebook haha. The Shaw seminar went really well despite some administration having to cancel… both the students and the administration seemed to love it, and that really put me at ease :)


During Feminisms, we watched a video on how music videos have denigrated women, and it’s crazy how obvious it is… I guess it wasn’t that shocking because it’s right there in front of you, but when the video is slowed down and the lyrics are also shown, it definitely made it more alarming. Well, that’ll give me a lot to talk about in my paper.

During ACF, Mako talked about Biblical Slavery, and I am really glad that he went through various passages describing what kind of slavery that was listed in OT, and it’s very different than what we would label slavery as nowadays. I think that has always been an issue for apologetics that I could not wrap my mind around since I didn’t understand the topic well enough, so I really enjoyed Mako’s talk :)

Lastly, Steph & I went to the BC vs. UNC basketball game because I wanted to go to a game at least once before I graduated! And, I wanted to see how Coach D had done with the team… Sadly, we didn’t beat UNC, as we got crushed, haha. But, it was still fun watching, and I guess that’s another thing checked off of my imaginary list of things to do :P


Really…? Huge snowstorm, and no cancellations :( TONS of ice… but at least I put my new snow boots to good use! I felt like I mastered the winter conditions with my new boots and umbrella :D

The Chinese New Year festival held by CSA was…meh. I went late, so I missed out on all the food, but at least I got to see my sister at the front table. I know I probably should be more excited about such an event, but I think all people talk about now is how much money they get in those red envelopes haha. Though, I don’t really care much for those either. I do like the food :) I really want mooncakes…

Finally, Liz & I did some practicing for her Kollaboration audition. Ooh I’m excited to see how it’s gonna go!


Feminisms discussion was more interesting as I actually participated this time haha. It does get boring at times because it feels like just a few people talk…

Right after discussion, I headed up to Kangry’s place to get my haircut! I bought his haircut services last year at the KRUP service auction, and never “cashed” it in till now. It was a fun time, as this was probably the most I’ve ever talked with a barber/hair stylist/cutter person. And, I learned that Kangry will be going on KRUP too! The haircut took about an hour long, which is the longest I’ve ever had a haircut, but it was a job well done, and I’ve gotten compliments on it :) Kangry wants me to be his “model” since he’s offering his services again for this year’s auction! 

Lastly, for dinner, I experimented with cooking chicken. Somehow, this was the first time I ever had to cook raw chicken, and the only sauce I had was this Korean red pepper chili paste (gochujang?), and I’m surprised at how well it turned out. I guess I assumed there needed to be more ingredients when preparing meats and such, but I enjoyed the simplicity :D 


Steph accompanied me on the T to North Station…possibly because she got jealous of my talks with Dan last semester :P Dan had to go to his service placement on the Orange Line so we would ride together. Sadly, this semester he changed his times, but since Steph didn’t have work yet, she could come with me :) Travel buddies are awesome. I know that if I don’t talk to people, I sleep… and then I sleep until the conductor has to wake me up and tell me to get off the T since it only goes until Government Center…Thankfully, that hasn’t happened this year. :P

I got another blood test, and made it just in time before it closed. I actually watched the needle go in, and I was intrigued… looks like I’m over my fears!

At church, the adults celebrated Chinese New Year’s, and there was some good food :) Then we had ROFL, and again, I’m so proud that the youth were able to lead everything again because it takes a lot of burden off of me and perhaps I’m learning how to release my role and empower others! 


I sent Steph & Ryan to their small group this morning, but ended up getting lost because I what I thought was a bridge…wasn’t a bridge. And, that totally confused me as to when I should be making the next turn. So, I returned to Newton by the Mass Turnpike by accidentally turning onto it (I thought it was another street… until I had to pay a toll lol), and then I picked up Liz. The second time around I found my way there successfully with the help of Ryan’s GPS, and then Liz and I quickly headed to BU for her Kollab audition! Despite taking a wrong turn… we actually got where we wanted much quicker than expected (strange!), and we were able to get there early and practice a bit. Even though Liz was very nervous, she knew all her words, and I think we gave it our best! I didn’t notice any mess-ups, so I have no regrets about our performance :) Then again, I already knew Liz sang amazing, so it was quite amusing to see how the Kollab panel would respond. Ah, thankfully, most of them (if not all) were from BC (Eric Nam, Alex Kim, Qian, Shannon and someone else…) After the audition, we headed back, and all that stress was now over! And then I took a nap to recuperate :P 

Later in the day, I went to go pick up Steph & Ryan, but there was so much traffic at BC from the basketball game (which we won against VT!) I also got to meet their friend Van.

At 8, I met up with Justin, and we headed to Eagles Nest for Senior Dance Practice, and I guess I’m committing to it! I definitely felt a lot more confident going through the moves this time because they were a bit simplified, and surprisingly, I’m not the worst there anymore :P Some people were there for the first time, but at least they were still willing to do it! I do admire Eric Lee’s teaching and dancing skills, definitely motivates me to try harder… I wonder what Synergy’s performance for Showdown is going to be like… I’m pretty sure it’ll be amazing. 

Lastly, I arrived a bit late because of practice, but I made it to the SASA Culture Show! This was the first culture show I ever went to, and it was great seeing so many people I know (mostly Steph’s roommates) in the show. The girls definitely outdanced the guys :P but it was very fun to watch. It also made me realize that I’d have to go up there next week… oh great :/ Looks like I gotta practice! And, I got to sit with Steph, Jeannette, and Susan, but to my surprise, a couple of the Shaw freshmen were to my side as well, so it was a fun night indeed :) After the show, there was lots of photos, as the dancers did an amazing job, and Steph and Jules prepared flowers for all their friends! And, I finally got to eat dinner at late night, haha. What a packed day!