day 359

well, last night was a bit interesting… i stayed up until 5AM wrapping gifts and uploading that youtube video, and while doing so, my dad woke up! so that was kinda strange seeing him up… and he was like, really… haha. so i went to sleep soon after.

woke up around 10am and began the gift exchange by getting my sisters together and giving the first gift to our parents! the first thing they always wonder is what could we possibly get that we would want? and well, we decided to prepare for them a movie night! with all the food/snacks they love along with karate kid =) actually, that’s what my dad wanted to see, so it was pretty easy finding him a gift. we also put in some stuffed disney dolls for added cuteness :P 

next, we went downstairs to surprise our grandma with her gift as well! she wondered the same thing, but once she saw the leopard print snuggie, she was surprised… to say the least :P haha, she had no idea what it was at first, and thought she was supposed to wear it like a jacket. but, i THINK she liked it, based on her positive reaction, and it came with a booklight as well :P 

finally, my sisters exchanged gifts with one another, and i gave karen the despicable me movie & poster, along with mr. prickle pants! tiffany got her a sing-a-ma-jig. that got annoying VERY fast. haha. for tiffany, i got her some oil pastels? (i have no idea…) from the MFA, along with some origami and a cute pencil case :) and karen got her a moose hat! kinda jealous… and for me, karen got me some speakers and tiffany made me some pokemon/mario artwork from clay and gave me a toy story 3 poster! hehe, it was a pretty fun exchange =)

then, i spent a couple hours playing video games… got bored. took a nap. then showered at like 3pm. and then ate lunch at 4pm. and then did more wood work with my dad! we finished another dolley for tomorrow, and we were pretty efficient =) i really like the times when we just work together on projects, though sometimes, i have to get over my pride :/ it’s funny, i definitely know the lessons on humility, but learning them is another thing… man, i gotta work on that.

oh right, i checked my grades yesterday and the professor realizing that he had switched my grade with my sister’s… and looking back, i feel conflicted. because i got a higher grade than her… yet my gpa doesn’t really matter now and her’s does… doh. but then again, i’m pretty sure nobody wants that kind of pity when it comes to grading… so, ugh, i guess it happens :/

after finishing the dolly, we got ready for the karate kid movie night! well, my grandma and mom were busy… so it ended up just being my dad, my sisters, and me. but it was fun! and, obviously, when it came to the parts of training, all i could think about was how my dad would mentor me because it’d be like the same thing: he’d tell something that i would think is irrelevant to the task at hand, and the hardest thing for me to do is to just obey without asking tons of questions. ah yes, and my dad also enjoyed telling us about what’s going to happen in the movie, even though he had never seen it and the three of us had :P probably because these are the lessons he likes to teach us…so of course, he loved the movie :)

whew, it was a good and relaxing christmas day, though probably a bit unique with that wood working… kinda made me feel like a carpenter. hmmmmm…. jesus? :P well, the church move is tomorrow! and i’m gonna start reviewing this past year starting tomorrow hopefully. and i want to clean up my room… and just get things in order for the start of the new year! wow, so much to do…and i gotta catch up on people’s tumblrs :P

day 354

my goodness, i’ve reached exhaustion again… whew.

man, i didn’t sleep till 5:30 last night because both my roommates had a chem final the next day, and nick decided to pull an all-nighter… i guess that didn’t bother me too much but we did talk about black swan since he was the one who recommended me to watch it. i did enjoy talking it over with him, though i’m pretty sure half my brain was functioning with little sleep… haha. 

woke up at 8am, and got ready to send esther to south station. i offered her a ride because i could not fathom how she could bring her freaking ENORMOUS suitcase with her all the way to south station… and i figured driving there would teach me how to get to china town and navigate around… and it did =) well sorta… i basically just learned more about mass pike :P anyways, steph, esther, and i left around 9am, got breakfast and dunkin donuts, and got to south station with enough time for esther to catch the 10am fungwah bus. then, we headed back to BC, and i took a nap until noon…

when i awoke, it was almost time to meet steph’s family! let’s see… i met her mom and dad, her oldest brother tim, and her best friend karyn. initially, i was definitely afraid. or more unsure as to what to do… so i just walked around, haha. steph was busy showing the family around the house, and that gave me time to recollect myself :P things got rolling as we helped steph move out of her place, and then we decided to go to cleveland circle for lunch. when we stepped outside, it was snowing! amazing… the first time it snows is always entrancing and magical… anyways, we decided to go to bangkok bistro, and i brought steph and her brother in my van. while steph was talking to her parents, tim and i (wow that sounds like i’m talking to myself…) talked about his role in being the protective brother… and i realized that i would be in his shoes if either of my sisters started dating… haha. thankfully, he seemed fine with the whole thing and im guessing you’re supposed to be mean as the older brother but i didn’t get that from him. whew. :P anyways, that whole thing started making me think about my sisters… haha. oh boy. well, when we got to bangkok, we realized that it was closed! so we headed to chipotle and got lunch. steph & i split a burrito because after eating a couple times, we had to admit we couldn’t finish one by ourselves… haha. 

during lunch, i enjoyed listening to the conversations because i’m pretty sure this is what happened when steph came to dinner with my family… it gave me a feel of what goes on back at home and how each person relates to one another =) i always find that fascinating just because you’re never sure how things are until you actually talk and listen.  like, i knew pastor lim mainly spoke in english, but it didn’t really occur to me until i was watching (wow now i sound like a stalker…) them :P and i guess that’s different from my family because i would not trust my dad’s english, haha. half of the time, my dad has corny jokes…ah and, i got to talk with steph’s mom in mandarin since she’s fluent in taiwanese, mandarin, and english, and i got to share about how my parents too. i guess my dad’s side is also from the same place in china as her family. interesting… well, after lunch, we parted ways, and sadly, i got a parking ticket! doh… though i’m pretty sure i was only late like 5-10 minutes, but i realized that if this was the worst thing that happened today so far, then i’m totally happy :)

after steph’s family left, i returned to my room to do some errands and took a nap. then, i did some packing and then offered to send my roommates and jv to coolidge corner since they were going to see black swan! the buses were not running too efficiently in the snow, and i thought it’d be better if i just sent them. it was a fun trip there, though there was definitely a lot of traffic! i’m glad i was able to spend time with them on the car one last time before next year, and then after a lot of waiting on the road, i made it to newton to pick up karen. since i didn’t finish packing, karen came back with me to my room to help clean up, pack, and make dinner. i really could not have done it without her help! while i packed, she helped wash dishes/make dinner, and we switched off in making dumplings and chicken nuggets, and we were able to eat and finish packing by 9… we loaded the minivan, and i headed over to 90 to say bye to the guys before heading back home. despite the snowfall, driving went safely, slowly, and smoothly. i think one time when i was driving my roommates to black swan, the van was acting up and not accelerating… with lights flashing and stuff… but i was able to pull over and restart the car. (i don’t think restart is the right word :P) but, thankfully, nothing bad happened! especially since i heard there were a couple accidents on comm ave that day. karen and i finally got back home around 10:30, and i felt SO relieved… i can’t wait to rest :) but at the same time, i gotta start working for my dad tomorrow! man, i guess at least i won’t be bored? i crave sleep…

day 284

woke up at 9 feeling anxious about getting work done… so i really couldn’t go back to sleep. spent the morning and afternoon doing work. i was somewhat efficient, with some breaks in the middle. it was definitely quiet as half the room was still asleep until almost noon. after that, i went to the ksa gajok meeting, and found out that jinah and i are going to be ksa parents! this is gonna be verrrrry interesting… i hope to be a good parent :) but… i don’t want to spoil them either :/ fear & discipline?… probably not… haha.

i went to the physiology review session, which felt like a waste of time. so i headed back home early and cleaned. because i invited some friends over for dinner! specifically, i wanted to invite off campus over for dinner because it occurred to me that i should always be mindful of “paying it forward,” as taught to me by saeyoung :) well, i think it was pretty successful although i was expecting a couple more people… in the end, it was steph, susan, jeanette, esther, & jae maeng. jae helped me with grilling, as i bought some kalbi from hmart.. and my roommate marco helped me with cooking the vegetables. i still have much to learn! haha. but, my other roommates also ate with us, so it was great to see that everyone enjoyed each other’s company. my only regret is that i never actually mentioned about “paying it forward”… i guess i never found an appropriate time, but i do hope that actions speak louder than words.

after chilling at the room and playing some wii, it was time for indian dance, and i headed over to the plex with steph & esther. we were unable to convince jae :/ and i think i like going because it helps me not take myself so seriously. i realize that i can’t dance at all and i lack much coordination when it comes to following a choreography (good thing i never tried out for synergy, fuego, or aerok lol!), but i think it’s healthy to be able to laugh at oneself. so there was some of that… as well as other people laughing at me, haha. and good exercise! either because of the cardio workouts or the laughing. ah yes, diane was there too! but sadly, haeyon and maryjo didn’t go :/ 

after dance, it was time for studying… and so far, it’s been somewhat productive, but i realized that i’m having trouble staying focused. instead, i’ve watched youtube clips and the office… this is going to be a trying week…. especially with two exams. well, at least i got to talk with my sister today. she needed to get the psych assignment since we’re in the same class, and she also had a csa freshman rep interview, so i hope it went well!

day 241

man, i leave so many things for the last minute, whether it’s printing photos at Walmart yesterday night right before 9 or sending out the setlist the night before. how frustrating because i know it burdens others, but i hate the fact that when i leave it for the last minute, i rush & forget key details. anyways, i stayed up until 3 am last night, trying to get stuff done and finally, writing in karen and matt’s books… why do i do this to myself?

anyways, i managed to wake without feeling horrible despite the lack of sleep. i got dressed and did some final packing but again, because i didn’t prepare, i forgot stuff. good thing i was able to come back home after church to pick up my cell phone charger.

church was fun and it would be the last sunday for matt. we finally gave them their senior gift books, and they seemed to love them! i can’t wait to see matt for christmas break.

after church, we had some time to go back home, so i did some packing and even though i was in a time crunch, i decided to go to guitar center to buy some stuff on sale. what a BAD decision. because of that, i missed the south acton train at 4:25, and i had to get my parents to drive me all the way to fitchburg. what a hassle, and this is all because i decided to leave things for the last minute! lesson learned… i hope. thankfully, i got to the station before the train arrived, and i was able to see everyone! i’m so glad my parents and sisters were so patient with me. i think its times like these when i truly realize how love can be patient.

it was fun seeing everyone and chilling at toah nipi. gosh, it’s so crowded! this is the largest summit ever, and bc probably brought the most kids. i played some ping pong and basketball and we listened to a message and LOTS of announcements. then, we had some campus time and that was pretty interesting but it was LONG. 

i finally went back to the room to shower, take out my contacts, but after spending 20 minutes on my right eye with no success, i went to my left eye and took it out on the first try. what?! so i gave it a couple more shots, but i think i lost my contact in my right eye. it must’ve fallen out when i ran into grace during basketball… haha so i guess THAT’S what knockout means. :D good thing my eye didn’t get knocked out… anyways, i’d much rather lost the contact than wake up tomorrow with an eye disease. most people told me that the couldn’t find it and hopefully it’s not behind my eye or something. i don’t feel any pain aside from all that prodding around with my finger.

Oh, and i met john at toah nipi! i hope he likes it too especially with the tufts group. it’s gonna be a great week at summit, and i totally forgot, but i finished donald miller’s father fiction on friday!

it was good, but it didn’t seem to carry the same impact as the other two i had read. possibly because i really can’t relate to being fatherless…

and i’m envious that my sister has NO trouble with contacts. seriously?! she got them out of her eyes on the first try and for me, it’s been a week and i’m slowly getting the hang of it… spending just 10 minutes.

haha whatever. i’ll put my contacts worries aside and look forward to tomorrow!

day 201

wow the entire flight back to boston went so smoothly! praise god :D

the morning was probably the most hectic, and rightfully so, because we had to make sure we got to the airport early enough, avoiding possible traffic, and having enough time to get through check-in and what not. on top of that, we didn’t sleep much (or at all :P) so it’s much easier to get irritated at one another, but, i’m so glad that things didn’t go that way!

we managed to get all of our 8 bags & suitcases down to the first floor in just two trips, and the van we booked was there on time! and he helped us put on all those luggages we packed… i think half of them were at least 40 lbs. the trip to the airport went without a hitch as we didn’t meet any traffic, and surprisingly, there was no line for check-in! this was absurd because for the past two years, we’ve had to wait, though usually not too long, but no line?! awesome =) and none of our luggages exceeded the 50lb limit. whew… security check went by without any problems but up to that moment, i had a sudden freakout because i realized i had left my string cutter in my guitar case, which could possibly be mistaken as a “weapon” since it does have a sharp edge… but, through all the security checks, i was never asked to open the case so i never had to throw it out :)

we got to our gate pretty early because there were no delays so we rested. the morning stress was taking a toll on us, and on the trip to tokyo, we just slept. well except for lunch! that was delicious because it was japan air :P. at tokyo, there was a short line through security, which was a relief because every time i go through there, i’m reminded of last year’s misery: being stuck in that place for 2-3 hours waiting in two different lines… but this time it was quick :) we waited at the gate again, and it was interesting hearing chinese, korean, and japanese all being spoken there. i think two korean boys were watching me play DS, haha. the flight to chicago went by surprisingly fast too. it was an 11 hour trip, and i slept a good 8-9 hours of it. i woke up only for the meals, and each time i got apple juice because it was japanese and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER than what we have in the US. it’s so addicting :). oh and i stayed up to watch How To Train A Dragon, which was great. I thought planes had horrible movies but I knew this one was rated really good so I just HAD to watch it. I want a pet dragon now… :/ 

after landing in chicago, it was time for the international checking process and the customs check. the line went by fast, and even with 8 luggages, there really was no check on them… i think last time, we were so frustrated with customs because the line was ridiculously long and almost missed our connecting flight to boston, but this time, everything seemed orderly… i was waiting for a dog to come around to sniff our stuff as they usually do, but i didn’t get to see one =/ customs was so lax this year. interesting… there was a slight delay on our flight to boston, but somehow, we managed to get back at 830PM on time! they said they made up the time during the flight, so that was good to hear. additionally, it’s a good thing i got on early for the plane because at the end, people ran out of space (check-in luggages for domestic flights cost money on AA :/) and they had to check-in their carry ons. anyways, i was able to put my guitar in an overhead… whew, my guitar is getting home safely!

when we got back to boston finally, we saw my dad waiting at the baggage claim, we gave him hugs, and then picked up our 8 luggages. we drove home, with my mom updating him on some of the interesting things that happened during our trip to taiwan, and it’s just been a very calm day, thankfully!

though, there is some bittersweetness on my mind: my sister didn’t get into shaw, which is troubling because i’m supposed to have a role in choosing the new 20 (and the list came out today!), but i kind of forfeited that opportunity by going to taiwan… but, perhaps this is for the better! i’m very appreciative of what i’ve gained from the program, but i’ve slowly come to realize that perhaps my year was more of an oddity in its cohesiveness though now even that’s changed (which it should!). plus, even though one door has closed, it’s opened up many others… at least, from my own experience, it allows her to try a lot more things because those 7pm monday meetings did limit what i could participate in… and the shaw house was a bit exclusive in its friendships. so, maybe i’m envious of her, haha! and well, if she gets newton, that might not be too bad (she said so herself… though only time will tell), and if i get a car, well i could just send her back :P.

i guess, after my freshman year, i did wonder what my experience at BC would’ve been like if i hadn’t been at shaw: would i have met more people? would i have been involved in different things? would i have stayed at BC?

if anything, i keep coming to the same conclusion that it has been the relationships that have sustained and motivated me. and i’m sure my sister will find that with our without a leadership program. 

so now, i have other things to think about: paying for my dental application fees (round 2!), ew. and filling out supplements. and visiting people! and VBS! and going away parties… =( and 7th grade initiation ;) and taiwan pictures :D. 

day 157

such a rainy day! but i really liked it surprisingly. there were some new people who came to church today, and we also had baptisms! soooo, it was kind of a long day at church, but totally worth it. the kids were hilarious. and it was kind of saddening as one of the adults who got baptized had to go back to taiwan since he and his family had only intended to stay in the U.S. for half a year… and their kids are cute :P. well ok maybe just one of them. lol. and i remember how daniel kept screaming sophia’s name SO loud… that she was clearly bothered. but i don’t think he really knew what he was saying… i love those kind of moments. kids are so entertaining!

did some tmt prep. beginning with a shuffle your buns game…. such an old game haha. and at the end of it, i was exhausted! driving home required dave barnes rehabilitation… and then i did some kaplan math review when i got home… to assure that i could perform under stress. and then, dota… and dinner. and nba finals! SUCH a goood game. especially since the Cs won and allen got broke the record for most 3s in a final! 8!!! CRAZZY. but again, fouls were called everywhere! it’s crazy. and i think it was biased towards the Cs… :) woot. 

so… i didn’t really study that much today for dats. and its tomorrow. but i’m gonna get a good night’s rest because i think i’m ready! the finals game definitely put me in a good mood :)

oh and i learned that my sister went to prom with matt! lol wow way to not tell anyoen in the youth group… haha

day 156

started the morning off with dunks. and headed to the church to clean! actually, we first went to the acton chinese cultural festival because our church had set up a booth there. so that was cool to see it starting up. but i didn’t actually get a chance to participate in any of the activities, but i heard there was like 3000 people that went to nara park?! i think it was estimated that only 1000 people would go… but it was crazy! and it wasn’t just chinese people that went, so that made it more diverse :P the location definitely needs to change next year if such numbers happen again because there were cars lined up everywhere and traffic was a bit congested. but that was really cool to hear that it went so well!

so cleaning at the church started with lots of de-cobwebbing and spider killing…fun. haha. and then we moved onto windexing windows and 409ing cabinets. people strolled in and out either from home or the culture festival. so, it was great to have the extra help in cleaning such a HUGE building! so after 2 hours, my sisters and I managed to clean the front entrance… which doesn’t sound too impressive, but there was just so much that needed to be done. i think other people were washing windows outside or cleaning bathrooms or mopping floors, so everyone was really busy…. but then, as we decided to move onto another project, somehow, all our stuff got swiped! as in, someone took our 409 to clean the bathroom… and then another person used the windex for more window cleaning. so that left us with nothing….and so i just sat around and eventually i was relegated the job of takign care of the kids. or more like, keeping them from bothering their parents. which consisted of getting water for emily. and getting water spilled on me. and getting pulled around for an hour or so until lunch… 

then, for pretty much the rest of the time since i again had no work… (i felt a bit useless, haha) i just kept the kids busy. and we decided to use this office room to play hide and seek, and all the youth and kids joined in. it was hilarious. especially since some of the kids can’t exactly count to 10 correctly… oh and i loved hiding behind a door and whispering their name as they walked by. they got SO freaked out. ahahaahahha. and then they got confused when they couldn’t find the source. WIN.

went back home, picked up my dad from work. studied a bit until my parents got home, and then we went to karen’s graduation! i thought it was gonna get rescheduled since it rained pretty hard for 10 minutes, but there wasn’t any notifications, so we went! as we listened to speakers (most were pretty boring… except the guest speaker and i guess the valedictorian speech), it started to POUR for 15 minutes. but it was fun, sort of like a shower. and it was SO hot before the rain, and it made it all better, especially when the rainbow appeared after it stopped. i think people were more interested in that than the principal talking. makes sense :P. when it finally came to the diplomas, there was a long wait, as the girls were called first by house. and karen was the last house to be called. but, it was well worth the wait. we were able to get to the center behind the students and i managed to snipe her shaking the hand of the superintendent (i think). and the family was pretty loud :D. thank goodness for common sense name calling. unlike AB… i’m still irked by that haha. hmm i guess the only thing i remember from the speeches was “yearn” as in dreaming big dreams! and such. and jon stewart and springsteen… something along those lines. 

then we had to wait until all the boys were called, and that was a long wait. one family even made a banner that said STEVE C. WE LOVE YOU. Ingenious! i wish i had thought of that…also saw thomas (whose sister was graduating) and christina and jessica feng. 

after graduation, it was SUCH a bottleneck to leave the place…but eventually we got through after 20 minutes. honestly, they lined the fences into a chokepoint… which is SO dumb. and horribly unsafe for dire situations i.e. fire. and some people just stood by near that area to take pictures with friends… oh well. it was a lot better once we got out, and karen got to take pictures with friends as we went to go get the car.

finished celebrating by eating at pho88! i decided to get a bun (vermicelli) instead of the usual noodles because i saw saeyoung eat it once… and it intrigued me. i liked it, enough to finish it, and it didn’t feel too heavy. :) 

sooo tomorrow will be destressing and super focusing for the DATs on monday! and i need to buy the right snack foods for the test too. and… do some light studying. and possibly watch the finals. though that might get me too riled up to sleep… haha. we’ll see.

day 108

went to sleep kinda early for church… 1:30 is an accomplishment! but i still felt tired… i must need a LOT of recuperating because of last week’s crazy sleeping pattern. i did a lot of napping today too…in preparation for a long night of essay writing. but i’m done with a draft! and i think i can proofread it all tomorrow :)

so, church went well. did some last minute 30 hour famine announcements and i’m pretty excited for this upcoming weekend. but i know i gotta start going around asking for donations… oh boy. i think i’ll start tuesday once all the partying has died down :P

actually, for church, the most memorable thing was doing a small jam session after service. two pianos and drums. it was so fun. and i didn’t know there were SO many fun sounds on a piano. it was chaotic, but it worked out i think. gosh, next week, a lot of the youth are gonna be on stage singing/playing for the first time, and i hope it’ll be a good experience for them. maybe friday practice will be enough to quell any fears…and then this’ll be a good chance for them to step up! 

went home, did some recording, which i will post up soon, but i still need to understand my mic and firebox better. i don’t have the right sensitivity, and it doesn’t sound as good as it probably could be. then again, it could just be my voice. it was kinda hard to keep my eyes open because i knew i should’ve taken a nap, but i wanted to see it through. so, i only got one song done (until you!) but i hope to do dare you to move and eden. anyways, i think i use my youtube channel as an understanding of how i sing or what my mouth looks like when i sing. or what face shapes and emotions i possibly express (sometimes i look pissed or sad. haha, but usually i’m just confused) self promotion still seems weird to me, so i prefer just listening to myself (haha not proud at all!) and critiquing it.

pizza hut for dinner! then i took a nap at home. woke up to find out that my sister put in the deposit for BC! AWESOME. Looks like I get to play protector of the 014. actually, i remember in like 10th grade when i was first starting to be a leader at another church, and i shared how i thought i was the catcher in the rye. i just wanted to stop people from falling over the edge and protect them from outsiders. i’d beat up anyone who would hurt them and well, if i couldn’t…i’d find a way. well, a situation like that never arose, but i guess that’s how my heart works, and it happens during youth group too. i’m sure if one of the girls started dating someone outside…yeaaaaaaah. great, i’m overprotective.  and it looks like that might happen next year. oh boy. 

took another nap on the car ride back to BC. i’m really appreciative that my dad did that because i should’ve drove so he wouldn’t have to do it both ways. and i felt so stupid being irritated by his questions….but when i just wake up, i’m SO lost. i just stare until i realize where i am and then i start processing what i should do next. so, for my dad to ask me stuff about school right when i woke up from my nap, i was just like yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. ok. ok . ok. but then i realized wow i’m so dumb. 

well, then i spent the rest of the night at the library. bapst was surprisingly closed… so i went to fulton after oneill. tomorrow is marathon monday, and i’m looking forward to seeing pearl and eugene!

day 99

i was totally taken aback today and it reminded how much i needed to be thankful for the things i have.

i woke up and got dressed by looking at the people outside as i tend to do because i can’t gauge weather myself, but they lied to me! well, i can’t really blame them, but i didn’t know it was raining, and nobody was using umbrellas or wearing raincoats. since the rain didn’t really pick up till later in the afternoon, then that probably means those people got pwned in the rain too…

so i made it to immunology early for once, and i finally answered a question in class. it was kind of nerve wracking, but i talked about the right concept regarding hygiene hypothesis for the cause of allergies. and i think the adrenaline rush from that kept me awake and i was genuinely interested in allergies. so strange. but, it kinda made sense that kids whose moms let them run wild and eat dirt would be in contact with more germs but would not have allergies in the long run. although, i think he modified that too because it was too simple.

had philosophy, and then stayed after for office hours to talk about my paper. i feel like i always need to talk about how im going to organize my essay because ideas are always jumbled in my brain and sometimes they come out just like that, so i need to be careful. 

lunch was kind of empty…i think people went to ravi zacharias. since i had class during that time, i’m probably going to read one of his books in the near future, though i’m not sure which. and time went by so quickly that i had like 2 bites of my chicken smash before it was time to go…that’s probably because i got there late, but oh well.

physics, got back my exam, and i was so relieved that my studying paid off. and what caught me off guard was that i actually got the concept question right…because i had never, in all the exams including last semester, gotten one right. i was told by lots of people that i was wrong about it, and i just assumed i got it wrong because based on my track record, it wasn’t going to work out. but it did! and i was shocked.

talked to my beethoven teacher after, and it went pretty well. he’s very inspiring.

then i headed for home. i think i left too late because i missed the usual 5:10 train, but thankfully, i made the express one at 5:30, and i was able to get back home at 6:15.

youth group was very fun today. we got our t-shirts in the mail for 30 hour famine, and i was so glad to hear that some people had already raise $130! that means i gotta get on my GAME. oh boy. i can’t let some middle schooler, especially my sister, show me up. looks like i’ll be begging a lot this week…

and, for bible study we talked about confession. and i think it went really well. i don’t think guys tend to confess much because it seems weak, and it seems strange in the asian culture to confess… so when asking asian guys to do it, i knew holy spirit had to help :P. and i was so surprised that they were willing to share, because it made me feel that they were willing to trust me. shoot. i think that’s what’s so rewarding about being a leader.

lastly, before heading back to BC, i decided to write my sister a letter for her birthday… i was kinda late since her birthday was during the week, and i honestly had no idea what to get her. so i got her a book because she likes books…and a mic for her ipod touch so she can TPAIN. but i felt like… darn that’s it for her 18th? then again, i don’t really remember mine. i think i went to chilis with friends. not sure. so i wrote her a letter because i felt like that was something genuine i couldn’t just buy her. so i wrote it and left it on her desk for tomorrow morning before she went to track. i hope she finds it encouraging…and i hope she can read my handwriting. :/

today’s my sister’s 18th birthday! oh gosh.