day 339

wow, am i GLAD that tumblr is back… but perhaps it was for the best because the downtime allowed me to focus when i needed to!

church service is always interesting when my mom, the pastor, isn’t there… because she left for China last monday. she should be back tuesday! personally, i realize how judgmental i can get when i start nitpicking at my mom’s english speaking or in today’s case, mr. chang’s… i know i really should overlook it and understand the message they are sharing, but for some reason, when i catch mistakes that could possibly confuse theology or something… i get sidetracked. and then, i think that an english pastor would fix that…. but who am i kidding? pride seems to be most evident in myself at church yet quite well hidden to others…. i still need to learn how to love and to be humble. to accept people for who they are, and not who i want them to be… so perhaps i did learn a good lesson at church!

after church, we returned home, quickly packed, and my dad sent us back to BC! i originally planned to buy some cables for shinyoung for the atc concert, but in the end, he found a way around it. but, i still arrived early on campus in hopes of doing some studying. also, my sister let me borrow her ugly sweater =) 

so, that did not work out at all according to plan, but it was totally worth it! it slipped my mind that shinyoung still needed to borrow some of my cables that i had in my room, so i hurried over when i got on campus because i knew he was setting up. it was very fun to assist shinyoung in setting stuff for the concert because i know i’ll probably have to do this for the church move, and it’s good to have practice! that and i love connecting stuff. and having it all work. sort of the same feeling when building a computer… having stuff work! i think that’s probably why i’ll enjoy dentistry, when patients (hopefully!) tell me that they can eat again, that they don’t experience any more pain… plus, it was an added bonus to hear ATC practice =) and, i got to work with david in sound checking for both BU’s mustard seed & ATC. well, i originally planned to probably help for just an hour or so and study afterward, but as i helped, i realized that there was just so much to be done! and, i’m so glad shinyoung actually trusted me with some of the stuff…since i wasn’t too sure about trusting my own judgments, haha. so, we basically set up along with the help of ATC people too, until the show started!

then, people started coming in, and it was a great night! my sister came, steph & all her friends/roommates took up an entire row :P i acted as dave’s second ears for sound (though i did ask justin for help too… so he’s dave’s third ears? :P) anyways, i really enjoyed it because the sound was amazing, as shinyoung went the extra mile in procuring certain things, and it was totally worth it! the sound quality was noticeably different than the coffeehouse from the night before. i really enjoyed ATC’s performance because i didn’t know half the people on it yet they blew me away! like, arielle. WOW. haha… i knew she was good during sound check, but she had some tricks up her sleeves that she unleashed during the performance! i wished i took videos of the performances, but after the intro with all the singers, i just wanted to listen and enjoy =) and, i liked the harmonies of dan & shinyoung. and ray kim’s testimony! wow, i never knew that about him… and i would’ve never guessed that about his childhood… and i do feel bad that shinyoung blanked out during yearn :( because i’m pretty sure he had the lyrics during practice but something about performance totally throws me off, and that’s why i SUCK at remembering lyrics. thus, i use song sheets when i lead worship :P but, i was able to help him recover by mentioning the next lyrics :D i’m pretty sure i could only do that because i wasn’t in the spotlight… i remember playing that song for fun in my room and even then, i kept forgetting the words! haha, i had to do some humming before i found the right words to shout out :P ah and last but not least, liz was stupendous as ever! though it was funny how they kind of listed the encore song… i’m pretty sure that wasn’t necessary because judging by the night went…, OH YES, there would have to be an encore. =) 

did some packing up after the concert, but dave and i had to leave early because we had work to do… i stayed at the library for a bit before heading to my gajok son arthur’s birthday! although they sang for him after atc, the family wanted to do something special for him, and as we gathered in fitz, a huge crowd appeared. but, the family went first to surprise him… some of his older brothers/sisters caked him :P and then he had to wash his face… when he came back, he was then BOMBARDED with people flooding his room, and sadly, caked again :( haha. but i’m pretty sure he felt loved, and well… HE BETTER. =P

whew, now that was all over… it was finally time to study at 12:30. GREAT. haha, my plan to start at 4:30 kind of got extended 7 hours later though i anticipated the concert & the birthday. and so, i studied until i got kicked out of the library, then i went to the study lounge until 5:30… what a long night :P at least eric & pete were there. by 5:30 i realized i couldn’t retain any more info, so i headed back to nap for 3 hours… but i actually felt pretty productive because it was a great night, and i just kept reminding myself that the relationships are going to matter much more than how i do on the test… especially since i already got into dental school! but, i feel like i still want to prove to myself that i can do well… senioritis got NOTHING on me…. i hope. haha. 

day 334

finally went to my philosophy class in 2 weeks! :P and it was sort of worth going… probably should’ve read the book :/ at mac, i got to eat a chocolate chip muffin! i almost got tricked by the sign again, but realized it was blueberry and eugene helped me find the REAL one. as i ate, i found out that jamie, who’s a freshman, was in the same psych class, so we went to class and… passed out. haha, i remember waking her up so she could answer the iclicker question, and i really tried to stay awake by reading the book, but that didn’t work :/ 

after class, i napped :) then i did some work and went to the christmas tree lighting to meet up with matt. i got some hot cocoa and cookies, and was bummed that ATC was not singing :/ i didn’t stay long enough to see the actual christmas tree lit because i had to meet up with one of my gajok daughters for dinner at lower! vi was coming from newton, and when we entered lower, it was PACKED. thankfully, once we got our food, we were able to find a spot, and we talked about her freshman year and how she liked BC. i realized that most of my family is/was premed… ridiculous. and it seems that the teachers for bio are not great at all… 

after that, i went to ACF, and we discussed more about GPI. then justin & i headed to lower to get our CMAP done for physio, and then we studied at the library for the rest of the night… man, what a bummer… i spent the entire night on math, but i feel like there’s something i still don’t get! this is what i get for missing class :/ doh!

anyways, i checked my AADSAS once midnight struck… and nothing happened. haha. actually, i was busy talking with hanyin at the library so i didn’t really check it till a little after midnight. but, soon after, i got an email from BU telling me that i got in! =) WOOT. that was exciting. haha. and then i returned to my work… i think i need the physical mail in my hands to be really excited because… nothing seems different :P gosh, i hope when i call home tomorrow, it’ll be good news! AND, it’s my dad’s birthday :) though he says he doesn’t want to do anything special… oh well :/

day 325

woke up a bit hurried for church… gosh, it felt so strange sleeping at 3AM :P church was fun because we got to rake leaves today! i mean, service went well and everything, there was a new guy rob, who recently came to the states to start college… (i’m pretty sure he was surprised that we ended sunday school with a circle hug :P), but it kinda just felt like things went smoothly. in a good way, but what stood out was raking the area around the new church for 2 hours after service! even with like 20 people, it took that long just to clear a quarter of the place… but it was fun working with joseph in raking and picking up the leaves to dump in another area. actually, there weren’t enough rakes for everyone to help, so i decided to take some photos because despite it being a mundane activity, i liked it =) especially when rose got owned! perhaps i’ll upload it here as well… haha. well, everyone worked together pretty well for the most part, aside from logan bothering rich from time to time :P and the little kids would just run around and entertaining themselves, so things went really smoothly :)

returned home for dinner, and we decided to just eat at home, so my dad brought back pho & kfc….yeah kfc was for me :P because i wasn’t really in the mood for pho. it was interesting because everyone else was eating noodles… and i had a bucket of fried chicken to myself! and potato wedges. and cole slaw. and a biscuit. i really thought other people would share with me… but that wasn’t the case… haha. darn, now i’m craving it again as i describe it. i also want WENDYs. this is not healthy… i crave fast food too much, and i don’t get fat. doh! i need to gain weight. seriously.

took a nap after dinner, then i headed off to BC with my dad & sister. back at school, i met up with steph & jeannette to study at o’neill. we were… somewhat productive. haha. i mean, jeannette definitely was as she left around 11… but steph & i were there till we got kicked out :/ our adventures included returning a cell phone that was on the desk next to us and getting snacks on the first floor in our socks. distractions abound! =P oh well, at least i finished what i needed to do for this week :) can’t wait for the break!

day 319

something new i’ve noticed about being in a relationship: there’s going to be a lot more references as “we” instead of “i,” and that’s something i’m still coming to terms with and adjusting to… because for most of the my life, it’s always been just me. and i’ve been comfortable with that… and now this is new. different, but not necessarily bad. it’s just that i can be satisfied in isolating myself at times, but now that can’t be easily done. or at least, it shouldn’t :P unless….i had a bat cave! alas, i do not, so just a heads up if i start talking as if i’m more than one person, haha.

ran on 3 hours of sleep… and yet i felt awake enough to make it to calc in the morning. my goodness, what a surprise! i had skipped friday because i overslept, but i guess the professor didn’t tell anyone that she’d be going to a conference. so, everybody was surprised at the sub! well, he teaches another section of multivariable, and he’s asian. SOOO asian. but very enthusiastic. so, it was a mix of passion & chinese accented english. VERY entertaining :) i really wish i could’ve overridden into his class =( i liked the way he explained the examples, but enough of wishing… it was fun to be attentive in that class because at times, the class was just like “what in the WORLD is he talking about?”  oh, and he did introduce himself halfway through the lecture… “my name is Chi-Keung Cheung, but i tell people to call me CK because inevitably when people try to pronounce my name… it becomes chicken.” OWNED. oh and he definitely was not that eloquent, but i’m afraid i can’t reproduce his amazingness. :/

went to the rat and met up with dan & joo yeon. steph joined us as well, and we just chilled until steph had her test at 11. i decided to head back to my room to get some stuff done, mainly just organized my day in my planner, before heading to class. what a bad idea! i originally planned to nap through them because i knew i wouldn’t get much out of a review session & a class on 3 hours of sleep… but i felt guilted in skipping class, so i went. and zoned out of physio, and looked up wii games in dev. FAIL. should’ve totally slept! 

justin & i headed to the rat after class, and we got lunch! we also met with susan, jae maeng, sam lee, ayo and some freshmen. and… yes, some freshmen found out that i now had a girlfriend. greaaaat. haha. but at least i got to know the freshmen better, like my son arthur! and young and sang. there was a heated debate about the wrongness of using “get that” but that got really boring really quick. and annoying. but i’m glad i got to know some new freshmen =) and by then, i also had to choose my classes, and sadly, i still couldn’t get all the classes i wanted! a theology class i wanted was already full… and lots of capstone courses were full. but, it didn’t really bug me, and so far, i have the three classes that i actually want/need: research, music & english. i’m holding a class for my sister and taking a random bio elective… at least i got some flexibility!

waited till steph got out of class, and we decided to walk to shaw’s! i needed to pick up some food for the shaw thanksgiving (shawsgiving? shanksgiving… ew) potluck, and i was given the vague topic of picking up dessert, appetizers, and/or vegetables. wowwww. well, we decided on an apple pie & a oreo cake and shrimp cocktail! we also met jae maeng and his roommate sean there, and it was interesting seeing them shop too :P i also bought a lot of other random snacks… and it’s definitely not a good idea to shop on an empty stomach. we kept going back to the fried chicken… haha. jae maeng bought some and gave steph one to eat… hahahaha. i bought dinosaur chicken nuggets so i continue the “monday chicken nugget lunches” with my roommate ryan =) after purchasing the food, we walked back with jae maeng and sean…. and they led us on the path back to their place. and it was NOT a shortcut! not at all… wowwww. i had some hopes that possibly even after not knowing where i was for the longest time, we could possibly be closer than just walking down on beacon. but nope. not at all! haha, oh well. it was funny to blame it on jae :P

when we got back to my place, steph had to leave so she could cook dinner, and i had to prepare for the potluck. i cannot believe it, but the lounge was PACKED! we had a huge turnout of all 4 classes, and we actually had TOO much food?! there were two turkeys, (CRAZY) tons of stuffing & mashed potatoes & salad, appetizers/dessert everywhere =) and everyone seemed to have a great time, with people making hand turkeys! and writing what they were thankful… ah yes, and mark led us in grace. very interesting  to say the least :P but i’m just so impressed with sean d, who was responsible in making this all work, and i’m pretty sure he was glad that everyone was able to come and there was enough food! what a difficult task in organizing such a big event..

after the dinner, we had a quick shaw council meeting and then we cleaned up the place. febreeze & lysol wipes =) then i napped. sorta…. as in, i rested my head as i would text people, haha. not the most productive nap… but i got up at 10:30 and headed over to the library. and i was IN THE ZONE. i didn’t get distracted with fb or tumblr, and i managed to get a LOT of work done. actually, even though i was efficient, i STILL had more work to do… which is ridiculous! i mean, at least the stuff i studied was being retained. ugh. i wish i didn’t have to spend so much time on each single thing because i just have a lot of things piled up! anyways, dan came over to study as well until we got kicked out at 3 :P

then i headed back to the gabelli lounge to study more! because i didn’t feel tired (probably because of my arizona green tea :P). oh, i visited two new bathrooms today! one on the 1st floor of o’neill. i also saw my son kevin playing starcraft 2 in the library, hahahaha. the other one was in the 2nd floor of gabelli. i feel like an explorer! or something… anyways, eric was studying as well, and aside from spending an hour on tumblr… i got another chapter of reading done :) and well, now it’s 5AM… and i’m debating whether it’s worth going to my 9AM or sleeping in because the reading was great but i fear the lecture might not be. or more likely, i won’t be able to pay attention :( oh well, to cheer me up, i bought the new chris tomlin album! since i already knew a couple songs… it was easier to connect to. more listens will help me decide whether it’s actually good (i’ve been disappointed with his past few albums… nothing can live up to his indescribable tour/album hype!)

oh and for philosophy, i read kierkegaard, and it was SUCH a good allegory! the king & his humble maiden. actually, it was a rediscovery as i had read it somewhere… but i just LOVE how it’s described, and i was able to find it online, so i’ll post it =) ah, and i think it grounded me on the idea: I am my Beloved and He is Mine.  enjoy the music post too, written by a worship leader from IHOP, who reminded me of zac efron :P

day 315

stunning realization: i have a girlfriend! well, technically, i guess we agreed on it at 11:55PM the night before… but today felt like i was reminding myself because it didn’t seem real… possibly because i was running on 3 hours of sleep. and i really wished i had skipped my classes because they were not worth going to, and i couldn’t really pay attention. i am not sleeping at 530 and doing that again… ugh, it felt so weird. anyways, i guess as much as things do feel different, i realized that … life still feels the same. because there’s always more work to do, and i guess that’s good to know because i want to be grounded in reality. so, this change in relationship status (which i won’t do on facebook… haha), is pretty exciting and memorable because both steph & i are giving it a shot at dating. =) up until recently, i’ve been pretty good at being awkward around girls, or avoiding them, or just being mean…but that’s an entirely different entry…yeah. so i guess this will be a new journey for me (and us), and i wonder what this story will be like.

gosh, just telling people about this has been very interesting. lots of encouragement and excitement :P which is a good sign! haha. and, i guess after today, our circle of friends pretty much all know now though i’m not sure who does and who doesn’t… and i should probably tell my parents haha. strangely, i’ve only told my youngest sister. and, my roommates know now too, and this means, only marco doesn’t have a girlfriend :P man, i hope he doesn’t feel any pressure hahahaha. 

anyways, after class i crashed on my bed until i realized i had to get up and start cleaning for my gajok family dinner. then, kaisi & jinah came over to start preparing for the sam gyup sal (no idea if that’s even remotely correct) dinner, and jinah and my family had dinner with abe, kaisi & alex’s family (why do they have 3 parents?…awkward). this was a huge group effort as dan & abe put in a lot of work cooking all the meat, and the rest of the family came to eat :P there were lots of freshmen & sophomores. there was some gross eating of the fat from grilling… i think dan and josh ate it :/ and then we concluded with mafia! the townspeople won :) overall, it was a pretty good dinner, though i bet we were pretty annoying because we kept saying how we were the best family ever: BFE. or BGE (best gajok ever) lol… kaisi was like, this is the last time we’re doing anything with you! i hope she was kidding… haha. actually, i’m just glad most of our family was able to make it, though a couple were still busy :/ but at least this time, rachel came! (i’m not sure what i’d do if she missed out on 3 events… 3 strikes = asian dad punishment? :P)  

did some cleaning up although jinah & kaisi did a lot of it prior to leaving, so that was really nice of them. then steph & maryjo dropped by =) we chatted about classes next year and then i had to head off to the library to study :/ it was a long night of studying with justin & dan, but we made some good progress! hopefully, we’ll be ready for tomorrow… i feel less and less confident each exam because i spend less time studying. not a very satisfying feeling. 

day 313

surprisingly, i woke up without feeling very tired… and i made it to class on time! and the beginning was hilarious, as professor kreeft began: “I am God. Bow down to me.” Hahahahhaahaha. it was just so surprising! especially since i didn’t do the reading :P a very interesting morning, and it definitely kept my attention. and then he threw chalk at a student to demonstrate something…. but i kinda forgot. oops! 

after class, i stayed at mac with jae maeng, stephen, and eugene choi, and i got to meet new freshmen! gosh, i’ve come to realize that if i don’t want or make an effort to meet them, i probably would be too busy to randomly do so. :/ but i still got… like a month and a semester to go :P wow i hate reminding myself about how little time i have left. for some reason, many people have been doing that as well….

psych was boring as usual… then i did some elections committee interviews for new members and it was pretty quick! they didn’t have the swagga we were looking for sadly :/ headed back to the room, and discovered that dave barnes just released a new CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

why do all my favorite artists have to release christmas albums now…. i can’t even buy it because it’s too early! bah, but i really do want that christmas ornament… hahahahah. ok, and then i stumbled upon shane & shane’s new worship album, so i decided to pick that up instead. and i love it! some great new arrangements of songs acoustically and of course, their singing! =)

then i spent a lot of time working on calc, and only got through like half the problem set. wow, i didn’t expect it to be so time consuming! and that totally tired me out, so i took a nap, until it was time for ACF. i managed to get free dinner at eagle’s nest because there was a info session for China study abroad and they provided NHK :) ACF continued its talk about global poverty impact, and it was striking how in an article, we read that an atheist made the observation that christian missionaries are important in the development of poverty-stricken areas, and that they are more effective than NGOs and the like because motivation and transformation are addressed through the Christian faith… very encouraging to read! but, not sure what to do for donating still…

afterwards, it was time for studying. physio study group at lower, then librarying with justin & tiffany. i finally sent out a lot of the announcements/emails i needed to do this week, but i still haven’t started dev bio! i kinda got distracted showing justin youtube videos and eating snacks and listening to katy perry’s teenage dream over and OVER again. wow. i guess this means i have to play it on my guitar and sing it for fun to get it out of my system. grr.

day 306

wow, i cannot believe i woke up at 745! good thing nick also set up an alarm at the same time, except he did it to buy harry potter tickets from ugbc… anyways, i did so because jv wanted to get breakfast, except he was a bit late… so i chilled with stephen before noticing jv buying breakfast and then eating with him before heading to class.

sooooo i guess i forgot to remind my professor about making up the exam, and so i had to take it during his office hours. so, at least i didn’t miss out on the beginning of how we will be comparing religions…. and everyone else got their tests back. gosh he grades fast! i then took a nap at the library, headed to the rat to eat lunch, and studied for my philosophy midterm a bit more during psych… actually, psych was pretty good today because the TA taught, and she was a LOT more engaging. then again, we were working with pretty low expectations, haha. but the topic was VERY interesting as we were going over memory… and how we can maximize our studying potential… haha, this was being discussed as i studied :P one intriguing thing was that they studied how people who studied sober and took a test sober did the best, but those who studied intoxicated and took the test intoxicated did the second best! REALLY? hahahaha. i guess those who change their state (from sober to intoxicated or vice versa) got owned. and, they did a similar test with what mood you studied and took the test, like whether you were happy or sad, and having the same mood for both parts correlated with better results… interesting!

i headed off to my professor’s office, and i was surprised at what he gave me…. it seemed so much easier than the midterm he gave the class! wow, i really didn’t expect that… because i thought if anything, i should get something harder if not the same… but i won’t complain :P

took a nap after that was all done, and got some work done before heading off to acf. i really enjoyed the topic about global poverty impact, though i wish i made some more concrete goals about how to budget and in the end, donate to certain organizations that are helping the poor! the microfinance video on TED was moving, especially about how she talked of the seeming realization that there will always be poor people around us…making the situation seem hopeless. and as a result, compassion turns into a tuning out because helping doesn’t seem to help! but, as she started talking about her organization Kiva, about providing small loans to the poor, i was surprised at how effective it was in elevating the lives of people in those places… dignity was being restored, loans could be repaid, and society was being rebuilt! and, in a sense, i felt that things COULD change! that stirred a lot of hope in me, and i think it’s these kinds of creative solutions that truly demonstrate and embody this passage from John 3:18

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

this could be very exciting! :)

then i met with my parents because they wanted me to bring gifts for the people i’d be staying with at NY as i head there tomorrow for my NYU interview on thursday. and, my mom helped re-sew a button on my suit because it was coming loose…. i think i played with it too much :P the rest of the night was then spent at the library with justin, as we have a dev bio quiz tomorrow :/ hopefully it goes well!

day 305

whoops. i slept for only 4 hours :/ but i still managed to wake up at 6:30, and got suited up :) i decided to stop by dunkin donuts for breakfast, and i thought it’d be pretty grown up of me to get coffee and a sandwich…i wanted “2 sugars, 1 cream.” but, then i realized it was too hot, and i burned my tongue when i tasted it. and it didn’t even taste that great. possibly because i lost my taste buds from the burn. and when the sandwich got too salty, i couldn’t chug the coffee because that’d be ridiculous! so, i went to my go-to drink: apple juice :) and things were much better! i chugged that, finished my sandwich, and threw away my coffee, haha. i proceeded to catch the bus, get on a crowded T at reservoir, and made my way from the boylston stop to the tufts dental school in the freezing cold. good thing i remembered my mom’s advice for wearing a jacket!

it was interesting meeting everyone else who were being interviewed… i remembered people from my USC, BU, and UPenn interviews, and so it was good to be able to talk with them. except, i was a bit tired, and for the rest of the morning, i was trying to conceal my yawns… haha. during the info session, i was very relieved to hear that we were the first round of interviewees! and that, 70-80% of those interviewed get accepted :) that’s because tufts has the 2nd largest class size of 175 with NYU being 1st…the tour was great, because there was tons of new stuff that just opened like a year ago, and stuff was very shiny! =) and it was busy… good sign too! then, it was time for lunch with the students, and they seemed content with tufts, like it gave me a good impression that they actually enjoyed going to school here, despite the exam blocks, i.e. 3-4 exams in a week :/… the guy i was talking to was not looking forward to having 7 exams close to one another in december… gg. haha.

then i was quickly pulled out for my interview, but it was pretty relaxing to converse with the endodontist and a 4th year. they were pretty chill, and i cleared up the situation about my write up last year =/, and then i just talked about why i wanted to be a dentist =). after a short interview, like 20 minutes, i headed back to the conference room and talked to more 4th years about why they chose tufts and stuff. we concluded with an EXTREMELY long talk about the tufts curriculum… and it didn’t help that i was tired. it HAD to be close to 2 hours, and we went through a good deal of this 200 page (literally) booklet about tufts. i mean i guess i could understand why they wanted to convince us about why tufts is better than the rest of the schools in many aspects, since they started their interviewing process much later than other schools, but i just got bored… because it honestly wasn’t that interesting. i mean, if i had questions about it, i’m glad i’d have the resources to find it… but there’s gotta be a better way to present that stuff than just bombarding the students with constant info for 2 hours.

got back to campus around 4, and i HAD to take a nap. it felt SO good after waking up, and then, nick, marco, ryan, and i headed off to BC Splash! we got our t-shirts, and sean g and i actually started talking about our pokemon class… haha. i’m surprised we even have 5 kids, but it’s gonna be epic! i’m not sure if it’s gonna be funner for us or for the students… then, i suited up again for the father leahy shaw seminar, and it was a great turnout! while he spoke about the same stuff that he did in my freshman year, it was a great reminder and i realized that now, i could say i’ve accomplished  or experienced certain aspects of leadership that i couldn’t say so as a freshman. so, that was encouraging! :) 

after shaw, i headed back to change again, and then i finally got dinner… haha. totally slipped my mind! i met steph at el pelon before she headed back to her place, and then i returned to my room just in time to see the last few innings of the world series with my roommates! ryan is a giants fan, so he was very ecstatic :P a great moment to share with my roommates =)

and finally, i’m at the library… studying for my philosophy midterm tomorrow.. but i don’t feel too stressed… gosh, i hope i’m not in a lull or anything… haha.

day 303

gosh, i loved sleeping in for 10 hours :) and originally, i had planned to isolate myself from the world… but that didn’t work too well. haha but it turned out for the better! i decided to cook lunch: dumplings & scallion pancakes. this time, the pancakes turned out much better. well except for one… because it got stuck together so i ate it by myself (i’m embarrassed of failed dishes :P) but i gave the other one to my roommates and they liked it too! this means i managed to get the cooking down… whew. haha, and best of all, i didn’t feel sick after eating it… 

i guess lsat scores came out this morning, and my friends who took it were a bit bummed… so, while i tried to just listen and support. because it’s hard to identify fully with someone’s pain when you don’t go through it yourself :/ but i guess in the grand picture, they’re still going to get into law school! just… not that top choice :/ and well, schools and their prestige don’t necessarily make good lawyers. i think the same goes for med/dent schools, and i need to keep that perspective in mind… as appealing as a name does seem. bummer…expectations don’t always work out :/

i planned on going to the library after lunch, but i got distracted playing a dark, yet fun game, based on hansel & gretel, so nick and i spent a good hour or two on this. the best part was playing through the game together and talking over how to solve the puzzles and creepiness of the story. =)

i actually got some work done in the room, and caught up on math. also, nick’s sister liz stopped by, but she had to hurry back to mass art. so i helped her with directions to get there :)

finally, i left for the library and got a good amount of work done! the library was pretty empty :P then i headed back to pack and shared pizzas with nick :D

ah yes, i bought a couple albums this week:

hillsong chapel is amazing because it’s a lot of their popular songs, re-done acoustically. i can actually hear the acoustic in these songs :P and they’ve made them more feasible for small churches :) and in general, now there’s a lot of motivation to see how i can arrange songs so they are more acoustic or simplified yet full. i’m digging: came to my rescue, from the inside out, & mighty to save

i have fallen in love with a new voice! i heard her first on chris tomlin’s christmas album in the song winter snow. and truthfully, that was probably the best song on the album, haha! anyways, i never looked into her music until i heard her cd on pastor jack’s car, and i was blown away! her voice and the music are so refreshing, like the first time i found shane & shane :P and it’s uniquely different from my other favorite girl: brooke fraser :) i would check out her song: restless.

i saw this on sale at amazon mp3 for $5, and well, after watching zooey on 500 days of summer i figured i should check out whether she’s a double threat: is she theatrically AND musically talented? YEP. though, her style of music is different than what i’m used to, but she exudes a different but very warm personality than summer in the movie :P i would listen to: thieves & in the sun!

so today felt very productive in terms of work and spending time with my roommates. and i’m so surprised that BC beat Clemson! but, i’m glad i didn’t go because today i just felt relaxed and didn’t want to be “forced” to go because i had a ticket… gosh, how relaxing!

day 302

woke up and felt ready to take my calc midterm! it’s still the most frustrating subject to study for… because i’m never sure if i’m ready. it’s the strangest feeling because i’m neither confident nor worried about how i’ll do. so, during the test, i felt calm, even when i realized that i had no idea what to do for some of the problems. i think it was the initial panic, like “oh shoot… what is this asking??” so i just move onto what i do know. and then i come back to realize that it’s a lot less complicated than i originally thought. so, i hope i did well…

came out of the class feeling hungry so i stopped by the rat, and i met up with don & dan! i also got to talk to one of my gajok daughters, cristina :) anyways, i originally thought i bought a chocolate chip muffin… because it said chocolate chip muffin on the rack. what a lie! it was RAISIN. geez. i was initially suspicious of the muffin because it looked different from the ones around it… but i just thought that was because the chocolate chips were inside. or something. wow. haha, all i could think of was how this will build “character” because that’s what calvin’s dad says when stuff doesn’t go your way. oh well. :/ it was a learning experience or something :P but it was fun talking with don and dan before they headed to class.

i returned to the room to get some work done before heading off to class again… and it was definitely nerve wracking in physio because the professor began calling out random kids! i’m lucky he didn’t call on me… but i was on wiki the entire time! haha. i kinda zoned out of dev because a lot of stuff was on my mind… and we were going to get our tests back :/ and so we did at the end of class… and i can’t complain with my grade :) what a relief…. because i’m never sure if i’m under a false sense of confidence. gosh, but the next exam is so soon!

picked up my degree audit with justin, then we headed off to the rat to grab lunch and talk about classes next semester. blah. so unreal. i think. i’m not sure whether i should be stressed for my last semester… because part of me will just be wondering what to do with extra time… and the other part of me will regret what i’m doing with so much work. i’ve got some figuring out to do…

headed back home, ate some good food, rested, and planned out what to talk about for youth group. mainly because we’re getting ready for the welcome night! oh, and i’m relieved that harvard finally began reviewing applications… meaning they’ll read mine. at least now, i can be assured that all my schools have received my application. no guarantee i’ll get an interview though… and well, i guess i’ll keep hoping? haha. after this week, i’ll be relieved of much interview stress.

youth group was chill. it was a solid group of 10, and i think that was important for preparing for the welcome night. we’re pretty excited, and despite many distractions from logan & josh, i think everyone is on the same wavelength :) 

well, after rofl, i headed back to BC, and i guess i could’ve/should’ve gone to my friend’s place for a party… i need to rest. and recuperate. this is probably the earliest i’ve slept for some time… and i hope to sleep a good amount (without getting awoken by my roommates later in the night…) haha whatever. for some reason, i’m looking forward to just being in the library by myself as everyone else should be either partying or at the football game. i just want to catch up on work, think, and be in solitude. my antisocial tendencies are tingling =) oh wait. i mean, i just need some time off from the world… sometimes, i like to think that the library is my bat cave. except it doesn’t have a secret entrance. and it’s not hidden. and other people know about it.

tomorrow is library day! :D