day 57

classes went smoothly today. they were all laid back, mainly because so many students already left for spring break. of course, we learned new material, but it just wasn’t as stressful. and physics were interesting, with the demonstration of a superconductor. well, that was sort of interesting….i really wanted to see more of liquid nitrogen. now THAT looks fun. he put a flower and a rubber band in it, and they came out brittle. but the funny thing is, when they were inside the liquid nitrogen, it seemed as if they were cooking. so strange and alluring. i would love to play with liquid nitrogen. sort of like “will it blend?” but more of “will it freeze and smash into pieces?” FUN.

played a short game of starcraft with dave kim. so impulsive and exciting. actually, figuring out that we could see each other LAN was more satisfying than the game… since one of the computers didn’t do anything. oh well…this just means we have to play¬†AGAIN. and hopefully VEERRRRRY Soon. maybe that sunday when we get back.

and as i left for home, i went with dave and esther lee since they had to take the T to South Station. its so much more interesting¬†when you have people to talk to. like it was fun talking to nick last week since he had to go to MIT to visit his brother/cousins. and these conversations are always interesting. like today, we shared wallets on the T to see how they describe one another. hmmm. i need to find cooler things. and i need pictures of other people… or else people might think i just like looking at myself. (can’t say i disagree… = i agree?) so vain. hah! and conversations also keep me awake. a couple times i’ve fallen asleep on the T only to have the conductor wake me up because the T was going out of service. but thankfully, it always stops at Govt. Center, and I need to wait for another T to take me further into north station. but, it’s always disorienting to wake up to someone screaming at you to get off…

i passed out on the train. so exhausting. but an hour nap sitting up wasn’t too comfortable, and when i got picked up, i fell asleep again…

woke up at church. ate mcdonalds. and practiced for worship. i’m kind of bummed that i won’t get to see the famous josie chu play! she is SO talented, as she used to perform pieces on piano, and now she leads worship. i believe she’s a worship leader and a pastor. very interesting. anyways, she always leads on keys, with one responsible for bass/drum beats, and another for piano sounds. it’s so cool to see how she does it, because once it all gets going, it’s kind of hard to tell that she’s using a drum machine since it flows so well. but, she’s also AMAZING at drums. so crazy. i’m not sure if she’s better on that than piano because i dont know enough to judge drum skills. but her style seemed to convey a sense of professionalism. i heard a lot of ornamentalism, like there was just something more added to the usual snare, and bass, making it sound exciting and new.

and now, i’m back at home. i’ve finished laundry, packing, and getting various things done. i think i’ll be getting a hair cut tomorrow morning, and then i’m off to the airport and to NAWLINS!

pray for me! and i’ll be keeping a hand written journal for the days there, since i wont have any access to a computer. and hopefully, i can transfer them to here.