day 292

slept thru my alarm… woke up, saw that it was 9:15… and realized it wasn’t worth going to class… haha, great. first class i’ve missed this year :/ i guess that’s happened to me a couple times since 9am classes are SO hard for me to get ready for… because i sleep too late :/

got ready for my class at 12, and i wanted to go to office hours at 11 but that failed… i guess i was supposed to schedule an appointment! laaaame. i hung out at the rat to eat breakfast and do work. class was slow… but at least we watched a clip of the office :P

after class, i did some reading at the library, visited my philosophy teacher and was able to get an extension on my midterm! whew, because i would be missing a couple of his classes because of interviews, and i’d be flying a red eye next wednesday night and getting back to boston at 7am on thursday… and my midterm would be at 9am… ugh. thankfully, i’m able to take it the week after =)

then, i skyped with matt at 3, and it was so great to hear how freshman year was going so far at umich. i guess it’s always a fear that anything could happen during that month, but it’s been good! and i really enjoyed catching up with him. hopefully, our talks will be more frequent :)

then i went to go get a haircut, picked up some chips from chipotle, and bought some drinks from 7-11. got back to campus just in time to start cooking dinner for my roommates and james & mark. i cooked 50 dumplings in one pot :P and they were pretty delicious.

headed off to acf soon after, and it was great seeing people after experiencing kairos. especially talking to those who had gone on it already! then, it was lower for a group study in physio… and then i tried to take a nap after the study session, but my roommate nick kept telling me lame pokemon jokes… they were prettttty bad. hahaha. and then i had a gajok meeting! i think everyone’s looking forward to seeing it work out well, so i hope it does! :)

finally, it was librarying time… but sadly, i felt tired. i got some work done… but i’m afraid i don’t know how much i retained.. it’s a frustrating feeling that work just keeps piling up and i can’t seem to get rid of a significant amount :/ great, and my flight is tomorrow! ugh….i should’ve prepped more for it… at least i have tomorrow?

day 241

man, i leave so many things for the last minute, whether it’s printing photos at Walmart yesterday night right before 9 or sending out the setlist the night before. how frustrating because i know it burdens others, but i hate the fact that when i leave it for the last minute, i rush & forget key details. anyways, i stayed up until 3 am last night, trying to get stuff done and finally, writing in karen and matt’s books… why do i do this to myself?

anyways, i managed to wake without feeling horrible despite the lack of sleep. i got dressed and did some final packing but again, because i didn’t prepare, i forgot stuff. good thing i was able to come back home after church to pick up my cell phone charger.

church was fun and it would be the last sunday for matt. we finally gave them their senior gift books, and they seemed to love them! i can’t wait to see matt for christmas break.

after church, we had some time to go back home, so i did some packing and even though i was in a time crunch, i decided to go to guitar center to buy some stuff on sale. what a BAD decision. because of that, i missed the south acton train at 4:25, and i had to get my parents to drive me all the way to fitchburg. what a hassle, and this is all because i decided to leave things for the last minute! lesson learned… i hope. thankfully, i got to the station before the train arrived, and i was able to see everyone! i’m so glad my parents and sisters were so patient with me. i think its times like these when i truly realize how love can be patient.

it was fun seeing everyone and chilling at toah nipi. gosh, it’s so crowded! this is the largest summit ever, and bc probably brought the most kids. i played some ping pong and basketball and we listened to a message and LOTS of announcements. then, we had some campus time and that was pretty interesting but it was LONG. 

i finally went back to the room to shower, take out my contacts, but after spending 20 minutes on my right eye with no success, i went to my left eye and took it out on the first try. what?! so i gave it a couple more shots, but i think i lost my contact in my right eye. it must’ve fallen out when i ran into grace during basketball… haha so i guess THAT’S what knockout means. :D good thing my eye didn’t get knocked out… anyways, i’d much rather lost the contact than wake up tomorrow with an eye disease. most people told me that the couldn’t find it and hopefully it’s not behind my eye or something. i don’t feel any pain aside from all that prodding around with my finger.

Oh, and i met john at toah nipi! i hope he likes it too especially with the tufts group. it’s gonna be a great week at summit, and i totally forgot, but i finished donald miller’s father fiction on friday!

it was good, but it didn’t seem to carry the same impact as the other two i had read. possibly because i really can’t relate to being fatherless…

and i’m envious that my sister has NO trouble with contacts. seriously?! she got them out of her eyes on the first try and for me, it’s been a week and i’m slowly getting the hang of it… spending just 10 minutes.

haha whatever. i’ll put my contacts worries aside and look forward to tomorrow!

day 155

went to newton for my last kaplan review session. it was encouraging to hear that he thinks i’ll be ready! wooohoo. i think i’ll just do some final studying tomorrow and be set!

oh, and i went to dunks to get an iced coffee (which i realize i don’t like too much because when i ask for sugar, my gen chem kicks in and tells me that sugar won’t dissolve as well in iced coffee as compared to hot coffee… and so sugar is just at the bottom undissolved…) and i got a free donut! because it’s national donut day :D actually, i thought i was special… but i swallowed my pride and chose a glazed. so i don’t think i like coffee. well, iced coffee even with sugar and cream and french vanilla still leaves a funky aftertaste. and makes me want to pee. it is a good source of ice cubes though. and good for the price, i suppose. i think i’ll just stick to my pure sugar coffee coolatta :)

long afternoon/night. decided to go to matt’s graduation, and so i rounded up the youth group. it started at 530, but because of traffic and such, we didn’t get there till 6. and we were still “early” because boring people were speaking. haha. gosh, those kids were so monotonous. and tried to enunciate every single syllable. awesome. well, the graduation shoutout was SUCH a fail. so since matt’s last name is dai. we would assume he’d be called early in the diplomas. and i tried to be extra careful by getting extra copies of the program to see where matt would be in the line up…

but obviously that didn’t work. the first time, he went up early because he was a college scholar. so that confused us. but that wasn’t actually a diploma. so, a warm up to keep us engaged. next, the diplomas started with last names beginning with A. As soon as it finished with A. it jumped to someone with a last name C. then Matt Dai. then M. then T. and then bryan yang. WTF. YOU CANT DO THAT. that TOTALLY caught me off guard. because there were at least 100 names in the B and Cs that were not called. freaking no. so that flustered me…because we were all getting ready to make SO much noise. since everyone else who cheered was pretty weak. well, the diplomas finally return back to B. and C. and D. and so i guess since matt was called already, it skipped over his name to a girl with the last name Dao. so by then, i figured it was over. and i was texting kisuk because i realized he was here for his brother’s graduation, so i decided to talk to him before leaving…. and after agreeing to playing basketball with him soon, i come back to find that i missed matt’s name AGAIN. ARE YOU SERIOUS? so i guess, it skipped down a few names after Dao. then went back up. and they called Matt Dai. I FREAKING HATE ACTON-BOXBORO REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. 

ugh. so disappointing. and it was a long walk back to the car… oh, we also saw matt’s brother there! and kisuk’s sister. haha. couldn’t tell where chris hoff was though. well, after that failed adventure to the graduation, we had to go pick up julia. and then we got burger king. and from there, rofl! and boy it was a surprise to see john there! and youth group went well i think. in cranium, the girls were dominating us but kavin managed to save us and we won at the end… haha. and he crowned himself MVP…. and when matt walked in, we shouted his name to make up for our lack of it during the actual graduation. he sure was surprised. for then night, kavin talked about 5cm per second. and in a year, that translates to 980 miles. taken from an anime. about how sakura flower petals fall at that rate. and related that to how relationships drift apart. seemingly at a slow pace, but it adds up. and before you know it, wow. we’re strangers again… i guess summer can do that too with college friendships. unless we make an effort to maintain them. and i know that i’ve always taken the easy way out of just not talking to people instead of making an effort to keep in touch. i.e. i talk to people i meet in taiwan…very rarely. like a couple times after the trip, and then i’m gone. because i forget to sign on AIM. but i’ve left a lot of such relationships in disarray….and it’s kind of saddening to reflect on how that happens. i’m honestly not good at maintaining relationships. it’s a skill i do not have. but i think i’m learning. so please be patient!