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We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions

Ian Percy

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I might have posted this before, but the drawings and the talk itself are so captivating :)

just say no. or hell yes :P

day 211

wow. i am not playing picross before i go to bed… i think that made my mind extra tired haha. i spent a good portion of my day helping my mom. basically, i went to the airport to pick up a pastor who would be speaking tonight, and then we went to go eat lunch, and then i sent them to her hotel room and then i brought them to the hair salon… so i was a chauffeur for the day… oh well. went to the paper store and walmart to do some shopping for cards, like the ones for going away and graduation and thankyous. i met eric hsu’s dad there but he totally forgot who i was… haha. oh well…

went to church to practice for the songs, and this time, there was no disaster like last sunday :P. we basically spent the night playing buzzword and thinking of what to do for the next month for ROFL. i’m still debating whether to talk about sex/dating/marriage because it’s fun making everyone feel awkward! actually, it’s saddening that such topics are rarely brought up in church and you’re left to figure stuff out on your own… at least that’s been the case for me. plus, i think a lot of people would be interested, especially non-church goers? and it would definitely help break the stereotype that church thinks sex=bad. or maybe it’s more like asian parents think sex=bad. ahahaha. ok, but i think i’m also afraid that people won’t really be mature about the whole thing (myself included :P) or… more realistically, i’m unsure whether i’ll be able to talk about it in a clear and concise way. 

it’s times like these when my mind hits a roadblock. because what i find interesting may not appeal to the youth… and the end result would be just me talking to myself, haha. and for other topics, i just don’t know enough about it… so i’d be walking around aimlessly. strange, i think the more i lead youth group, the less certain i’m confident about my ability to lead. i’m not sure whether its inadequacy or uncertainty, but i really don’t want to just have an “intellectual” conversation. i want to be able to motivate the youth. for them to be passionate. for the talks to engage the heart, the soul, the mind, and for it to overflow into their lives. but what to do now?

day 207

woke up this morning at 530 because my body said it felt great! so i told it to shut up and i slept till 11… 

i have so much to do! why does summer seem so stressful already… well, i guess it doesn’t help that i keep getting distracted, and i seem to do my work in random spurts. like 30 minutes in the afternoon, and another 30 minutes at midnight… and then sprinkle some random motivation throughout the day… 

i ate bertucci’s with my mom and my sisters for lunch today… the waitress was very annoying. she sounded like she was better fit teaching kindergarten because i kept feeling as though she was treating me like i was 5. that, or she’s just overly happy… too fake… ugh. or, the fact that she referred to us as lovely ladies… but i didn’t let that get to me. haha

i think the most exciting part of the day was killing a bee inside my house. i’m not sure why it was just crawling around on the floor, but i OWNED it. there was so much adrenaline in my body as i got closer to it, and then i smacked it :D i felt like a champion.

um, aside from that, things were pretty quiet… i called sean d and andrew to talk over some shaw stuff, so that was good :)