day 349

well, today will be a day worth remembering! it began with me feeling like… a badass. or more objectively, pretttty stupid, in retrospect. haha. i went into my philosophy final, sat down next to eugene, and told him, jae maeng, and dong that i studied an hour for this test. and, consequently, i reaped what i sowed :P i honestly failed that exam, by getting approximately half of the questions correct, and i am sure of this judgement because he told us to keep the booklet of questions when we left and gave us the answer key as well. gg! i got some wrong that i should’ve known and guessed to get some right… but, that didn’t make up the fact that i didn’t read 3 of the texts that were being asked about…

and, this was the first and hopefully the last time, i’ll ever do that. i hate the feeling of being unprepared because i always want to go into tests knowing that at least i’ve gone over everything and have a fighting chance in doing well… not in this case :/ though, i came to the realization that i just could not finish reading 3 texts in three hours and be able to take two finals back to back without sleep. and being somewhat sick. so i had to let go, which was very difficult for me, though i played it off cooly. i think that’s probably because i’ve drilled the hard work ethic into myself and pride myself in outworking others in terms of studying. that’s also why i’m very much introverted and tend to work by myself. for instance, i have a tendency to not trust my lab partners just because i think i can do a better job by myself, and have done so to put my mind at ease… and sadly, i recognize this as being unhealthy when done in excess…

so, i can’t really say i regret what happened, although i wish i had taken steps to prevent such an occurrence. after the exam, which only took me an hour :P… actually, i finished in like 20 minutes, took a short nap, filled in the ones i had NO idea randomly, and then passed it in… anyways, i napped in the library to recover a bit, then got lunch at lower with justin. met with eugene to talk over the test… and “bragging” about how bad i did. man, i don’t know why i kept doing that… i think i needed to vent because it felt so uncharacteristic of myself to “slack off” like that, although i have many good, but perhaps not sufficient, reason for doing so. and, i DON’T like to justify my slacking off as a result of getting into dental school… because i doubt senioritis has kicked in. it didn’t happen during senior year of high school, when i actually had the MOST work out of all my years, and as i write this, i realize that i don’t want to repeat that again… i want to do well in my classes to prove to myself that i can. that i can be proud of the time and effort i’ve put into my studies, and i want to do this despite getting into dental school and being “set”. because that’s what i’m all about. i know my character and habits will carry me through where my skills and talents have brought me. without character, i will falter as i try to progress.

as soon as we finished lunch, dan, justin and i headed over to our physiology final, and i think it went fine. because i put in the time for studying and i’m happy that i had a fighting chance in answering the problems… though, after feeling exhausted from the first final, i’m not sure how well my mind was functioning :P

after the finals, i basically returned to my place and chilled. definitely needed to do that… i ordered the boston market catering for the shaw party later that night with the help of mark, and then napped until it was time for shawlidays! i dressed up in my ugly sweater =P and walked over with ryan to amber’s place. we went through conte, which was exciting because i never knew it was so complicated! and i saw the ice rink too :P then, we ended up on beacon street, and reservoir ave was right in front of us, so it was just a short walk from there…

as people strolled in, and the food finally arrived (i was a bit worried!), we all ate to our heart’s content :) and had some unbelievable delicious desserts baked by amber, and then it was time for the yankee swap! amir officiated the number drawing process (with a slight hiccup in a couple numbers, haha), and then we took group photos before the actual process started. for the most part, there was no stealing… we were just too curious to see what other people had! but, it wasn’t until the last one, when they realized what i had brought… a pooh bear! =) and… there was some tension, haha and it was stolen… but in the end, it worked out! or sort of… you just had to deal with it :P well, that was a fun night, and i got to bring home the leftovers from boston market =) i’m really glad the dinner worked out because i was nervous in “taking charge” of saying that we had to do boston market, but everyone differing opinions which seemed to get us nowhere, and i was able to foot the bill, and just let other people pay me back. =) tonight was a success!

finally, i went back to my place with the food, and then studied at eagle’s nest with steph. ok, i didn’t really study too much… i went to oconnell house to visit my son, kevin, and get some free hot chocolate! and then, i kinda just distracted steph from her studying… oops :P when i returned home, i thought i was gonna get some work done, but instead, i watched the ending of groundhog day with my roommates, and then washed dishes… as i cooked some rice, and ate some korean food =P that brought me to like 4AM… and then i had some great conversation with ryan through the night, and i’m so happy that he got a job!

oh right… i forgot to do work! i better not procrastinate these next two days… especially since i have a couple essays to do as well :/ here we go!

CORRECTION: after returning to my exam and checking which questions i got right, i somehow managed to get a 76! wow! i cannot believe it…i guessed on a lot of those questions :P

sadly, i’ve committed to naps over class…



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sadly, i’ve committed to naps over class…




 Congratulations, this post has made it onto Your Mind Blown - Best of Tumblr Blog! Trust me, this is enormous stuff right here. Found on the blog of explodingdog

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day 341

what a bummer… i did the reading for my 9AM class, and i overslept! i’m definitely not missing my last class of the semester, so i better sleep well soon :/ psych was boring as usual, and it didn’t help that i sat in the last row with young jae. we basically fell asleep until there were iclicker questions and soon after that, we returned to our naps :P

after class, i finally sat down to play some NBA hangtime! i brought it from home this past weekend, but i haven’t had time to sit down and play until now… and all i’ve been hearing is how fun it is. and, oh how it is! i can’t believe 3 hours passed by so quickly…

well, after that, i met one of my gajok daughters, claudia, for dinner at lower… and the place was packed! we had a nice chat, though i think she was kinda busy because she came from a group project and she also needed to work on it after… but, i guess we both felt rushed because in the back of my mind, i was thinking about whether i’d be late for acf…and i was. haha. it was not most conducive atmosphere for conversation because it felt hurried and it was really loud and difficult to hear, but we made the best of it! 

then, i met up with eugene along the way to upper, and i decided to go to the kairos reunion with him. it was also in macelroy, but i originally planned to go after acf… that was fine because there were some good snacks and i got to meet with my group again! we were the only group that had all its members show up because obviously, we’re the best group ever :P anyways, i had to leave early, and i was given some group photos of the retreat =). afterwards, i was hoping to stay and listen to the testimonies at acf, but i wanted to get some work done for tonight.

at our physio group meeting, we worked at lower and were efficient in getting it done… and thankfully it’s our last assignment! this one was definitely a pain, but at least its over :)

even though i haven’t gotten much work done… and i don’t really have much work TO do… i know i should. and so i’m studying with dan and jenny at voute. man, i really hope it doesn’t turn into last night, where all i did was watch youtube videos and facebook and tumblr… i could probably sleep early. hmm.

day 340

i set 3 alarms this morning, and it took all 3 to wake me up….i am SO glad i didn’t oversleep. waking up on time and getting to class was definitely half the battle. oh, and it was so funny that when i got back to my room at 5:30AM, i was somewhat not surprised that nick was STILL up! seriously? haha, he asked me the same thing though :P and well, he had to pull an all nighter to finish an assignment, so i took a nap while he worked in the common room.

the test itself seemed fine. part of me is not convinced that it was that simple because i’m afraid i just didn’t really understand the problem and just put in what i thought was the answer… but at least i didn’t feel tired! adrenaline definitely kicked in and pull me through the entire test. well that, and i prayed that entire morning, haha. as in, while i showered - god help me stay awake. god, help me stay focused. i know i’m not in tip top shape physically and mentally, but just get me through this!

and, even after the test, i felt fine until i returned to my room, and crashed on my bed! i mean i napped :P and i couldn’t wake up for my physio class…but, i really had to give my body a break. but i did make it to dev bio. after class, justin & i ate lunch at the rat with esther & susan. there was some funny conversation about the iphone 4 =) though it then shifted to me. it was not as funny. :P one month of dating is coming up… you really can’t call it an anniversary. wait, let me find the definition:

anniversary - the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event

ah, see? it’s a yearly occurrence! i’d be much happier when that date rolls around, hopefully =) then again, another definition says it’s just a celebration or commemoration of a certain date…. but, i think if you celebrate something too much, it loses its meaning. though, that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything this saturday, haha. but, imagine if we commemorated 1 month & 1 day as well… haha. wow that’d seriously get annoying. but, then again, while i would easily lose interest if that happened, i’m not sure god would. perhaps this is hypothetical thinking, but i wonder if god constantly rejoices over us in a way that doesn’t lose its appeal after the first few dozen times. interesting…

then i re-napped. :P for a bit longer, before meeting up with dan at el pelon. i can’t believe this is his first time eating there, and i do feel a bit bad for not getting dinner there with him until now… because we talked about it since the beginning of the semester! we had a good chat about life, school, and such…but then, i had to get ready for the shawlidays party!

i got all dressed up with my ugly sweater, and my roommates loved it :P i hid the sweater under a new overcoat since i needed a jacket for interviews in case things got cold… as it HAS this week! i’m so glad i have it for my columbia interview =) the party was great, though it seems only chrissy seemed to have gotten the memo that it was an ugly sweater party =/ lots of photos were taken, amazing food/snacks, gingerbread house decorating (the guys won!), and of course, SANTA! i really do have to work on organizing and uploading photos… i take SO long. also, i was surprised at how many upperclassmen came, but it was a great turnout especially since there was that pats v jets game… pats DEMOLISHED them =) i also brought my guitar, but ended up not playing which was totally fine with me since i didn’t really practice any christmas songs.

lastly, i met up with steph & jeannette at the ERC library, and figured out how to get to the highrock christmas concert! i’m SO glad i’m going, and i hope i won’t be late on my way back from new york… plus, i’ll be in a suit :P then i walked steph back to her place so i could see how she and her roomies decorated the place. not gonna lie, it’s pretty impressive. i’d say the same with the shaw house… i have no idea how people are able to transform a place into christmas cheer :) i’m guessing that’s not going to happen for my room… oh well, i’m over it :P

well, now i feel relieved of work… though i do have some to do. there isn’t anything urgent, like a test, though i know finals are in just a week! i hope i don’t get distracted…but it feels great to have journaled =)

day 321

woke up feeling exhausted! i can’t believe i’ve skipped two 9AMs in a row, and i’m probably gonna do that tomorrow in preparation for my midterm tomorrow (or rather later today…). it’s ironic though, i was working on math homework to prepare myself for class, but i overslept it :P

i managed to look through some material for physio and then headed off to meet dan kim (‘11) for lunch! he’s the gajok uncle =) i think that’s probably the first time i’ve done so…and i really enjoyed the conversation. i really resonated with his outlook on life, because i think instead of focusing so much on just the grades & performance, he understands that there’s so many more important things to life. gosh, i wish i had gotten lunch with him earlier at BC!

took the physio exam, and it felt ugly. as in, unexpected because it differed significantly from the first exam, and it threw me off a bit. i did not leave that exam feeling satisfied with how i did because i doubted a lot of the responses i put down. and so, i zoned out in dev and basically just talked to eugene on facebook… except he sat right next to me. lol. i made shark & robot faces. and showed him my pokemon powerpoint. haha….i don’t know why i even went to class :P

after class, i got to meet up with kevin, who’s a freshmen in my gajok. and it was great getting to know his interests and such, finding out that he’s more interested in journalism/comm, and beat production (possible music minor?)! and so far, he enjoys BC, which is very encouraging. =) oh and he can EAT. and yet, he still has LOTS of money on his meal plan…. i don’t get it! :P ah yes, one last comment, i’ve noticed that the two kevin/kavin kangs that i know play starcraft 2…. must be SOME correlation :)

coming back from 2nd lunch, i immediately took a nap. put on some music, which i regret because i realized that while it was peaceful, i probably sleep better with no music on… unless it’s just rainymood :P anyways, i slept a good two hours and nick also joined me haha. i mean, in his own bed… but it’s interesting. we seem to have similar, yet strange sleeping schedules. i decided to get up earlier and do some work, but even by 5, it was so dark outside! then, it was time to get dinner with binh. it was great talking with him about kairos, for both of us to share our experiences, and for us to talk a little about what we understood God to be. it was a good time, but then i had to go do work!

that sort of worked, except then i got distracted. and then stopped by shinyoung’s for brooke fraser tickets!! wow, i didn’t expect to have an opportunity to buy them because they sold out so quick, but YES! brooke is AMAZING. and awkward =) and it’s this saturday! then my phone died, so i headed back to the library, to pack up my stuff, and charge my phone.

then, it was time for a little gajok surprise ;) jinah & i invited just the freshmen (rachel, arthur, vi & kevin) to lower for “late night,” and i must admit, jinah & i did a pretty good job in keeping them clueless. they’d realize something was up, but then we’d divert them with jolly ranchers. :) and so, when they realized that they weren’t supposed to be eating late night… we told them that we were going to newton! and jinah had a car, so we piled in. to their surprise, minje was in the trunk! AHAHAHA. they got SO freaked out :P because minje was like, “i’ve been kidnapped! where are they taking me?” and then the freshmen realized… they weren’t going to newton :P. instead, we headed to IHOP! everyone was hungry enough to finish their own late night meal, and it was delicious! and food coma inducing. :P we had some interesting conversation about who we thought was cute in each grade… but to make it more meaningful, we talked about our roses, buds, and thorns (haha the influence of saeyoung & susie :P). it was a great night out, somewhat spontaneous & planned at the same time, and i think everyone enjoyed it =) we also named minje our honorary uncle… because he helped plan it. i think he was originally supposed to surprise the freshmen and blindfold them… but we didn’t want to be that cruel :P

and so, getting back to campus, i got distracted by my roommates before finally, STUDYING for my psych midterm! prior to that, i was doing math homework… so i didn’t start till 2AM. and now it’s 5, and i’m somewhat ready for the test. it should be pretty straightforward, but i can’t believe i’m developing these kinds of habits of studying. too much stuff is happening!! i really can’t wait for break to reset, i hope…

day 315

stunning realization: i have a girlfriend! well, technically, i guess we agreed on it at 11:55PM the night before… but today felt like i was reminding myself because it didn’t seem real… possibly because i was running on 3 hours of sleep. and i really wished i had skipped my classes because they were not worth going to, and i couldn’t really pay attention. i am not sleeping at 530 and doing that again… ugh, it felt so weird. anyways, i guess as much as things do feel different, i realized that … life still feels the same. because there’s always more work to do, and i guess that’s good to know because i want to be grounded in reality. so, this change in relationship status (which i won’t do on facebook… haha), is pretty exciting and memorable because both steph & i are giving it a shot at dating. =) up until recently, i’ve been pretty good at being awkward around girls, or avoiding them, or just being mean…but that’s an entirely different entry…yeah. so i guess this will be a new journey for me (and us), and i wonder what this story will be like.

gosh, just telling people about this has been very interesting. lots of encouragement and excitement :P which is a good sign! haha. and, i guess after today, our circle of friends pretty much all know now though i’m not sure who does and who doesn’t… and i should probably tell my parents haha. strangely, i’ve only told my youngest sister. and, my roommates know now too, and this means, only marco doesn’t have a girlfriend :P man, i hope he doesn’t feel any pressure hahahaha. 

anyways, after class i crashed on my bed until i realized i had to get up and start cleaning for my gajok family dinner. then, kaisi & jinah came over to start preparing for the sam gyup sal (no idea if that’s even remotely correct) dinner, and jinah and my family had dinner with abe, kaisi & alex’s family (why do they have 3 parents?…awkward). this was a huge group effort as dan & abe put in a lot of work cooking all the meat, and the rest of the family came to eat :P there were lots of freshmen & sophomores. there was some gross eating of the fat from grilling… i think dan and josh ate it :/ and then we concluded with mafia! the townspeople won :) overall, it was a pretty good dinner, though i bet we were pretty annoying because we kept saying how we were the best family ever: BFE. or BGE (best gajok ever) lol… kaisi was like, this is the last time we’re doing anything with you! i hope she was kidding… haha. actually, i’m just glad most of our family was able to make it, though a couple were still busy :/ but at least this time, rachel came! (i’m not sure what i’d do if she missed out on 3 events… 3 strikes = asian dad punishment? :P)  

did some cleaning up although jinah & kaisi did a lot of it prior to leaving, so that was really nice of them. then steph & maryjo dropped by =) we chatted about classes next year and then i had to head off to the library to study :/ it was a long night of studying with justin & dan, but we made some good progress! hopefully, we’ll be ready for tomorrow… i feel less and less confident each exam because i spend less time studying. not a very satisfying feeling. 

day 305

whoops. i slept for only 4 hours :/ but i still managed to wake up at 6:30, and got suited up :) i decided to stop by dunkin donuts for breakfast, and i thought it’d be pretty grown up of me to get coffee and a sandwich…i wanted “2 sugars, 1 cream.” but, then i realized it was too hot, and i burned my tongue when i tasted it. and it didn’t even taste that great. possibly because i lost my taste buds from the burn. and when the sandwich got too salty, i couldn’t chug the coffee because that’d be ridiculous! so, i went to my go-to drink: apple juice :) and things were much better! i chugged that, finished my sandwich, and threw away my coffee, haha. i proceeded to catch the bus, get on a crowded T at reservoir, and made my way from the boylston stop to the tufts dental school in the freezing cold. good thing i remembered my mom’s advice for wearing a jacket!

it was interesting meeting everyone else who were being interviewed… i remembered people from my USC, BU, and UPenn interviews, and so it was good to be able to talk with them. except, i was a bit tired, and for the rest of the morning, i was trying to conceal my yawns… haha. during the info session, i was very relieved to hear that we were the first round of interviewees! and that, 70-80% of those interviewed get accepted :) that’s because tufts has the 2nd largest class size of 175 with NYU being 1st…the tour was great, because there was tons of new stuff that just opened like a year ago, and stuff was very shiny! =) and it was busy… good sign too! then, it was time for lunch with the students, and they seemed content with tufts, like it gave me a good impression that they actually enjoyed going to school here, despite the exam blocks, i.e. 3-4 exams in a week :/… the guy i was talking to was not looking forward to having 7 exams close to one another in december… gg. haha.

then i was quickly pulled out for my interview, but it was pretty relaxing to converse with the endodontist and a 4th year. they were pretty chill, and i cleared up the situation about my write up last year =/, and then i just talked about why i wanted to be a dentist =). after a short interview, like 20 minutes, i headed back to the conference room and talked to more 4th years about why they chose tufts and stuff. we concluded with an EXTREMELY long talk about the tufts curriculum… and it didn’t help that i was tired. it HAD to be close to 2 hours, and we went through a good deal of this 200 page (literally) booklet about tufts. i mean i guess i could understand why they wanted to convince us about why tufts is better than the rest of the schools in many aspects, since they started their interviewing process much later than other schools, but i just got bored… because it honestly wasn’t that interesting. i mean, if i had questions about it, i’m glad i’d have the resources to find it… but there’s gotta be a better way to present that stuff than just bombarding the students with constant info for 2 hours.

got back to campus around 4, and i HAD to take a nap. it felt SO good after waking up, and then, nick, marco, ryan, and i headed off to BC Splash! we got our t-shirts, and sean g and i actually started talking about our pokemon class… haha. i’m surprised we even have 5 kids, but it’s gonna be epic! i’m not sure if it’s gonna be funner for us or for the students… then, i suited up again for the father leahy shaw seminar, and it was a great turnout! while he spoke about the same stuff that he did in my freshman year, it was a great reminder and i realized that now, i could say i’ve accomplished  or experienced certain aspects of leadership that i couldn’t say so as a freshman. so, that was encouraging! :) 

after shaw, i headed back to change again, and then i finally got dinner… haha. totally slipped my mind! i met steph at el pelon before she headed back to her place, and then i returned to my room just in time to see the last few innings of the world series with my roommates! ryan is a giants fan, so he was very ecstatic :P a great moment to share with my roommates =)

and finally, i’m at the library… studying for my philosophy midterm tomorrow.. but i don’t feel too stressed… gosh, i hope i’m not in a lull or anything… haha.

day 287

wow it’s already 430am… and i’m not tired. CRUD.

the day began well off… though i didn’t want to budge from my bed till 845… and then i still took a shower and made it to class only a couple minutes late. oh boy…

the exam in psych went fine, and i’m glad i didn’t overstudy, though i guess i could’ve benefited from more than just skimming all the material… 

after class, i played guitar to unstress from taking two exams this week, and then i took a well-needed 2 hour nap…gosh that felt SO good. but that’s exactly why i can’t fall asleep now… it’s horrible because i knew that napping more than one hour would affect my sleep schedule. i awoke and found jv and marco in the common room…and i was wondering whether i should cook with them because i had wanted to get dinner with london…but she never got back to me :/ oh well, it was a good thing i didn’t wait on her call, since it took about an hour to prepare everything, and in the meantime, i also cleaned the kitchen. i decided to prepare steak & green peppers, spinach, and spicy beef. well, the beef was already cooked because it came from lao sichuan, so i just had to heat that up. but, i spent a good deal of time cutting the steak and peppers, marinating the meat, and washing/sorting the spinach. gosh, vegetables expire so quickly! but, i managed to cook it all pretty quickly, and i was impressed with the taste of the steak & peppers. actually, what took me aback was the fact that my roommates loved it too, even marco! shoooooot! =) 

it was a very nice dinner, as ryan decided to join us too, so we had justin, marco, ryan and me. and they let me pray for the meal before we ate. :P i cherish times like this because it’s simple stuff that makes a boring day something so much more! after dinner, i cleaned up and got to rack up two “cleaning” points… haha, so far this has been the only system that has motivated the room in cleaning and taking out the garbage… we’ll see if this works long-term.

i went to the csa/vsa mooncake festival, and it was a great turnout! i went though to see my sister because she just found out last night that she got into csa freshman reps! soooo, i wanted to see how she meshed with csa, and i think she likes it :)! i didn’t really know what to do… didn’t actually eat a mooncake, or color lanterns, but it was fun talking to people. there was actually lots of people i didn’t know…where did they come from?! haha. 

then, i headed over to the library with dan, and met justin there. we were pretty productive from 11-2, and then we headed back…. in the rain. but, it was fun walking with justin back in the rain, as he didn’t have an umbrella. then i headed back to my place. and, i learned that steph was still on campus… at like 3. err. but, she just stopped by for a minute, and then i decided to walk her back despite her protests because i know that if my sister had to walk back that late… no questions asked. plus, it’s not like this happens all the time, so very late night or early morning walk!…oh, you know, i guess this means i’m like eagle escort. or more like, the tim shu escort. :D so, just hit me up for a walk i guess? but i definitely enjoy walks in the rain, but not in the wind… :/ and it is fun sharing them with others, but my favorite times was like tonight, when i got to walk back to campus by myself in the rain at 4am… i like to think. and think. and reflect a bit. it lets me refocus, and help me sort out the different “voices” that i can choose to listen to or disregard. it’s times like these and when i journal, that i can face my stresses and discover hope for the day and week to come.

i can’t wait for kairos tomorrow!!!! :)

day 265

morning started smoothly. after my first class, i met dan and liz (i think this may have been the first time i’ve seen liz since summit…), and then dan came with me to check out cushing because i needed to check out the room accommodations for a seminar. it wasn’t particularly great, and but as the nursing school, i found it very interesting how i could only find the ladies bathroom… sure, there’s only like a handful of guys in the program, but what if i needed to pee?!

then, dan and i had breakfast together. physiology was very fun… i’m not sure how much i’m always learning… but it’s always very enjoyable to go through it with justin, dan, & tiffany. =) dev bio was not the same… the quiz she said would be very easy… was not at ALL. sure she’s nice, but her description was very misleading, and i originally thought i overstudied, but it felt like i didn’t study all the right things! gosh, that was frustrating… i hope the class gets better though.

after class, justin and i headed back to my room to watch glee! what an AMAZING first episode :D even i was taken aback at mike chang’s amazing abs :P possible even jealous?! but goodness, there’s SUCH drama in that show. but i guess that’s why i find it so funny to watch :) oh and i find nothing wrong with two guys watching glee…. err

after glee, i got ready to play tennis! today was such beautiful weather, and i wanted to take advantage of it. so, after much “coercion” i managed to convince steph to play tennis… and so we met in front of lower with susan, and we first proceeded to st. more hall. sadly, this was probably the first time i’ve ever been in there! it was pretty cool to check it out and we were there for susan to pick up her work forms… BC catering!

then we headed to steph’s place because she didn’t change for tennis… but it was good because i never knew where she and her roommates stayed off campus. it wasn’t too far of a walk, and i really liked their kitchen! but… the living room set up is MAD ghetto, lol… so steph got ready for tennis, and we finally headed back to campus with liz. we managed to catch the bus going into campus! however, when we arrived at the plex, we realized that we were 40 minutes late… and our court reservation for 5 was automatically forfeited if we did not check in by 5:15… oops! haha, i think i heard a sigh of relief from steph…. that was a bummer for me though :/ well, i couldn’t do anything about it, so we decided to head to dinner at hillside. we chatted and got to talk with heena! oh and we saw diane creeping. LOL. i mean she saw us from outside…i guess despite the lack of actually playing tennis, the adventure was fun. lots of exploring! so, that was exciting and i want to try to always look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives… but hopefully, we’re able to play next time. and i think i’ve found lots of other potential players too after telling everyone about this story! this will definitely keep me accountable in exercising, which i dreadfully need!

hung out with the boys at 90, found miley! and then headed back to my room for survivor! then, it was time for concept mapping, and we got that done SO quick! i am so impressed. haha, i think after the initial one, we got a good grip on it, and things just clicked :) i then spent the rest of the night at the library… as usual. i took a nap though, and i woke up with my arms and legs numb… what a weird feeling! haha, but i managed to get everything done, and it seems as if i can identify the “regulars” at the reserves. i seem to see pegah & fran here all the time. and many asians :P (i guess dan should’ve been here too!)

but gosh, i sleep too late…. and i need to compensate my body :/ oh and, not necessarily a bad thing… but i notice that i do spend my time with many of the same people, and so i want to make a conscious effort to meet new people, whether it’s welcoming the freshmen, or developing deeper relationships with friends that are currently sustained by the occasional hi.