This is what happens when me and amandashoemake want to screw with our Physics teacher. XD

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wow, this was never THAT cool in physics… my mind is blown.



So guys… this year’s Nobel Prize for physics proves that you don’t need fancy equipment and machinery to make amazing scientific discoveries!!

Graphene is a ONE-ATOM-THICK, flexible sheet made out of carbons in a honeycomb arrangement. It’s much stronger than steel, conducts better than copper, and is obviously, astonishingly thin. Watch the video to learn more! =)

How was it isolated, you ask?


I just repeated their Nobel Prize winning experiment. LOL-ing forever.


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day 165

i was productive today! but… not in the way i thought i’d be. let me explain.

woke up and went to the mall because my mom needed to buy supplies for the new church. but first, we stopped at the food court to get chik fil a! yummmm. oh my goodness, they updated the menu and added spicy chicken. that was the only thing wendy’s had to attract me… and well, chik fil a has stolen the competition. a chicken sandwich never tasted so picante :)

went to home depot to get some new paint for the church walls (since we messed up yesterday…), and some other items. then we headed over to costco to buy some fruit. i bought flash drives. and gum. and mentos. hurried back home in time to pick up my sister from middle school, and decided to play some tf2 with kavin :) 

after an hour or so, i realized that it was 5, so i headed out to the courts to meet with tang for basketball. but then it started raining, so we played in the gym. we played with really big white guys… well, i think they all were from my high school but a year or two younger than me… but they were definitely a head taller than me. and bigger. haha, i felt like rondo. except i didn’t do much because it’s like trying to shoot over a tree. not gonna happen… i’m gonna have to move faster and dribble better :/ but hey, i did some physical exercise!

returned home and soon my dad asked me to go to the new church with him to help him move soil. i guess he bought 50 bags of soil for the new plants, and so we spent a good 2 hours just lifting these 40lb bags of soil onto the car, then off the car. then into the church. luckily, we had a dolly to move the bags into the church, or else we would’ve been worn out really quickly. so, in total i lifted 2000lbs. um… fine. in actuality, i lifted 40lbs and did 50 reps?? (i don’t know workout terms). but in terms of physics, i expended lots of energy… let’s say, i lifted a bag up a meter, and moved it a meter as well (i wrote down feet but then quickly realized it wasn’t in SI! phew caught that…) i believe this is the proper equation to determine the work i had done: 

W = F x d = (9.8m/s2)(40lbs = 18.15kg)(6m) = 1067Joules. yessss what a workout. and then we did some “gardening” which involved moving dirt around…from one container to another. 

when i got back home finally, i had one more task to do… to change the window curtains. i guess we had never changed them for 15 years or so, and they were getting pretty dusty. and it was SO FRUSTRATING because the cloth kept slipping and i had to thread it through the holder in a specific way and it wouldn’t do that… and then to make matters worse, i broke one of the metal holders. actually i broke two. one for each curtain…. i guess they were kind of brittle because i didn’t exert too much force. great… so i didn’t have the satisfaction of putting either curtain up. they’re just 3/4 done and lying on the table, and that was annoying…

ok so it looks like i’ll work on all that taiwan and shaw stuff tomorrow!…i hope.

day 131

i figured i should post this now, so i can leave the last few hours to reviewing my immunology notes and such…

a good day i think. woke up at 11 and did some immunology studying. grabbed lunch with dave, and i headed off to fulton to do some last minute reviewing for physics. stopped by the library, but then i realized it was packed. met saeyoung and we went to fulton. studied with vinodh, who was also at the fulton library studying…and as i studied, i listened to some dave barnes to help calm the nerves. i felt ready, but not totally confident because i didn’t want to “trip and fall” on the test because of overconfidence. and it was so funny to see everyone “congregate” outside of fulton before leaving to higgins. i didn’t plan it, but i saw justin and eugene outside of fulton, and then there was young jae and don. and danielle and justin oh were outside of higgins… so it became a big group heading off… to our death sentence? hah! (ok not really funny…)

i paced myself on the test. i was so surprised to see some people finish so quickly. but whatever, i’m competing against myself, and after looking it over, i felt confident with my work. i put in my best effort, and i was meticulous with my formulas and calculations. i double checked it, and decided to hand it in. mr. h asked me “do you want to pass…” and i was like “yeah, i hope to…” haha, and i told jeff that the test wasn’t too bad, as they were similar to the “random questions” he gave out as practice. i think i finished exactly at 6, and as people started to leave around then, we decided to eat at hillside. i wasn’t too hungry though…mainly because i was drained from the test, and the main topic of the conversation was of course, the answers to the exam. i think that’s the worst part…because the topic is inevitable, but usually, after the talk, you just feel worse, because it just reveals what you got wrong… thankfully, my errors were minor, so i hope to have done well enough to reflect the effort i put into the test. 

returned to the room, filed away all my physics stuff into the binder to signify the completion of physics…because i like to organize. and then i took an hour nap. that was SO necessary. i felt re-energized, and i went straight to oneill to study for immunology. so far, i don’t feel as worried, though i wish i had more time to study for the exam. it sucks that i have two science exams back to back, but i can’t complain because my roommates have genetics and orgo back to back… and i know people like ayo, who had physics yesterday, two exams today and two tomorrow. ridiculous.

and i’ve noticed that i keep posting random stuff… because i keep finding links through friends or random browsing. it’s so fun! i hope it doesn’t bother others though…. i love finding random blogs :)

oh and, random highlight of the day: as i was organizing my physics stuff, i realized that i had napkins in my sweatshirt. i usually carry some because i always take too many from lower when getting dinner, and sometimes i just end up with a huge bunch. i was thinking about throwing them away since i didn’t need them, but that wouldn’t have been very environmentally friendly… anyways, when i was studying, i had to use the bathroom, and as i washed my hands, i realized that there were no more tissue paper! and SO conveniently, i had napkins in my sweatshirt. talk about being overprepared! yessssss. so clutch. and good thing that there was toilet paper…i don’t think i had THAT many napkins for a sufficiently clean wipe.

day 99

i was totally taken aback today and it reminded how much i needed to be thankful for the things i have.

i woke up and got dressed by looking at the people outside as i tend to do because i can’t gauge weather myself, but they lied to me! well, i can’t really blame them, but i didn’t know it was raining, and nobody was using umbrellas or wearing raincoats. since the rain didn’t really pick up till later in the afternoon, then that probably means those people got pwned in the rain too…

so i made it to immunology early for once, and i finally answered a question in class. it was kind of nerve wracking, but i talked about the right concept regarding hygiene hypothesis for the cause of allergies. and i think the adrenaline rush from that kept me awake and i was genuinely interested in allergies. so strange. but, it kinda made sense that kids whose moms let them run wild and eat dirt would be in contact with more germs but would not have allergies in the long run. although, i think he modified that too because it was too simple.

had philosophy, and then stayed after for office hours to talk about my paper. i feel like i always need to talk about how im going to organize my essay because ideas are always jumbled in my brain and sometimes they come out just like that, so i need to be careful. 

lunch was kind of empty…i think people went to ravi zacharias. since i had class during that time, i’m probably going to read one of his books in the near future, though i’m not sure which. and time went by so quickly that i had like 2 bites of my chicken smash before it was time to go…that’s probably because i got there late, but oh well.

physics, got back my exam, and i was so relieved that my studying paid off. and what caught me off guard was that i actually got the concept question right…because i had never, in all the exams including last semester, gotten one right. i was told by lots of people that i was wrong about it, and i just assumed i got it wrong because based on my track record, it wasn’t going to work out. but it did! and i was shocked.

talked to my beethoven teacher after, and it went pretty well. he’s very inspiring.

then i headed for home. i think i left too late because i missed the usual 5:10 train, but thankfully, i made the express one at 5:30, and i was able to get back home at 6:15.

youth group was very fun today. we got our t-shirts in the mail for 30 hour famine, and i was so glad to hear that some people had already raise $130! that means i gotta get on my GAME. oh boy. i can’t let some middle schooler, especially my sister, show me up. looks like i’ll be begging a lot this week…

and, for bible study we talked about confession. and i think it went really well. i don’t think guys tend to confess much because it seems weak, and it seems strange in the asian culture to confess… so when asking asian guys to do it, i knew holy spirit had to help :P. and i was so surprised that they were willing to share, because it made me feel that they were willing to trust me. shoot. i think that’s what’s so rewarding about being a leader.

lastly, before heading back to BC, i decided to write my sister a letter for her birthday… i was kinda late since her birthday was during the week, and i honestly had no idea what to get her. so i got her a book because she likes books…and a mic for her ipod touch so she can TPAIN. but i felt like… darn that’s it for her 18th? then again, i don’t really remember mine. i think i went to chilis with friends. not sure. so i wrote her a letter because i felt like that was something genuine i couldn’t just buy her. so i wrote it and left it on her desk for tomorrow morning before she went to track. i hope she finds it encouraging…and i hope she can read my handwriting. :/

day 97

warm weather and sun make a day feel SO different. i felt like school was coming to an end soon, and i guess that’s true… with all the professors reminding me that we only have a month left. gosh that’s quick.

i like my immunology professor. he announced that the final won’t be cumulative because he’s too lazy. haha, how honest of him. it’s funny how halfway through lecture he’ll admit that he has no idea what that figure means, but on the following one, he’ll take like 20 minutes to describe every minute detail. and he’s able to make class interesting. impressive.

strangely enough, though i stayed indoors for most of the time during break and for the two days on campus…people have commented that i look tan. weird. i hang out at the library most of the time and stay indoors at home (fixing my guitar over break, studying, POKEMONS), so….when did the sun get me?! the only time i spent outdoors was like 30 minutes in the shade playing frisbee with hanyin. oh well….

took my physics test. tried my best. made a couple mistakes that i’m so glad i corrected after going through the test three or four times. i definitely don’t want to make the same mistakes i did last time, and i don’t want to be too confident and then have to fall flat on my face because i got owned…so i’ll settle with the fact that i tried my best and for now, i can’t really regret what i’ve put down. hopefully, that’ll still be the case when i get my results back…and i think the studying paid off. nothing was too tricky. but it was tricky nonetheless…

lab was surprisingly quick and painless. we even finished early, so everyone just seemed pretty relaxed.

liz came over later to practice for the song we’re going to record, cry me a river. it’s challenging and fun, and gosh liz can hit high notes. so… i gotta work on figuring out the chords, and i think this might push me to rediscover how to play jazz and blues because i stopped after high school lessons…i think i’ll start with some joe pass!

spent the rest of the night at the library…and somehow i got SPWNED by a girl who doesn’t know me and who i don’t know either. spwn is basically assassins, and it was set up through shaw, and so everyone’s assigned a target. actually, she was supposed to be my target…so at first i was in shock to see a random girl come up to me and spwn me. then i realized that, sean d had texted me to ask where i was…and i thought he was going to come study with me. sold me out….haha well now i don’t have to worry about that game.

day 96

wow i woke up early for once. and i felt SO exhausted. but the day got better as it went on. i got breakfast with justin v finally, and we just chilled until he went to go lift. then it was off to the library to study my dats! well, i’m happy in the sense that i was able to make it part of my routine. :) then, justin c came over to hang out and watch chuck while i studied. then we headed to beethoven.

i’m not sure if i’ll be going to the beethoven concert on sunday…i’ll have to see if i have time to spare. but i really don’t want to waste a $60 ticket that’s been paid by BC. after all my classes, i went to hillside with justin, young and jack. then, it was off to acf practice. it went pretty smoothly, and i was able to take a needed power nap before large group.

the dating talk was interesting. i liked listening to mako’s stories. actually, i just like listening to other people’s stories because then it makes me wonder whether they listen to their own advice. and i was glad to hear that as mako dated, he found that the girl had similar core commitments to serving the poor and needy, so that’s pretty impressive to be able to find that similar interest. and, i would agree with mako’s emphasis that the guys should be putting on the “brakes” on a relationship instead of pressuring girls until they are uncomfortable. perhaps its chivalrous or perhaps it’s the desire to respect women, but i think that’s key to a healthy relationship. discussion afterward was interesting, as i got to listen to more stories :), like dave and eugene and susan? 

then i spent the rest of the night physics-ing it up! i felt a strange calm as i studied, possibly because i “memorized” the method of approaching a problem, so i hope that’s not false confidence. but the concepts make sense to me now, and i’m going to bed relieved. i really hope i do well along with everyone else who i studied with. it was a great “party” at fulton with justin, young jae, young park, eugene, dan kim, ayo, and jack. and i decided to get NHK with dan kim, and we split it so we were still able to feel satisfied without being in a food coma…

a good day i think. so packed though. and thing’s dont seem to be slowing down until next next week…darn.

day 84

oh gosh, what a late post… it’s almost 5am. but, today was great.

i slept in again. i originally wanted to wake up at 830 to get breakfast and go to office hours, but my body refused. and i conceded. so i woke up refreshed and i was glad to feel the warmth of the sun again.

classes went alright. and i spent most of my afternoon working on physics. i’m not sure if i understood it any better, but at least it was an intense struggle. good thing eugene came to help. or else i would’ve stayed at lower until forever. 

i spent the beginning of the night just playing pokemon and unstressing. i kinda of just put everything off because i knew tonight would be a long one. though, i didn’t anticipate it to be this long. actually, instead of doing work, most of it consisted of conversations. both with old and new people, and i’m really glad that i had the time to spend it with them. of course, i have a midterm to study for, but these talks just put my heart at ease.

anyways, i met young, justin, and jack at lower for physics. and the discussion went over quickly, so we just stayed and talked. about gambling, korea, and the usual random stuff. then jackie and eric came, and we started talking about relationships… ooh. and it was intriguing, to say the least. everyone seems to have advice on relationships.

if you need mine, it’s the pokemon philosophy: when meeting a girl, you have the option of attacking, using items, running away, or throwing a pokeball. i think it’s pretty straightforward how to apply this, and sadly, for all the experience i’ve had, i’ve always chose “run away.” it simplified things and i could handle it. plus, i didn’t need exp points. :D

ok, i know that was so lame. but it’s a new perspective on dating. or something. eric and justin like to think in terms of food. but that analogy is hard for me to grasp. if one equates the meal to the girl, then who is the waiter? and why am i sitting a table? and it brings out many other problems if you think about it too hard.

well, after those talks, i decided to study a bit. and i went to meet bryan leyva. who i’ve never really talked to before, but he wanted to study together, so i decided to give it a shot. it was pretty interesting, studying in the UGBC cubicles, and talking with a Shaw senior who’s always been a mystery but at 2, i realized that my brain couldn’t function so i just returned back to my room.

finally, back at the room, i played a little more pokemon just to pass the time (though i’m now unsure if i even had time to pass…) and then me and hanyin talked about relationships too. 

gosh, relationships seem to be on everyone’s mind. and i guess it’s on mine as well. i wonder though, if i’m good at keeping them. i think i need to backtrack in a sense, and meet up with friends who i haven’t talked with for some time.