Week 4: End of Winter Break…

Well, so far my response to people who have asked me about my break is that it’s been quiet, which is true. I didn’t really do much… my only travel experience is driving down to New Jersey to visit the 90 guys and Steph, and I also got to hang out with high school friends once or twice and see Young Park. For the rest of the break, my time was split amongst video gaming, ROFL, and chores/office stuff. Sadly, my only regret is that I didn’t finish a book! This surprised me because I started a couple this break, but I just couldn’t finish any… I mean, last year’s book is exactly what got me started on tumblr, and I hoped for something “special” like that. But, you know, I’ve got my new resolution to invest in people first! That’s going to be a difficult but fun challenge to uptake this year, and I’m looking forward to the struggles that will help me see better what that statement means. I have been more conscious about sleeping though not extremely satisfied with my progress :P The true test will be during school, and I’ll try my best in sleeping by 2AM! Or at least, getting a decent amount of sleep each night. All in all, I guess nothing “big” impacted my life, but perhaps this is what I need to prepare me for my last semester and for the seemingly mundane things in life. So far, I’ve come to enjoy those things because I manage to find something intriguing and worthwhile in those daily acts. :) I can’t wait for this semester to begin! 

day 347

today has definitely NOT been a productive study day… but entertaining nonetheless =)

began the morning by washing dishes….i like to introduce some order into my life before starting to study. then, steph came over for lunch, and we prepared and cooked the food, which was very healthy, as in lots of veggies. :P then, it was time to make care packages for the gajok, so jinah and i worked on them at her place, and then i decided to study in the 90 lounge. that was somewhat helpful, but i quickly got distracted because i’d much rather talk to people than study. :P and then it was time for dinner, so hanyin and i grabbed some food at lower. after a short period of food coma, i headed to higgins with dan, dropped off some care packages along the way, and “studied” at a special lab in higgins :)

at first, this seemed to be the ideal place to study! a secluded place where very few people knew where we were… then steph & jeannette came over for a study break to bring me their “friends,” phineas & ferb…whom i have eaten :P and justin came to study too! ok, i use study lightly as we just talked and sang, and watched youtube videos much more than study… but we had random spurts of productivity =) i’m very annoyed at my congestion… i hope i don’t get sick :/ and i’m still not worried about my exam tomorrow, though i haven’t been too diligent about studying… ugh. why can’t i focus?!

day 320

i can’t believe i went to sleep at 6AM last night and i STILL didn’t see the sunrise! WHERE IS THE SUN?! anyways, i slept through my 9AM to get 5 hours of sleep, and did some reading during my psych class.

got lunch with josh li, my eldest son in my gajok family, and it was great getting to know him because he’s someone who i’ve seen often on campus but haven’t really had time to spend with. also, andrew mui came to join us after, and it was a great lunch =)

headed back to my room and did some work! then it was time to meet hanyin for dinner at el pelon, and we updated each other on our lives =) wow. so much has happened for both of us in like, a month! it was encouraging to hear hanyin share, and then it was time for ACF! it was not as awkward as i thought it’d be :P as in, it was the usual john byun, young park, & eugene choi heckling me… haha. 

then, steph & i headed back to my place for ice cream. and thus procrastinated from studying… fail. but when we finally got to fulton, i guess people were still kinda distracted :P and i wasn’t too focused either…. but we managed to get some work done. and i saw esther, liz & ryan working too. and i made the mistake of thinking this girl, grace, was sarah shin. owned. =/

studying has been… meh. and this hasn’t been the most interesting day… haha. but, it’s been productive! or at least the day was… :) the lack of sleep has caught up with me. doh!

day 319

something new i’ve noticed about being in a relationship: there’s going to be a lot more references as “we” instead of “i,” and that’s something i’m still coming to terms with and adjusting to… because for most of the my life, it’s always been just me. and i’ve been comfortable with that… and now this is new. different, but not necessarily bad. it’s just that i can be satisfied in isolating myself at times, but now that can’t be easily done. or at least, it shouldn’t :P unless….i had a bat cave! alas, i do not, so just a heads up if i start talking as if i’m more than one person, haha.

ran on 3 hours of sleep… and yet i felt awake enough to make it to calc in the morning. my goodness, what a surprise! i had skipped friday because i overslept, but i guess the professor didn’t tell anyone that she’d be going to a conference. so, everybody was surprised at the sub! well, he teaches another section of multivariable, and he’s asian. SOOO asian. but very enthusiastic. so, it was a mix of passion & chinese accented english. VERY entertaining :) i really wish i could’ve overridden into his class =( i liked the way he explained the examples, but enough of wishing… it was fun to be attentive in that class because at times, the class was just like “what in the WORLD is he talking about?”  oh, and he did introduce himself halfway through the lecture… “my name is Chi-Keung Cheung, but i tell people to call me CK because inevitably when people try to pronounce my name… it becomes chicken.” OWNED. oh and he definitely was not that eloquent, but i’m afraid i can’t reproduce his amazingness. :/

went to the rat and met up with dan & joo yeon. steph joined us as well, and we just chilled until steph had her test at 11. i decided to head back to my room to get some stuff done, mainly just organized my day in my planner, before heading to class. what a bad idea! i originally planned to nap through them because i knew i wouldn’t get much out of a review session & a class on 3 hours of sleep… but i felt guilted in skipping class, so i went. and zoned out of physio, and looked up wii games in dev. FAIL. should’ve totally slept! 

justin & i headed to the rat after class, and we got lunch! we also met with susan, jae maeng, sam lee, ayo and some freshmen. and… yes, some freshmen found out that i now had a girlfriend. greaaaat. haha. but at least i got to know the freshmen better, like my son arthur! and young and sang. there was a heated debate about the wrongness of using “get that” but that got really boring really quick. and annoying. but i’m glad i got to know some new freshmen =) and by then, i also had to choose my classes, and sadly, i still couldn’t get all the classes i wanted! a theology class i wanted was already full… and lots of capstone courses were full. but, it didn’t really bug me, and so far, i have the three classes that i actually want/need: research, music & english. i’m holding a class for my sister and taking a random bio elective… at least i got some flexibility!

waited till steph got out of class, and we decided to walk to shaw’s! i needed to pick up some food for the shaw thanksgiving (shawsgiving? shanksgiving… ew) potluck, and i was given the vague topic of picking up dessert, appetizers, and/or vegetables. wowwww. well, we decided on an apple pie & a oreo cake and shrimp cocktail! we also met jae maeng and his roommate sean there, and it was interesting seeing them shop too :P i also bought a lot of other random snacks… and it’s definitely not a good idea to shop on an empty stomach. we kept going back to the fried chicken… haha. jae maeng bought some and gave steph one to eat… hahahaha. i bought dinosaur chicken nuggets so i continue the “monday chicken nugget lunches” with my roommate ryan =) after purchasing the food, we walked back with jae maeng and sean…. and they led us on the path back to their place. and it was NOT a shortcut! not at all… wowwww. i had some hopes that possibly even after not knowing where i was for the longest time, we could possibly be closer than just walking down on beacon. but nope. not at all! haha, oh well. it was funny to blame it on jae :P

when we got back to my place, steph had to leave so she could cook dinner, and i had to prepare for the potluck. i cannot believe it, but the lounge was PACKED! we had a huge turnout of all 4 classes, and we actually had TOO much food?! there were two turkeys, (CRAZY) tons of stuffing & mashed potatoes & salad, appetizers/dessert everywhere =) and everyone seemed to have a great time, with people making hand turkeys! and writing what they were thankful… ah yes, and mark led us in grace. very interesting  to say the least :P but i’m just so impressed with sean d, who was responsible in making this all work, and i’m pretty sure he was glad that everyone was able to come and there was enough food! what a difficult task in organizing such a big event..

after the dinner, we had a quick shaw council meeting and then we cleaned up the place. febreeze & lysol wipes =) then i napped. sorta…. as in, i rested my head as i would text people, haha. not the most productive nap… but i got up at 10:30 and headed over to the library. and i was IN THE ZONE. i didn’t get distracted with fb or tumblr, and i managed to get a LOT of work done. actually, even though i was efficient, i STILL had more work to do… which is ridiculous! i mean, at least the stuff i studied was being retained. ugh. i wish i didn’t have to spend so much time on each single thing because i just have a lot of things piled up! anyways, dan came over to study as well until we got kicked out at 3 :P

then i headed back to the gabelli lounge to study more! because i didn’t feel tired (probably because of my arizona green tea :P). oh, i visited two new bathrooms today! one on the 1st floor of o’neill. i also saw my son kevin playing starcraft 2 in the library, hahahaha. the other one was in the 2nd floor of gabelli. i feel like an explorer! or something… anyways, eric was studying as well, and aside from spending an hour on tumblr… i got another chapter of reading done :) and well, now it’s 5AM… and i’m debating whether it’s worth going to my 9AM or sleeping in because the reading was great but i fear the lecture might not be. or more likely, i won’t be able to pay attention :( oh well, to cheer me up, i bought the new chris tomlin album! since i already knew a couple songs… it was easier to connect to. more listens will help me decide whether it’s actually good (i’ve been disappointed with his past few albums… nothing can live up to his indescribable tour/album hype!)

oh and for philosophy, i read kierkegaard, and it was SUCH a good allegory! the king & his humble maiden. actually, it was a rediscovery as i had read it somewhere… but i just LOVE how it’s described, and i was able to find it online, so i’ll post it =) ah, and i think it grounded me on the idea: I am my Beloved and He is Mine.  enjoy the music post too, written by a worship leader from IHOP, who reminded me of zac efron :P

day 312

for some reason, i always talk about how i slept. or how i feel waking up. and i don’t think i’m gonna change that, haha. i woke up feeling horrible. well, not like feeling sick or anything, but as if i ran into a wall… i did NOT want to wake up. perhaps it’s because i drank tea right before i slept so my body was out of whack. but i eventually made it to the shower and woke up.

classes were fine, and i cooked some noodles for lunch before heading to physio. i realized i did a lot of walking during the morning/afternoon, as i had to mail some stuff at the post office, and i had to go pick up my test at higgins, etc. i went with justin to the rat to get a second lunch :P and found a peanut butter, jelly, and fluff sandwich! SO good! and, we met marci there, so she decided to join us =) she is one of my recently adopted (or born??) ksa daughters. went back to the room and napped. the day was so gloomy, especially with the cold, wind, and rain… and i guess my body needed a longer nap than i anticipated… so i woke up after an hour and a half, instead of just 30 minutes. :/ but! i felt MUCH better, and i proceeded to get some work done, i.e. respond to emails and plan for the day. i withdrew my UCSF application because i realized i didn’t want to study in cali as much as i originally thought i would. (and the plane ticket is expensive :/) and i got a columbia interview email! so that was a big surprise =) then, i proceeded to clean the kitchen (what a strange response to happiness), and then cooked dinner for my roommates =). a nice family dinner: we had bulgogi, chinese spinach, and kimchi for dinner… so it was a mix of the asian cultures :P too bad we didn’t have like sushi, haha. but i guess there’s be some conflict… i’ve managed to cut my preparation and cooking time down a LOT, and finished cooking the rice, vegetables, and meat in less than an hour! and seriously, while i’m so glad that my roommates compliment me and thank me for what i do, i realize that it’s truly a thankless chore when parents have to cook. i think i’m coming to understand how much time is required to cook such good meals, especially when they get back from work… that is love. =) and while i’d love to thank and repay my parents by cooking for them… my skills haven’t gotten there yet :P

headed off to the shaw seminar, and it took SO much longer than expected. it was about a 2.5 hour seminar because while it began pretty fun with the freshmen looking up different societal issues and finding possible solutions to them, the presentations took WAYYYY too long. i know after the seminar, i was told that i should’ve capped their times, but i wish i had more wisdom in realizing that sooner and did not have to put everyone in that situation… i think the most difficult part was having to interject because they were so passionate! but, i think that’s my job as a coordinator, so a good lesson learned… hopefully. and, i missed indian dance, but i think nobody was really up for it. haha oh well.

finally, i headed back to the room, and then went over to see steph & liz, as it was still liz’s birthday and steph was sick, and met esther & priya as well! haha, priya told me that she saw me this morning at the rat but i didn’t respond… which was truly sad because i honestly went into the rat this morning to look for either priya or dan, who i happened to find RIGHT before i left. and i couldn’t blame my vision because i had my glasses.. what a fail! 

headed back to the room, and knew that i didn’t want to go to the library… again. wow. while i feel more relaxed, i don’t know if i actually get work done. i seem to just eat a lot of snacks, like these wasabi & soy sauce almonds, i bought at camp co. gotta be productive!

gosh. always playing catch up :/

gosh. always playing catch up :/

day 269

man, i’m not sure if i feel productive today… blah.

church was packed today because we had a speaker come this weekend for a conference. and the best part was the fact that he could speak english really well, so he spoke for both the english & mandarin services. =) ah yes, his name is pastor david ting wu. i think the first time i met him was probably at a nyack conference during memorial weekend a couple years back. and sunday school went well too… it was great to see leslie, kathryne, and ellison after like a year hiatus, haha. hopefully, they come back soon.

i was talking with little esther who’s 5 years old, and she was telling me how she loves selena gomez. so i kept calling her selena gomez, but she didn’t like that… :/ and i didn’t know any songs by her, so i sang hannah montana and justin beiber… she didn’t like that either… haha. oh and i fiddled with drums… i realized that my feet are jittery. as in, i hit the kick randomly. you’d think that DDR would’ve helped me, but nope.

after church, i watched the pats game/studied physiology. and then took a nap until ti was time for dinner. as a family, we headed to pick up the pastor and then we went to minado! i didn’t eat to the point of feeling bloated… but by pacing myself, i ate 3 plates of sushi, salad, and crab :) that filled me up for the night of studying.

i spent the rest of the night studying in the library with dan. tiff & debbie were there too for the physio quiz, and i also stopped by eugene’s for his 21st :D i didn’t stay too long because i was afraid of being too loud… :/ a good day i guess… but i think i’m just wasting time because i know i should sleep earlier. 

day 265

morning started smoothly. after my first class, i met dan and liz (i think this may have been the first time i’ve seen liz since summit…), and then dan came with me to check out cushing because i needed to check out the room accommodations for a seminar. it wasn’t particularly great, and but as the nursing school, i found it very interesting how i could only find the ladies bathroom… sure, there’s only like a handful of guys in the program, but what if i needed to pee?!

then, dan and i had breakfast together. physiology was very fun… i’m not sure how much i’m always learning… but it’s always very enjoyable to go through it with justin, dan, & tiffany. =) dev bio was not the same… the quiz she said would be very easy… was not at ALL. sure she’s nice, but her description was very misleading, and i originally thought i overstudied, but it felt like i didn’t study all the right things! gosh, that was frustrating… i hope the class gets better though.

after class, justin and i headed back to my room to watch glee! what an AMAZING first episode :D even i was taken aback at mike chang’s amazing abs :P possible even jealous?! but goodness, there’s SUCH drama in that show. but i guess that’s why i find it so funny to watch :) oh and i find nothing wrong with two guys watching glee…. err

after glee, i got ready to play tennis! today was such beautiful weather, and i wanted to take advantage of it. so, after much “coercion” i managed to convince steph to play tennis… and so we met in front of lower with susan, and we first proceeded to st. more hall. sadly, this was probably the first time i’ve ever been in there! it was pretty cool to check it out and we were there for susan to pick up her work forms… BC catering!

then we headed to steph’s place because she didn’t change for tennis… but it was good because i never knew where she and her roommates stayed off campus. it wasn’t too far of a walk, and i really liked their kitchen! but… the living room set up is MAD ghetto, lol… so steph got ready for tennis, and we finally headed back to campus with liz. we managed to catch the bus going into campus! however, when we arrived at the plex, we realized that we were 40 minutes late… and our court reservation for 5 was automatically forfeited if we did not check in by 5:15… oops! haha, i think i heard a sigh of relief from steph…. that was a bummer for me though :/ well, i couldn’t do anything about it, so we decided to head to dinner at hillside. we chatted and got to talk with heena! oh and we saw diane creeping. LOL. i mean she saw us from outside…i guess despite the lack of actually playing tennis, the adventure was fun. lots of exploring! so, that was exciting and i want to try to always look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives… but hopefully, we’re able to play next time. and i think i’ve found lots of other potential players too after telling everyone about this story! this will definitely keep me accountable in exercising, which i dreadfully need!

hung out with the boys at 90, found miley! and then headed back to my room for survivor! then, it was time for concept mapping, and we got that done SO quick! i am so impressed. haha, i think after the initial one, we got a good grip on it, and things just clicked :) i then spent the rest of the night at the library… as usual. i took a nap though, and i woke up with my arms and legs numb… what a weird feeling! haha, but i managed to get everything done, and it seems as if i can identify the “regulars” at the reserves. i seem to see pegah & fran here all the time. and many asians :P (i guess dan should’ve been here too!)

but gosh, i sleep too late…. and i need to compensate my body :/ oh and, not necessarily a bad thing… but i notice that i do spend my time with many of the same people, and so i want to make a conscious effort to meet new people, whether it’s welcoming the freshmen, or developing deeper relationships with friends that are currently sustained by the occasional hi.

day 263

whew, almost overslept for class today! got up just in time to make it to class. i got to cook lunch and dinner today :) and so the morning/afternoon went by really calmly. it felt great being able to have the time to cook lunch and eat it without feeling rushed. that and i had mickey mouse shaped chicken nuggets! :D and chocolate milk. and smoked salmon. it was a very strange combo, but i’m surprised my stomach didn’t complain…

after classes, justin bought me salad. that made me feel very healthy :D i like cucumbers and onions. but not tomatoes :/ i went to an interview workshop, and i just felt like i did not have the right words to say. like, i’d formulate an answer to the question, but he’d correct me because i’d say it wrong… but i think that was really helpful because i honestly didn’t know how to approach some of the questions. now i just gotta practice!

dinner was interesting. i was told to sautee my food because i brought leftovers from home, and i just reheated everything in a pan. that worked out well! gosh, and i was gonna go through all that trouble of reheating the food by boiling water and steaming it or something until the food was warm…

shaw was so fun! speed dating was a huge success with like 30+ mentors pairing up with the 18~19 freshmen that were there. people weren’t able to get to know everyone there, and these “dates” seemed very short, but everyone seemed to chat very loud and very fast :P the seminar following it went very well too! the panel consisted of ugbc vp - pat raab, glc pres - kelsey, editor in chief for heights - matt, olaa pres - liz, and acf core - nick! they all seemed to share different perspectives about leadership, and i thought that was particularly helpful because there really isn’t just one way to become a leader. and it was cool to have one of the shaw upperclassmen speak too :) and the freshmen asked some pretty good questions, which was great, because i was unsure if they remembered to write down questions and i was afraid that there’d be awkward silence… but actually, we had to stop it short because the seminar had gone on for an hour!

after the seminar, i headed to the csa first gen meeting, and i met with a lot of friends there… this was a huge turnout, especially when there was no food being advertised and it was so late - 9pm! but, i kinda got bored quickly because i didn’t want to play the game and it was difficult to hear the announcements… so i headed to the library to study. and dan kim joined me later, and it was a productive night at the library!