day 353

wow, what a fun packed day!

i am surprised i went to sleep at 1am, but it was so necessary for the day ahead… i awoke at 8am to start getting ready for the day, i.e. making my secret santa card, because i forgot the night before :P we arrived at church early around 9:45 to set up and get things ready for worship. and i cannot believe the songs went without a hitch! well, perhaps my overcriticalness would point out that joy to the world didn’t start off as well as we hoped, but we recovered pretty quick, and i’m just SO glad that the changing between english and mandarin for songs was very smooth and easy to follow. we began with our favorite song: feliz navidad =) and proceeded onwards through 5 more songs, and while this year we only had violins playing, it was great to have them because we had 7th graders participate as well =) i’m just so glad it went so well with just practice the day before. 

after worship, we had children’s choir, and they were undeniably cute :) our worship team can’t really match that :P and then we had a video about retooning the nativity, which i think everyone enjoyed. i wish i was more detailed about writing this out… but right now it’s 5:00AM…. so i’m just being very general :/ then we continued with our regular service, and ended around noon. after that, it was time for secret santa! we managed to get everyone in the youth room and began with alexandra, who got a cactus! haha. at least that’s what she wanted…. interesting. anyways, we continued through the group, though some people didn’t get gifts because their secret santas weren’t there… matt’s in michigan, and julia’s in arizona :P but they’ll be getting their gifts next week! anyways, we withheld josh’s gift because he was SO worried that he’d get a bad gift since it was in a box. and he didn’t know that I had him… =) so, he built up a lot of suspense, and when it was finally his turn, everyone crowded around to see whether he’d get pwned! but he didn’t, because i got him spirit tracks & an hdmi cable! stuff he actually wanted =) and he was SO relieved, and i was happy that he actually got a good gift this time! my secret santa was deborah, and i got samurai chopsticks and another rob bell book: jesus wants to save the christians! YAY =)

after secret santa, i talked with paul and john, as paul showed me his new dog, and we spent a good amount of time just catching up since we hadn’t really seen each other since the summer… i really enjoyed our conversation because so much stuff has happened this past semester, and well now, our church is moving! next week is our last week of service in the building, and paul and john will be back to help us move too =) and it’s going to be so weird to not have to go back to this building anymore…

after our talk, i headed back to church to see everyone pack up stuff, and i’m not gonna lie, even though just a couple tables were moved to the new church, the sanctuary felt empty…. man, i really can’t believe this is happening! then, i brought my sisters, friends, and grandma home. then, karen and i headed back to BC. on our way, i filled up on gas at cumby’s, and got some peppermint hot chocolate! SO good =) and SO worth the $1, haha.

back at BC, i dropped off my stuff and then headed over to steph’s place. we decided to go watch black swan at 7 at coolidge corner, and esther decided to come with us too! however, she was unable to solve the third-wheeledness :P because she couldn’t convince nick tsaur to come along… steph and i tried too, haha. anyways, we had a light dinner, and then headed out to coolidge corner for the movie!

i braced myself for this movie, and i STILL felt so drawn into this movie… and so many parts made me cringe because it was just such a good psychological thriller. a well done movie, but it felt SO draining at the end. initially, i thought i wouldn’t want to see it again, but now i do because there’s a lot of stuff i would catch the second time around without being surprised at the major points… ugh, it still brings back chills recalling some of the scenes, but both natalie portman and mila kunis KILLED it. amazing acting and spectacular movie…. i just wish it wasn’t so dark… :/

after the movie, we headed back to 90 first to see people, and then we headed back to steph and esther’s place to clean since everyone in the house is leaving tomorrow. we cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors, vacuumed the rug… a fun night :P then steph & i had our own little gift exchange! ah yes, during our conversation, i came to the realization that there are such things as women’s boxers…crud. i may have to re-evaluate what i wear… wow that sounds like i cross dress or something… but these boxers i got from taiwan don’t have peeholes. GREAT.

day 352

i’m done with finals! and yet, i still have things to do… and do i really have just one semester left??

well, this morning was a sight to behold… i fumbled around trying to set up three alarms, dropping my cell phone in the process and scavenging around in the dark to find it. when i managed to settle down to sleep, i was awake… probably because i realized what was ahead of me. but eventually i awoke 2.5 hours later, i felt disoriented being awoken by two alarms following after one another… haha, that did the trick because it forced me to wake up :P i do feel bad in waking up my roommate though… but these were dire circumstances!

got ready in time to go down to breakfast, and felt surprisingly calm as i sat with friends and talked, though i did feel like i was zoning out most of the time… and then, some other dev bio came to eat/study and it was fun talking to them because it distracted me from my calc final. but, i realized i was going to be late, so i headed off and made it there composed. my GOODNESS, the final took 3 hours! i did not expect that and fatigue started to kick in halfway through the test but i managed to gather up my strength, power through it, and answer the rest of the questions… surprisingly, half the class was still there i think, but it was almost noon, and i had to eat lunch and get ready for my dev bio final!

i met justin for lunch and we reviewed as we snacked. i anticipated in reviewing all the notes prior to the exam but i didn’t think my math final would take that long! i managed to finish this exam in just an hour, but there were a lot of iffy answers that i knew if i had studied more, i would have felt more confident… oh well. at least after both of my exams, i was able to talk to my professors and that was nice =) sadly, i wish i could’ve spent more time at their office hours but i just didn’t have time :/

i did some wandering around trying to see if the pre-med office was open, but i didn’t realize it was saturday… so i headed back to my room and unwinded… the fatigue didn’t set in too badly, and i did a little packing before my dad picked me up. we went to chinatown to pick up a cake for the christmas service at church tomorrow, and then we headed to church for practice! except we were a bit late because of all the traffic! i was SO surprised that malls (my mom and sisters were there so we had to pick them up…) were unbelievably packed as well as chinatown… and i remember passing out on the car and waking up a lot of times… 

practice went very smoothly to my surprise because i just didn’t know how i was going to respond being so tired. but it was really fun =) and i’m really happy that this year we’re able to incorporate both mandarin and english into all the songs for the set list. that’s never been done in that way, and i hope the congregation doesn’t get lost. =) 

finally arriving home, i ate dinner and then proceeded to play tetris with my sisters… haha. and then do some work for the christmas service tomorrow. and prepare my secret santa gift :) whew, i need to get some rest, but things are looking good tomorrow! best of all, it looks like it’s not gonna snow this sunday, as it has for the past two years, when we’ve had to cancel service… yay!

day 346

i’m definitely feeling the tiredness from the weekend… despite 7 hours of sleep, i awoke wanting much more. part of me feared that i was getting sick as well. but today was fine… except that the weather was deceptively cold, and while it was raining outside, there was a thin layer of ice on the ground! sadly, my dad slipped outside while getting the car :( but thankfully, nothing major happened. it does make me wonder why when such things happen, we get frustrated and upset. i totally understand emotionally why i feel embarrassed and angry when i trip and stuff, but it doesn’t make sense to me… especially if nobody saw. perhaps it’s because it’s something i don’t expect, or because it’s regrettable and i wish i could’ve avoided tripping up if i was just a bit more careful… a good reminder about what moves me from having peace.

sunday was great, though there’s TONS of stuff happening so soon… with christmas service & secret santa coming up… the church move… gosh and i have to deal with finals… but since i won’t be there again this friday, the youth are going to be in charge this time =) and i think karen will help too! whew, at least i don’t have to worry about that. and, most people seem to know who they have for secret santa and what they’ll get! i just hope everything works out…

an encouraging thing this morning was that a grandma came to me and told me how her granddaughter enjoys it when i lead worship…even though she doesn’t understand what i’m singing… haha. i loved hearing that, because it’s stuff like that, so out of the blue, that just uplifts my spirit, and it helps refocus me on another reason why i lead worship. it’s so interesting because at times, you can totally forget about the possible impact you can have on others.

after church, my sisters and i went to walmart to do some christmas shopping. i kinda got distracted because a tv was showing toy story 3 =P we found some gifts for our parents, but we realized that other things would have to be bought from amazon… oh well. then, i did laundry at home and then passed out for a solid 3 hours! that was totally unexpected, but needed… and then we had hot pot for dinner =) 

finally, karen and i returned back to BC, and i expected to go to study at the library around 10, but that definitely did not happen. i began cleaning my room because i hadn’t organized my place for some time, and i knew i could not study in a messy place (well at least my own side… i dont mind my roommate’s messiness). then after that, i worked on other side projects, i.e. emails for the christmas set and such, and that took SO much longer than i thought. probably because i let myself get distracted by my roommates =) but it was a good night, and i began studying by eating a HUGE bowl of cereal of special k fruit & yogurt that i bought from walmart =) i think i ate half the box, haha. oops. but yeah, i didn’t start till 3AM, and sadly, it hasn’t been as productive as i hoped. perhaps tomorrow will be a different story? :/

day 332

what a busy sunday! we had baptism in the morning, and we got to hear michelle’s testimony and see her get baptized! it was interesting because i’m pretty sure there were some things even her friends didn’t know before we met her at church. so, it was a great morning, and sunday school consisted of mainly learning more about baptism. and, we decided to start our secret santa! now to get everyone signed up…

after church, i returned home with my sisters and grandma. then, karen and i decided to go to kohls to look for ugly sweaters! we scoured the entire store, and did not manage to find anything in the mens section…though we did find a cool hat that karen bought as a secret santa gift. then, as we wandered around, we found one in the women’s section! but there was just one… and it wasn’t a very “cool” design… so, the only thing i bought was a monopoly deal card game, which i heard was very fun, but haven’t tried myself.

then, we went to walmart and immediately, we found ugly sweaters!! except, again, they were for women. and, we looked in the men’s section and could not find ANYTHING resembling an ugly sweater =( i was hoping for one with reindeers, and possibly a headband with reindeer antlers! but, alas, none could be found… and while karen bought one, she wouldn’t let me buy one. i’m prettttty sure i could fit into it, but she thought it’d be too embarrassing for me to wear it. BUMMER. well, we bought other things, like a travel adapter because my mom’s going to china! actually, she’s probably left already from home to go to the airport because her flight’s at 6AM. i think she’ll be back on the 7th… we also saw mr. chen there, and then we bought our stuff and went home. 

we packed quickly because we were going to go to hmart for dinner! YUM =) i saw christine there working at the bakery again, and we chatted for a bit before i went to order kalbi =) what a delicious meal… then we went shopping, and i bought my typical meat, veggies, kimchi & tea combo :P and some snacks… and these korean grapes! wow, these are the ones that i tried in taiwan, and i LOVE how they have so much flavor in them! that and the fact that the skin comes right off =)

with the car packed, we headed to BC and dropped off my sister first. then, with the help of my dad because i brought WAY too much stuff home, we were able to bring my stuff into my room in one go. then i unpacked a bit before getting a call from steph! i met up with her & liz, and we headed to their home because they just arrived from ny/nj. and so, we spent the rest of the night just catching up on thanksgiving break… and esther & jae maeng came to the house a bit later… and well, that became the rest of the night… so i guess i’ll have to do work tomorrow :P