A Week to Remember

*which is much better than A Walk To Remember. (which I’ve never seen…)

Anyways, I know I haven’t been updating this blog much… but I figure this will be a preview of hopefully what I post up soon in much more detail.


Cooked for my freshmen Shaw roomies (Ryan, Justin, and Nick) Technically, Nick was in the ballroom, but we’ll let that go :P Hmart food, and it was SUCH a nostalgic time… because I hadn’t seen JV much this semester. This was also part of a larger ploy to bring Justin to the final Shaw Seminar of the year! As a group, along with the guys in the other room as well as Laura (surprise surprise!), we walked up comm ave to the Shaw House, and the night was SO good! It lasted just an hour, but the memories we talked about definitely brought up some good times… I can’t believe it’s almost over! But, I think the best thing, which Andrew mentioned, is that even if I don’t talk to them for 6 months, I can call them up and we’d still be friends and talk and catch up. That’s such a comfort especially in our hectic lives, and I’m so grateful for these friendships :)


Went shopping with Justin and Steph at Garment District for some questionable clothing for KSA JJang… LOL. We bought gold leggings and white suspenders :P And surprisingly, Steph approved :D


First round of Shaw interviews, then got ready for KSA Jjang with Justin, and I guess with just a month of school left, we went ALL OUT. As in, ribbon dance with those leggings and suspenders. We borrowed the ribbons from Kaisi since she was in charge of Chinese Ribbon Dance during the culture show. It was quite the success, though I’m pretty sure it scarred many in the process :P I’m debating whether to upload the video because it is just TOO outrageous to believe, haha. I fear for my dignity…


Finished my portion of Shaw interviews, and I’m very happy with how it’s turning out. :)

Fillipiknow was so fun, as Liz and I performed 3 covers for our set: Who Knew by Pink, Price Tag/Where Is the Love by Jessie J/Black Eyed Peas, and Someone Like You by Adele. It was quite fun though there were a couple mistakes here and there, and I was BLOWN away by Chris Cendana, who ended the night. I know he’s amazing, since I subscribe to him on youtube, but he just took it to another level! I am so envious of his guitar skills… I have been reminded about where I need to improve for guitar! :)


Finally, a day of rest. Basically, the calm before the storm, aka Kollaboration. It was good to spend time with ROFL, and we are all looking forward to 30 Hour Famine!


Kollaboration was AMAZING. I had SO much fun, despite feeling tired both before and after our performance. Surprisingly, both Liz and I did not feel nervous, even though we did the day before… I think we just became more anxious about getting it over with… since we were there pretty much the entire day from 10AM until it ended around 10:30PM… I am SO glad we gave it our best and that we couldn’t regret anything because we hit all the notes and didn’t make any obvious mistakes! So, even though we didn’t win, it was totally worth the memories and experience. Even more so, to hear everyone cheer for us, as we were the first BC group to perform… priceless! I can’t believe how great that was, though I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t see any of the acts from the audience… especially the youtube artists like AHMIR! Oh well, getting to know the other finalists was fun too, and since only dance groups won the competition (Blackout - 1st, Synergy - 2nd), there was a solidarity in losing amongst the vocalist groups :P I really didn’t mind winning or losing, though that I didn’t really realize that until it was over. It was too fun to dwell on such a minor aspect… I’m glad that I could even get the audience to clap with me on the off beat, that was a fear for me! All in all, this will be a great memory for me because of all the support I felt before, during, and after the show :) It’s hard to beat! 

Week 8: Recap


Steve Chua spoke on worship and a place called Naioth. This refers to 1 Samuel 19, where Saul goes to find David and instead becomes filled with the Spirit and starts prophesying. This was definitely something new that I hadn’t heard about, and I was quite intrigued to learn that Naioth means God’s dwelling place (or something like that).

Michelle Choi’s Birthday! Wow, almost forgot about that, but the gajok managed to round up a few of the children to surprise her, and we had a white mountain birthday cake :)


Valentine’s Day Shopping began in the morning, and I hit up four stores to complete the to-do list. First off, Starmarket for steak, then CVS for body wash… (ok that was just for me, haha), Olympia Flowers for a half dozen of roses, and then Chipotle for lunch :P

So, for Valentine’s Day, Steph & I began with a steak dinner. I was a bit hesitant since I never cooked steak before, but my mom said it was easy… and I just seasoned two fat pieces of steak and then let it cook for like 20 minutes. I’m surprised it turned out well! But, there’s still room for improvement… I think I cooked it well-done, which is a bit too much for me, since I’m more of a medium guy, but I was more afraid I was going to undercook it, haha. With the sauce leftover, I added red onions & mushrooms, and then cooked some veggies as well for a well-balanced dinner :) 

Next, we had plans to go to Northeastern (first time visiting!) to see Dave & Rich open for Tim Be Told! Most of the 90 boys went to the concert to support as well as Justin, Esther, Young Park, Ryan, Young Hahm, and Jin. Dave & Rich definitely blew out the other openers :P and I was quite surprised that Dave did a shout out for Steph and me… oh boy. And then, they sang hunters & cougars! They had such good stage presence, although they made it a bit awkward for the two people they asked up, one of which was Dave’s cousin! Then, Tim Be Told came up to play, and they were amazing :) Though, I was a bit bummed to hear that half the band quit… I’m so surprised that they’ve been able to continue and find new members, and I can’t wait for the new album!


The Leadership Exchange was a meeting where we gathered various leadership groups on campus, including Shaw, to mingle and to listen to a speaker, Michael Durkin, CEO of United Way of the Merrimack Valley. It was great that most people were able to come, and the Heights Room was packed! I think there was probably about 200 people, and the food was good too :) especially since it was free. Personally, I didn’t meet many new people even though I saw with other leadership groups… because Justin Feng was from ELP and I think Arthur was from Freshman Academy… and another girl was from Shaw and ALA. Win for me :)

KRUP Auction was very hilarious, although when I arrived, Justin and my service was already sold to Dan Kim… He wants good guitar lessons :) I was hoping to win something this year, and I had a couple serious bets going, but for some reason, someone else always seemed to win out. So, at the end, I didn’t get to buy anything :(


Thea Bowman Reception was amazing for the free food! That, and I went with the guys from Gate 404 and Young Jae. We just kept eating… and that was probably the most exciting thing about it :P The actual reception took so long because they called people up too slowly, but Don & Andrew made it amusing by switching names… haha.

Ended the night with Applebees with the Gajok! We had quite the scare since Rachel didn’t have her phone, so we couldn’t contact her. We kept waiting for her since she had told us she was definitely coming and we even confirmed when she left her place through friends… but she was not at the bus stop! Eventually, we left without her, and to our surprise, Rachel was waiting at the Reservoir bus stop… phew :P She told us her story/thought process, and basically she thought there was another stop after main gate, but once she arrived at Cleveland Circle, she unsuccessfully tried asking people for a phone… yet that probably wouldn’t have worked either since she didn’t know any our of numbers! Gosh… at least half-priced apps were delicious, and we were able to finish it all, especially with dessert!


Lunch with Dr. Bob was so great, as we hadn’t really talked for a couple months! I really enjoyed our  conversation, and I hope the next time we meet up won’t be so long in between…

I skipped Feminisms discussion for BC IDOL preparation, and while we couldn’t sound check individually, it was good to know how the guitar would be mic’d. Neither Liz nor I could eat dinner, so we just spent most of our time just waiting around with Ryan & Shinyoung until BC IDOL started. We were up 4th, and while I didn’t feel too nervous before the performance, I think that all changed when I realized we were going up on stage! I was so glad the song went without hitch, so at least, we couldn’t regret how we did :) Then, we headed into the audience to see everyone else perform, and I cannot believe how talented people are! The acts were amazing, and there were even children from St. Columbkille performing - CRAZY GOOD :) Finally, at the end of the competition, we were waiting for the results, and when I heard who placed in 3rd and 2nd, I was a bit bummed because I hoped we were gonna place… but, it was quite stunning when it was announced that Liz Peter had won first place! I was a bit confused, especially when I walked on stage, but what a great feeling to be able to help a friend win! :) And, even cooler, she won a check for $350! And she is now the BC IDOL, yay! What an unforgettable night… I loved it! Especially with all the support from our friends :)


The ROFL Winter Retreat began with just youth from Connecticut and Boston, as NY people were in traffic and still on their way. I was taken aback at how amazing the flyers, booklets, and schedule were done because they definitely surpassed my expectations! The NY people didn’t make it until the message was over, but it was a fun night just getting to know the California team, which included Pr. James Wang along with his wife, his brother John, and two other co-workers, Brian & Grace. I mainly worked on audio and visual stuff, which was a bit new for me, but I liked the experience :P


What a tiring but fun day… the messages were great, the small group time was meaningful, and the small group competitions were awesome! While we didn’t get to really interact with either the Connecticut or NY people, it was a good time to strengthen the leadership within our youth group. But, at the same time, we realized that we had to be more missional, and we saw that being more welcoming to our brothers and sisters in Christ from other states would be good practice :D


Church was packed! Usually, service is full with the adults and kids, but with an additional 50-60 youth, there were lots of people standing! And, it was great to see the place filled because hopefully, this will happen soon with our youth :) Haha, I’m praying for it! Anyways, leading worship after/during the retreat for Sunday was really rewarding because I didn’t feel like I had to “switch” mindsets. I mean that usually I spent Saturdays at BC, so to wake up the next morning for church and all takes some time to adjust, but being at a retreat, it wasn’t needed and it just felt easier to pour out my heart during worship. After service, I decided that it would be prime time to show the other churches the circle hug :D And, while they felt awkward in the beginning, I think they liked it :P 

Lunch time was fun, as there were little kids running around everywhere! Even the youth from the other churches were playing with them, haha. But, then we had to leave early, as my dad had to prepare a lobster lunch for the California team. I rested a bit, and then for dinner, we went out for Minado! Despite a long wait, it was worth it, and although I missed KRUP training, I’m glad I got to talk with the California team since I didn’t really have time during the retreat to do so. Wow, what a great weekend, although I’m definitely more tired than usual, haha.

Week 7: Recap

Oh gosh, I haven’t been keeping up to date with my recaps… and for some reason, it’s harder to do! I guess the nightly updates kept me accountable, and the worst feeling is that when I try to remember what happened last Sunday, it’s like one or two things… as compared to Saturday, when memories are so much more vivid. I’ll try to be more consistent in remembering!


Chinatown dinner for Chinese New Year’s. My parents got back home from church late because the meeting went on for so long that the superbowl had started… But, we still had to eat dinner, and to celebrate the New Year, we went to our favorite restaurant, East Ocean City, and ate around 8 or so. It was definitely late, but at least we had a large enough appetite to finish it all!

I arrived back on campus for the last 6 minutes of the Superbowl, and upon arrival, I saw so many people in the living room! That sure was great, as there were freshmen from Shaw, the girls/girlfriends from Ignacio, and of course the roommates from present and former years :) Well, I guess my mom was right because while I was reluctant to miss the Superbowl (not that I had much stake in it…), the last six minutes were the most exciting because I originally thought it was going to be a blowout. Good thing Green Bay won! I’m impressed by Aaron Rodgers…


Bought a groupon for Crazydough’s, and I decided to get dinner with Nick. Despite the ridiculously long wait for the pizza, we had a great conversation. I can’t believe so much stuff had passed by, and there was such a need to catch up! And, we practically demolished the large pizza we ordered…these are exactly the conversations I enjoy :)

Then, I rushed to the Shaw Seminar because I didn’t want to be late… wow lots of huffing and puffing, haha. The seminar was SO fun! It was all about public speaking, and Professor Rosenthal did such a great job in giving the freshmen a talk about it and then doing a fun activity involving movie quotes. My goodness, the ones who went up to give an impromptu speech were quite courageous and talented! I’m pretty sure we were all blown away by Narintohn and Reese :P

Finally, ended the night by catching up on Glee with Justin! Contrary to other people’s opinions, I enjoyed the episode… so ridiculous though, haha.


I surprised myself in that I focused a lot of my time in doing work in the library :) I think with such a different course load, I haven’t put in the same hours as I usually do. But, I’m starting to realize that my other commitments/clubs are catching up to me… I need to return to the bat cave :P Ended the night with a late-night senior dance practice at O’Connell, and I feel somewhat confident in my skills after Eric Lee simplified some of the moves :)


What a long day at lab… I decided to stay after to run some gels, but I also got to sneak into Professors & Pastries during the wait and get some snacks to go :) I had my fill, and then Young Jae and I took some pastries to go for Justin and Steph. Hehe…. Then, I finished up my lab work around 530ish…

Met up with Young Jae after lab and we ate at hillside for dinner. Today’s his birthday! Actually, Justin & I stopped by his place the night before, but it was good to chat over a hamburger at hillside :)

Lastly, Steph invited me over to a Valentine card-making party, and it was in Ruby. I saw Jules and a lot of her friends from ASTEP, and they are FREAKING creative. Wow, I’m pretty sure card stores can’t compare to how amazing these handmade cards were, and it took me the entire hour just to create one because I had no idea how I could mach up to such skill… haha. At least it turned out decent :P 


A long day of run-throughs at Eagle’s Nest for the KSA/CSA Culture Show. It was a bit stressful since I felt like I was relearning half of the entire dance again… and it lasted for a good four hours, as we had to go through the acts three times. At least a lot of progress was made, and I got to see lots of people! There are tons of people that I didn’t know were participating, and it was interesting to see all the acts perform before the actual show :) Ended the night by watching the other episode of Glee with Justin :P


Three month anniversary! :) Steph decided to come to ROFL because we had a guest speaker, Steve Chua. I think for the most part, it went well though the kids were definitely having a lot of fun, saying that I had a girlfriend now… Oh, the parents were surprised too…. I think the only people I really told were the youth, so they didn’t freak out as much… I think it was better to bring her first on a Friday because there are generally less adults there, so that if she comes on a Sunday, at least some people will be like, oh that’s old news. sorta. For some reason, people at BC still don’t think so :P


100 Days… Eh. Not really thinking about it, so I guess it doesn’t affect me, hah :)

CSA/KSA Culture Show was so fun! Though ridiculously tiring after. I’m so glad it’s over because I could definitely see everyone’s hard work in making it a success! And, it was great to be able to watch most of the acts as part of the audience, especially the Music Act with David Kim :) I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t see the Fan Dance because I had to get ready, but at least I saw it during run throughs. Also, I had a bit of a scare, when I realized I lost my light before the performance, but it’s a good thing Eric Lee had spares! The senior dance went by SO quick, and after the show, people were asking whether I heard them in the crowd, but I think I zoned out so much in just making sure I wouldn’t let my nervousness get the best of me. And, looking back, I’m really glad that I did this, though I hope nobody expects me to actually dance… :P

Finally, ended the night by going to Hemali’s 21st birthday party, since she’s Steph’s roommate. This was quite interesting since this was one of the first parties I ever went to voluntarily… actually, just in general, haha. People were having a fun time, though I had to duck out early because I had to drive home and I was reallllly tired. I think I was more exhausted than I imagined because when I get to that stage, I just zone out. So, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience as I just people-watch… and that’s also probably due to the fact that I’m very introverted when there’s lots of people, despite the fact that I knew some of them. Surprisingly, I found that I didn’t judge people when they drank… weird. And, I can’t believe I actually played Pong, except that Steph had to absorb the punishment as I had to drive soon… Funny though, the whole time I was playing, all I could think about was that I wanted to play videogames, i.e. Starcraft 2. It was the strangest feeling because I just kept analyzing the situation… that I’m in the basement. Throwing ping pong balls in cups. I’d so much rather play ping pong… So, I don’t know how well I’d fare in a party situation. I might just spend most of my time looking at people or looking at stuff. or zoning out and thinking about anything at random. I guess I know the “secret” which is to participate, and not anticipate… but, dancing’s not really my thing (contrary to what the culture show may tell you…) and I don’t really mind being awkward. Actually, it might be harder to make things awkward if people are drunk because they don’t catch the usual cues. SHOOT. This might be fun! I must now hone my awkwardness…

Week 6: Recap


Got to share a bit in the morning about ACF retreat during service since my mom was in Cali again, and more importantly, we focused on prayer in order to see revival and to rediscover passion. The rest of the day after church was very hurried, and it was kind of annoying how we couldn’t really spend quality time eating dinner… what a bummer :( At the end of the night, Steph & I recorded a song for her best friend Karyn’s birthday! That sure was fun, though I had never seen Anastasia or heard any songs from that movie…


Classes were fine though a bit tiring… I think probably because I actually had to stay the entire 3 hours during lab, though we didn’t really do much… I spent most of the time on facebook haha. The Shaw seminar went really well despite some administration having to cancel… both the students and the administration seemed to love it, and that really put me at ease :)


During Feminisms, we watched a video on how music videos have denigrated women, and it’s crazy how obvious it is… I guess it wasn’t that shocking because it’s right there in front of you, but when the video is slowed down and the lyrics are also shown, it definitely made it more alarming. Well, that’ll give me a lot to talk about in my paper.

During ACF, Mako talked about Biblical Slavery, and I am really glad that he went through various passages describing what kind of slavery that was listed in OT, and it’s very different than what we would label slavery as nowadays. I think that has always been an issue for apologetics that I could not wrap my mind around since I didn’t understand the topic well enough, so I really enjoyed Mako’s talk :)

Lastly, Steph & I went to the BC vs. UNC basketball game because I wanted to go to a game at least once before I graduated! And, I wanted to see how Coach D had done with the team… Sadly, we didn’t beat UNC, as we got crushed, haha. But, it was still fun watching, and I guess that’s another thing checked off of my imaginary list of things to do :P


Really…? Huge snowstorm, and no cancellations :( TONS of ice… but at least I put my new snow boots to good use! I felt like I mastered the winter conditions with my new boots and umbrella :D

The Chinese New Year festival held by CSA was…meh. I went late, so I missed out on all the food, but at least I got to see my sister at the front table. I know I probably should be more excited about such an event, but I think all people talk about now is how much money they get in those red envelopes haha. Though, I don’t really care much for those either. I do like the food :) I really want mooncakes…

Finally, Liz & I did some practicing for her Kollaboration audition. Ooh I’m excited to see how it’s gonna go!


Feminisms discussion was more interesting as I actually participated this time haha. It does get boring at times because it feels like just a few people talk…

Right after discussion, I headed up to Kangry’s place to get my haircut! I bought his haircut services last year at the KRUP service auction, and never “cashed” it in till now. It was a fun time, as this was probably the most I’ve ever talked with a barber/hair stylist/cutter person. And, I learned that Kangry will be going on KRUP too! The haircut took about an hour long, which is the longest I’ve ever had a haircut, but it was a job well done, and I’ve gotten compliments on it :) Kangry wants me to be his “model” since he’s offering his services again for this year’s auction! 

Lastly, for dinner, I experimented with cooking chicken. Somehow, this was the first time I ever had to cook raw chicken, and the only sauce I had was this Korean red pepper chili paste (gochujang?), and I’m surprised at how well it turned out. I guess I assumed there needed to be more ingredients when preparing meats and such, but I enjoyed the simplicity :D 


Steph accompanied me on the T to North Station…possibly because she got jealous of my talks with Dan last semester :P Dan had to go to his service placement on the Orange Line so we would ride together. Sadly, this semester he changed his times, but since Steph didn’t have work yet, she could come with me :) Travel buddies are awesome. I know that if I don’t talk to people, I sleep… and then I sleep until the conductor has to wake me up and tell me to get off the T since it only goes until Government Center…Thankfully, that hasn’t happened this year. :P

I got another blood test, and made it just in time before it closed. I actually watched the needle go in, and I was intrigued… looks like I’m over my fears!

At church, the adults celebrated Chinese New Year’s, and there was some good food :) Then we had ROFL, and again, I’m so proud that the youth were able to lead everything again because it takes a lot of burden off of me and perhaps I’m learning how to release my role and empower others! 


I sent Steph & Ryan to their small group this morning, but ended up getting lost because I what I thought was a bridge…wasn’t a bridge. And, that totally confused me as to when I should be making the next turn. So, I returned to Newton by the Mass Turnpike by accidentally turning onto it (I thought it was another street… until I had to pay a toll lol), and then I picked up Liz. The second time around I found my way there successfully with the help of Ryan’s GPS, and then Liz and I quickly headed to BU for her Kollab audition! Despite taking a wrong turn… we actually got where we wanted much quicker than expected (strange!), and we were able to get there early and practice a bit. Even though Liz was very nervous, she knew all her words, and I think we gave it our best! I didn’t notice any mess-ups, so I have no regrets about our performance :) Then again, I already knew Liz sang amazing, so it was quite amusing to see how the Kollab panel would respond. Ah, thankfully, most of them (if not all) were from BC (Eric Nam, Alex Kim, Qian, Shannon and someone else…) After the audition, we headed back, and all that stress was now over! And then I took a nap to recuperate :P 

Later in the day, I went to go pick up Steph & Ryan, but there was so much traffic at BC from the basketball game (which we won against VT!) I also got to meet their friend Van.

At 8, I met up with Justin, and we headed to Eagles Nest for Senior Dance Practice, and I guess I’m committing to it! I definitely felt a lot more confident going through the moves this time because they were a bit simplified, and surprisingly, I’m not the worst there anymore :P Some people were there for the first time, but at least they were still willing to do it! I do admire Eric Lee’s teaching and dancing skills, definitely motivates me to try harder… I wonder what Synergy’s performance for Showdown is going to be like… I’m pretty sure it’ll be amazing. 

Lastly, I arrived a bit late because of practice, but I made it to the SASA Culture Show! This was the first culture show I ever went to, and it was great seeing so many people I know (mostly Steph’s roommates) in the show. The girls definitely outdanced the guys :P but it was very fun to watch. It also made me realize that I’d have to go up there next week… oh great :/ Looks like I gotta practice! And, I got to sit with Steph, Jeannette, and Susan, but to my surprise, a couple of the Shaw freshmen were to my side as well, so it was a fun night indeed :) After the show, there was lots of photos, as the dancers did an amazing job, and Steph and Jules prepared flowers for all their friends! And, I finally got to eat dinner at late night, haha. What a packed day!

Week 5: Recap


Overslept breakfast…and I was surprised Young didn’t wake me, Justin, or Eric up to help pack up the worship equipment! Oh well, at least everything was put away quickly, and we left Toah Nipi around 11 in the morning, and arrived back at BC at 1. On the bus ride back, Hayeon and I talked about how nostalgic ACF retreat has been, as this is (hopefully!) our last one, haha. Wow… so quick. Oh, and I somehow managed to sit in the bus that was mostly with girls… there must’ve been some sort of sexist segregation :P Back on campus, Steph and I first ate lunch, and then headed to her place to unpack and nap… Then, my dad came to BC later in the night to drop off Karen, and he picked us up so we could go grocery shopping! This was pretty fun, as we discussed about what meals we could cook (or at least we plan to…), and then we were able to finish our individual burritos at Chipotle! It was a fun day, though it didn’t feel like a Sunday at all, especially since I didn’t go to service. It did feel good to unpack and clean the kitchen and just get ready for a full week of school…


Shaw seminars were started up again, and I realized I hadn’t seen the freshmen for almost 2 months! It sure was fun seeing them again, though the house was a bit chilly because the heat wasn’t working… probably due to the unbelievably freezing conditions outside.


Went to a meeting about organizing a leadership get together with all the leadership groups including Shaw. I’m excited to see how it’ll all play out! Got to cook a new dish for Steph and me, and later the roommates also tried some since I cooked too much… good thing it was delicious :P At ACF, Shinyoung led praise! This is so awesome that new people are stepping up, though it’s kinda bittersweet that my time is up :P Anyways, tonight was time for the donations for Global Poverty Impact, and while I didn’t save up money (fail…), I decided to donate $100 to International Justice Mission because I had read the book over the summer, and now I feel like I’m finally acting upon my ideas because I am amazed at how the organization handles issues such as sex trafficking, mainly in that they will deal with the entire process from rescuing a person, to rehabilitation, to advocating laws that prevent further occurrences. Then, to end the night, I spent it at the library… I think I like it there :D


I guess just a typical day of school… perhaps the most exciting thing was helping Liz insulate her room haha. Oh, and I didn’t get to the library till midnight to accompany Dan, but I basically just watched youtube videos… oops. Ah, and I did not sleep at a reasonable time because my roommate found this new addicting game for us to play, and we started at 2AM, so obviously, we weren’t going to sleep that early. And, then we ended the night with some pillow talk :D Man, I keep owning myself in terms of sleep…


Got to meet with the director of Reslife, George Arey, to talk about the Shaw meeting next week, and he seemed like a great guy! I was able to also finish my essay for feminisms like 30 minutes before it was due because I procrastinated a bit this week, but it was pretty easy to just reflect on issues that previously, I rarely thought about… The discussion started off a bit slow, but eventually, things got going, and I was surprised how most people focused on companionship marriage. For the most part, I think it was arguing the point that it’s not a “cop out” from feminism for a woman to want to be married and have children, as long as she is equal and holds everything that entails being married and parenting to the same standard as having a job and such… I think it’d be a total waste for people who go to college and then make it their goal to just marry rich and in a sense, give up on life… (and that applies to both guys and girls :P) After discussion, I hung out at gate to see Don off before he left for his MCATs (which were the next day but since his test center was so far, it was better for him to sleep over somewhere near there). Had dinner with Eugene, Eric, & Andrew, and then I got to meet my gajok for the first time this semester along with my new wife Michelle! It was a quick but fun time, as most of the children had to go practice for the KSA/CSA Culture Show, but I’m excited to see what’s gonna happen this semester! And… wife #2 is not jealous of wife #1 or the girlfriend… whew! :P I think all three of them feel the same, but man that just feels awkward to type out… Finally, the night ended with Steph and me watching Toy Story 3 at her place. Sadly, it wasn’t as emotional the second time watching it, as in, I didn’t shed a tear :( but I guess that’s good because it’d be weird if I cried in front of the girlfriend… haha.


English was hilarious because we had a quiz to spite those who missed class. The three questions were:

  1. What did I (the professor) just say?
  2. What is this student eating?
  3. What don’t I have on my face?

And he talked about glitter and love, and it was both very entertaining and philosophical… sometimes, I just don’t know which level he’s on, but I’m loving every minute of it :) Got lunch with Justin, and he convinced me to go with him to the Senior Dance practice on Saturday… Then, I went home for ROFL, and I was so proud of the youth because since last Friday got cancelled due to snow, I was able to see what they would’ve done if I weren’t there. And, they did a pretty good job! I’m impressed because it’s always a bit nerve wracking never knowing how things actually go, but my heart is definitely at ease :)


Cleaned the bathroom, which felt very relieving… then headed to Higgins with Dan to check on his lab stuff. We got lunch at Lower with Justin, Eugene, Brian, and some 010 guys! Then, I headed over to practice at O’Connell House with Justin for Senior Dance, and man, did I feel so out of place! The moves seemed to go by so fast, and I was definitely at least a step behind… if not more. Now, I’m not sure if I can/want to do it… haha. I know it’d definitely be memorable and fun if I could get it all down, but I’m worried I’d have other things that would prevent me from really giving it my all. Personally, the worst thing would be to dance half-heartedly because then I’d most likely mess up and just regret it… I have to be wise in this decision! 

Later, Steph & I went to the Natick mall since she needed to go shopping for boots. Hers had a hole in them, so they weren’t very useful anymore :P We did quite a bit of walking, as we soon realized the stores didn’t have many good boots. I mean, there were a lot, but not many designed for rain/snow… I’m pretty sure there were tons more for guys… but, we eventually found one, and then we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We felt stuffed after that, especially with a Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake to end the dinner :) Wow, I guess this was the first date of the semester, haha…

wow… we’ve been together for four years… and haven’t killed each other! :P yay for shawlidays :)

wow… we’ve been together for four years… and haven’t killed each other! :P yay for shawlidays :)

whoa, that’s my friend from BC shaking president obama’s hand! =) go ben!

whoa, that’s my friend from BC shaking president obama’s hand! =) go ben!

day 349

well, today will be a day worth remembering! it began with me feeling like… a badass. or more objectively, pretttty stupid, in retrospect. haha. i went into my philosophy final, sat down next to eugene, and told him, jae maeng, and dong that i studied an hour for this test. and, consequently, i reaped what i sowed :P i honestly failed that exam, by getting approximately half of the questions correct, and i am sure of this judgement because he told us to keep the booklet of questions when we left and gave us the answer key as well. gg! i got some wrong that i should’ve known and guessed to get some right… but, that didn’t make up the fact that i didn’t read 3 of the texts that were being asked about…

and, this was the first and hopefully the last time, i’ll ever do that. i hate the feeling of being unprepared because i always want to go into tests knowing that at least i’ve gone over everything and have a fighting chance in doing well… not in this case :/ though, i came to the realization that i just could not finish reading 3 texts in three hours and be able to take two finals back to back without sleep. and being somewhat sick. so i had to let go, which was very difficult for me, though i played it off cooly. i think that’s probably because i’ve drilled the hard work ethic into myself and pride myself in outworking others in terms of studying. that’s also why i’m very much introverted and tend to work by myself. for instance, i have a tendency to not trust my lab partners just because i think i can do a better job by myself, and have done so to put my mind at ease… and sadly, i recognize this as being unhealthy when done in excess…

so, i can’t really say i regret what happened, although i wish i had taken steps to prevent such an occurrence. after the exam, which only took me an hour :P… actually, i finished in like 20 minutes, took a short nap, filled in the ones i had NO idea randomly, and then passed it in… anyways, i napped in the library to recover a bit, then got lunch at lower with justin. met with eugene to talk over the test… and “bragging” about how bad i did. man, i don’t know why i kept doing that… i think i needed to vent because it felt so uncharacteristic of myself to “slack off” like that, although i have many good, but perhaps not sufficient, reason for doing so. and, i DON’T like to justify my slacking off as a result of getting into dental school… because i doubt senioritis has kicked in. it didn’t happen during senior year of high school, when i actually had the MOST work out of all my years, and as i write this, i realize that i don’t want to repeat that again… i want to do well in my classes to prove to myself that i can. that i can be proud of the time and effort i’ve put into my studies, and i want to do this despite getting into dental school and being “set”. because that’s what i’m all about. i know my character and habits will carry me through where my skills and talents have brought me. without character, i will falter as i try to progress.

as soon as we finished lunch, dan, justin and i headed over to our physiology final, and i think it went fine. because i put in the time for studying and i’m happy that i had a fighting chance in answering the problems… though, after feeling exhausted from the first final, i’m not sure how well my mind was functioning :P

after the finals, i basically returned to my place and chilled. definitely needed to do that… i ordered the boston market catering for the shaw party later that night with the help of mark, and then napped until it was time for shawlidays! i dressed up in my ugly sweater =P and walked over with ryan to amber’s place. we went through conte, which was exciting because i never knew it was so complicated! and i saw the ice rink too :P then, we ended up on beacon street, and reservoir ave was right in front of us, so it was just a short walk from there…

as people strolled in, and the food finally arrived (i was a bit worried!), we all ate to our heart’s content :) and had some unbelievable delicious desserts baked by amber, and then it was time for the yankee swap! amir officiated the number drawing process (with a slight hiccup in a couple numbers, haha), and then we took group photos before the actual process started. for the most part, there was no stealing… we were just too curious to see what other people had! but, it wasn’t until the last one, when they realized what i had brought… a pooh bear! =) and… there was some tension, haha and it was stolen… but in the end, it worked out! or sort of… you just had to deal with it :P well, that was a fun night, and i got to bring home the leftovers from boston market =) i’m really glad the dinner worked out because i was nervous in “taking charge” of saying that we had to do boston market, but everyone differing opinions which seemed to get us nowhere, and i was able to foot the bill, and just let other people pay me back. =) tonight was a success!

finally, i went back to my place with the food, and then studied at eagle’s nest with steph. ok, i didn’t really study too much… i went to oconnell house to visit my son, kevin, and get some free hot chocolate! and then, i kinda just distracted steph from her studying… oops :P when i returned home, i thought i was gonna get some work done, but instead, i watched the ending of groundhog day with my roommates, and then washed dishes… as i cooked some rice, and ate some korean food =P that brought me to like 4AM… and then i had some great conversation with ryan through the night, and i’m so happy that he got a job!

oh right… i forgot to do work! i better not procrastinate these next two days… especially since i have a couple essays to do as well :/ here we go!

CORRECTION: after returning to my exam and checking which questions i got right, i somehow managed to get a 76! wow! i cannot believe it…i guessed on a lot of those questions :P

day 340

i set 3 alarms this morning, and it took all 3 to wake me up….i am SO glad i didn’t oversleep. waking up on time and getting to class was definitely half the battle. oh, and it was so funny that when i got back to my room at 5:30AM, i was somewhat not surprised that nick was STILL up! seriously? haha, he asked me the same thing though :P and well, he had to pull an all nighter to finish an assignment, so i took a nap while he worked in the common room.

the test itself seemed fine. part of me is not convinced that it was that simple because i’m afraid i just didn’t really understand the problem and just put in what i thought was the answer… but at least i didn’t feel tired! adrenaline definitely kicked in and pull me through the entire test. well that, and i prayed that entire morning, haha. as in, while i showered - god help me stay awake. god, help me stay focused. i know i’m not in tip top shape physically and mentally, but just get me through this!

and, even after the test, i felt fine until i returned to my room, and crashed on my bed! i mean i napped :P and i couldn’t wake up for my physio class…but, i really had to give my body a break. but i did make it to dev bio. after class, justin & i ate lunch at the rat with esther & susan. there was some funny conversation about the iphone 4 =) though it then shifted to me. it was not as funny. :P one month of dating is coming up… you really can’t call it an anniversary. wait, let me find the definition:

anniversary - the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event

ah, see? it’s a yearly occurrence! i’d be much happier when that date rolls around, hopefully =) then again, another definition says it’s just a celebration or commemoration of a certain date…. but, i think if you celebrate something too much, it loses its meaning. though, that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything this saturday, haha. but, imagine if we commemorated 1 month & 1 day as well… haha. wow that’d seriously get annoying. but, then again, while i would easily lose interest if that happened, i’m not sure god would. perhaps this is hypothetical thinking, but i wonder if god constantly rejoices over us in a way that doesn’t lose its appeal after the first few dozen times. interesting…

then i re-napped. :P for a bit longer, before meeting up with dan at el pelon. i can’t believe this is his first time eating there, and i do feel a bit bad for not getting dinner there with him until now… because we talked about it since the beginning of the semester! we had a good chat about life, school, and such…but then, i had to get ready for the shawlidays party!

i got all dressed up with my ugly sweater, and my roommates loved it :P i hid the sweater under a new overcoat since i needed a jacket for interviews in case things got cold… as it HAS this week! i’m so glad i have it for my columbia interview =) the party was great, though it seems only chrissy seemed to have gotten the memo that it was an ugly sweater party =/ lots of photos were taken, amazing food/snacks, gingerbread house decorating (the guys won!), and of course, SANTA! i really do have to work on organizing and uploading photos… i take SO long. also, i was surprised at how many upperclassmen came, but it was a great turnout especially since there was that pats v jets game… pats DEMOLISHED them =) i also brought my guitar, but ended up not playing which was totally fine with me since i didn’t really practice any christmas songs.

lastly, i met up with steph & jeannette at the ERC library, and figured out how to get to the highrock christmas concert! i’m SO glad i’m going, and i hope i won’t be late on my way back from new york… plus, i’ll be in a suit :P then i walked steph back to her place so i could see how she and her roomies decorated the place. not gonna lie, it’s pretty impressive. i’d say the same with the shaw house… i have no idea how people are able to transform a place into christmas cheer :) i’m guessing that’s not going to happen for my room… oh well, i’m over it :P

well, now i feel relieved of work… though i do have some to do. there isn’t anything urgent, like a test, though i know finals are in just a week! i hope i don’t get distracted…but it feels great to have journaled =)

day 333

classes were routine today… though it was potentially huge as i got two test scores back… strangely, i was not affected as i thought i’d be. didn’t do too well on physio, but that was balanced out by dev bio… strange. i thought dev bio would be harder to do well in, but i think since i anticipate the difficulty, i’ve been better about studying for it. that and i owned myself while studying for physio because instead of preparing myself, i “helped” other people study… though i think i would’ve been more help if i was more prepared. oh well, i think indifference to grades is kicking in because of dental school decisions on wednesday! CRAZY. haha, though i don’t really show it… probably because i’ve been nervous for each interview and by now, i don’t have much anxiety… and because i’ve realized there’s no reason to worry about things i can’t control. and that’s good for me i think =) ah yes, and my math exam got moved to monday! YAY. i thought i was going to have to study really hard this week…and break didn’t really motivate me to do that :P

did a little studying at the rat, and talked with steph & jeannette. went to the library to return movies that i borrowed, and caught up with jackie! wow, i haven’t really talked to her since like last year when people all met up for lunch…doh. well, after all my classes, justin & i talked about our act for ksa/acf coffeehouse… i think we have a lot of great ideas but we may have to sort them and find what’s most feasible. then i took an actual nap because while i intended to earlier in the day, that didn’t work out since i just met up with people and talked :P ah yes, and throughout the day, i noticed that many people got haircuts during break!

note to self: liz peter got a haircut, and she has nice bangs. it is important for guys to notice when girls have a haircut in general. also, if a girl asks “do you notice anything different?”…  start panicking! or flood with compliments. or hope its something ridiculously obvious.

actually, that conversation with liz happened yesterday, but it made me laugh when i realized that EVERYONE got a haircut :P wow, it’s like THE thing to do, especially for guys. and that was an amusing observation.

then steph & jeannette came over for dinner, and we managed to finish all the bulgogi i bought from hmart! i was a bit disappointed that the veggies were more bitter than i expected… then, i prepared for the last all-shaw seminar of the semester, and i think it went pretty well! it was focused on the career center, and i hope the freshmen got a lot out of it… we also had our council meeting afterwards, and i got out of all my shaw commitments at 10… whew! what a long day… but fun :) i also stopped by steph’s to possible watch fish hooks, but it wasn’t on :/ …and now, it’s time to start work at 2 haha. wow i’m SO bad at starting work… or should i say i’m pretty good at procrastinating :D

anyways, i do have a healthy consumption of christmas music =) at least 1 album a day! i need more albums though… i still can’t figure out my favorite track from the phil wickham album :/ ah, and i FINALLY updated days 288 & 289… they were missing because those were the two days i was at kairos! but, they are very abbreviated because i can’t spoil the mystery of the retreat :D