day 294

i did not sleep too well the night before… but when 630 came around, i was up! i took a long shower, and got myself psyched up for the day. actually, it was more like reflection and rehearsing answers to interview questions. when i got out of the shower, my breakfast came! except, it was weird because i had to accept it with just a towel since i had JUST come out of the shower… good thing it was a guy? uh. i had bacon, eggs, & potatoes with apple juice :) totally hit the spot. and despite feeling a cough coming on and lots of congestion, i felt like i could make it through the day. i got ready by 7:30, so i relaxed, looked over a couple more questions, and listened to brooke fraser to calm the nerves. i LOVE her new album! i’ve had to have played “Who Are We Fooling?” at least 50 times this past week… it’s so chillingly beautiful. but i think it’s about breaking up… doh. anyways, i posted the song recently, so i would definitely take a listen if you haven’t already… and buy her ALBUM! =)

i left the hotel at 8 and had plenty of time to spare when i arrived at the upenn dental school. i think in the meeting room, there was in total 14 interviewees including myself, and as always, the beginning was intimidating because everyone’s in suits (well the guys are… i’m not sure if suits are correct for girls… but the equivalent.) and i guess i have the habit of “sizing” people up. you know, to make myself feel more confident. a lot of people were from california and florida. two of notre dame… and one girl from northeastern! so, definitely an interesting mix. we went through introductions and info sessions in the morning, and one point made by the director admissions really struck me: “we care about people, not statistics.” i feel like that’s hard for upenn to say when their fact sheets show high mean gpas/dat scores, etc… but after looking over their information and talking with the students, i really believed it. and, it really resonated with me, because i’m hoping that i will continue to develop as a person in dental school!

we then took a tour around upenn, and the facilities were nice for the most part… the lecture rooms don’t have windows though… strange. and finally, it was time for my interviews! my first one was at 11, and this was with the assistant dean of admissions. it felt intimidating at first, but she was really nice, and i felt like i could just open up. i talked a lot about kairos, and developing as a person, and at the end of our short conversation, i felt that i had an opportunity to share parts of myself that weren’t on the application :) as soon as i got out of that interview, i was met with another faculty member, and we went to her office for the second interview! i kinda went over the same things because she had specific questions, but since it was more like an interview, i made sure to highlight examples that would answer the questions… and not just bs or something :P like, she wanted to know about my best and worst experience at bc, and i said kairos was my best experience, while the worst experience had to be the drinking culture because there doesn’t seem to be a compelling alternative. and, i also shared about my core group of friends in shaw, and how that’s allowed me to branch out and meet new people, especially people who i hope to stay friends after graduation :) and i think we ended with sharing about an example of feeling overwhelmed, so i told her about junior year and balancing everything, like physics, school work, studying, extracurriculars, relationships, church, sleep, etc. and i was able to maintain this by destressing through like guitar, journaling, and having conversations with people. so again, i felt very happy at the end of the interviews because i could share my story! =)

after the interviews, i really unwound…. we had lunch with a couple students, who were very helpful in describing the ups and downs of upenn, and i’m really impressed about how one guy came to upenn knowing that he wanted to be the best clinician possible. i think that’s my goal too… i’m pretty sure research isn’t for me. and he’s a family guy, and i think that’s something i resonate with too! after that, i took a self-guided tour of upenn, and the campus is BEAUTIFUL. i’d still say BC is more beautiful, but it’s under construction… :/ anyways, it’s a different kind of beauty because it’s so interesting how insulated it feels while being situated in the middle of a bustling city! that was pretty cool. and for the longest time, i thought this row of buildings belonged to a museum, but i figured out that they were housing! craaaaazy. 

seriously though, that does NOT look like housing… but another view of it actually reminds me of the new stokes hall that’s being built at BC… hmm.

upenn quad


bc stokes hall

haha maybe not.. i duno. after the tour, i went to go visit the bookstore, and it’s HUGE. i guess because it’s sponsored by barnes & noble, but it basically was a B&N store… with two floors and i was overwhelmed by everything they sold! bc bookstore could not compare. but, i realized that it was just as expensive :P so i just bought some thank you cards that i would use later, a card for my gajok daughter, rachel’s birthday, and a gift for my sister because i found some cool pencils! i didn’t want to buy a tshirt or something that said upenn… because what if i don’t get in? that’d be gg… haha.

anyways, being done with visiting upenn, i met up with nick & stella, and we hung out at their place, playing halo reach :P then we headed to koreana, and it had some amazing korean food! i couldn’t believe it: kalbi for $9! i think hmart costs $15… and it was pretty good :) that, and they paid for my dinner :D so i was very grateful. and full afterward, even though we ate a very early dinner at 4. the reason was because i had to catch the train back to the airport at 5… so they accommodated my schedule. we said our goodbyes as i took the bus to the train station, and i made it there a couple minutes late for the train at 5, but thankfully, i could catch the one at 5:30 and still make it an hour early before my plane left at 7:15. 

checking in and security was very quick, and there was like no line for security compared to the ones in logan! i waited at the terminal, and did some homework/reviewing. knocked out on the plane even though i planned on doing work :P after arriving at boston, i got on the silver line bus, went to south station, took it to park street, then took the B line to the star market at babcock… just to buy a birthday cake for rachel! i hope you realize that my gajok family is going to be the best ever!! anyways, i knew that the T would take forever getting back to campus, and i was already running late for a group meeting at 10… so i took a cab, and i was just $15 to get back to BC, including tip. i managed to get to BC around 10:30, changed/unpacked, and got ready to meet people at lower. thankfully, the project was mostly done, and i could just edit the rest later… so i headed off for rachel’s birthday. we met up at upper, and i’m so impressed that our entire family made it! it was kind of a fail at the beginning because we actually went into her room BEFORE 12… some freshmen were too antsy. haha. but, we sang happy birthday to her, justin oh used a lighter as a candle (so ghetto!), and then justin also caked her… haha. i guess since she’s now a ksa fresh rep, he gets to do that… that and he’s the grandpa of all gajoks. fine fine, i guess i must respect my elders :P oh the only bummer was that we never got to eat the cake! rachel is wayyyyy too popular, and there were so many of her friends there once we said happy birthday, so we just left and let her share the cake with her friends… bummer :/

a good night though, as the rest of us headed back down to lower. and now it’s time to study… i’m glad i did put some time into this exam already… but i hope i don’t stay up too late! i am also glad that i’m writing this entry now so i won’t leave it for the last minute and sleep even later! i think i’m gonna have to study more tomorrow and skip my 12pm class just to be safe. whew, i didn’t think i’d be THIS busy as soon as i got onto campus… but what an exciting day!

sadly, i’m the bottom left….

(via kirisbomb)
i do the last one cause i’m a badass.

sadly, i’m the bottom left….


(via kirisbomb)

i do the last one cause i’m a badass.

poor cat…


poor cat…


day 104

a tiring day. i knew it from the moment i awoke, but i’m glad it’s finally over. sort of. and i haven’t showered twice this week….i’ve gotten so lazy. and by the end of the day, it’s just not worth it. because i should just shower the next day. hopefully, i wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow and actually shower. haha, i feel horrible though because there’s a deep impulse in me when i wake to shower, but as the day progresses, i feel like i have showered. or more like, i feel awake, so i totally forget until i look at my boxers and realize that no, i haven’t.

went through classes as usual. didn’t do as well as i would have liked to in immunology, and that kind of bummed me. lab was tiring, but knowing that i only had 1 more lab after motivated me to finish on time. and even though we worked with lasers, it was kind of boring…

then, i met up with binh to go to the leadership awards ceremony because i nominated him for one, though he didn’t win. i probably should’ve nominated him for a freshman only award, because i didn’t realize that seniors could apply, and obviously, they have much more credentials. anyways, once we entered, we realized that we were a bit underdressed, and we found out that we couldn’t really stay for the ceremony, since it would be 2.5 hours long… i guess they were going to serve dinner, but i really couldn’t stay that long and it seemed like it was going to start late. so, we left early to avoid any embarrassment later on, but at least we checked it out. i didn’t even know there was such a ceremony with so much formality behind it…

so, highlight of the day was getting dinner with esther lee. i’m always trying to make an effort in getting dinner with people i never have, but i’m always afraid that it’d be strange for me to initiate. but i guess since i’m a guy, i should. anyways, i thought it was really fun and the conversations we had were great. gosh, i think i treasure dinners like these because i always seem to learn something about the other person that i never would have learned otherwise. like she wants to teach 4-5th graders. she’s good at discerning genuine pastors. and she’s going to help out with a new church plant. (shoot, i hope this isn’t embarrassing or anything. because this helps me remember what we talked about…) and it was doubly fun because alex kim and… kat? (ooooops, forgot her name) were with us for part of the dinner. i think we talked too much about pokemon. and i think i know too much about pokemon. haha. but overall, it went really well, and dave joined us near the end, and we talked about dating and youth groups and such. i guess it’s good that acf went through the dating series again because it’s made bringing up the topic so much easier without making it taboo or something. and it’s interesting to see who’s dated before and who hasn’t. and i guess i fall in the latter category.

so after dinner, i decided to visit the 24-hour prayer room in gate because i wanted to see how it worked. plus, i decided to sign up for the 10am shift, so i thought it’d be good to participate with the kick-off, although i was an hour late…haha. and it was so encouraging to see the group so passionate for jesus. i need more passion. anyways, i left early so i could get some work done. but that didn’t work out….

i tried to get some physics homework done, but i was struggling so much because i was tired, so i decided to take a nap at 930. and that didn’t work out at ALL. because i woke up at 11 instead of 10! LOL. and that is horrible news for me because i immediately knew i could not go to sleep until much later. everytime i have done this, i would just toss and turn in bed until really late, so i came to terms with my messed up sleeping pattern, and decided to get some work done with a fresh mindset. that worked for alittle while until midnight, when it was time for john byun’s birthday surprise. it was eventful, with lots of caking by dasom and sarah joo and dorine and clement. haha. so owned. especially in the ear. but i didn’t want any cake. and i just basically stayed in the corner to avoid getting touched by cake. and then i left.

i decided to head off to bapst to get some work done… and this was 1. and i found dan and kevin! i actually promised dan to go to bapst at 9ish since we left together from the prayer room, but i slept and got so distracted…haha. i spent the first hour looking at pokemon pictures and posting them on people’s facebook. i have no idea why. but i did. and then, i felt pretty productive in doing outlining my philosophy paper. i think i’ll write out a good draft tomorrow. but now, it’s 5am (GEEZ), and i’m not that tired…crud. but i need to wake up at 9 so i can get ready to pray tomorrow :)

day 69

i was so busy today…that i forgot to shower.

how sad. and i wasn’t reminded until late tonight as young told me how he showers twice a day so he doesn’t feel dirty when he goes to sleep. now i’m going to feel doubly dirty as i sleep tonight because i’m a morning showerer.

today went pretty smoothly. read and talked about nietzsche. i wasn’t really offended by him about christianity or anything though…i was just really confused about what i read. i can’t understand it. bummer. maybe tomorrow’s reading will make more sense. lab went well, but then when i got my grade back for a report, i had to talk with the TA. i was a bit frustrated to see that he took points off for things he didn’t explicitly mention, and he just expected us to know these things. but, in the end, i think it turned out alright. he’s a good guy, and i have to be more forgiving too. anyways, that talk took a long time, and i was late for my kaplan test! but before that, i picked up my phone replacement (yes!) and my wongfu package!! WOOT. i will post up a picture, just you wait.

with all the options of getting to newton center, i decided to walk. i didn’t want to wait on the bus and the T to get there, and i was late already. i definitely underestimated the time it would take to walk there. it took about 30 minutes, but it was pleasant. i thought and reflected and i let my mind wander as i walked by houses and counted the numbers as i arrived at the test center. the test itself wasn’t too bad. i was anticipating 4.5 hours, but it ended up to be about 3, and i got my grade back immediately. i guess i have a good low baseline, and i owned the ridiculously easy math part. the perception section definitely confused me, but i think that if i wasn’t timed, i’d have a lot of fun struggling with visualizing because i’m pretty bad at it. the science portions didn’t go so well, but that’s because i forgot most of what i learned freshman/sophomore year.

the trip back was good. i’m glad i went over google maps with dave and jae. i was able to find the newton T stop in the dark, and i caught it as it came in. got off at reservoir to pick up chipotle and to catch the bus back to BC. then, the night began…with dinner. and then the dna problem set. even though we (young, jack, me) finished it, it feels like we gave up. some of my answers are unsettling…so i might have to go fix that.

whatever. i’m back in the room and i feel at home. how do i know? because i was able to poop. i realized that when i’m stress, i can’t poop. but when i’m at “home” after a long night of studying, i feel relaxed. so, a good day. oh and, i’m living in gabelli next year! not a townhouse, but i’m content. so a good day indeed!