Wait, so subway stations aren’t a good place to meet new people?


Wait, so subway stations aren’t a good place to meet new people?

day 344

woke up at 5:30AM and felt READY to conquer the day! while i didn’t feel tired… i knew something was up because the room i slept in was uncomfortably warm, and i continually waking up almost on an hourly basis, thinking it was already 5:30… so that was not very fun. :(

got everything ready on time (with my suit and new overcoat!), and i met with a lady from pastor pan’s church, who worked at columbia dental, and she would guide me through the NY subways! whew… even though i mapped out my route, it was very helpful to have someone who knew the way there, although she seemed more stressed about getting me there than i was… haha. i kinda forgot where exactly i was supposed to go, so she was wondering about that, while i was trying to reassure her that there’d probably be a map, and i just remember it being on the 3rd floor… well when we got there, it was simple enough to find the dental building, and the security lady told me where to go! so, she was relieved, and i was very thankful for her help =)

the morning was very interesting, as i really liked the dean! he was really funny! and obviously prejudiced about how much he liked columbia :P but again, i really appreciated how he made known the “weaknesses” of columbia, in that it’s FREAKING intense first semester. as in, freshmen don’t have lives. they just study. until they have black circles… but it gets better after that! so… that’s definitely under a lot of consideration if i get in, but i know i’m going to have to study hard wherever i go to dental school, and if they are interviewing me, i would hope i’m qualified to do the work! so, the info session was entertaining, and he was just a great guy to talk to afterwards, as people would come in and out for interviews. i happened to be last for the interviews (shouldn’t read into that! :P), and i got to talk with the people around me. surprisingly, there were only 3 girls out of a group of 18 people… just 1 cali guy, and 6 of them were jewish! definitely an interesting mix… oh and the guy next to me comes from a uzbekistan background, while another girl is a mix of china and uzbekistan. COOL! i wouldn’t have guessed it since they’re both from NY… oh, and most of interviewees there were from NY… but columbia says only like 1/4 of their 80 person class is from NY… hmm. and, that guy next to me has an older sister who’s a 4th year at columbia. so we saw her a lot as she would peek her head in to see how her little brother was doing :P later, we saw her working on a patient!

anyways, it’s been a month since my last interview at NYU, and it look me a little while to get familiar to everything… i was surprised that i didn’t recognize many of the people there… actually just one person who went to the NYU interview with me. but, i definitely used this time to understand better what i wanted from dental school, as columbia offered a slightly different focus compared to the other schools i was looking at. columbia was much more about learning all the biomedical sciences (taken with medical students!) in hopes that this will prepare me for larger things after graduation… and during the interview, she reminded me of the same thing… to find what i wanted out of dental school and determine whether columbia would be a good fit. my interviewer was so nice! i really enjoyed our conversation together, and i’m surprised i got her to laugh :) i was trying to explain how i was involved in ksa and in gajoks, and how i had two “wives” but a girlfriend as well… at first i was like, i have a wife. i mean 2. oh, but i also have a girlfriend… owned. ok, it didn’t go as bad as that, but i was able to clarify what i was trying to explain, and how this all related to being intentional about relationships. i probably could’ve elaborated, but i think she wanted me to explain a little of everything i wrote down on my application, so i had a lot of fun doing that! i really liked how down to earth my interviewer was, and she even shared how her son decided to go to penn over columbia because he wanted to do something himself… and not go to columbia just because his mom worked there, and this was all to demonstrate how i should make sure a school is a right fit for me! and, i really took that to heart, and i hope i have the option of considering columbia… we’ll see =)

next, we had a short financial aid discussion, and then buffet for lunch with second year students! not gonna lie, this was probably the best meal prepared by any dental school with salmon and steak flank, but i’m pretty sure, it’s because other groups were interviewing there as well… namely, there were MD/PHD students who were being interviewed, so there were a lot of people eating lunch! anyways, i got to listen to the experiences of one of the second year students, and i got the impression that he really enjoyed his life at columbia, despite the known pressures of freshmen year. i mean, he just survived it! so, that’s heartening to know :P

we finally had a tour of the place, and it was a great facility, although we didn’t get to talk to the freshmen because when we walked in, they were taking a practical exam! it did not smell too good either…i guess for me, i don’t care too much about the facilities as long as i love the philosophy of the school and the faculty there because i know that the professors i have, the classes i take, and the people i meet will have a more meaningful impact on my dental school life, than how technologically advanced things are, or how nice the walls are… then again, there were some PRETTY nifty stuff there… like a sports bar study lounge =) and, LASERS. OMG, the two new york schools use LASERS to treat children. WHY. CANT. OTHER. PLACES. DO. THAT. too awesome. especially when the dean showed a video of it… how unreal! ok ok, maybe i do geek out about technology :P but i see that as well as how nice a campus looks as an added bonus, rather than a necessity. though, i guess that may not have been how i chose BC… haha.

after the tour, we had a short “debriefing,” telling us how the earliest we could know our decisions is in january after the first round of acceptance letters have come in… and they also said we were a very nice group :P well, i then rushed out of the place to make my way to chinatown… and it was a very long ride! when i got to my stop after switching two lines, i walked in one direction for like 10 minutes before realizing i was going the wrong way… doh! and then i made it back double time to the fung wah stop. so i got on the 3:30 bus back to boston…

this was a stressful ride back because i was hoping to get to south station by 7:30… at least, that’s what the lady at the front desk told me. sadly, i soon realized that even those chinese bus drivers needed to obey the laws of traffic… and i was pretty sure i was not going to make it when we stopped at mcdonalds at 6:30. i think we had only gone halfway because we had not even passed through connecticut because of traffic, and we didn’t make it to south station till 9:15… wow an unbelievable 5 hours and 45 minute bus ride… probably tying the bolt bus ride last time :/

ah, a memorable moment was using the bathroom on the bus. i would not recommend doing so… but i realized that after all my hustling to find the fung wah bus (especially during that double time power walk back!), i had to pee lots. except the bus was constantly moving and stopping in traffic. so it was hard to pee standing up… i’m not sure if i know how to “spare the details” but at one point in time, i was flung back where my back hit the wall because i didn’t have the proper balance. that was very scary because…i’m not used to such circumstances, especially in bathroom situations. but, i managed to stop/hold it in, return to my original stance, and continue. and repeat. a very tricky situation that i maneuvered out of…i would only recommend this experience to those who would like a challenge in life when peeing. standing up.

now, i was in a hurry back to south station because i hoped to see the highrock christmas concert! it started at 8, and i thought that at least, i could make it by the intermission at 9 if i were to be late… but, as the bus ride progressed longer and longer, i realized that wasn’t going to be the case. i hoped that by committing to going, with a ticket bought and everything, i could almost will myself to go, and i was SO excited since this would be my first time actually being able to go and with lots of highrock people! well… that was disappointing, to say the least. and throughout the ride, i was wondering why my hindsight was so good, but my foresight not so much… (is it foresight?… i just know that’s a pokemon move…sigh :P) at first, i thought, i should’ve left the columbia tour early to make sure i could get to the buses an hour earlier, but even then, i would’ve barely made the intermission… and at the same time, it felt impolite to not go on the tour, since this was a possibility for dental school! so, i convinced myself that it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. on the other hand, i realized that i would’ve been late (though not this late!) for the concert, and i could’ve gone on saturday…but i didn’t know who else would go (aside from steph), and everyone else was going on friday! so i just really hoped it would’ve worked out… but the bus ride made me realize that i do overcommit my time, and perhaps i do so to please “everyone”… i definitely did not estimate the bus ride taking that long, but it was kinda silly to hinge my plans on something i couldn’t control… ugh. i need to plan better ahead of time, and well, when i looked at the big picture, it’s just a concert that will hopefully happen next year. obviously, it would’ve been a great time, had i been able to go, but my adventure on the way back was not over…

so, when i finally arrived back to south station, i hopped on the red line to alewife, where my dad would pick me up. that worked out pretty well until the harvard stop. and then, the T said it just stopped working… so we had to leave and take shuttle buses. great. i could sense there was a problem because the T would just hang at stops for like 5 minutes before moving on… probably due to something going on further down the track. anyways, i was able to get on a bus right when it stopped, but as soon as we hit the next stop, there were TONS of people! in fact, one woman ran in front of the bus to stop it, and people got on, despite it not being an actual bus stop. WHAT THE FREAK. that was kinda scary… and the bus driver got a “scolding” for doing that though it wasn’t even his fault! there were tons of people in line waiting for buses, and in the cold, the situation just seemed miserable :/ thankfully, i was already on the bus, and it was 10PM already… so the concert was over anyways. well, i didn’t make it to alewife, which was just 3 stops away from harvard, until 10:30… because of the traffic, and actually one of the passengers had to direct the driver to alewife from davis square. haha, interesting…

when i got there, my parents picked me up, and then we headed to… highrock! why? because even though i couldn’t make it to the concert itself, i realized alewife was close enough to the church that my parents could give rides to a couple BC students who were there, especially since it’d take an hour and half of bus rides to get back to campus while it’d take just 30 minutes by car! when i got there, i met with steph, jen li, hayeon, susan, charles, and justin feng, and we all squeezed in! it was a very interesting car ride, as everyone was teaching each other korean and chinese… my parents were confused as to who was chinese and korean :P after sending everyone back, i finally got home and ate dinner! i kinda forgot because i ate some cookies given to me by mrs. pan in the morning, and that helped ease the hunger. =)

whew, i am EXHAUSTED. but thankful for today. sure, some things didn’t work out according to plan, but i still enjoyed the day and didn’t let that disappointment ruin it =) i think instead, i had some interesting memories of my own, and of course, i had my columbia interview! a great day, and tomorrow is packed too!

day 308

my goodness, it’s been a long but eventful day!

i cannot believe i was able to wake up at 530 this morning, but i did despite not sleeping too well. not sure why, room was dry? anyways, followed my suiting up routine, and got ready to leave. i was so surprised that both the pastor and his wife would be sending me off! they are so kind. and so they prayed for me before we headed out, and i met liz at dunkin donuts, as she would be taking me to the dental school since her school (i’m guessing stern business school?) is a couple blocks away. so we left flushing, got on the subway, switched at grand central station, and made it to the stop pretty early. so we stopped by at a coffee shop and talked before heading over to the dental school. we planned to catch a cab… but then soon realized that they were all full! so we rushed a bit to get to the dental school, and we made it on time! gosh, this is my first interview at 8am, but at least they provided breakfast! =)

got myself situated, ate a danish, and waited for my interviewer. i waited for like 30 minutes before i met my interviewer, but as soon as i met him, he seemed like a great guy. and we had a very nice conversation, and i didn’t feel nervous at all! at the end of it, i was so glad that i didn’t get a bad interviewer! =P i say this because i heard stories of a interviewer who would try to trip up the students, and later on, i found that some of the other people in the group had him… =/ oh well, because the administration understands this and actually wishes there were more people like him… because i guess he’s better at judging people? no idea…. not my idea of fun. haha. but then again, they said someone who left in tears after being interviewed by that guy actually got in! so…. you never know?

the rest of the day was very low-key with the interview being over =) we had a quick Q&A section, and the associate dean was just so down to earth, and i really did appreciate how he just talked about the pros and cons of NYU. and, thankfully, he didn’t go on and on about the curriculum like tufts! haha. actually, what i really liked about the guy was the fact that he helped us ask better questions, because i think ours were too general: what’s the faculty/student ratio… when we really should be asking: what’s the faculty/student ratio in clinic. (as opposed to lectures…) and the admissions people were great! the lady in charge seemed really busy but she was also hilarious! someone very relatable =) then we took a tour of the whole facility, and a couple of the floors were modeled the same so it kinda felt like déjà vu. :P but near the end of the tour, we got to see the aesthetic section of NYU, where celebrities would come and pay like 10k-50k for a procedure!!! and they use LASERS instead of handpieces! CRAZY. that was definitely the coolest part, hands down. i don’t think any other school talked about that. man, LASERS?! and they use them on kids because the kids like them more than the drilling sound. amazing. and scary… i wonder when i’ll get to use one ;) we concluded with lunch with some students, and the cafeteria had cheap but delicious food! (man, it makes me wonder why BC can’t just do that…) and we finished by 1! what a quick interview =)

honestly, i came away from NYU with a pretty good impression of the school, which surprised me because i had heard only bad stories about the school. and these weren’t even people who were applying with me… i guess some of them did have that bad interviewer :P but i definitely did not get the vibe that the students disliked going to the school, and despite having the largest dental school class (240!) in the nation, nothing felt overwhelming… i think my only hesitation is the fact that living in new york city costs a lot! so i guess we’ll see…

i proceeded to take a cab to penn station, but when i arrived, i learned that the buses had been moved due to construction. great. and trains cost $95 to boston and took the same amount of time as the bus. seriously?! but thankfully, when i walked out of penn station, i saw a couple bolt buses, and followed them! :P i tracked it down, and managed to find the 2:00 boston bus, and i was on my way back! i had planned to do work on the bus, but it was too comfy, and i just passed out. i woke up a couple times to realize that my mom had called and such… and i tried to sit up and stare out the window to wake up… but the chair called me back :P so i slept like 4.5 hours because there was traffic along the way up to boston.

traveling back to campus from south station was pretty swift… i’m sometimes surprised at just how convenient things work out, like finding the bolt bus, catching the riverside T as soon as i got off the red line at park street, catching the BC bus back to campus after buying chipotle… perhaps that’s God’s grace and favor =) and that reminded me to be thankful! and so when i finally got back on campus, i decided to sit in on the shaw mentor training just to see what was going on, and then i unpacked before heading to a shaw council meeting. that went really well! we’re very productive :) and then, i got to eat dinner (chipotle salad), and got ready to meet my new and improved ksa family :P

i first met up with jinah as she gave me the bags of goodies she had prepared for the kids, and we brought them down to lower to meet everyone…. well mostly everyone. most of the family came, except for dan, marci, rachel & vi… i mean, i guess everyone had a good excuse, but it was still a bummer not to have everyone! but the family was excited to receive their food, and i brought some chips from chipotle for them to eat as we just went around introducing ourselves again and planning what to do next! i think we hit it off pretty well, and i’m SO looking forward to the one-on-ones =). oh, and we saw other families there… i bet they were jealous :P actually, agnes tried to join our group as she ate our food… and sam lee wanted to be adopted. haha. maybe this means we’re doing a good job as parents! actually, more than being better than everyone else, i hope this provides some impetus for other ksa gajok parents to reach out more =). as we headed off to 90 to celebrate qian’s birthday, i got a text from vi saying that she hurt her head/back from ice skating, so i got to actually meet vi for the first time at lower and hand her the bag of food =). and she seems really outgoing, which i think will really help her fit into the family! and thankfully, it was nothing serious, except she had to put an icebag to her head. phew…. i sound as if i’m overprotective :P

gosh, so after this, i headed back to my room because my friend sean stopped by to talk about our BC Splash class! and we spent a good 20-30 minutes discussing it with my roommate nick, and it was hilarious! we realized that we had SO much stuff, and yet we only had an hour to teach. looks like we’ll have to just pick the best ideas…

finally, i went over to gate to drop off dan kim’s bag of food, and watched the OKC vs. Blazers game. i’m glad OKC won =), but then i realized it was almost 2! FREAK. i was supposed to be at the library… so instead, i just returned to the study lounge in gabelli, and it’s 3 and i haven’t even started work. gosh. i’m glad i don’t have anything actually due tomorrow, but there’s a LOT of things on my mind. and i’m not sure how to finish it all! dooooooh. gotta prioritize!

amazing! maybe acf praise team could do this :P




oh my goddddddddd

day 294

i did not sleep too well the night before… but when 630 came around, i was up! i took a long shower, and got myself psyched up for the day. actually, it was more like reflection and rehearsing answers to interview questions. when i got out of the shower, my breakfast came! except, it was weird because i had to accept it with just a towel since i had JUST come out of the shower… good thing it was a guy? uh. i had bacon, eggs, & potatoes with apple juice :) totally hit the spot. and despite feeling a cough coming on and lots of congestion, i felt like i could make it through the day. i got ready by 7:30, so i relaxed, looked over a couple more questions, and listened to brooke fraser to calm the nerves. i LOVE her new album! i’ve had to have played “Who Are We Fooling?” at least 50 times this past week… it’s so chillingly beautiful. but i think it’s about breaking up… doh. anyways, i posted the song recently, so i would definitely take a listen if you haven’t already… and buy her ALBUM! =)

i left the hotel at 8 and had plenty of time to spare when i arrived at the upenn dental school. i think in the meeting room, there was in total 14 interviewees including myself, and as always, the beginning was intimidating because everyone’s in suits (well the guys are… i’m not sure if suits are correct for girls… but the equivalent.) and i guess i have the habit of “sizing” people up. you know, to make myself feel more confident. a lot of people were from california and florida. two of notre dame… and one girl from northeastern! so, definitely an interesting mix. we went through introductions and info sessions in the morning, and one point made by the director admissions really struck me: “we care about people, not statistics.” i feel like that’s hard for upenn to say when their fact sheets show high mean gpas/dat scores, etc… but after looking over their information and talking with the students, i really believed it. and, it really resonated with me, because i’m hoping that i will continue to develop as a person in dental school!

we then took a tour around upenn, and the facilities were nice for the most part… the lecture rooms don’t have windows though… strange. and finally, it was time for my interviews! my first one was at 11, and this was with the assistant dean of admissions. it felt intimidating at first, but she was really nice, and i felt like i could just open up. i talked a lot about kairos, and developing as a person, and at the end of our short conversation, i felt that i had an opportunity to share parts of myself that weren’t on the application :) as soon as i got out of that interview, i was met with another faculty member, and we went to her office for the second interview! i kinda went over the same things because she had specific questions, but since it was more like an interview, i made sure to highlight examples that would answer the questions… and not just bs or something :P like, she wanted to know about my best and worst experience at bc, and i said kairos was my best experience, while the worst experience had to be the drinking culture because there doesn’t seem to be a compelling alternative. and, i also shared about my core group of friends in shaw, and how that’s allowed me to branch out and meet new people, especially people who i hope to stay friends after graduation :) and i think we ended with sharing about an example of feeling overwhelmed, so i told her about junior year and balancing everything, like physics, school work, studying, extracurriculars, relationships, church, sleep, etc. and i was able to maintain this by destressing through like guitar, journaling, and having conversations with people. so again, i felt very happy at the end of the interviews because i could share my story! =)

after the interviews, i really unwound…. we had lunch with a couple students, who were very helpful in describing the ups and downs of upenn, and i’m really impressed about how one guy came to upenn knowing that he wanted to be the best clinician possible. i think that’s my goal too… i’m pretty sure research isn’t for me. and he’s a family guy, and i think that’s something i resonate with too! after that, i took a self-guided tour of upenn, and the campus is BEAUTIFUL. i’d still say BC is more beautiful, but it’s under construction… :/ anyways, it’s a different kind of beauty because it’s so interesting how insulated it feels while being situated in the middle of a bustling city! that was pretty cool. and for the longest time, i thought this row of buildings belonged to a museum, but i figured out that they were housing! craaaaazy. 

seriously though, that does NOT look like housing… but another view of it actually reminds me of the new stokes hall that’s being built at BC… hmm.

upenn quad


bc stokes hall

haha maybe not.. i duno. after the tour, i went to go visit the bookstore, and it’s HUGE. i guess because it’s sponsored by barnes & noble, but it basically was a B&N store… with two floors and i was overwhelmed by everything they sold! bc bookstore could not compare. but, i realized that it was just as expensive :P so i just bought some thank you cards that i would use later, a card for my gajok daughter, rachel’s birthday, and a gift for my sister because i found some cool pencils! i didn’t want to buy a tshirt or something that said upenn… because what if i don’t get in? that’d be gg… haha.

anyways, being done with visiting upenn, i met up with nick & stella, and we hung out at their place, playing halo reach :P then we headed to koreana, and it had some amazing korean food! i couldn’t believe it: kalbi for $9! i think hmart costs $15… and it was pretty good :) that, and they paid for my dinner :D so i was very grateful. and full afterward, even though we ate a very early dinner at 4. the reason was because i had to catch the train back to the airport at 5… so they accommodated my schedule. we said our goodbyes as i took the bus to the train station, and i made it there a couple minutes late for the train at 5, but thankfully, i could catch the one at 5:30 and still make it an hour early before my plane left at 7:15. 

checking in and security was very quick, and there was like no line for security compared to the ones in logan! i waited at the terminal, and did some homework/reviewing. knocked out on the plane even though i planned on doing work :P after arriving at boston, i got on the silver line bus, went to south station, took it to park street, then took the B line to the star market at babcock… just to buy a birthday cake for rachel! i hope you realize that my gajok family is going to be the best ever!! anyways, i knew that the T would take forever getting back to campus, and i was already running late for a group meeting at 10… so i took a cab, and i was just $15 to get back to BC, including tip. i managed to get to BC around 10:30, changed/unpacked, and got ready to meet people at lower. thankfully, the project was mostly done, and i could just edit the rest later… so i headed off for rachel’s birthday. we met up at upper, and i’m so impressed that our entire family made it! it was kind of a fail at the beginning because we actually went into her room BEFORE 12… some freshmen were too antsy. haha. but, we sang happy birthday to her, justin oh used a lighter as a candle (so ghetto!), and then justin also caked her… haha. i guess since she’s now a ksa fresh rep, he gets to do that… that and he’s the grandpa of all gajoks. fine fine, i guess i must respect my elders :P oh the only bummer was that we never got to eat the cake! rachel is wayyyyy too popular, and there were so many of her friends there once we said happy birthday, so we just left and let her share the cake with her friends… bummer :/

a good night though, as the rest of us headed back down to lower. and now it’s time to study… i’m glad i did put some time into this exam already… but i hope i don’t stay up too late! i am also glad that i’m writing this entry now so i won’t leave it for the last minute and sleep even later! i think i’m gonna have to study more tomorrow and skip my 12pm class just to be safe. whew, i didn’t think i’d be THIS busy as soon as i got onto campus… but what an exciting day!

day 268

today was packed! my roommate’s friend braden slept over last night, and he had to wake up at 645 this morning to move his car… i wasn’t bothered by the alarm but i was so surprised that he could wake up that early after going to sleep at 3… crazy.

woke up at 9, felt refreshed, and headed off to acf praise team practice. set up and practice went really smoothly! well, except for the mixer because it was new, but after a few minutes of tinkering… we figured it out :P things definitely sound different, as we don’t have an electric guitar right now, but i don’t think that’s necessarily bad. this will be a good way to create a new sound with what we have right now, and with the changes/new members (ji & mackenzie) right now, i think it’s off to a great start! i’ve already come to appreciate the new team dynamics… there’s two girls! and ji talks back to young a lot… :P they may end up killing each other, ahahaha. oh and we headed down to lower to get lunch together, and it reminded me of last year :P

well, by the time we finished lunch, it was half time, so justin and i headed over to the game. i met the shaw kids, but it was too packed, so we found john byun, ayo and some others, and stayed with them. then i met up with my sister so i could introduce her to the shaw people :) but… the game was so depressing. it’s too much pressure for a QB to take on both the pride and shame of a team/school… but i have to wonder, if we pay so much for school… couldn’t we afford to get a better quarterback?? halfway thru the game, it was pretty brutal because when the qb got sacked, the fans wanted him to stay down and get injured! wowwwww, seriously? then again, he did throw 2 interceptions and give up a fumble… it was just so painful to watch BC lose this.

i managed to get some work done after the game, and then headed off to the B line for the super 88 run! i guess i got there a bit early, but once people arrived, there was a huge group of asians! people mingled on the T, and once we got there, i was able to introduce my sister to a lot of people… haha, for some reason, most people said we looked alike, and yet nick didn’t think so. and my sister agrees. interesting… meh, it’s hard for me to judge because it’s not like i’m able to picture what my face looks like when i look at my sister… ok, i guess we could look at a mirror or something. i think people were just intrigued to find out that i had a sister! the food was good, and i was able to meet a couple freshmen… (yeah meeting new people is not a strength of mine…), and then it was time for the surprise! the first one was a freshmen group photo, but once they heard the real one… haha their faces dropped! we were gonna walk back to BC! this was like a 4-5 mile walk, and i heard it usually takes 40 minutes to an hour to get back… well, i walked in the front hoping to get back a bit quicker, and once we got near harvard ave, we saw the T…. or more like, jen li and i saw the T. and so we made a dash for it, and got on without anyone else noticing! haha, i felt a bit bad because this was my first time doing the super 88 run, but the opportunity presented itself and i seized it ;). so we got back in like 20 minutes, but to our surprise when we got off the T, we saw agnes, marci, and ellie! what?! hahahaha, they had gotten on the T since super 88 because they were able to stay back and leave the crowd… haha so tricky! so that was a good laugh. =)

once the crowd came back, i met them at lower, and we hung out and talked. then we made cupcakes at vandy cabaret room. by then, the numbers were dwindling as people had stuff to do, and some of them decided to go to gate to watch a movie. i went back with the 90 boys, and just stayed there watching them play video games… i was exhausted. and then i headed back to my room to pack because my dad would be coming to pick me up soon. also, a scary thing happened to me… my contact was kind of bothering me, and i didn’t realize till i looked in the mirror that it was stuck in the corner of my eye… it’s a good thing i noticed it! whew…

today was a great day, though i wish i got more work done… oh well. i’m not too disappointed because i anticipated it, and i hope to make it up tomorrow. plus, it was fun to spend most of my day with people. =)

day 267

i thought classes were going to be more interesting with parents weekend, but i guess there weren’t that many… oh well. after class, i headed back home, and i met dan kim and lauren okada? on the T! dan was going to volunteer while lauren had to go pick up her mom from the airport, so we all rode the T down to govt center… so it was fun spending the T ride with other people. then i slept on the train :P

back home, food was great, and we had a good family dinner except karen was still at school because of rowing… then we headed to church, and during youth group, we had a couple new comers because there was a speaker, and their parents had brought them. there were like 5 girls in high school from like the newton/cc/weston areas, so that made it interesting… haha, i think the youth group was less talkative since there were new people, but i bet josh was still very intimidating with his loudness :P i think everyone had a good time at the end, when we played scattergories.

 after church, my dad sent me back to campus, and my room was having a party…which i didn’t particularly feel like participating in even though i knew most of the people. sadly, even though i can drink… i feel kind of repulsed… great. maybe it was the atmosphere or something, but i also knew that i had to wake up early the next day… anyways i headed over to visit nick, and we just hung out at his room until all his roommates came back. then we watched life! (the sequel to planet earth), and that was surprisingly SO good! there were so many laughable moments… and esther and casey only liked cute animals… but watching the animals were pretty cool….it’s amazing how the photographers were able to get such shots! they were stunning to say the least.

haha, i guess that made for a good night, and tomorrow seems packed!