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Cars + Star Wars? Two things I’m in love with…together…awesome.

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Week 7: Recap

Oh gosh, I haven’t been keeping up to date with my recaps… and for some reason, it’s harder to do! I guess the nightly updates kept me accountable, and the worst feeling is that when I try to remember what happened last Sunday, it’s like one or two things… as compared to Saturday, when memories are so much more vivid. I’ll try to be more consistent in remembering!


Chinatown dinner for Chinese New Year’s. My parents got back home from church late because the meeting went on for so long that the superbowl had started… But, we still had to eat dinner, and to celebrate the New Year, we went to our favorite restaurant, East Ocean City, and ate around 8 or so. It was definitely late, but at least we had a large enough appetite to finish it all!

I arrived back on campus for the last 6 minutes of the Superbowl, and upon arrival, I saw so many people in the living room! That sure was great, as there were freshmen from Shaw, the girls/girlfriends from Ignacio, and of course the roommates from present and former years :) Well, I guess my mom was right because while I was reluctant to miss the Superbowl (not that I had much stake in it…), the last six minutes were the most exciting because I originally thought it was going to be a blowout. Good thing Green Bay won! I’m impressed by Aaron Rodgers…


Bought a groupon for Crazydough’s, and I decided to get dinner with Nick. Despite the ridiculously long wait for the pizza, we had a great conversation. I can’t believe so much stuff had passed by, and there was such a need to catch up! And, we practically demolished the large pizza we ordered…these are exactly the conversations I enjoy :)

Then, I rushed to the Shaw Seminar because I didn’t want to be late… wow lots of huffing and puffing, haha. The seminar was SO fun! It was all about public speaking, and Professor Rosenthal did such a great job in giving the freshmen a talk about it and then doing a fun activity involving movie quotes. My goodness, the ones who went up to give an impromptu speech were quite courageous and talented! I’m pretty sure we were all blown away by Narintohn and Reese :P

Finally, ended the night by catching up on Glee with Justin! Contrary to other people’s opinions, I enjoyed the episode… so ridiculous though, haha.


I surprised myself in that I focused a lot of my time in doing work in the library :) I think with such a different course load, I haven’t put in the same hours as I usually do. But, I’m starting to realize that my other commitments/clubs are catching up to me… I need to return to the bat cave :P Ended the night with a late-night senior dance practice at O’Connell, and I feel somewhat confident in my skills after Eric Lee simplified some of the moves :)


What a long day at lab… I decided to stay after to run some gels, but I also got to sneak into Professors & Pastries during the wait and get some snacks to go :) I had my fill, and then Young Jae and I took some pastries to go for Justin and Steph. Hehe…. Then, I finished up my lab work around 530ish…

Met up with Young Jae after lab and we ate at hillside for dinner. Today’s his birthday! Actually, Justin & I stopped by his place the night before, but it was good to chat over a hamburger at hillside :)

Lastly, Steph invited me over to a Valentine card-making party, and it was in Ruby. I saw Jules and a lot of her friends from ASTEP, and they are FREAKING creative. Wow, I’m pretty sure card stores can’t compare to how amazing these handmade cards were, and it took me the entire hour just to create one because I had no idea how I could mach up to such skill… haha. At least it turned out decent :P 


A long day of run-throughs at Eagle’s Nest for the KSA/CSA Culture Show. It was a bit stressful since I felt like I was relearning half of the entire dance again… and it lasted for a good four hours, as we had to go through the acts three times. At least a lot of progress was made, and I got to see lots of people! There are tons of people that I didn’t know were participating, and it was interesting to see all the acts perform before the actual show :) Ended the night by watching the other episode of Glee with Justin :P


Three month anniversary! :) Steph decided to come to ROFL because we had a guest speaker, Steve Chua. I think for the most part, it went well though the kids were definitely having a lot of fun, saying that I had a girlfriend now… Oh, the parents were surprised too…. I think the only people I really told were the youth, so they didn’t freak out as much… I think it was better to bring her first on a Friday because there are generally less adults there, so that if she comes on a Sunday, at least some people will be like, oh that’s old news. sorta. For some reason, people at BC still don’t think so :P


100 Days… Eh. Not really thinking about it, so I guess it doesn’t affect me, hah :)

CSA/KSA Culture Show was so fun! Though ridiculously tiring after. I’m so glad it’s over because I could definitely see everyone’s hard work in making it a success! And, it was great to be able to watch most of the acts as part of the audience, especially the Music Act with David Kim :) I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t see the Fan Dance because I had to get ready, but at least I saw it during run throughs. Also, I had a bit of a scare, when I realized I lost my light before the performance, but it’s a good thing Eric Lee had spares! The senior dance went by SO quick, and after the show, people were asking whether I heard them in the crowd, but I think I zoned out so much in just making sure I wouldn’t let my nervousness get the best of me. And, looking back, I’m really glad that I did this, though I hope nobody expects me to actually dance… :P

Finally, ended the night by going to Hemali’s 21st birthday party, since she’s Steph’s roommate. This was quite interesting since this was one of the first parties I ever went to voluntarily… actually, just in general, haha. People were having a fun time, though I had to duck out early because I had to drive home and I was reallllly tired. I think I was more exhausted than I imagined because when I get to that stage, I just zone out. So, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience as I just people-watch… and that’s also probably due to the fact that I’m very introverted when there’s lots of people, despite the fact that I knew some of them. Surprisingly, I found that I didn’t judge people when they drank… weird. And, I can’t believe I actually played Pong, except that Steph had to absorb the punishment as I had to drive soon… Funny though, the whole time I was playing, all I could think about was that I wanted to play videogames, i.e. Starcraft 2. It was the strangest feeling because I just kept analyzing the situation… that I’m in the basement. Throwing ping pong balls in cups. I’d so much rather play ping pong… So, I don’t know how well I’d fare in a party situation. I might just spend most of my time looking at people or looking at stuff. or zoning out and thinking about anything at random. I guess I know the “secret” which is to participate, and not anticipate… but, dancing’s not really my thing (contrary to what the culture show may tell you…) and I don’t really mind being awkward. Actually, it might be harder to make things awkward if people are drunk because they don’t catch the usual cues. SHOOT. This might be fun! I must now hone my awkwardness…

day 38

I was really hoping to get work done since I got back on campus at 2, but obviously that wasn’t the case.

presidential debate. no candidate is really interesting. that kind of sucks, because i feel like my year does not represent BC well. then again, they have a week or two to prove their merit. but i’m not too confident in any team.

kaplan. unbelievably frustrating. i put up with them re-scheduling my class time from wednesday nights to sunday afternoons, but now i’m forced to go to cambridge. that’s not gonna happen. i can’t believe they’d pull stuff like this. i’m paying like 800 for this class, and they don’t respect that at all. looks like i’ll have to be real determined in studying for the dats…

nap time. so worth it because of leading worship this morning. it was really good in the sense that musically, there were no real mess-ups that i can remember. that’s a huge relief. although this makes me want to listen to the recording just to see how we could improve. but aside from that, the experience was rewarding to focus on being united in heart, and also to see the kids do the one way hand motions :D. i think having unity will be key to how the church will see god move this year, especially when it comes to buying a new building. that’s nerve wracking, but the place is HUGE! and i haven’t even seen the inside. just taking a tour outside was impressive, haha.

oh and we had newcomers which was very encouraging to see and meet, since they were youth, and i think they enjoyed their time there. i was a bit bummed not being able to stay after as i usually do because of the debate, because there was going to be cake! the food was SO good. and i never knew there were white sweet potatoes. weird. good thing it wasn’t eggplant.

retreat is coming up soon, and i’m really hoping that a lot of people will come, both old & new. it’s going to be intense, at least going by what i’ve seen from pastor jack lee’s site. but its gonna be major crunch time with all the tests and assignments i have right before and after that weekend. looks like i should prepare in advance…

superbowl. woke up just in time for the 1st quarter. we tried getting food: wings & pizza, but obviously everywhere was busy. we were able to finally get an order into papa john’s, but the order took until the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. gg. it should not have taken that long, so we were given the food for FREE! that made it taste SO good. wow. and i like jalapeno pizza. yum. and of course, the saints won. definitely a great game with the two teams fighting hard until the end. the interception sealed the game though and the saints are courageous. or stupid. not sure. but an offside kick and 2pt conversion = beast. i have no idea what that coach was thinking but it worked. gj.

missional core. i find it always encouraging to hear what god is doing in other people’s lives, as it motivates me to engage as well. (was that too corny?) i think i want to be a fisher of men, but it still sounds scary. or silly. am i willing to give everything up to follow that promise?

library. got here around 1130. and im about to leave now. i was somewhat productive, but tomorrow is a big day and i’m going to try to make time/room for lots of work to be accomplished. i have to start out strong!

whew that was relieving. i think this week will be alright. and that’s fine with me.