day 331

whew, what an exhausting and stomach filling day :P the day began with some errands: haircut, paper store, and borders. haircuts are interesting to me because i always ask for the same thing: #2 on the sides and blend it on the top. yet, it never seems the same as my last haircut. perhaps it’s because i have a bad long term memory and can’t remember what i looked like four weeks ago (that’s generally how often i get a haircut), or it’s due to the stylistic flair of each hairstylist… there’s definitely been some great ones and some noticeably bad ones. i remember once, there was just something unsymmetrical about my hair, and i just wondered how the person did not realize this… and then other times, people would comment on how good my haircut was! that surprised me as well… because i feel like it shouldn’t be any different… i’d be happy with people noticing that i did get a haircut, but is it that much better? sadly, i can’t tell, haha. 

well, i went to the other stores to buy cards & gifts for two youth who are getting baptized tomorrow! except, one of them doesn’t think he’s ready… so he’s gonna wait :/ oh well. and, i guess throughout this day, my mom was cooking a turkey, and the house smelled pretty much like it. funny, this is the first time i’ve eaten turkey since we had chinese food on thanksgiving :P 

headed to church for worship practice at 2:30 until 4. people started coming in then, bringing in tons of food for the potluck! this kept happening till 5, when we began our feast! my mom prayed for us, and then we started =) YUM. actually, i had to wait until the newcomers & elderly & children went… but then it was YUM. lots of turkey & chinese food :) great combo! i also decided to play my two new christmas albums that i bought on friday morning at midnight :P and i love them BOTH!

let’s see… phil wickham’s album is really good in that i’m hoping to use some of the ideas in it for our own christmas service =) and plus, he does some great vocal stuff, though i wish it was just him and acoustic! but, he sounds pretty good with a full band, and he doesn’t just play them straight through… i think he did a good job rearranging some of the songs. and then, my main man, DAVE BARNES. has come out with a new album, and i LOVE it. more than half the songs (10) are originals, which is pretty amazing because most of the albums i have are just covers. at least, very good and unique covers… but i fell in love with one of them instantly! i will post it up, and now it’s made me try to learn it :P and,  this is one of those albums that you can play at parties or romantic christmas nights because knowing dave barnes, that’s the kind of atmosphere he wants to create ;) but sadly, i’ve realized that some of the christmas songs are actually HARD to learn! i.e. the christmas song. i did not know there were so many chords, especially jazzy ones, to learn. i’m intrigued, but i don’t have the time to learn =(

anyways, after the potluck, we had a time of worship, and then the youth split from the adults to have their own time of sharing because the adults would be sharing in mandarin… in our small group, we just went around saying what we were thankful for, and while some of them were very funny/superficial (i mean, they’re just in middle school…), others talked about their dad getting a job again and other family matters… so it was a good balance =) i shared basically what i wrote down recently, and then we concluded with a circle hug! since the adults hadn’t finished, we spent the rest of the time just playing with/taking care of kids, so i’m pretty sure any weight i may have gained from eating two plates of food was negated from keeping up with the kids. man, this gaining weight thing is HARD! i hope i don’t have like hyperthyroidism… anyways, i’ve gotten some work done for this break, but it’s definitely gone by too quick! i think i got HALF of what i set out to do, and at least i got sunday left =(

day 329

after a good night’s sleep, i decided that if i were to be more productive with my time… i would have to limit my tumblring. and as a result, i had to regretfully unfollow some of the more frequent and interesting posters because i would freaking check it too often! :/ i can’t believe it took me just 10 minutes to go through everything that was posted today. my goodness, i’ve spent TONS of time on tumblr :P

anyways, my family went to china town, and jae lee met up with us to go eat as well! so, it was my family, the pans, and jae =). we ate a HUGE lunch with salty spicy squid, lobster, bbq pork, etc…and it was most satisfying to hear that jae agreed east ocean city was much better than victoria’s :P even the salty spicy squid! and it was very fun taking care of the little kids: josephine & zachary. they don’t eat much though, haha. well, after we bought some bakeries and dropped jae off back at BC. 

i played videogames for the rest of the night… and i finished professor layton & the curious village. that’s probably the highlight of the night, haha. how sad :P

then, i played sims 3. for a long time… wow. i think we were all too full from lunch to eat dinner at a normal time. but i got into a snacking mood while watching glee, then i finally ate chicken nuggets for dinner :P at 11PM. hilarious. what a weird thanksgiving dinner… but i didn’t really mind. sadly though, i don’t think i’ll be getting any work done tonight either! ugh. but, i AM going to buy my christmas albums that i’ve been waiting SO long for! YESSSSS. but no black friday shopping for me… not that interested in getting trampled :P


let’s see… i know there’s both big and small things i tend to forget when being thankful, but if i had to pick a few things, i guess this would be it:

i’m thankful for being able to celebrate thanksgiving with my family & grandma! though we aren’t having a turkey dinner or anything (probably boston market :P), i really enjoy being able to sit, eat, talk and laugh together. i’ve realized that we do laugh a lot… and perhaps that’s not common in every family, but it’s something i value a lot. and, i’m also very thankful that i get to see my family every week, so that i never do feel homesick. =)

i’m thankful for the friendships i’ve made so far. as with every year, i fear not being able to meet freshmen and reach out to them, especially as a senior, because i have many excuses not to do so! but, i feel proud of myself in that i’ve placed myself in situations where i’ve been able to get to know them, whether that’s through shaw, acf, or ksa gajok! and i think more importantly, i think i’ve been able to deepen the friendships i’ve made this semester, because i’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone. i’ve come to realize more and more that how much i receive does depend on how much i’m willing to give. and i think that would apply to thanksgiving as well! (well, not that i’d be receiving thanks… but maybe as i give thanks, i realize there’s so much more i’ve received that i haven’t been thankful for!) i’ve been able to share a lot more and be vulnerable to others because i’m able to trust them, and i’m thankful that i have friends who are willing to listen to me :P

i’m thankful that i am now in a relationship, and that after meeting steph for the first time last year (gosh it really has been one year…), we are dating now! and i think through that year of pursuing & waiting, i am very appreciative of how i’ve had friends mentor me through this process and in a sense, it’s been a test of character for me. at the same time, i could see God through this, and i’ve been taught to be more patient, to have more hope, and to pray more often! so i thank God for sustaining me and for guiding us to a better point in time when we would both be ready for a relationship. and of course, i’m thankful for all the new experiences that come about as a couple…it’s definitely been an amusing three weeks, haha. (especially with ACF people finding out…)

i’m thankful for how smoothly my dental school process has gone as of now. i know that decisions come out in less than week, but when i look back at how things have come about, i know that God has provided for me in these circumstances and i think i can trust enough to know that things will be fine. I am grateful for all these opportunities to visit schools, to travel to different places, and to skip school! :P it’s given me a better perspective of what i want from dental school, and it’s revealed what i value most in choosing a school. i do wish i had that wisdom at the start of the process to avoid spending so much money… but it’s been a great learning process! 

lastly, i am thankful for the memories i’ve made in this past year, as a result of this blog. i think this has made me become more appreciative of the lifestyle i live, and i can see how God has more evidently worked in my life. THAT has been eye-opening because i usually don’t write such things down… and i forget. very easily. but, this has helped immensely in being more aware of how much i have, and how i should always be grateful for what i have going for me. i am so glad i decided to stick with this resolution, though i’m not sure what to do next year… perhaps i’ll copy jaeson ma’s 365 acts of love? :P i’m not too good with cameras so i doubt a picture a day would be good haha. but, these experiences have taught me a lot about myself, others, and God and now i can look back to see how much i’ve changed! (sadly, i’m pretty sure my writing hasn’t improved… doh.)


Happy Thanksgiving Tumblrfamily! 


Happy Thanksgiving Tumblrfamily! 

day 327

well, i missed my first class :P and the second one was incredibly boring… but the thought of just finishing and being on break got me through it! heading back to my room, steph came over and we had dumplings for lunch. then, i worked on my kairos leader application. we then left my place because steph was going to get ready for dinner tonight while i headed over to the 90 guys suite. 

at 90, i was talking with jae lee about what to do for thanksgiving because he’s gonna come eat with my family =) clarified a couple details and also talked with dong & hanyin who were leaving tomorrow. sadly, i think only jae is staying at the suite the entire break… but i guess that’s his choice! anyways, i’m STILL surprised at the fact that people ask me for dating advice! seriously?? this is my first experience and i’m very much in the learning phase… i’m really hoping i’m doing things right, but i know i’m bound to mistakes (hopefully nothing too disastrous!) because dating is entirely new for the both of us. but, i did try to offer what help i could give, and it was encouraging to realize that my friends value my advice. :)

returned back to my room and met up with steph because tonight was going to be exciting or scary… steph is going to meet my parents! and my grandma! haha. tonight my family was going to go celebrate my grandma’s birthday at minado, and my parents were wondering whether steph wanted to come. she initially was busy, but was able to come, and despite feeling very nervous about doing so, i think the actual experience was much better than expected! if anything, we did a lot of laughing & eating :P and you really can’t go wrong with that. i asked sean d and my roommate nick about advice in such areas before this happened, but they had opposite spectrum ideas about it, so i realized that this decision depended on where we were relationally. and i think we were ready! (gosh, in just two weeks of dating!) i think i was most afraid of my family acting strange… :P but that didn’t seem to be the case, haha. it was either that case or perhaps they would grill her with questions, but i avoided that by making sure i didn’t leave her alone randomly to get food :P i think the dining experience was just to get everyone accustomed to one another because if it all works out, they’ll be seeing a lot more of her and conversations will be natural and all ;)

returning to bc, i packed a couple things for my parents to first bring back home, and then steph & i headed to her place to watch enchanted! (wow we’ve watched a lot of movies this past week!) also, jeannette & mary jo were sleeping over because they were leaving early in the morning with liz, and it was fun watching the movie with all of them. it was a good movie, but part of me was expecting more… i’m not sure exactly what though. i did like the soundtrack, and i’m glad nick gave it to me :P i especially love the jon mclaughlin one! =) we ended the night by watching disney channel as always, haha.

anyways, i’m looking forward to cleaning up the suite after my roommate leaves, because i procrastinated today and was just hoping everything would pile up tomorrow so i could finish it all in one go! haha, i don’t know why i’m so excited about this…

day 326

managed to wake up this morning for my 9AM. then had breakfast with steph & jeannette at the rat. for some reason, i seem to worry more about steph’s essay than she was because it was due later in the day…and she was halfway done. haha. but she eventually finished it! anyways, when she left to go work on that essay with jeannette, i stayed and chilled on tumblr :P then i headed back to my room for lunch! since it was monday, it was time for ryan and me to eat chicken nuggets! we have this ritual of doing so every monday for lunch, but recently, we either ran out of nuggets or i wasn’t there because of interviews… so i restarted that tradition today! and even better, they were dinosaur chicken nuggets! YUUUUM. TREX & stegosauruses. (for some reason… i keep wanting to say stegosauri :P) 

since ryan & i were in a rush to class, we brought the nuggets with us as we walked to class, and we also met pegah & sean along the way! so i gave pegah one and went to physio, where i had just enough to give one to debbie, tiffany, dan & heeyoung :P that made physio entertaining :) classes went fine today, and right after i took a 2 hour nap! 

after the nap, i got ready for my gajok thanksgiving dinner & the shaw seminar later tonight. however, i got a bit distracted by halo, but i was also able to see my roommates ryan & marco leave for cali! i guess both nick & i staying until wednesday, although i’m doing so to make sure everything’s cleaned up :P running a bit late, i eventually made it to mac because they served turkey dinners! we held it there because we were hoping the freshmen on upper came… but two of them couldn’t! and so we made all the sophomores basically walk all the way up to mac :P even the freshman from newton (vi) was there! haha. it was a good dinner, and i really enjoyed our time there. i think we shared some good thoughts about thanksgiving, making sure to be appreciative of things we take for granted (like our parents and what they do for us!) we then ended with a photo =)

headed to the library to prep for shaw and i borrowed 2 dvds from the media center: cars & enchanted. steph wanted to watch a movie together, and she convinced me not to study tonight because i had nothing due :P 

next, i made my way up to shaw, and the shaw seminar tonight was great! we had a guest speaker, mr. gunduz, and he spoke on positive leadership. i was SO impressed, though initially skeptical, of how enthusiastic he was! he brought SO much energy to the seminar, and he won me over as well as the freshmen :P i was very encouraged by his talk/philosophy on life, and i could definitely see how he embodied what he taught and that he served as a model example for others to follow because his actions attest to his personality!

finally, as i headed back to my room, i picked up my ksa t-shirt from soojin, then i met up with steph to watch cars at my place! it was a fun night, especially since i didn’t really think about/work on anything school related tonight, which i can’t say i’ve done in some time! gosh, i need to tweak my sleeping schedule…things are crazy!

day 325

woke up a bit hurried for church… gosh, it felt so strange sleeping at 3AM :P church was fun because we got to rake leaves today! i mean, service went well and everything, there was a new guy rob, who recently came to the states to start college… (i’m pretty sure he was surprised that we ended sunday school with a circle hug :P), but it kinda just felt like things went smoothly. in a good way, but what stood out was raking the area around the new church for 2 hours after service! even with like 20 people, it took that long just to clear a quarter of the place… but it was fun working with joseph in raking and picking up the leaves to dump in another area. actually, there weren’t enough rakes for everyone to help, so i decided to take some photos because despite it being a mundane activity, i liked it =) especially when rose got owned! perhaps i’ll upload it here as well… haha. well, everyone worked together pretty well for the most part, aside from logan bothering rich from time to time :P and the little kids would just run around and entertaining themselves, so things went really smoothly :)

returned home for dinner, and we decided to just eat at home, so my dad brought back pho & kfc….yeah kfc was for me :P because i wasn’t really in the mood for pho. it was interesting because everyone else was eating noodles… and i had a bucket of fried chicken to myself! and potato wedges. and cole slaw. and a biscuit. i really thought other people would share with me… but that wasn’t the case… haha. darn, now i’m craving it again as i describe it. i also want WENDYs. this is not healthy… i crave fast food too much, and i don’t get fat. doh! i need to gain weight. seriously.

took a nap after dinner, then i headed off to BC with my dad & sister. back at school, i met up with steph & jeannette to study at o’neill. we were… somewhat productive. haha. i mean, jeannette definitely was as she left around 11… but steph & i were there till we got kicked out :/ our adventures included returning a cell phone that was on the desk next to us and getting snacks on the first floor in our socks. distractions abound! =P oh well, at least i finished what i needed to do for this week :) can’t wait for the break!

day 319

something new i’ve noticed about being in a relationship: there’s going to be a lot more references as “we” instead of “i,” and that’s something i’m still coming to terms with and adjusting to… because for most of the my life, it’s always been just me. and i’ve been comfortable with that… and now this is new. different, but not necessarily bad. it’s just that i can be satisfied in isolating myself at times, but now that can’t be easily done. or at least, it shouldn’t :P unless….i had a bat cave! alas, i do not, so just a heads up if i start talking as if i’m more than one person, haha.

ran on 3 hours of sleep… and yet i felt awake enough to make it to calc in the morning. my goodness, what a surprise! i had skipped friday because i overslept, but i guess the professor didn’t tell anyone that she’d be going to a conference. so, everybody was surprised at the sub! well, he teaches another section of multivariable, and he’s asian. SOOO asian. but very enthusiastic. so, it was a mix of passion & chinese accented english. VERY entertaining :) i really wish i could’ve overridden into his class =( i liked the way he explained the examples, but enough of wishing… it was fun to be attentive in that class because at times, the class was just like “what in the WORLD is he talking about?”  oh, and he did introduce himself halfway through the lecture… “my name is Chi-Keung Cheung, but i tell people to call me CK because inevitably when people try to pronounce my name… it becomes chicken.” OWNED. oh and he definitely was not that eloquent, but i’m afraid i can’t reproduce his amazingness. :/

went to the rat and met up with dan & joo yeon. steph joined us as well, and we just chilled until steph had her test at 11. i decided to head back to my room to get some stuff done, mainly just organized my day in my planner, before heading to class. what a bad idea! i originally planned to nap through them because i knew i wouldn’t get much out of a review session & a class on 3 hours of sleep… but i felt guilted in skipping class, so i went. and zoned out of physio, and looked up wii games in dev. FAIL. should’ve totally slept! 

justin & i headed to the rat after class, and we got lunch! we also met with susan, jae maeng, sam lee, ayo and some freshmen. and… yes, some freshmen found out that i now had a girlfriend. greaaaat. haha. but at least i got to know the freshmen better, like my son arthur! and young and sang. there was a heated debate about the wrongness of using “get that” but that got really boring really quick. and annoying. but i’m glad i got to know some new freshmen =) and by then, i also had to choose my classes, and sadly, i still couldn’t get all the classes i wanted! a theology class i wanted was already full… and lots of capstone courses were full. but, it didn’t really bug me, and so far, i have the three classes that i actually want/need: research, music & english. i’m holding a class for my sister and taking a random bio elective… at least i got some flexibility!

waited till steph got out of class, and we decided to walk to shaw’s! i needed to pick up some food for the shaw thanksgiving (shawsgiving? shanksgiving… ew) potluck, and i was given the vague topic of picking up dessert, appetizers, and/or vegetables. wowwww. well, we decided on an apple pie & a oreo cake and shrimp cocktail! we also met jae maeng and his roommate sean there, and it was interesting seeing them shop too :P i also bought a lot of other random snacks… and it’s definitely not a good idea to shop on an empty stomach. we kept going back to the fried chicken… haha. jae maeng bought some and gave steph one to eat… hahahaha. i bought dinosaur chicken nuggets so i continue the “monday chicken nugget lunches” with my roommate ryan =) after purchasing the food, we walked back with jae maeng and sean…. and they led us on the path back to their place. and it was NOT a shortcut! not at all… wowwww. i had some hopes that possibly even after not knowing where i was for the longest time, we could possibly be closer than just walking down on beacon. but nope. not at all! haha, oh well. it was funny to blame it on jae :P

when we got back to my place, steph had to leave so she could cook dinner, and i had to prepare for the potluck. i cannot believe it, but the lounge was PACKED! we had a huge turnout of all 4 classes, and we actually had TOO much food?! there were two turkeys, (CRAZY) tons of stuffing & mashed potatoes & salad, appetizers/dessert everywhere =) and everyone seemed to have a great time, with people making hand turkeys! and writing what they were thankful… ah yes, and mark led us in grace. very interesting  to say the least :P but i’m just so impressed with sean d, who was responsible in making this all work, and i’m pretty sure he was glad that everyone was able to come and there was enough food! what a difficult task in organizing such a big event..

after the dinner, we had a quick shaw council meeting and then we cleaned up the place. febreeze & lysol wipes =) then i napped. sorta…. as in, i rested my head as i would text people, haha. not the most productive nap… but i got up at 10:30 and headed over to the library. and i was IN THE ZONE. i didn’t get distracted with fb or tumblr, and i managed to get a LOT of work done. actually, even though i was efficient, i STILL had more work to do… which is ridiculous! i mean, at least the stuff i studied was being retained. ugh. i wish i didn’t have to spend so much time on each single thing because i just have a lot of things piled up! anyways, dan came over to study as well until we got kicked out at 3 :P

then i headed back to the gabelli lounge to study more! because i didn’t feel tired (probably because of my arizona green tea :P). oh, i visited two new bathrooms today! one on the 1st floor of o’neill. i also saw my son kevin playing starcraft 2 in the library, hahahaha. the other one was in the 2nd floor of gabelli. i feel like an explorer! or something… anyways, eric was studying as well, and aside from spending an hour on tumblr… i got another chapter of reading done :) and well, now it’s 5AM… and i’m debating whether it’s worth going to my 9AM or sleeping in because the reading was great but i fear the lecture might not be. or more likely, i won’t be able to pay attention :( oh well, to cheer me up, i bought the new chris tomlin album! since i already knew a couple songs… it was easier to connect to. more listens will help me decide whether it’s actually good (i’ve been disappointed with his past few albums… nothing can live up to his indescribable tour/album hype!)

oh and for philosophy, i read kierkegaard, and it was SUCH a good allegory! the king & his humble maiden. actually, it was a rediscovery as i had read it somewhere… but i just LOVE how it’s described, and i was able to find it online, so i’ll post it =) ah, and i think it grounded me on the idea: I am my Beloved and He is Mine.  enjoy the music post too, written by a worship leader from IHOP, who reminded me of zac efron :P