Week 2: Road Trip

These past two days have been so fun! Since this is my first time driving so far (4 hours), I really enjoyed it because I had a lot of time to myself to think and sing and such :D I spent a lot of my time listening to the messages from Passion 2010 because I never really had time to listen to them until now, and they’re amazing! I can’t wait to get this year’s because I really wanted to go and couldn’t… Actually, that’s probably for the better because I didn’t want to miss out on the first service at the new church :)

Sleeping over Dave’s place was so fun! Dan, Dong & Stephen came over as well, and for the most part, we just chilled… We didn’t really have plans (a bit indecisive :P), so we just played videogames until it was time for the Greasetrucks @ Rutgers. And, even after getting those, we wanted to bowl but couldn’t because of the ridiculous amount of wait time. So, we watched two movies. Yet, what I realized was that it was just really enjoyable to be able to spend time with good friends :) I didn’t really mind that we didn’t have an agenda because I think it’s more important to be able to have time to share together.

Similarly, when I went to Steph’s place, we originally planned to visit a lot of places, but since I guess I did a lot of driving the day before… we didn’t. But, I wasn’t going to argue, haha, because again, I was reminded about how fun it is to relax and not have to do this or that and just enjoy each other’s company. 

So, I’m really glad I got to see friends for these past two days because otherwise, I would’ve just bummed around at home :P And, now I’m also more confident about my driving because 4 hours seemed to go by so fast! I do wish I had more time to spend at NJ, but school’s starting soon and I still have work to do… Oh well, it was a memorable trip :)