Week 2: Recap


Slept well & ate well :). Chauffeured my grandma, mom & sister to the mall, haha. Computer parts came in! But, I ran into a problem with compatibility, doh. Got to ask my grandma for cooking tips! =)


Spent practically the entire day setting up the computers. Got tires changed for the car because I’ll be driving to NJ! This is the farthest I ever have driven, and I’m doing this by myself… oh boy, but I’m excited :) Ooh, and more good news: Tufts finally got my deposit! Whew…


The four hour drive was exciting! Aside from a couple GPS problems, getting to NJ was easy, and I got to chill (i.e videogames…) with David, Dan, Stephen & Dong. We went to Rutgers for the greasetrucks, got lost for a bit, and experienced what “dirty” jersey means :P When we got there, I ordered a Fat Cat! Delicious…. haha. Then, we went to the bowling alley, but there were just too many people, so instead, we watched Van Wilder & Coraline. Coraline is SO creepy… yet enticing to watch.


Had an AMAZING brunch prepared by Dave & his mother :) Then, I headed over to Parsippany to visit Steph, and we just hung out at her house for the day instead of exploring her town… Met Steph’s parents for a couple minutes before we headed out for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then I made the trip back in 4 hours! Wow, I drove 610 miles for these past two days…


ROFL in the new building was fun though we decided just to hangout next to a random sofa, haha. We’re going through a period of rediscovering passion. Perhaps this is because I feel as though I’ve lost some of it… and I fear indifference has taken ahold in my heart. I really do wish I prepared more for the talk. I find that I always manage to put things off till the last second, and I regret it. I think that’s the passion I need: giving my best in everything I endeavor to do. 


Wow, everybody’s gone… Let’s see, I left on Wednesday for NJ and came back Thursday. My grandma left for NorCal to visit my aunt’s family on Thursday and will be heading to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. My mom left for SoCal on Friday for a conference and won’t be back till Thursday, and Karen left today for Florida for rowing training. Gosh, so it’s just the three of us at home. Interesting… Worship practice was fun and went very smooth with Matt, who’s another bass player and filled in for Karen. Wow, this will be the first time leading worship in the new church tomorrow :)


  1. Sleep better
  2. Eat 3 meals a day
  3. Ask my grandma how to cook
  4. Read Bible daily
  5. Upload photos
  6. Read books
  7. Read magazines
  8. Go to NY/NJ
  9. Shaw Stuff
  10. Tufts Dental School
  11. FAFSA
  12. ROFL
  13. Worship Practice
  14. Practice guitar & piano
  15. Passion 2011
  16. Upgrade computers

So, I managed to finish about half… I’d say I’ve been pretty good at sleeping by 2, though I don’t usually wake up till 11. I want to adjust that. And, I was good at eating breakfast until I started waking up too late… I’m not doing too well on reading, too much video gaming! :P And, instead of Passion 2011, I listened to the messages from Passion 2010. :/ Looks like, I know what I need to work on during my last week of break… OH NO… wow that was quick and long. Strangely enough.

day 364

wow. just one more day to go…

well, i think as soon as break hits, my posts tend to be shorter… because not as much stuff happens. but, that doesn’t mean i get stuff done! haha. but i really should… today wasn’t a totally unproductive day, but i think i need to put in a little more work in for the recaps if i wanna finish by tomorrow! i think that’s what i’ll spend tomorrow doing, and someday upload all my photos from this semester.

as for the special k “testing,” i need one more day of cereal to confirm my results :P they will be up soon enough!

aside from playing too much tetris today with my sisters, i got some work done! as in, tiffany and i built two utility carts that will be used for church, and after basically doing everything wrong and fixing it on the first one… the second one went much faster :P experience is a good teaching device… 

as for dental schools, i had to decline my positions at BU, NYU & UPitt today because i’m hoping to go to tufts! only problem is… tufts still hasn’t received my deposit. oh boy… i really shouldn’t worry about this since it’s all in the mail and everything, but it’s still got me a bit nervous :(

lastly, i watched an amazing movie tonight: Professor Layton & the Eternal Diva. it’s an animated movie, and the characters are based off the Professor Layton games on the DS. i am stunned at the quality of the movie because while the games have been superb, i never expected that the stuff i loved about the game could translate so well to the movie! just simply amazing. i fell in love with it as soon as i was assured that professor layton’s gentlemanly ways were intact. i would wholeheartedly recommend watching it and playing the games as well! the puzzles sure are a brain teaser, but they are interwoven into such intricate plots that i am always kept in suspense until layton finally reveals what’s been going on the entire time! that professor layton…

well, you can find the movie here, and i hope to post up a song from the soundtrack because it’s lovely as well. it reminds me of the final fantasy XIII soundtrack :) ah yes, i especially loved this movie because it was all about memories and how our loved ones are always carried with us in these memories…so ill end this entry with a quote from the movie.

No matter how far I am from you, wherever I go, you will always be in my heart.

day 356

the morning began with my parents leaving early for the mall to buy chocolate for my orthodontist since i was going to visit him at 9:20 for my appointment. all this for a 25% off coupon… haha. well, i got there a bit late, but they made time for me, and honestly, it was more of a time just to catch up with everyone there since i had shadowed there for some time and been a patient for four years! and, it was great to be able to share some good news that i got into dental schools! i also had to admit that i didn’t wear my retainer, but thankfully, my teeth haven’t shifted, so they just made me a new one to take home. it was a great way to start the morning =)

at the office, there was some light work, and then my mom and sister soon came. i finally filled out all the forms necessary to hold my spot at tufts dental, and then my mom sent in the $1500 deposit! whew, now i can stop worrying about that :) i also got to eat chik-fil-a for lunch, so that was amazing, as always :P the rest of the afternoon was spent talking with patients and also working with my sister as i taught her some of the stuff i’ve learned so far. we worked pretty well as a team :) and then we finally headed home when my mom returned from her errands around 5. oh right, i also got to meet someone from my old church, who i didn’t know too well, but i heard of him. i knew he went to brown when we were in youth group, but it was pretty cool to hear that he was a 4th year med student now at brown! that, and he’s getting married…. crazy. so many things change in like, oh shoot 8 years. haha, that’s a LONG time…

back at home, i rested a bit and snacked before heading out to meet my high school friends at pho88. we decided to meet there at 7, and the snow wasn’t too bad outside. when i got there, i was surprised to see more of my high school friends, since i thought it was just gonna be harrison and daimeng, but the more the merrier! lucas and chris were there as well, and it was a good time for conversation. after dinner, we realized that it was WAY too early to head to the 9:30 showing at the movies, so we wanted to play pool. but i guess since none of us had been there before, we didn’t realized it closed down! wowwww. so we went to walmart to stock up on snacks for the movie :P and i did some random shopping around for special k :) sadly, i couldn’t find a santa hat, despite looking throughout the entire store, asking a sales person, and searching through the christmas aisles… oh well. 

we headed to the theaters and met up with alex and then brian joined us once we got seated. wow, i hadn’t seen alex probably since college started, even though we were pretty good friends in middle school and somewhat in high school… bummer. it was definitely awesome to hear how he’s interning right now at ernst and young! hopefully he gets an offer =) anyways, we watched the movie “true grits” and at the start, i was SO confused as to what i got myself into… this isn’t something i would normally go watch, but i did so on the recommendation of harrison. i was falling asleep at parts because the theater was warm and the old western style wasn’t my thing… but soon enough, once the action started and the random humor commenced, i was HOOKED! at the end, i LOVED it because despite the random parts that were either funny or racist, there was actually a good story! jeff bridges definitely carried it, but i liked matt damon as well. the girl in the story… who’s the main character, was annoying. i wish they killed her off in the beginning :P but then i guess there wouldn’t be a narrator! LOL. 

it was a good night, and i’m glad i got to meet up with a lot of friends that i hadn’t seen in a while… though it was a bummer to realize that this would be the last time i’d see harrison for winter break because he’d be on a family vacation and then off to france for a couple weeks! of all things, to do farming… lol. gg. but, i hope to meet up with other people during break =)


this past semester, i’ve learned a LOT about myself through prayer. i’ve made it a habit to rely more on prayer when i don’t understand what to do next, and it has grounded me when other things seem so uncertain. specifically, i’ve seen how many things i’ve prayed for get answered, though not necessarily “yes,” but even through that, i’ve realized that it was for the better…

definitely, the two biggest things i’ve prayed about is for a relationship (a yes!…though it took a little longer than expected :P) and dental schools. for dental schools, i kept praying that God would help me find a school that was right for me, that it would be the best fit in how i could serve Him, and i kept praying that God would answer me in letting me go to Harvard… but i think through prayer, i understood my own desires and requests better, and it helped shape them as well. so, when i received that rejection letter from Harvard, it didn’t move me at all… because i already trusted that God had a better plan for me. honestly, it was through prayer that i realized Harvard wouldn’t have been a good fit for me despite my wants to go… possibly also because my parents wanted me to go there, and well duh, it’s all about the name! yet, the school didn’t seem to resonate with me, and as i interviewed at schools and prayed about them… i could see how God was showing me His plan in all this =) and i’m really glad that i do have multiple acceptances, though the rejection has helped tremendously in narrowing down and making a good decision about which school to go to! as of now, i’m leaning towards tufts for multiple reasons, though i think i’ve stopped idealizing schools and learned to accept the faults that also come with the school, namely 7 block tests, meaning taking 7 tests in a span of a couple days! that could prove to be stressful… but i think i can handle it =)

lastly, i think i can actually be thankful that i didn’t get accepted to Harvard because i think i would totally pride myself in getting into there and just rejecting the school because of what i had accomplished so far…and thus, God saved me the trouble of struggling over such an issue because i know that’s a large stumbling block for me. or, i would attend the school just because i got in… without realizing whether it was or wasn’t a good fit.. and again, i can clearly see how God works in ways that are much higher than mine and seeks to help, not harm, me. how exciting that my God knows the best for me! =)

day 337

i didn’t feel too tired after just sleeping 3 hours, but i definitely needed the multiple alarms to make sure i could wake up and stay awake long enough to make it to the shower :P after math, i went to the rat and waited to meet with my gajok daughter claudia….except she overslept her alarm, and couldn’t make it :( so we had to reschedule, but that was fine because this gave me time to talk with priya and to study! then, more people came to the table, and it progressively got funner :P let’s see, there was dan until he had class at 11… maryjo, becca, emily; susan & sarah, mako, and when i was leaving the rat, i bumped into diane! 

classes were fine, and i felt prepared for the quiz in dev. it wasn’t too bad, and after class, justin & i went to the rat. met TONS of more people because acf was doing proxe stations, and saw steph & jeannette before they headed off to class. i thought i was gonna eat lunch with justin… but instead, when i saw chris kirby, we ended up talking for the entire hour! we caught up on this past semester… and we updated each other on some pretty important things in our lives. i cannot believe i knew so little about his life! i MUST sit down with him and listen… haha i love his politician voice, mannerisms, & handshake :P

then, chris & i caught the comm ave bus, and i met dan at reservoir, as we would be taking the T =) it was a quiet ride… and i got to eat my sandwich :P i chilled at north station until my train arrived, and read my Time magazine about the current state of marriage… then i passed out on the train, haha. i got picked up by my dad, and at home, i checked my mail for dental school letters! surprisingly, i got my harvard letter! only to realize that i got rejected…but it honestly did not mess with me because i think i already came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to be a suitable school for me. all i could justify going to harvard was the name… i disliked research, and i’m not sure how well i’d do in a very small class of 35 with courses being pass/fail. as cool as pass/fail sounds, i think i’d be frustrated to not know my grade on tests and such… anyways, i swiftly proceeded to open my NYU letter to realize that i got accepted! and then opened up my tufts & upitt acceptance letters as well :) funny, none of that really affected me as i hoped… but i think i’m glad that i don’t base my emotions on school decisions. i do want to clarify that i am VERY happy that i got in, and i think just realizing that since wednesday has made me impervious to other acceptances or rejections… i think i got wait listed at USC, but i’m not exactly sure… and well, i’d loved to hear from upenn by now, but if that doesn’t work out either, i guess that actually makes choosing MUCH easier =) well, i think i had already made my decision prior to the school decisions, and the rejection from harvard confirmed it…and i think that this entire experience has again let me recognize how God has worked through my life. i am SO thankful for the whole process going so smoothly, and i know that wherever i go, God will guide and use me according to His plans =)

then, i had an amazing dinner: beef noodle soup, cooked by my grandma! and then we went to rofl :D it was SO fun, whether it was games or bible study… and everyone seemed to be engaged about the topic of leadership… because i’m really hoping to raise up new leaders for the group and let them be in charge! i’m so excited that they want to do this because this relieves a lot of pressure from myself in having to do everything, and we focused on the passage of exodus 18, in which moses is given advice by his father-in-law about how to mediate problems and eventually divide up the nation into more manageable groups and having them be overseen by other leaders of good character. i’m really glad the youth participated so much, and it was a very encouraging night :)

finally, after returning home, i made my way back to BC. i stopped by cumbys because the peppermint hot chocolate seemed so enticing! but, sadly… it wasn’t working right and tasted watery =( i got regular hot chocolate but REALLY wished there was peppermint…haha. back at BC, i met up with justin and we practiced for the KSA coffeehouse. i’m so glad eric in helped us by criticizing/advising us on how to make our performance better! and i’m SO excited about how it’s gonna turn out… i hope i remember to take a video :D  and, steph dropped by to see how we were doing, and after practice, eric jammed with us, and i LOVED it! haven’t done that in SUCH a long time, and we laughed a LOT :P what a great night of just making music…

lastly, i dropped steph back at her place, and as i drove her back, we saw firetrucks at her neighbor’s house! what in the world?? we saw a mattress being taken out… and a fire hose being assembled despite there being no visible fire… the firefighters didn’t seem to be in a rush either… strange. well, i left before anything else happened, but overall, it was an amazing day! whew, gotta get some rest for practice tomorrow…

day 335

math was fine this morning despite lack of sleep… and right after, i met up with cristina, one of my gajok daughters, and we talked at the rat! i really enjoyed our conversation because it’s times like these that i get to learn things about other people’s lives that i would otherwise never know! and we chatted about work, CSOM, languages, and family. then it was off to class again, and during dev, justin & i worked on our coffeehouse songs :P then we ate lunch at the rat with justin oh =) 

i got some work done in the room before heading down for dinner with marci, another gajok daughter, at hillside! we talked about our semesters so far, balance with studying, sleep, clubs & social life, and dating. then, justin & eugene joined us, and since justin had class, eugene and i talked on our way back about how we thought of our past 3 years… gosh something only seniors could talk about :P then, i met up with sean d and a couple of the 90 boys for a vandy 213 reunion! sadly, phil, chris, & colin were not able to make it… colin’s abroad, haha. and we went to el pelon for my second dinner :P man, it was amazing just to be in the company of all these guys because it was truly a fun and crazy year! the meeting was definitely not as long as i wished it could be, but we soon headed out as we had stuff to do… and i headed over to the csa/ksa culture show signups. while i didn’t sign up for myself, i bought a csa shirt, and got to talk with a lot of people… most of my gajok was there too! so, it was good to see them all involved :) then, i left once the place seemed a bit empty… and i headed over to justin’s place to practice for coffeehouse! we figured out our transitions and such, and then took a quiz for physio… wow google and skimming is so efficient… who needs to read the book :P finally, i headed over to the ctrc to study with steph, but that resulted in much procrastination… :P when i returned to my room, i got some math done, but my mind is tired…

ah yes, and today i found out from the AADSAS website that i got accepted into Tufts & UPitt! i also got waitlisted at UConn, but i was so excited to discover that i got into one of my top choice schools :) wow i guess i can rest a bit easier, though i’m afraid senioritis would kick in… so i have to watch myself! hopefully, i’ll be getting big mail soon, and perhaps an interview to harvard… yay!

day 305

whoops. i slept for only 4 hours :/ but i still managed to wake up at 6:30, and got suited up :) i decided to stop by dunkin donuts for breakfast, and i thought it’d be pretty grown up of me to get coffee and a sandwich…i wanted “2 sugars, 1 cream.” but, then i realized it was too hot, and i burned my tongue when i tasted it. and it didn’t even taste that great. possibly because i lost my taste buds from the burn. and when the sandwich got too salty, i couldn’t chug the coffee because that’d be ridiculous! so, i went to my go-to drink: apple juice :) and things were much better! i chugged that, finished my sandwich, and threw away my coffee, haha. i proceeded to catch the bus, get on a crowded T at reservoir, and made my way from the boylston stop to the tufts dental school in the freezing cold. good thing i remembered my mom’s advice for wearing a jacket!

it was interesting meeting everyone else who were being interviewed… i remembered people from my USC, BU, and UPenn interviews, and so it was good to be able to talk with them. except, i was a bit tired, and for the rest of the morning, i was trying to conceal my yawns… haha. during the info session, i was very relieved to hear that we were the first round of interviewees! and that, 70-80% of those interviewed get accepted :) that’s because tufts has the 2nd largest class size of 175 with NYU being 1st…the tour was great, because there was tons of new stuff that just opened like a year ago, and stuff was very shiny! =) and it was busy… good sign too! then, it was time for lunch with the students, and they seemed content with tufts, like it gave me a good impression that they actually enjoyed going to school here, despite the exam blocks, i.e. 3-4 exams in a week :/… the guy i was talking to was not looking forward to having 7 exams close to one another in december… gg. haha.

then i was quickly pulled out for my interview, but it was pretty relaxing to converse with the endodontist and a 4th year. they were pretty chill, and i cleared up the situation about my write up last year =/, and then i just talked about why i wanted to be a dentist =). after a short interview, like 20 minutes, i headed back to the conference room and talked to more 4th years about why they chose tufts and stuff. we concluded with an EXTREMELY long talk about the tufts curriculum… and it didn’t help that i was tired. it HAD to be close to 2 hours, and we went through a good deal of this 200 page (literally) booklet about tufts. i mean i guess i could understand why they wanted to convince us about why tufts is better than the rest of the schools in many aspects, since they started their interviewing process much later than other schools, but i just got bored… because it honestly wasn’t that interesting. i mean, if i had questions about it, i’m glad i’d have the resources to find it… but there’s gotta be a better way to present that stuff than just bombarding the students with constant info for 2 hours.

got back to campus around 4, and i HAD to take a nap. it felt SO good after waking up, and then, nick, marco, ryan, and i headed off to BC Splash! we got our t-shirts, and sean g and i actually started talking about our pokemon class… haha. i’m surprised we even have 5 kids, but it’s gonna be epic! i’m not sure if it’s gonna be funner for us or for the students… then, i suited up again for the father leahy shaw seminar, and it was a great turnout! while he spoke about the same stuff that he did in my freshman year, it was a great reminder and i realized that now, i could say i’ve accomplished  or experienced certain aspects of leadership that i couldn’t say so as a freshman. so, that was encouraging! :) 

after shaw, i headed back to change again, and then i finally got dinner… haha. totally slipped my mind! i met steph at el pelon before she headed back to her place, and then i returned to my room just in time to see the last few innings of the world series with my roommates! ryan is a giants fan, so he was very ecstatic :P a great moment to share with my roommates =)

and finally, i’m at the library… studying for my philosophy midterm tomorrow.. but i don’t feel too stressed… gosh, i hope i’m not in a lull or anything… haha.