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Ira Glass On Creativity

day 362

well, this morning i found out i was relieved of my work duties…because the person who’s usually at the front desk is back. hmm.. so no more work for me i guess, haha. i thought i was going to be lazy today, but that wasn’t the case… instead, my mom, karen, and i headed to church because we still had to set up some stuff! after we finished plugging everything in yesterday, we began sound checking today, and there were no problems! O_O that’s unbelievable! because usually, a couple things go wrong here or there, but labeling all the cables and such really helped ease the move :) 

so that took a few minutes, but then, mr. chen and i had to figure out how to hook up the projector on the ceiling, so we spent the next hour or so pulling all the video, audio, and power cables through the ceiling. after realizing what worked and what didn’t work, we were able to bring all the cables to the right places… now we just have to hook up the actual projector, but we need to find a stable location :/ i.e. wood that can support the weight. hmm. during this time, my mom and sister were cleaning/organizing the other furniture that was moved in. gosh there’s so much stuff!

we then got lunch at crossroads café with the chens, and then we left as my mom had to run some errands. i returned the stuff i bought yesterday from best buy after figuring out that i didn’t need them… it was a quiet night after that. played videogames :P man, kavin let me borrow goldeneye 007, and while it’s a bit different than the original, it definitely brought back some memories! i remember being SO good at the N64 version, and being able to keep up with those older than me… i poured in WAY too many hours into that game, but it was just TOO good! hmm, i wish this one felt the same, but at least, i can look at a scene and be like, whoa…. i can’t believe i still remember the layout of the old school one and everything :P fun fun!

ah, and i’ve created another project for myself: upgrading my sister’s computers! my parents were willing to buy the parts, since i built the computers 4 years ago. yaaaay! i don’t think i’ll be upgrading to windows 7 just yet… still got my reservations about that, especially since XP still works.

day 361

woke up a bit late in the morning to find out that my dad didn’t go to work because of the snow… so i slept in until noon :P i proceeded to test out the special k cereals that i bought last week because of a certain conversation in which we could not determine whether blueberry or fruit & yogurt was superior. thus, i must settle this in the most rigorous and unbiased fashion as i possibly can. sorta.

so, i figured i could apply my science knowledge because i’m not really sure what else it’s good for… but, i’m going to try to keep the variables to a minimal. so let’s see, i must be hungry when eating. i must eat cereal for breakfast. i must use 1% milk from hood. uhhh….i’m assuming milk won’t change day to day (i’m very paranoid about expired milk) and that it’s fine to use a different bowl for the cereal.

ah yes, my negative control: no breakfast. yep, i’ve done that a couple times. positive control: honey bunches of oats cereal for breakfast, as well as chinese food for breakfast! yummm… moving right along, my two flavors i will be testing are Special K Blueberry and Special K Fruit & Yogurt. my hypothesis is that F&Y will taste better than B. (although other people beg to differ, i.e. lois). so far, on the first day of testing, i have only eaten Special K Blueberries. it was, of course, delicious and filling. interesting observation: blueberries are on the FLAKES! as well as found in nut clusters. intriguing… i do not remember seeing this on F&Y. this will be duly noted when eating F&Y tomorrow. milk tasted good afterwards (i think…). texture was crunchy. sweetness was moderate. makes me feel healthy =) ok, until tomorrow!

then, we went to the mall and returned a lot of gifts… got lunch there as well, and then headed to the church because there was still stuff to move! the truck was loaded with the furniture from julia’s house, so with the help of 4 other adults, things went pretty quickly and efficiently! it was SO good that we had dollys this time, and with the added manpower, we didn’t worry as much about the weight of the desks… oh, and it wasn’t snowing! though it was still a bit chilly because of the wind. after moving all that stuff, i headed over to the sanctuary with mr. chen because we wanted to finish setting up the sound system. wow, that took a bit longer than i anticipated, but after 2 hours, i managed to finish the front, and mr. chen set up all the mixer-related stuff. we’ll sound check tomorrow and make sure all the connections work, but so far, i’m just relishing the fact that all the cables are neat and wrapped nicely and orderly… yeah that’s not gonna last long :P

ah, i’ve also realized that i have an affinity for putting things together. that’s probably why i LOVE legos. and then i moved onto putting computers together and now sound equipment stuff :) there’s just something very rewarding about putting lots of stuff together and having it all work in the end! it’s like constructing a masterpiece, and i’m hoping dentistry will be like that too. maybe it’ll be like planning how teeth will work so there won’t be any pain… or like planning how to reconstruct a person’s mouth after an injury… no idea! 

so, it was a bit tiring after all this moving and setting up, but it felt good once we returned the u-haul truck because it was a job well done :) then, we ate dinner at home, and then i headed to best buy. i originally planned to go because my sister told me her PC didn’t turn on, and i thought i had to buy a new power supply… so i picked up a power supply along with the new professor layton DS game :P it was on sale! i came back home, opened the case, and realized that the fan + heatsink on the cpu fell off! seriously?! i’ve never seen that happen before… but once i locked it back on, it surprisingly ran again! i thought the cpu would’ve overheated during those couple power-ons in the morning, but hopefully, there was no major damage… to be safe, i’m thinking of upgrading the computers in the house since they’re long overdue =) yay, another project to do!

day 358

well, this was a unique christmas eve… slept in a bit, and was awoken because i thought we were gonna go shopping at natick… but then we all decided not to, haha. kinda just bummed around, because it was relaxing not to have to do anything!

however, my dad then called both me and karen to start on a new project… making dollys. these carts would be used for church moving, since we had lots of heavy cabinets, so we were gonna begin today…. except, when he showed me that we were building them with these strange metal frames… i was VERY skeptical. and so we argued. because i didn’t think he knew what he was doing and we talked all about leadership and such, and then he didn’t want our help because our attitude wasn’t right… because we didn’t want to learn. and in the back of my mind, i was wondering why i was so stubborn! practically, i didn’t see how it work out, but i definitely did not want to admit that i just didn’t want it to succeed either…. but, as i saw my dad working, i wanted to help, and so we eventually did…. (haha that’s how we begin to reconcile…) and soon i realized, my dad’s NOT crazy! his vision is reasonable, and in the end, we came out with 2 very strong dollys. and with it, i got more experience with drilling holes and working with tools…. and it was pretty fun. MAN, that was definitely a learning experience for me… first, i always see myself as a leader in that i need to have vision, but i realize i’m not much of a follower and how necessary it is for a leader to communicate the vision to the followers and to understand the followers…and perhaps more importantly, i learned that i still need to be humbled. its these kinds of instances where my pride acts up for the silliest things, and even DURING the conversation (not just in retrospect), i knew i was acting stupid but i just couldn’t admit it! wowwwwww. thank goodness a father’s love is patient :)

after making 2, we finished because we ran out of supplies… but we’re planning to make 2 more tomorrow! i took a shower since i felt a bit cold, and then i tried to do some recording… but kept getting interrupted :/ haha. and i finally came to terms with the fact that i FORGOT my cables for my firebox at school. DOH. i brought all my recording gear home and i can’t even use it! gg. then i ate a quick dinner and headed off to church!

we had worship practice there, and then we began our candlelight service. this was our first one and it was pretty fun :) we got plastic candles for everyone, even the kids, and i kiiiiiiiinda instigated the poking of other people with candles. but it may be hearsay… haha. wow i should NOT be getting distracted by candles… but it was good for the most part i think… i should’ve paid more attention because though i knew the scriptures and the story, i feel like my heart could’ve been more in an expectant mood. and i was a bit distracted that it was obvious to me how the worship team didn’t practice where to go next… so that was a bummer :/ but, then again, i don’t think that’s what really bothered me. it was an intimate setting and i enjoyed it… i hope after this initial run, we’ll know how to prepare better next year =)

after the service, we headed home, ate a late snack… then my sisters and i played tetris till my parents went to sleep, and then we started wrapping their gifts! that was fun, though i’ve come to understand that only karen and my dad can wrap… the rest of the family sucks LOL. we got the wrapping down pretty quick with karen’s skills, and then i decided to call steph to wish her merry christmas =) and then, i did some late night recording in the basement without distraction… so you should see that soon too! oh right, i gotta wrap my sisters’ gifts… this MAY be a fail :/ but it’s TECHNICALLY christmas!! =) YAY.

day 357

work today went pretty smoothly, and i think i got the hang of it though i would still forget a thing or two. i talked to more people and got a bit more comfortable with conversation and such… it still bugs me though that i have to make the extra effort to tell myself to wish other people a happy holidays or a merry christmas. or else, i just nod, or say you too. or something. and it kind of leaves me with regret… i guess that’s interesting because it reminds me that i have a lot to learn about how to interact with people :/

ah, and i managed to finally clean up my gmail account! wow i had emails ALL the way back from the beginning of the year… so that was kind of a stroll through memory lane… anyways, i’m probably gonna do that with my entries, but i’m going to skim them for the most important events that happened this year :) hopefully, that won’t take too long! oh, i thought it was pretty funny that i recently got an email saying i got waitlisted for KRUP, and when i went back through my emails, i found last year’s email about being waitlisted for KRUP again… haha owned! hopefully, i get to go again :)

also, after the day ended, i realized i was pretty tired, even though i sat around most of the day. and i think this week was the first time i actually worked a full day. sad, i know. i’ve never technically “worked” unless you count working for my dad, which i don’t, because it seems a lot easier than working for a boss i don’t know… i’ve never held entry jobs because i usually do volunteer stuff, and prior to this experience, i’ve always worked for just a couple hours at the office before heading back home. so this week was fun, though i did have some reservations because i know my dad is always tired when he comes back from work and i feared i would feel the same. and, well i guess i do feel tired, but it’s different than what i feel at school… i’m not sure how to differentiate between them, but it’s like productive exhaustion… like physically tired instead of mentally or emotionally tired… not sure if that’s right. (or is it labor vs. work?) anyways, i actually didn’t mind working too much, so that’s another fear overcome :)

returning home, we had dinner, and then i set out for a final christmas gift run! thankfully, i managed to complete everything i set out to do for gifts and such, mostly for my family, and it was fun going from guitar center, to borders, to the supermarket, and finally to the mall. lots of walking… but rewarding! i hope everyone likes their gifts :) hmm… now i gotta wrap them, but i pretty much suck at that :/ i follow the calvin & hobbes model: “do it bad enough and they won’t ask you to do it again” so now, my sisters don’t ask me to wrap gifts… so i watch. =) and when i need to make gifts look nice, bags & boxes with tissue paper do the trick :P

anyways, on my way home, it was kinda ironic to see that while i was driving 65 mph in a 55mph zone, the police car ahead of me was moving further and further away… i sped up to 75 and i still wasn’t matching his speed! i’m not sure how that makes me feel… haha.

getting home, my parents and sisters were wrapping gifts for the children at church tomorrow since it’s become a tradition for all the kids to get gifts for christmas! so i watched :P and did some of my own organizing for my sisters and parents and grandma’s gifts :) i then proceeded to play starcraft 2 with kavin, and lost every. single. game. whew, well that game won’t keep me addicted long… then, i cleaned my desk. it made me SO antsy because i like order… but there was so much stuff. i REALLY need to unpack and reorganize my room because it’s a mess too :( ENTROPY. AHHHH.

so, cleaning is a big thing on my mind right now, but at least i got some of it done. the other thing that’s bothering me is the fact that i got a ridiculous grade for psych, because all the test scores have been posted, but it doesn’t add up to the grade i received… it’s like a letter too low. and THIS is why i think my psych professor shouldn’t be teaching… ugh. i know this’ll get resolved, but it’s mistakes like these that bug me because after a couple mistakes, now the only thing that comes to mind when i think of him is incompetence… lol. ok no more complaining. it’s christmas eve tomorrow!

day 356

the morning began with my parents leaving early for the mall to buy chocolate for my orthodontist since i was going to visit him at 9:20 for my appointment. all this for a 25% off coupon… haha. well, i got there a bit late, but they made time for me, and honestly, it was more of a time just to catch up with everyone there since i had shadowed there for some time and been a patient for four years! and, it was great to be able to share some good news that i got into dental schools! i also had to admit that i didn’t wear my retainer, but thankfully, my teeth haven’t shifted, so they just made me a new one to take home. it was a great way to start the morning =)

at the office, there was some light work, and then my mom and sister soon came. i finally filled out all the forms necessary to hold my spot at tufts dental, and then my mom sent in the $1500 deposit! whew, now i can stop worrying about that :) i also got to eat chik-fil-a for lunch, so that was amazing, as always :P the rest of the afternoon was spent talking with patients and also working with my sister as i taught her some of the stuff i’ve learned so far. we worked pretty well as a team :) and then we finally headed home when my mom returned from her errands around 5. oh right, i also got to meet someone from my old church, who i didn’t know too well, but i heard of him. i knew he went to brown when we were in youth group, but it was pretty cool to hear that he was a 4th year med student now at brown! that, and he’s getting married…. crazy. so many things change in like, oh shoot 8 years. haha, that’s a LONG time…

back at home, i rested a bit and snacked before heading out to meet my high school friends at pho88. we decided to meet there at 7, and the snow wasn’t too bad outside. when i got there, i was surprised to see more of my high school friends, since i thought it was just gonna be harrison and daimeng, but the more the merrier! lucas and chris were there as well, and it was a good time for conversation. after dinner, we realized that it was WAY too early to head to the 9:30 showing at the movies, so we wanted to play pool. but i guess since none of us had been there before, we didn’t realized it closed down! wowwww. so we went to walmart to stock up on snacks for the movie :P and i did some random shopping around for special k :) sadly, i couldn’t find a santa hat, despite looking throughout the entire store, asking a sales person, and searching through the christmas aisles… oh well. 

we headed to the theaters and met up with alex and then brian joined us once we got seated. wow, i hadn’t seen alex probably since college started, even though we were pretty good friends in middle school and somewhat in high school… bummer. it was definitely awesome to hear how he’s interning right now at ernst and young! hopefully he gets an offer =) anyways, we watched the movie “true grits” and at the start, i was SO confused as to what i got myself into… this isn’t something i would normally go watch, but i did so on the recommendation of harrison. i was falling asleep at parts because the theater was warm and the old western style wasn’t my thing… but soon enough, once the action started and the random humor commenced, i was HOOKED! at the end, i LOVED it because despite the random parts that were either funny or racist, there was actually a good story! jeff bridges definitely carried it, but i liked matt damon as well. the girl in the story… who’s the main character, was annoying. i wish they killed her off in the beginning :P but then i guess there wouldn’t be a narrator! LOL. 

it was a good night, and i’m glad i got to meet up with a lot of friends that i hadn’t seen in a while… though it was a bummer to realize that this would be the last time i’d see harrison for winter break because he’d be on a family vacation and then off to france for a couple weeks! of all things, to do farming… lol. gg. but, i hope to meet up with other people during break =)

day 355

pooped…but productive :)

my goodness, i spent a good time just reading all the blogs i’ve missed from finals, and it’s so interesting because i feel like i just had multiple conversations and caught up with so many people! hehe, i think finals brings out the more reflective side of people… and i LOVE it! i wish people did this more often so i could just know more about their lives and discover what they truly live for and what they worry about and everything… man, this could seem creepy… but hey, this is what i do :P and i’m willing to invite anyone to join me in my story as i progress through this year, but it’s ending so SOON! what to do next year…

anyways, i woke up this morning feeling rested but tired at the same time… it looks like my body needs more rest to recover from ridiculous amounts of sleep deprivation this past semester haha. got dressed for work, and my sister came with me and my dad to the office! it took a couple minutes to get comfortable with everything, but bits and pieces started coming back to me and i could relay some of it to my sister. i brought a book and some other work to do during my off times, but at the end of the day, i realized that i didn’t have any time! well, i was checking my email/cleaning out my 6000+ unread emails (well it goes to my mail app on my mac…) and talking to kavin and dan on gchat :P but i also talked to a lot of patients because it figures the day i get back, people who i haven’t seen in some time, come to my dad for a dental appointment. so like, my old youth leader, who used to baby sit me when i was… like 5, came and we caught up! wow, i remember going to his home and playing super nintendo ALL THE TIME. haha… and eating ice pops. and riding my bike in his backyard. it was very interesting to chat with him because so much has changed, and it’s so interesting that it was it took this kind of opportunity to meet up because we would not have otherwise…

also, during the day, my mom came in to help, and she showed me how to work with more of the money stuff that i never really learned before since the main front desk person was always there when i helped. this time, she wasn’t, so i was supposed to do it all, and it felt overwhelming at first, with me asking lots of questions (i don’t want to mess up a calculation with money!), but eventually, i got the hang of it, and that’s when i realized i just had lots of work ahead of me! wow, so that kept me busy but i didn’t mind it because i was interested and again, i got to talk to people and at the end of the day, i got to meet a patient who had seen my dad for the past 13 years! that is unbelievable… and i think i got a better glimpse as to why my dad still does what he does…. it HAS to be for moments like these, to be able to share in his patient’s lives, and to have such people trust in him for such periods of time since there’s plenty of reasons to switch dentists, especially with recessions and all… wow, i think THAT is what i’m looking forward to. and that’s not to mention how this patient worked from being a school bus driver to finally becoming a school principal! talk about “rags to riches” although… i’m not sure how much a principal makes… :/ but, that is incredible too! how can a day of work be so mind blowing? =)

i was definitely exhausted at the end of the day, but eating hot pot with the family was great, and then we headed to the mall to buy christmas gifts! these gifts were for the kids at church because every year, we’ve bought them gifts so now it’s a precedent/tradition… not sure if it’s a good one because we have DEFINITELY spoiled the kids :P but, i do love handing them out and i can’t believe my parents are willing to do this every year… i’d just worry about money i think. anyways, it was a LOT of walking around and finding gifts, but this time we were MUCH smarter by asking the parents who would be around this christmas service instead of buying gifts for kids who wouldn’t even show up, and we also got to find out what the kids actually wanted from the parents, so it made buying gifts that much easier! when we finished at toys r us, we headed back home, and now, i gotta wake up early tomorrow for my ortho appointment and work! whew…

day 341

what a bummer… i did the reading for my 9AM class, and i overslept! i’m definitely not missing my last class of the semester, so i better sleep well soon :/ psych was boring as usual, and it didn’t help that i sat in the last row with young jae. we basically fell asleep until there were iclicker questions and soon after that, we returned to our naps :P

after class, i finally sat down to play some NBA hangtime! i brought it from home this past weekend, but i haven’t had time to sit down and play until now… and all i’ve been hearing is how fun it is. and, oh how it is! i can’t believe 3 hours passed by so quickly…

well, after that, i met one of my gajok daughters, claudia, for dinner at lower… and the place was packed! we had a nice chat, though i think she was kinda busy because she came from a group project and she also needed to work on it after… but, i guess we both felt rushed because in the back of my mind, i was thinking about whether i’d be late for acf…and i was. haha. it was not most conducive atmosphere for conversation because it felt hurried and it was really loud and difficult to hear, but we made the best of it! 

then, i met up with eugene along the way to upper, and i decided to go to the kairos reunion with him. it was also in macelroy, but i originally planned to go after acf… that was fine because there were some good snacks and i got to meet with my group again! we were the only group that had all its members show up because obviously, we’re the best group ever :P anyways, i had to leave early, and i was given some group photos of the retreat =). afterwards, i was hoping to stay and listen to the testimonies at acf, but i wanted to get some work done for tonight.

at our physio group meeting, we worked at lower and were efficient in getting it done… and thankfully it’s our last assignment! this one was definitely a pain, but at least its over :)

even though i haven’t gotten much work done… and i don’t really have much work TO do… i know i should. and so i’m studying with dan and jenny at voute. man, i really hope it doesn’t turn into last night, where all i did was watch youtube videos and facebook and tumblr… i could probably sleep early. hmm.

me at the library… =(


It is a vicious circle.
by haddie


me at the library… =(



It is a vicious circle.

by haddie